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My Plumber Heating & Cooling

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Excellent work! Great job...continue to go forward!

I have been dealing with My Plumber for many years. When the plumber says that I need something done, We do it. I enjoy working with this company. Their prices are reasonable and the gentlemen who call on me to provide the services are always knowledgeable, helpful and they always go out of their way to win the customer's confidence. Ariel is an excellent example of the kind of service that My plumber provides. To you Ariel I say, "Well done!!!!!".

I have used My Plumber for yearsI have been very pleased with their service from the time that they call me with the time of arrival to the time they leaveToday, I was fortunate to have Joe Lcome to my house to do a routine plumbing checkI bought the priority contract (that includes the plumbing) and am glad I didJoe made me aware of the many plumbing problems that my aging home hasHe didn't push me to buy any of them but pointed out what repair is more urgent so I was not panicking about having to do all the repairs at onceHe was very courteous and professionalWill have him again to continue my plumbing repairs

Professional, accommodating, and efficient.

Very efficient.

Fast, efficient service at a reasonable price. Knowledgeable and friendly technician.

JW was very courteous and polite. Punctual and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend him and his company.

Lee performed my furnace checkup and was one of the best technicians I have dealt with.

Anthony E[redacted] is a true professional. Arrived on time, explained options/costs, performed work as needed and cleaned areas prior to departure.

Outstanding service and professional staff. Called and service pro was at my home within the hour. Brandon was able to fix my problem quickly and cleaned the area before he departed.

Joe L[redacted] is a model service person. He showed up on time, explained the issues and worked quietly and efficiently to solve our several toilet problems. Throughout he was courteous and a gentleman. I would strongly recommend Joe if you have a plumbing problem.

Review: Plumber broke my pedestal sink when trying to replace the drain. They did not provide a refund or compensation for this damage done.Desired Settlement: Provide refund of charge for replacement sink when company plumber broke the sink while drilling to remove the drain nut. The sink did not break when he tried to remove it forcefully but after drilling to remove the drain nut he drilled through the entire area after drilling for 2-3 minutes. He used improper force and weight to remove the drain nut. He did not use WD-40 to loosen nor did he apply any heat to loosen the nut but instead choose the most aggressive method.



Dear. **. [redacted]:

Joe L[redacted] is an excellent representative of My Plumber. He came to our home and was very courteous and efficient. He understood the request, immediately showed me what he would do and the total cost of the job. The work was completed in a very professional manner. I will use Joe in the future and recommend him and My Plumber to my friends

My Plumber and their Service Tech Miguel G[redacted] did an overall outstanding job of taking my phone call for furnace repair and arriving at my house within 4 hours, quickly identifying the problem, acquiring the parts necessary for the repair and completing the required work.

Randall P. fixed my issue quickly and efficiently. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Overall good experience.

Our service man was very professional. He was very efficient and thorough.

Review: When I called My Plumber there answering machine said that it was recognized by the [redacted] Magazine as one of the better businesses in the Washington DC area. I explored this further, this is not true.

The [redacted] issued My Plumber a Cease and Desist Order to stop saying this but they didn't stop saying this.

I had some work done on my AC unit, spent $ 2,000 dollars on the work and was told that my AC system would be fine for a long time. A month later my AC unit died.

I brought in another HVAC company and they told me I was scammed, they said that my system was much too old to invest $ 2,000 dollars in and they suggested that I replace the entire AC unit. I did this with another HVAC company. Before doing this with the other HVAC company, I checked with My Plumber to see how much they would charge to replace the AC unit (assuming they would give me a good price since they had ripped me off a month earlier) and My Plumber's price was MUCH more then what this other comapny was going to charge. So I went with this other company.

I called multiple managers at My Plumber, told them my situation and asked for my money back. They said NO. I told them I paid $ 2,000 and my AC system lasted a month. It didn't matter. I asked hey can we reach a compromise and maybe I could get back 1/2 my money they said NO.

This is why I am filing this complaint. I hope others are not taken advantage of like I was.Desired Settlement: Refund my $ 2,000.



Dear **. [redacted] :

In regards to complaint # [redacted], **. [redacted], I have the following response.

On June 5, 2013, per **. [redacted]’s request, My Plumber Heating and Cooling dispatched a HVAC technician to his rental property due to a leak from the HVAC system. Our technician had the following findings: Upon arrival checked A/C system for cooling operations, found it not cooling and freezing up due to low on charge. Need to replace 3.0 ton. uncase evaporator coil for proper operations of the unit. Customer declined repairs for now, said he'll call back to get it done in two weeks or earlier. TRANE A/C M# [redacted]# G0[redacted] (1992),Upon arrival checked A/C system for cooling operations, found it not cooling and freezing up due to low on charge. Need to replace 3.0 ton. uncase evaporator coil for proper operations of the unit. Customer declined repairs for now, said he'll call back to get it done in two weeks or earlier.

On June 7, 2013, **. [redacted] called the office and requested our technician to return and he had the following findings: Upon arrival found A/C not cooling and freezing up due to low charge. Due to the age of the system a leak will be impossible to repair, replacing evaporator coil is recommended for proper operations of the unit. WORK IN PROGRESS ON HOLD FOR EVAPORATOR

On June 8, 2013, our technician completed the following: Upon arrival removed bad evaporator coil on oil furnace in the basement, and installed new evaporator coil in place. Also installed a 3/8 solder filter dryer as well, pulled vacuum and recharged (6) Lbs of R-22 freon. Checked operations, unit is working fine at this time.

We did not hear from **.[redacted] again until July 6, 2013, requesting service due to AC not blowing. We dispatched a technician to the rental property for this new problem. His findings were: Upon arrival checked A/C system for cooling operations, found it not working due to tripped circuit breaker. Reset it checked volt, amp draw and functions of the unit found no major issues. A circuit breaker in the tenant’s home had been tripped or switched off, thus turning the system off

After this date I see no additional service calls scheduled till September

Almost 2 months later, September 3, 2013, **. [redacted] called and requested service due to AC system working. Our technician was dispatched and he had the following findings:

Upon arrival checked A/C system for cooling operations, found outdoor unit not working due to bad capacitors. Due to the age and conditions of the old system, customer declined repairs and requested comfort consultant. Left estimate to replace 45.0 and 7.5 capacitors on A/C unit,

Later the same day we dispatched a Comfort Consultant. An estimate was provided and **. [redacted] declined.further service/

Originally, the repairs were for the evaporator coil . Our September 2013, our service call indicates repairs were needed in a different area of the HVAC system. Two capacitors needed replacing, **. [redacted] declined this service and was given an appointment for a Comfort Consultant for a new system. If **. [redacted] had agreed to this proposal he would have been credited for work already completed.

I would imagine in hindsight customers want to save money by trying to repair older systems. I presume more repairs did not make it cost efficient for **. [redacted]. So he opted to purchase a cheaper HVAC system from another contractor. We will not match another competitor’s pricing.

I understand **. [redacted] is not happy spending $ 2,000.00 in repairs . If my older model vehicle needed a carburetor, I too,would want to make repairs, rather than purchase new vehicle. And I can see where one repair does not guarantee me the rear end won’t go next. If I decide to go with a new vehicle with another dealer. My original mechanic is not going to reimburse me for services all ready performed. He does not work for free. The carburetor was replaced and still works. **. [redacted]’s new evaporator coil was not leaking when he replaced the HVAC system. I see no language that indicates our technician did anything wrong. Having not been present during the conversations with **. [redacted] I assume our technician supplied service as requested. Some customers want repairs while others want replacement.

We want to resolve this matter for **. [redacted] as quickly as possible. We are willing to refund **. [redacted] 50% = $ 1,000.00 of what he paid for in HVAC repairs.

Please let me know if this will resolve the matter.


Resolution Manager

My Plumber Heating and Cooling

Review: I had a main sewer line backed-up problem. It was determined that a broken pipe coupling is needed to replace and about 7 feet of the pipe is to be reinstalled. The technician said the job would take at least one day and half and provided the estimate price of $5,894 because the job would take many crews working. I agreed to give an authorization to work at the price of $5,000 after the technician's sale pitch. On the next day mere two crew came and finished the work within 4 hours of labour, i.e. manually digging about 4ft deep and 10 ft long and replaced the broken coupling and replacing 7 ft of pipe. I have complained to the manager [redacted] about the unethical overpricing and requested reconsideration of the cost. He said it is not more than normal charge and cannot negotiate the cost because they chage the similar amount to other custmers as well. I think it is unethical practice of business since the technician lied about the amount of time and crews required to finish the job.



April 18, 2013

of Washington DC and Greater Eastern Pennsylvania



Practice Consultant


Complaint #[redacted]

Dear [redacted]:

In response to [redacted]’s complaint, My Plumber

Heating and Cooling states the following.

My Plumber Heating and Cooling is an upfront flat

rate company. We do not charge customers

for services based on time and material.

[redacted] contracted us to perform a service, which we completed. Due to our efficiency and experience the time

period estimated by the camera inspector based on [redacted]’s comments appears to

have been off. But that does not preclude or alter the price

for the service. The service [redacted] required

met the pricing we set for all customers who need the same type of repair. It would be unethical to charge the [redacted] residence

differently than other customers for the same task. We provide our camera inspectors and

technicians a flat rate pricing guide.

They use this guide to quote all customers.

However, we do offer discounts for certain

services. Before the contract was

signed, [redacted] negotiated the price from $ 5,894,00 to $ 5,000.00. We agreed to the price [redacted] offered to pay

for the service and we supplied the service as contracted.

Most cases, no 2 homes are alike, but the urgency

and need for resolution is usually the same.

Our customers want to be back to normal or where they were before sewage

was a problem in their home, and as quickly as possible. The damage to property is only exceeded by

the hazardous conditions that affect homeowners and their families’ health due

to exposure of sewage.

For some families, with special needs the affects of

sewage in their home can be devastating. They need help right away, not later. And this is where we exceed. That is our paramount goal. Relief.


My Plumber Heating and Cooling, we employ competent technicians, helpers and a support

staff (working behind the scene: office employees and a Parts Department), who excel

in the department of Job Completion with Satisfied Customers. These

people stay on task, and work as a team with a since of caring to complete the

job professionally and with respect for the homeowner and their property. Without taking shortcuts, we will service

homeowners’ and businesses’ plumbing and HVAC problems correctly and with a sense of urgency.

All of our work is insured and the [redacted]’s service

includes a warranty for ten (10) years parts and labor.

There is no reason we should be penalized for

meeting the requirements that the [redacted]’s needed.

When airlines arrive early at a destination, no one complains and no one

requests their money back. However,

there are thousands of people complaining when their plane is late. [redacted]’s plane may have been early. But we took him where he needed to go and he

wasn’t late, which would have been another issue.

If you should have further questions, please feel

free to contact me.





Plumber Heating and Cooling



Thank you very much for your time and efforts on my complaint against My Plumber Heating and Cooling!

I don't agree with [redacted] assement and argument of the overcharged service by My Plumber. She has completely misunderstood my complaints. The reason I have filed the complaints is that the camera inspector who estimated the work has lied about the time and labor required for the work. He specifically mentioned that the job would that at least a day and half with many crews. However, contrary to the camera inspector's assesment, the job was completed by two men and half-day not many crews and at least day and half. It was not a plane arrived early. It was the plane that started with lie and deceitful intents. I still believe My Plumber overcharged because of the inspector's incorrect and unprofessional estimate.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:




April 25, 2013

of Washington DC and Greater Eastern Pennsylvania



Practice Consultant


Complaint #[redacted]

Dear [redacted]:

In response to [redacted]’s rejection, My Plumber

Heating and Cooling states the following.

As I mentioned previously, “no 2 homes are alike,

but the urgency and need for resolution is usually the same”. Our camera inspector did not lie. Their efforts are to impart to our customers the

expectations of the services as close and as accurate as possible. One of these expectations includes a time

frame. We provide a time frame to give

our customers an expected time for their system to be operational. My Plumber Heating and Cooling is an upfront,

flat rate company. We do not charge our

customers by the hour.

We are not a time & material company. Time and material companies are able to

change the price of the job if additional time is needed. We charge by the service. We expect

to get our customers back to where they were before the problem if not

better. Our customers expect resolution as soon as

possible. No one has requested we take

more time relieving sewage in their home.

We employ efficient, professional people, who provide extraordinary

service. The [redacted]’s received great

service. That is not in debate.

Our camera inspector might have told [redacted], he

anticipates the job taking about a day and a half, or up to a day and

half. He cannot predict what may happen,

or what potential problems the services could encounter. We do our best at letting customers know

when they can expect to be back to normal or whatever their normal was before

the sewage in their home was a problem. We met the expectation of getting [redacted]’s

residence back to normal within that time period.

I also mentioned before, that our camera inspectors

have a pricing guide for the sewer service repairs. We have guidelines in place to set a price for

a repair. Our guideline takes into

consideration the length and depth of the excavation, pipe repair, location of

utilities and etc. Much like a menu, this

pricing guide does not change from customer to customer. This guide provides consistency and fairness

to all. The services are based on the

type of service required. [redacted]’s

repair fit within the guidelines for the price quoted by the camera


If you should have any further questions, or if I

can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Plumber Heating and Cooling



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

I still believe the camera inspector was not forthcoming in his initial assessment of time and labor required to complete the job. The reason I had hired My Plumber to resolve my sewage problem was that I trusted My Plumber to do fair business with professional employees, but it turned out that either the camera inspector's assessment was based on inexperienced professional judgement or he had lied about time and labor required for the work.

Review: We were absolutely deceived by our customer service representative. The amount of money that they quoted to us was a complete lie. Told us we would not have to pay unless work was done. "Work" was a term they use broadly in order to get people to write them a check. Work for me is fixing the problem. They defined work as diagnossing the problem. If My Plumber was upfront and told us how much it would be to check out the problem, we never would have called. My plumber is completely deceitful. They should just be upfront and tell people what it really costs instead of confusing them with different numbers, definitions, and vocabulary.Desired Settlement: Refund us our $150 and we will pay the $75 fee for showing up.



Dear [redacted]:

Tommy D[redacted] and trainee Stephanie gave us excellent service. They repaired a leaking toilet, found the shut off valve for the backyard faucet, repaired the cut off valve for the front yard faucet, inspected the pressure booster. They were very neat, left no trash behind, replaced all things they moved. They were considerate in assuring the gate was closed so my dog stayed in the yard. The work was clean and efficient - everything works well.

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