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Merchants Acceptance

1314 Auburn Way N, Auburn, Washington, United States, 98002-4109

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A guy named Mike from *** came to my home to sell me this air cleaner as well as a vacuum cleaner. He was here for nearly 4 hours. I agreed to buy it. I thought it worked well for my home and especially because I have little children and a dog. A few things went unmentioned. 1. Being I’d be financing this through Merchant Acceptance Corporation. It was all y’all about his business. 2. I’d be charged a high interest rate. I did sign the contract. At the time the contract was signed I agreed to pay $2.825.56. While talking talking to Merchant Acceptance Corp. he also had the phone on mute and talked to me which now seems to be to keep my attention off of the interest rate or paying anything other than the $2,826.56. This was all on November 24th. Today December 6 I get an alert from *** and it says a new account for the amount of $4,074.84 was opened for Merchant Account Corporatuon. When I signed the contract that amount was never listed on there as well as the interest rate. I would have never agreed to that. I contacted merchant account and the guy was very rude and just continued to say “well the contract stated.” At the time of me signing that’s information was not on there. I do not want the product anymore because it was pretty much a bunch of fast y’all and getting over on the guy Mikes part as I tried to explain to the guy from MAC. I would like to give this product back and this account be removed. I was never told about the 3 day cancellation. I was even told I’d be mailed all of my contracts. The whole time the contract was hidden deep in a folder in the box that my husband so happen to find while cleaning up.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Dec 07, 2018

We have completed an investigation into this complaint and have determined that the customers claims do not warrant cancellation of the contract. Please see the attached contract executed by the customer. All of the terms of the financing are clearly displayed according to the Federal Truth in Lending Act as well as the Notice of Cancellation being properly outlined and displayed. Please also see the NOTICE TO THE BUYER information directly above where you sign the contract. By executing this agreement you agreed in writing that you read the contract, that you did not sign it if there were blank spaces, that you agree to all terms of the contract and you received oral notice of your cancellation rights. In addition to this signed contract, all of it's terms were verified with you telephonically by Merchants Acceptance Corp. on 11/24/2018 at 2:26pm. In that verification call you also verbally confirmed that you received a copy of your contract. Please understand that you financed $2,825.56, the $4,074.84 is inclusive of fiance charged and is what you will pay if you make your minimum monthly payment for the term of the contract which is 42 months. If you pay the loan off earlier you will not be charged a payoff penalty and you will be entitled to a rebate of the unearned finance charge. Please contact me directly if you have any further questions or need any further assistance in this matter.

Jarod Y

Director of Business Operations



Customer Response • Dec 07, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: When I signed the contract none of the information regarding the interest nor the total amount of the 4K listed on the contract.


I have been homeless since August 2012. Unfortunately this bogus company that amazingly has a A+ rating is destined to destroy my credit worthiness and keep me homeless, because they have an error in their system and claim that it’s accurate. All I can think is that someone must have used my identity and I have been trying to dispute this via the credit reporting agencies for years. I first discovered this charge on my credit report in 2015 and at that time it was showing as a charge off account/closed account with a balance of $4,192.00. I immediately tried to dispute it upon it’s discovery. There was also an Arizona address that’s not familiar to me that was attached to this account. Now, this company is falsifying payments as of 2014 to open up the account as a collections account and now they’re saying that I owe them over $5,000.00. Here lies the problem with this whole situation, I never opened any kind of credit card or anything with this company. I never received anything in the mail from this company. No written, phone, or electronic communication whatsoever from this company and yet they somehow they think that it’s okay to trump up phony credit charges for either goods or services never received. The only resolution that is acceptable in this situation is full deletion from all three credit reporting agencies and close this account, because I never opened an account with them in the first place. How is it even possible for a homeless person to even open an account? If you need written statements from people that I know, who can absolutely verify that I have been homeless since August of 2012. I can actually provide such verification, witness declarations. I don’t even know the account number assigned by Merchants Acceptance Corporation because like I said before I’m homeless and never opened a account of any kind with them.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Dec 03, 2018

Customer financed the purchase of a *** Vacuum on 2/19/2014, see attached contract executed by the customer. Merchants Acceptance Corp. (MAC) verified the financing of this purchase with the customer on 2/19/2014 and again on 2/20/2014 by calling the phone number for customer at that time of *** We were able to contact customer on the same cell phone in April about the delinquency on the account, repayment arrangements were refused at that time. All delinquency notices and statements were sent to PO Box *** Centralia, WA 98531 that was given by the customer. We have never been contacted by customer to dispute this account as stated in the complaint. We have completed our investigation into this account and determined that it is a valid balance owed by the customer.


Customer Response • Dec 03, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

That isn’t my signature on that contract. I don’t own a *** and with being homeless since 2012 there’s no reason to have a vacuum cleaner. This is definitely a case of identity theft!


Merchants Acceptance Response • Dec 03, 2018

There are certain steps that we need to take if you are making a claim of identity theft, please contact me directly at *** and we can start the process.

I can’t even get in touch with them, and I didn’t agree or was dicivied on an agreement with Merchants Accept. I wanted to change my payment date and couldn’t do something simple as that. THIVES!!!

Merchants Acceptance Response • Nov 06, 2018

Merchants Acceptance Corp. customer service department is open 8am-9pm Mon-Fri; 9am-1pm Sat by calling 866-883-2392. Please contact us and we would be happy to assist you in changing your payment date and addressing any other concerns you may have.

Me and my husband ended up purchasing a *** vacuum from one of the door to door salesman. He informed us that the price of the *** for the promotion was $1200 we decided to do it. Unfortunately we fell behind on payments due to financial hardship. I recently checked our credit reports and it is reporting that we owe them nearly $3900. What a scam! We would never pay over $4000 for a vacuum cleaner. We are trying to buy a house and this is reflecting very poorly on our credit report. I feel so scammed and now we don't know what to do. I was going to start making payments again but now I don't know what to do considering they're trying to get $3900 from us which is $2700 more than we agreed to. DO NOT TRUST THE DOOR TO DOOR SALESMEN

Merchants Acceptance Response • Nov 06, 2018

Please contact us at 866-883-2392 and we would be happy to provide you a contract that you signed and entered into that is much different than the $1,200 that you are claiming you agreed to. These terms were also verified with you telephonically at the time of the sale.

I live on SSI and I set up payment on a credit card. Now they are refusing to take my payments anymore. I don't need this stress anymore. They have hung up on me when I said that I have no other way the pay.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Oct 19, 2018

We would never refuse to take someone payments, due to the type of card you have we may not be able to process due to certain restrictions on finance companies on processing credit cards. I would welcome the opportunity to try and resolve this with you, please contact me directly at ***.

Horrible Customer Service, I get hung-up on regularly and then they claim that they don't drop calls and it must be my phone. This company is very difficult to get information from. I have requested a monthly statement, which they don't do. So I asked for a summary of my account, took me asking 5 different representatives for me to finally receive one. Can't see your account online, and half the time the website is down. If I could rate them a Zero I would. Nothing you want to buy is worth dealing with them. Even when I attempt to make payments on-time it processed after the due date and I was issued a late fee. I've now been penalized severely after I requested a pay off amount and paid off the debt, with the credit bureaus even though I strongly believe that it was because of their payment processing issues that I was "Late" and now its effected my credit score so we just lost a house we were buying.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Oct 19, 2018

I apologize for your frustration. Please contact me directly at *** so that I can locate your account and help you in this matter.

There is a Profit and Loss marked on my credit report on all three bureaus with a company that I never opened an account with named, Merchants Acceptance for an amount owed of $2608. This account was opened in 02/2013 and was last active on 7/13. I notified the company
and they stated that they never heard of me nor did they have my Social Security number in their data base.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Sep 24, 2018

Merchants Acceptance Corp. would be glad to investigate this but would need some additional information to confirm if there is a reporting error. Please contact me directly to discuss what information would be needed, Jarod Y ***.

Worst customer service ever, when calling you will either get a phone message stating the mail box is full hmmm suspicious, or they tell you they don’t have a supervisor another red flag. I’m concerned about the validity of company.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Aug 09, 2018

I have looked into your complaint about getting a voice mail when you call in. Our records show that each time you called in during business hours the call was answered by a live representative. The one time you did get the voicemail was outside of business hours, at 7:20am. At the time you asked to speak with a supervisor there was not one available due to a department meeting, I apologize. However the supervisor did attempt to call you back the following day and left you a message. If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me directly at

Merchants Acceptance Corporation are nothing but theives!!!!! Their salesman are pushing and wouldnt leave my home. They wanted 4000.00 for a *** vaccum cleaner!!! I kept telling them no!!!! Finally they went down as 1200.00 still wouldnt leave until I finally said yes so I can get them to leave. The next time a salesman from kirby comes around this time I will pull out the AK so they can *** of! Now im being sued after they told me they would sell the vaccum for 1200.00 now they want 2400.00 they are ***!!! Merchant you can ***!!!

Merchants Acceptance Response • Jul 18, 2018

I apologize for your frustration, however Merchants Acceptance Corporation (MAC) did not sell the *** to you. We assisted in the financing of the purchase. The company that sold you the merchandise is ***. out of Las Vegas, NV. The terms of the financing are very clearly presented on the contract that you signed for financing, we even verbally verified these terms with you over the phone before approving you for financing. If I can be of any assistance to resolve this matter please contact me directly at ***.

This company has called our place of business on three occasions looking for an employee. I have informed them all three times we do not accept calls from creditors and they may not leave messages for the employee. Yet, they continue to leave messages on the public voicemail for this employee (How embarrassing is that?). I have asked them to remove the business phone number and to contact the employee on their personal phone and/or via mail. They have as of this date refused to remove our number. I am now submitting a review. The next step, as I recently left on their voicemail, will be to fill out a formal complaint with the as well as the state Attorney General's office and with the federal government regarding their practices. If you are looking to borrow from this company, I would beware. After clearly expressing that we be removed from their database, this company has continued to call their customers employer. This is demeaning, horrendous, unscrupulous and harassing behavior by a creditor. I would certainly not do business with this company.

Buyer BEWARE!:
Company is big on PREDATORY Lending and practices.
They DO NOT send out monthly statements or invoices of any kind updating and informing customer of his/her balance(s). Their website is very limited and poorly designed. Customers are unable to create any kind of customer account to track payments, account activity, etc. It is designed to take your payment without providing you with any kind of updated balance or account information.
They advertise and cleverly reel you in with a “Same As Cash” promotion of 12 months BUT mail you a payment booklet with a payment amount and due date listed which, if followed, would take the customer well past the 12 month “same as cash“ promotion. In other words, their fine print is not only MISLEADING but intentionally designed for the customer to pay more than he/she originally agreed upon.
When calling customer service, be prepared to deal with representatives who don’t care and want to quickly get you off the phone. They are vague and only respond with the same answers listed on their website which, in my opinion, is horrible.
Think of a website designed for a business in the late 1900s, when those were just coming in to existence. You know, when businesses were taking to the this thing called the Internet to advertise and possibly sell their products. You get the idea.
Put another way: DO NOT expect to view your account activity, make payments, etc. via any type of smart phone app. :(
After getting nowhere with the representative, I asked for a supervisor. At this point, they are trained to not transfer you unless you give them a specific reason. A back-and-forth ensues which provides you with an even clearer picture of the type of company this is.
When I was able to finally get a supervisor on the line, I requested from him the same. A monthly statement of sorts updating/informing me on my business activities with them. You know, that piece of paper or mailing you get from ANY legitimate company you’ve EVER done business with. The type that is sometimes considered junk mail because you’re able to track this type of thing online. That one.
This gentleman proceeds to tell me the same thing his representative said. They do not provide monthly statements unless requested by the customer. The customer has to call in every month and request this.
At this point, I’ve had enough. I informed him that I would be forwarding this matter to my attorneys and that I was done with the phone call. He quickly put me on hold for several minutes, came back and told me that he was able to initiate and set a monthly statement to be mailed out to me reflecting my balances, payment history, etc.
Soo, Should I expect one? And the gym at one, at that? I’m not holding my breath.
If doing business with any kind of retail establishment or salesman who have MERCHANTS ACCEPTANCE CORP. listed as their Finance Department/Lender, RUN!
DO NOT give these people your business!!

Merchants Acceptance Response • Jun 05, 2018

We sincerely apologize that Mr. is so unhappy with his experience with Merchants Acceptance Corp.. We sent him a welcome letter with a coupon book on May 14th 2018 and his first payment was not due until 6/4/2018 giving him ample time and information about his account to make the payments. The coupon book reflected the number of coupons that he signed a contract for, this is not an intention of our company to mislead a consumer. The contract agreed to by Mr. was for 36 months, hence 36 coupons. As Mr. requested he will be sent monthly statements of his account activity.

I bought a Kirby vacuum on 4-17-2018. The terms of the agreement were no payment due until June 1st, 2018. As my job pays weekly, I set up weekly payments to start on May 11th in the amount of 14.31, on Fridays as I get paid on Thursday to meet the monthly total due of 57.29. They took the first payment on April 20th, and the second one on April 25th. When calling to find out why they are taking payments so early and immediately, They told me things that made me very upset. First, they did not have any record of the 24 month same as cash deal that I originally signed up for, and that the payments were to START on 4-17-18, the night I signed the deal. They also had me set up to make payments on Mondays instead of on Fridays like originally agreed. Though talking to a couple different people, they finally found the 24 month same as cash deal, but told me they could not refund the previous money taken early, and that I had to make more payments, though they did show that no money was due for them until June 1st. So they then acknowledged that the person setting up the payment plan did set it up initially in error, but only have so much control over how their payment system can work. As I was not expecting the bills so early, and had just come from the Emergency room the night before, I was under stress and upset over everything, but eventually settled on them changing the payment day to Friday where it was supposed to originally be, but I am still upset with how much in advance they want to take money as the first contract payment I signed with them to start was on May 11th, 2018. At least the 24 month same as cash deal is back into effect. I think they need to train their staff over the phone who input contracts better, as this isn't the first review showing the company breaching their own contracts to take money earlier than they are supposed to bill. If they would follow the terms of their own contracts, then I would have zero problems with them and make my review 5 star, but as they cannot even changed wrongly imputed terms to contracts that they create, this is a red flag for this business that SOMETHING needs to be looked at internally and some changes should be made, perhaps to software they use to create their contracts or process charges as they seem to have a problem with payment start dates in particular. Because of this, I would not recommend anyone use this company for financing until they have a chance to at least look into or update their payment software, as it is obviously a bit buggy to change Fridays into Mondays and a start date of may 11th, 2018 to April 20th, 2018.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Apr 25, 2018

Merchants Acceptance Corp has investigated this complaint and we apologize to Mr. House for the payment entry mistake, we have contacted Mr. House and come to a resolution that both parties are satisfied with.

Terrible Customer Service!! Sometime after paying off our Kirby vacuum ahead of schedule (more on this later) we get a phone call from Merchants alleging that the vacuum was not paid off in full. Apparently the salesman who sold us the vacuum had us sign a separate piece of paper that stated no early payment penalties, no financing costs, no additional cost to the agreed price, which was around $900 if the vacuum was paid off within 18 months. The contract had financing costs, payments for 3 years, etc, but to him the piece of paper we signed would be an addendum to the contract. He then stated he needed to submit that paperwork with the financing company & we would get a copy. When we got the contract in the email with the payment contract we call & they verified the terms that if I pay off the $900 within 18 additional payments, finance costs, etc would be incurred. So I pay it off in 10 months. Then months later Merchant calls us for $400 more...WTF? So after some back & forth, they call us to tell us we don't owe them anything. 8 months go by....then suddenly they are calling us again for the remaining balance of....$400 again. Really? After trying to discuss the terms with the people...I ask to speak to the supervisor who comes on the line asking me in increasing tone of language if I value my credit. He then starts to recite the contract as his voice gets louder. I also raised my voice to try to get some words in...he just keeps going....Now they are calling daily & sending letters. I tried to explain to them that this was resolved but they don't care...according to them, we still owe them money.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Mar 23, 2018

Merchants Acceptance Corp. (MAC) has completed an investigation into this complaint. The contract for financing that Ms.-*** entered into did not contain a Same-As-Cash option as claimed by the customer(see attached). MAC purchases these contracts from the businesses that sell the product, we do not employ salespeople who sell the product, we merely provide the financing. If there was a separate document containing the written agreement to offer a Same-As-Cash option, MAC has never received it. We have requested it several times from the customer but have not received it. The initial verification of the terms of the financing at loan setup was reviewed via call recording and there was no discussion of a Same-As-Cash option to payoff in 18 months with no finance charge. That call took place on 8/6/2015, 5 days after the date of the sale on 8/1/15. After that call we had no contact with the customer until 5/23/2017 at which time the customer was sent a statement of account and payoff letter explaining the balance and transactions on the account. The customer was also provided a copy of the contract showing that no Same-As-Cash promotion was contained in their agreement and the customer agreed to provide documentation they claimed to have regarding the Same-As-Cash agreement. MAC to this date has not received any documentation to that affect. In all contacts with customer they were never informed that they do not owe any more money or that they were paid in full. As a resolution to this matter it is clear from the large payments that customer made in the first 16 months of the contract that they were under the impression the contract did contain an 18 months Same-As-Cash option and MAC is willing to close the account as PIF and waive the remaining balance of $316.24. We do not believe there was any wrongdoing on the part of MAC to service the written agreement that we received of which there was no agreement of this Same-As-Cash option. The account will be closed as PIF with a zero balance.

I had a perfectly good working Kirby vaccum. I had a door to door saleman talk me into getting the latest and greatest in May of 2017. The vaccum works fine, but I am left dealing with a shady company, Merchant's Acceptance who can't seem to run a debit card. Last year my card was compromised 4 times. This was explained to John P the Collections Manager. He was told I would do my best to get it all straightened out. Twice in the past three months I have paid them using a debit card and twice they have charged me for a returned payment. The payments were authorized by my credit union, NW Priority CU and twice they dropped the ball at Merchant's and did not follow thru with getting the payment. And to make matters worse, Mr. Porter was told that the issue was on their end and he is demanding my bank statements. I am not sending anyone my personal information, blacked out or not. There is nothing for him to see. There is nothing for him to see, they did not attempt to take my payments. And now he is implying I am a liar. I AM DONE!! It has been nothing, but a huge headache to deal with this company.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Mar 07, 2018

Merchants Acceptance Corp.(MAC) apologizes to Mr. for causing any frustration or confusion and has completed an investigation into this matter. MAC assumes that Mr. is referring to the recent payment he authorized on the account in the amount of $106 to be processed on 2/21/18. MAC setup and processed the payment for the amount and date authorized by the customer. The payment was made with a debit card and when MAC processed the transaction, was declined. This transaction would not appear in pending or approved transactions on the customers bank statements as it did decline and did not process. It is standard procedure in these cases for MAC to request documentation that funds were available to process the transaction in order to waive any fee’s created by the declined transaction. It is not MAC’s intention to have this implied that we think the customer is lying and we are simply following good business practice and procedure in requesting validation to support the claims as the initial investigation determined that the payment was setup as agreed upon and authorized by the customer. Unfortunately we are unable to agree upon Mr. desired settlement of returning the Kirby and getting his old one back as the cancellation of the purchase is well passed and the current contract will need to be honored. As resolution, MAC is willing to waive the recent return payment fee charged to the customers account associated with the 2/21/2018 transaction. We recommend that Mr. Gate make his future payments on our website and receive immediate notification that the transaction is approved or declined, he is also welcome to mail in future payments. If Mr. should need any further assistance in this matter or at any time in the future please contact me directly at 425-974-7257 (Jarod Y – VP of Business Operations).

Horrible costumer service. Recently I bought a Kirby. Great vacuum. My payment on the contract I signed said my first payment was due on Dec 21 2017. But they took out a payment on the 1st and over-drafted my account with a $29 NSF fee. When I called them they apologized, said it was their fault and took off my late fee and re set my payment plan to monthly payments starting on the 21st and that they would look into replacing the $29. But after Dec 21st they attempted to take the normal payment out of my bank account that was still short $29 so now I have another missed payment and a $29 NSF fee from my bank. This time when I called them we listened to the original phone call from when I opened the account. Yep I set up my payment wrong. It is not what I had signed. So why didn't they tell me that before the second payment that caused my bank to charge me another $29. Also they keep interrupting me when I am speaking. I am hopeful that I can pay this off with my tax return and never do business with them again.

Merchants Acceptance Response • Jan 04, 2018

At the time the loan was setup Mr. authorized via a recorded phone line to have the payments taken out on his paydates, every other friday starting 12/1 in the amount of $28.26 so the full payment of $56.51 would be received by his first payment date of 12/21/17. The initial payment of 28.26 on 12/1 was returned NSF. This payment schedule was authorized by the customer and was verified again on 12/12/17 when he called into dispute the transaction. The customer then requested the payments be setup for $56.51 and that they be processed on the 21st of each month starting 12/21/17. The payment for 12/21/17 was returned NSF as well. Merchants Acceptance Corp. never agreed that the payments were not setup correctly and it has been verified that all payments were setup correctly according to the customers instructions. Fee's were offered to be waived as a one time courtesy to the customer to appease the customer. We even went as far as to play the call recordings for the customer to prove to him that the payments were setup correctly as he instructed us to do.

made 30 payments to merchant acceptance still 6 to go oct 27 was charged as a cash advance I bank with chase they faxed the fees charged on my account and stated that merchants acceptance was at fault.was charged 10.00 and charged as a cash advance.merchant acceptance states not us its the bank they just want to charge you fees.

Merchants Acceptance Response

VISA and the Payment Card Industry changed our SIC code classification at the end of August of 2017 without our knowledge or authorization. This classification determines how the payments are processed and the reason why they are now showing up as cash advances. We have an ongoing investigation into this and we are challenging this change in classification as it has resulted in complaint and customer service issues with out customers. In addition we are already paying a processing fee to process these payments and then the financial institutions backing the cards are in turn charging you the consumer higher interest rates and additional fees. Merchants acceptance has no benefit or interest in processing your payments as cash advances. We are just as frustrated as you with this situation. Please contact me directly and I would be happy to discuss resolution that we can both find agreeable. Jarod Y ***.

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