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351 s cypress rd Suite 100 Pompano Beach, FL, 33060, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States, 33060

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• Jan 18, 2022

They refuse to give me my refund which I asked for in less than 24 hours. They lied to me and said the 3 days to get a refund expired, which it had not. They then said I’d get a refund through paynote in which you give your bank 🏦 information but will never let you complete the process. Everyone is rude after they get your money. My best movers is the worst. They are scammers. I had to get a lawyer. Stay far away from them. They’re not a real company!

• Jan 18, 2022

Very nice!!
To move us professionally and reliably, I needed service. We used a professional moving company for the first time. It was easy to download and pick up. The movers and the master were at all stages professional and helpful. Thanks to moving

• Jan 13, 2022

Very nice!!
This was my third time moving within TX (hopefully my last), and My Best Mover was by far the best company I have used. The previous people scratched up our furniture and our walls in both houses. But this crew was much better. Very professional, fast, and efficient. I used Miller, and he was awesome. Highly recommended!

• Jan 12, 2022

Good work!!
We hired movers to move from a three-bed to a smaller two-bed place within the same community. These guys are efficient, fast, and friendly. They showed up on time after calling us thirty mins before their arrival. They got to work immediately without wasting any time. They help in dismantling and putting stuff back together as well. They're impressive; they get down to work and do the job with no hassles. Recommend them for your moving needs.

• Jan 11, 2022

Very nice!!
The guys that came to pack and load were great! They were friendly and always asked questions about items we wanted to pack or not as we cleaned up simultaneously. They packed the piano well and just about custom-wrapped it! They all took care packing glass items and used ample packing paper. What can I say! We gave these guys a well-deserved tip! Thank You, My Best Mover!

• Jan 10, 2022

They are an SCAM company! They told me they are NOT brokers, which they are! They will claim to beat any price, which they won’t! They will bad mouth other companies and low ball you, which they say the other companies are doing to you.
They will give you one price and CLAIM to give you discounts, and it’s all b[censored]. The first number you see on the estimate is the number you will pay, regardless of what they say - if you’re lucky! You will be dealing with two DIFFERENT companies & that other company has their own charges on top of what My Best Mover gives you. Strongly advise to go with one of the top three recommended companies. If you are going to pay $6k for a 1k move, just go with a well known. I would say do your research, but I thought I did.

• Jan 05, 2022

Good Work
All six of my movers did a fantastic job. They worked quickly and carefully the whole day and took outstanding care of all of our belongings. We chatted a lot and had a great time with all of them, which was an unexpected and welcome bonus. They finished the job faster than we anticipated and were pleased to be around them. I was impressed with the team, and I will be recommending My Best Movers in the future. Many thanks to all who were involved.

• Jan 04, 2022

Smooth Move
Ruben and team - we can't thank you enough for making our loading day a calm and stress-free experience. Ruben and his team were nothing short of AMAZING. They confirmed ahead of time, were on time and ready to go, and were EXPERTS on how to pack so everything stays safe and uses the least amount of space.

• Dec 24, 2021

Use them again
This experience was the easiest experience I've ever had. Not just did this company give me reasonable rates, but they also stayed on schedule, treated all of my belongings with the utmost care, and the movers themselves were friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

• Dec 23, 2021

Great moving service. They moved everything super-fast and helped me disassemble and assemble large furniture. They were on time and packed everything well. They were friendly and efficiently recommended!

• Dec 14, 2021

Fadel responded to my many questions quickly over email, and the pricing was very competitive. Transparent pricing with no fussy fees complicates things. The moving team was available when I had loading dock access. They came right on time and worked super quickly. Appreciate the mask-wearing! I'll work with them for our future moves as well!

• Dec 07, 2021

Thumbs up
They worked so efficiently and professionally that I couldn't have asked for a better experience with them. The cost was reasonable, and we had two stops before our final destination! Fragile items were wrapped in plastic at no extra charge, and they moved all the things to wherever part of the house you needed it. I have already refried them to my friends.

• Dec 06, 2021

Smooth movers!
The best experience I've had with movers, and I've moved a lot. All three movers arrived together, on time. They were polite and professional. They were careful with our stuff, wrapping most of it securely in plastic wrap, more so than I've seen with other movers.

• Dec 06, 2021

Use them again
What an easy move, and they made it even easier! Yana knew her furniture, how to take apart, move and reassemble. So organized and efficient, and there were only 2 moving all the items. Very reasonable prices and took care in wrapping when moving all items.

• Dec 03, 2021

Problem solvers!
Fast, efficient, and friendly service. Moved a piano from one end of the country to the other. Excellent experience. Would use My Best Mover again. I would highly recommend them.

• Dec 03, 2021

There were some bad experiences in my last days in terms of moving. I was scared to book anyone again but, My Best Mover proved me wrong and made sure I got the best moving service. Overall, I am impressed and also have regained trust in My Best Mover.

• Dec 02, 2021

Reliable movers
They came and had the job completed fast and without any issue. The price quoted was the price paid. Excellent and easy! Even after a long day of moving, they stopped at the end to make sure I liked where everything had been placed and offered to move things around for me. Can’t wait to use them again! Recommended!

• Dec 01, 2021

Brilliant movers
They did a great job! They were prepared with dollies and plastic wrap, and they were SO quick. They were done within the 2-hour minimum, and I was shocked. The last moving company took 7 hours for the same stuff! Worth every penny! I wish I was staying in the area so I could move with them again next time.

• Dec 01, 2021

Do not believe the fake 5-star reviews here
This is a scam company, DO NOT ever do business with them. Do not be fooled by the 5-star reviews below which are totally fake. There are either 5-star or 1-star comments here. Come on, isn't it very strange that there are no reviews with like 2-3-4 stars? I think there should be a legal action against those companies that post their fake 5-star reviews or pay others to post 5-star reviews.

If you read this comment and still want to work with this scam company, go ahead and do it. At least you will learn your lesson that you will never forget. For those of you who are smart enough to do their homework and read the reviews before signing a contract, just keep reading.

First of all, you should know that this company does not have any trucks or drivers. They are just brokers — or the middle men — who connect customers with drivers from other companies. So, they have zero control over the actual movers you deal with, and you will have to end up signing two contracts: one with this scam company and one with the actual moving people. Whatever you do, never work with brokers.

Below is what would happen if you worked with this scam company:

1. First time you talk to them, they will give you a very, very low price. You will think “man, that is really cheap. If I rented a U-haul truck and did all the moving myself, I would probably end up paying more.” Of course, they will underestimate on purpose. This is just a lure to have you sign their contract. For example, my first estimated moving cost was around 4000$. Additionally, they will tell you any lies you can think about to convince you. For instance, they told me that my stuff would be delivered WITHIN 2 DAYS. Another lie is that if I wanted to add more stuff to my moving list, my price would go up by a few hundred dollars maximum. I will come to those later.

2. They will have you sign the contract over the phone immediately. They will email you the contract and ask you to go over with it together. Yet, they will only go over the 9th paragraph that says something like you won't pay anything more than your estimated cost. Of course, this is just b[censored]. What it actually means is you won't pay more than your estimated cost for the estimated cubic feet. They will rush it so that you sign the contract without carefully reading it. NEVER AND EVER sign a contact without carefully reading it first. If they rush you, this is a sign that they are ripping you off in a legal manner.

3. Once you have signed the agreement, you pay 30 or 35% of your estimated cost as deposit. You have 72 hours to cancel the agreement, in which case they will still charge you 10% for service fee. It is very likely that you would sign this agreement well before your moving date, so there is no reason why you would cancel the agreement within 72 hours.

4. 48 hours before the moving date, the brokers will call you, the so-called quality assurance call. This time they will be more thorough and tell you that your estimated price has just gone up more than 50%! My estimated price went from $4,000 to $6,700! Normally, the contract lists the price per cubic foot as $4.25, but at the end of the day they dramatically increase all the other fees on the contract so that even if you have additional 200 cubic feet, you won't pay another $850 but $2700. At this point, you will either be fine and pay the extra dollars or cancel your agreement and forget your deposit. Plus, you now have to find another mover within 2 days only so you are screwed. I don't think my biggest mistake was signing the initial contract. My biggest mistake was that I did not cancel the agreement and forgo my deposit after the so-called quality assurance call.

5. When the real movers show up at your place, (most likely they will not show up on the day you were promised) they will have you sign another contract. On the contract, it says your belongings will be delivered within “24 BUSINESS DAYS”. Are you f..g kidding me? You are told that your stuff would be delivered within 2 days before you sign the initial contract, and now it is a whole different story. Going from $4,000 within 2 days to $6,700 within 24 business days. Just to give you an example, they picked up our stuff on 10/26 and delivered on 11/30. We ate our Thanksgiving turkey on plastic chairs. They could have been later than that, and we would have had nothing to do. God knows how long it would have taken them to deliver if I had not called them every single day.

In short, do not be deceived by those liars. They will tell you just anything to have you sign the contract. This is their job. They will sit in their office the entire day and find stupid people to rip off. If you want to do yourself a favor, find a real moving company with real trucks and drivers and research their ratings carefully. Work with big companies with a long history and with very few or no 1-star reviews. Research them on FMCSA to see if they have a lot of complaints. You do not have to learn your lesson the hard way. Take those negative comments here seriously.

• Nov 30, 2021

Problem solvers
Excellent experience from start to finish! The estimate was timely and right on. The guys were on time, clean, polite and showed extreme care with my belongings. They worked hard from the time they arrived when they left, and they far exceeded my expectations in performance and value. Would work with them again if the need arises. Happy to find a company that cares so much about the moving business.

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Description: Over the years, we have helped thousands of people move under daunting circumstances. Based on experience and professionalism, we have put together these scalable moving tips to make your relocation easy and stress-free.​Choosing a trustworthy company with years’ experience is a vital necessity for your move. This guide will help you shop for the most appropriate moving company and make uttermost use of their crew.​You should develop a moving checklist as soon as you learn about your impending move. This detailed moving list will help you put all tools and items in place ahead of the move.​Well-packed items are easy to move around. Good packing optimizes the use of limited space, reduces the volume of your luggage and translates to low shipment fee. Moreover, quality packing materials minimize the chances of your items getting lost or suffering damages.

Address: 351 s cypress rd Suite 100 Pompano Beach, FL, 33060, Pompano Beach, Florida, United States, 33060

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