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National Detail Pros, Inc.

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This is unfortunately a representation of whats happenedYou did contact us, and we did offer to fix the problem for you, but you told us the boat is now at a different location that is hours away, which would be unrealistic for us to come and fix any issues BUT we still offered to drive hours and come fix the boatWE OFFERED TO DRIVE HOURS! That is OUTSTANDING customer service by all accountsWe have all the call logs, email records to prove and backup our statementsYes we do provide a service, which unfortunately you cannot make everyone happy at all times, but the important thing here is we WERE TRYING TO GO OVER AND ABOVE AND DRIVE 3+ HRS TO FIX THE BOATThat is absolutely AMAZING customer serviceWe did respond to your complaint, tried to fixThis is the final email we sent you of many (back and forth between you and us): "customer emailed in complaining again, I emailed back: We spoke to you and when we found out you were unhappy we told you the detailer could come back out to address any of your concernsYou then told us the boat was now at a different locationwhich was hours away from the detailer...and he still was happy to come back to take care of any concerns you hadHe was willing to drive that distance to make sure you were happy....You declined that offer for him to stand behind the workYou then sent pictures again but we did not understand why because you were not willing to let him come back and you made that very clear, so there was not anything we could do for youWe are sorry we could not come to a resolution but we did offer to have him come back that same day however you declined."

We did wash it, we never claim the method for washing We also did wax the top, but waxing it will not make it smooth, this requires other methods if it has surface contaminants making it roughUltimately, it was washed and waxedWe do stand behind our work, but you called over weeks later saying it wasnt doneIf there was a problem with the detail, it should have been addressed before a month later

The fee you pay us is for a referral fee, not for work performed by the detailer

You signed the completion form stating you were happy with the serviceAt this point we pay our technicians because you tell us youre happyWe would happily try to fix the problems for you but you never told us or gave us the option, just signed the authorization paperwork and left negative reviews

To start off with the portion where they state we wouldnt let them cancel is definitely not trueI will attach an email conversation named "canelorreschedule"What happened was the detailer came out on the original date and was unable to finish part way through because he has stomach ulcers and
they were causing him a great deal of painHe spoke to the customer and they arranged to have him come back to finishI went over this with the customer in the email and even offered a $discount for the detailer having to come back a second day to finish and as you can see in the email the customer WANTED to rescheduleHe was not forced into anything. After the second day of detailing, the detailer had the customer look over the vehicleAt the end of every job they have the customer look it over and sign a "completion form"The completion form simply stated, "I've looked over the vehicle and the detail has been completed to my satisfationI have the authority and agree to pay for the services entirely via the credit card placed on file.." Which he did sign and was not forced into anything, he told the detailer that it looked great and none of these concerns were brought up to the detailer whatsoever. The customer then contacted us saying that the detailer broke both his ash tray piece and his cup holder pieceHe mentioned that he took before and after photos so we asked if he could send those overHe provided the before picture as attached named "before ashtraycupholder" where you can see that the face of the ash tray was on prior and the cupholder is downHe then provided the after picture as attached named "after ashtraycupholder" where you can see the face of the ashtray is off and the cup holder looks the same. At this point I asked what was wrong with the cupholder and he stated that the detailer "pried it down" and now it will not go upI mentioned to him that I am showing it was already down in the before pictureAfter a few hours they seemed to have found another "before" picture which I attached named "questionablepic"This before picture was taken directly of that piece, unlike the other ones, and the floor mats had been put back in, unlike the other onesAlso, you can see that the carpets had been cleaned (there were stains that wouldnt come out, but you CAN tell that they were cleaned)Also, the point of them taking the before pictures was to show what was dirty, which this picture was not dirty and taken from a different point of view(**I RAN OUT OF ATTACHMENTS ALLOWED, IT ONLY LET ME ATTACH FOUR, I CAN STILL SEND THIS IF NEEDED**)The rep who was in contact with them did acklowledge that the face is back on the ash tray in this photo and did not state they were lying about it but simply stated that she also has that truck and does know that the face of the ash tray can pop on and offShe also stated that she is not saying they are lying about that being a before picture but that she cannot be sure and the detailer is indicating that he did not break the cup holder what so ever. The detailer did infact do everything requested in the work order with exception to applying a dressing to the exterior plasticsHe completed the job in full besides thatHe did indicate to me that the headlights did not come our that great and that they may just need to be reaplced because they are too far gone. I then told the customer that we cannot and do not gaurentee that something will come out however, as a courtesy because he was not happy I would issue a refund of $for the headlights and $for the ash tray piece (since I did see that the face was off of that in the after pictures compared to the before)So in the customers complaint where he indicated "we provided photographs of the damage and the filthy truck only to be called liars and informed that we are being charged the full amount plus not being reimbursed for damage" that is just simply not true either which I have provided an attachment named "discountoffered" showing this. We did indeed offer a discount even though we are a lead generation service and the detailer that did the work is his own seperate company and it states in our terms and conditions which the customer agrees to that any complaints such as this is to be dealt with directly with the company that did the detail. We still wanted to make him happy and come to an agreement however he was not willing to come to an agreementWe are very sorry about all of this but I feel as if he may have had buyers remorse and was just trying to get the detail for free after people spent hours on that detail
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
Although I don't agree with the companies response, I don't forsee anything changing National Detail Pros mind about this.
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: (1) yes, it's a valid charge/fee but just because it's a valid
doesn't make it right to levy the charge; () in view of the 3-day carry between the date that service was ordered and when service was delivered -- is that REALLY rush or priority service?; (3) does the provider want a satisfied customer or $80?; (4) keeping our $payment may possibly result in a simple social media campaign to expose the disingenuous & integrity, authenticity & credibility of provider.There's something to be said about biting your nose off to spite your face...wouldn't the provider want a happy customer who would be willing to engage with you again in the future? Wouldn't the provider want a happy customer referring others to your business and service rather than panning them and dismissing them as unreasonable and inflexible, rendering them meaningless & irrelevant?Doesn't the provider face rigorous competition? Do they actually think that they're such an outstanding business that keeping $in the name of asserting their righteousness will have no impact on their business? No one is so differentiating in their industry that their reputation can afford negative exposure that accompanies a compromised reputation as a result of feedback from unsatisfied customers and have their reputation remain in tact and untarnished, whether it's one customer complaint or manyIt's a losing, unsustainable business positionYou can't remain in business for long when you operate with that mindset and attitudeLook around youYour call
*** ***

We offered to come back and fix the issues.These pictures clearly show that the issues are rock chips and issues within the paintNone the less, we offered to have the tech come back and fix the problems. These pictures are also not taken at the time of the detail and have been taken subsequently showing excessive dirt and rain thats gotten on the vehicle. We stand behind our work and offered the technician back out to fix problemsWe do not offer a refund because its a service, and there are some people you simply cannot make happy, but we do stand behind the work and willing to fix anything needing to be fixed. As for the rep asking if you noticed at the time they finished, she was asking if you looked it over before they left, regardless, we still offered to send them back and redue the detail for you, which is standing by our policywe never left you hanging in that regardsyou just wouldnt allow us to fix it

This charge was a valid chargeThis customer requested immediate next day rush service which costs $and he was aware of this rush service at the time of placing his order

This customer never reached out to us about the issueWere happy to resolve any issues we haveWhen we do half a million details a year, mistakes happenWere more than happy to address the issue with the customer and get it resolved

This is not a logical complaint. Of course you would be charged for a gift card purchaseThe statement that you wont be charged until after the service is completed is for a standard detailObviously, you cant purchase a gift card and expect the charge to go through until a year later, that
doesnt make sense nor would it even workWe cant bill a credit card a year later. Also, no matter where you go, you dont buy a gift card and a year later expect that youve changed your mind and ask to get a refundThats just not how gift cards work Im sorry

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
To address when she said she didn’t hire the crew that came out that she hired National Detail Pros, they are one of our A rated detail pros in her areaThe detail crew that came out is part of our network of detailers (similar to Angies list or AAA) (THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT YOU DON’T PAY ANGIES LIST…YOU PAY THE VENDOR DIRECT SO YOU WOULDN’T END UP IN THE MESS I’M IN NOW WITH TRYING TO GET MY MONEY BACKSO, IT’S NOT THE SAME.) so when hiring National Detail Pros we send out one of our A rated detailers we work with in the areaTo become one of these detailers they have to go through a screening process, use professional products, and also maintain an A rating based upon customer reviewsAfter every detail the customers receive an email to rate their detail and if this rating falls below, we no longer work with themWe have worked with this particular detail crew for years and they receive all fantastic ratings
The first time they came out and did the full detail on *** ***’s boat they completed it and they had *** look it overIn ***’s complaint (***’s wife) she mentions that her husband told her he was not happyWell this may be true but it was news to us because there was NO mention of him being unhappy when they had him look over the boat before they leftHe looked it over saying he was satisfied and signed the completion form stating so as well and they went on their way
When *** called she began to complain stating that the detail crew was ghetto among other thingsWhen this was brought up with the crew they thought that was odd and that it is possibly because they are African AmericanThey drive a nice detail van and are dressed well and are kind and courteousBut she was wanting a different crew out saying they are ghettoWe explained to her that they are not ghetto and they are very nice people and already have put hours into the job and got the job signed off on by her husband so we cannot send another crew but they were more than HAPPY to come back to address any concerns(I’VE NEVER DEALT WITH A PROFESSIONAL COMPANY THAT SPEAKS EBONICS, WITH A GRILL ON HIS BOTTOM TEETHTHE OTHER GENTLEMAN THAT CAME OUT DIDN’T SPEAK ENGLISH.)
They then came back the second time and one of ***’s main concerns he pointed out to them is to have them remove any wax residue left in the letters(THIS IS INCORRECTMY HUSBAND WAS UPSET BECAUSE THEY NEVER CLEANED THE CARPET ON THE BOATMY HUSBAND WENT OUT TO THE BOAT AND STARTED TO CLEAN THE CARPET WITH SIMPLE GREEN AND ALL OF THE DIRT STARTED COMING UP) *** specifically pointed this direct area outThe detailers then proceeded to remove each letter to rid of any wax residue and place them back onThey do it this way because it is the most thorough and to ensure that they make the customer happy(I’VE NEVER HEARD OF THE DECALS BEING REMOVED AND I’VE CALLED DIFFERENT DETAIL SHOPS THAT ONLY DETAIL CLASSIC CARS AND EVERYONE OF THEM SAID YOU SHOULD NEVER REMOVE THE LETTERS.) The detail crew did see that the letters were already previously cracked and that this is an older boat so that is not uncommon at all so thought nothing of itThe boat is years old and spends much of its time in the sun(I HAVE IT ON CAMERA SHOWING THE LETTERS AS NOT BROKEN UNTIL YOU SEE THEM ON CAMERA BREAK THEM AS THEY PULL THEM OFF OF THE BOATALSO…THE BOAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN GARAGED AND RECENTLY HAS BEEN IN COVERED STORAGE FOR OVER YEARS SINCE THE MY EX-HUSBAND PASSED AWAY.)
After they were done they had *** inspect it againThat was the specific area he pointed out to them, so once looking it over he would have noticed if they damaged it when looking at the specific areaHe said nothing about damage or being unhappy whatsoever…because the letters were previously damageAll he said is that he does need to have his wife look it over as well so they told him that if she is unhappy with anything to have her make a list and they will come back a THIRD time to address any concerns she has since she was not there on the first or second detail(AFTER THE SECOND TRIP OUT TO MY HOME TO DETAIL MY BOAT IT IS STILL VERY DIRTYPLEASE SEE PICTURE I EMAILED.)
*** then called in complaining again so we told her they are happy to come back when she is there to address concerns and that they just want to make her and her husband happyWe recommended that she be there since it seems that she is the one who is unhappy and *** has stated he was happy both times(I CAN’T HAVE THEM COME BACK OUTI DON’T TRUST THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND I CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE DAMAGE TO MY BOAT.)
We cannot refund the detail because the detail crew has several hours into this job and *** did sign off on the work stating he authorizes the charge and he also is satisfied and the work was done in fullWe are however offering that they come back when *** is there to make sure they are happy with their purchase*** and *** are well aware of this and that they are fully committed to stand behind their work
*** ***

Eimmor I think this is an unfair review as per your parents, you took their vehicle and trashed itThey authorized and signed for the additional $because of the extremely bad conditionFrom the start you were negative about this and Im guessing its because you were upset you had to pay to do
the detailOur products are very unlikely to damage anything, and if it dried out there should not be any chargesWe also asked you for a copy of the "bill" and you never provided this so were wondering if this is even trueWe offered and tried to help you to make you happy with the serviceWere sorry you had a bad experienceWe've asked you to provide us the proof of the damages in which you will not due so we can have the tech get in contact with you about the issuesYour story has changed on this and said it stopped working until it dried, then you said they had to repair it for $1, have reviewed the response made by the consumer in reference to complaint ID .***, and find that arbitration is necessary. Per our legally binding terms and conditions that Casandra has agreed to, any arbitration is to be done in the City of Draper, state of Utah. Please let us know what we need to do to proceed

On June 15th the detail crew assigned to this job went and did the detailThey did a full interior detail along with full exterior as wellAfter the detail crew completed the job, they had *** *** (customers name on scheduled appointment) look the boat overHe did not indicate that he was
unhappy in any way and went over the detail with the detail crewHe then signed off on the work order stating that the job was fully completed and that he is happy with the service (as shown in attachment)Later, ***'s wife called in stating they are not happy with the work at allThe owner of the detail crew that was sent out then contacted the customer and let them know he wants to make them happy with the work (even though when they were on site, *** told them work was good and signed off on it)The owner then made a new appointment with the customer to send the crew back out to get anything fixed that they were not happy with. We now have spoken to the detail crew about what happened when they went back the second time and confronted them about the cracked letters and this is what we found out.The crew came back on the 20th and redid much of the detail*** pointed out that there was wax residue and complained about that being in the lettersAt this point the letters were already cracked most likely from being old and in the sunThey then removed the letters to get the wax that was left to please the customer and then put them back on but never damaging any of the lettersThey then had *** reinspect the boat and then they were told he will have his wife look it overThis is when he was told that they were even willing to come back a third time if after she looked it over and was still not happy and to have her make a list if this is the case (because she was not there and was not there the first time, but was the one who was unhappy with the detail). The wife ended up still not happy with the 2nd time aroundThe detail crew was willing to go back a third time to please her but only asked that she either make a list or that she be there at the time because they strive to make every customer happy with the work but neither them nor *** could point out anything that was still needing fixed (either time they came out)

That is incorrectWe offered a resolution to try and fix any issues at the time it was brought to our attention before the was involvedYou declined that, hence opening this dispute

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: 1) Misinformation continues to be given by the owner of this business I have attached the screenshots of the website to show the prices for the car and minivan (note, the website changed the evening of my complaint to alter the part that says "Free moblile detailing to your location" by removing free The attachments above are from before the change.) I asked for an inside and outside detail He states that he gave me a higher service (the VIP + synthetic sealant) This was never requested, specified, or authorized.2) I appreciate that Chris included a statement about how others interpret the quote that was initially given for $ It demonstrated that, even in his own circle of people, which cannot be called unbiased, 15%, or out of every 100, or of every or of every 10,people will also understand his quote to be $for both vehicles He stated that he does tens, if not a hundred thousand vehicles a year That is a lot of people who get really surprised by the final bill and demonstrates that the business has a problem with clear communication I maintain that a reasonable person will interpret his quote to mean $ I further maintain that if you begin by showing a reasonable person the prices as shown in his website, followed by the quote as he emailed it to me, almost all of them would agree that it wouldn't make sense for the quote to be for each vehicle Especially when you see "Free Mobile detailing to your location" 3) No where in his site can you ever find mention of a surcharge or minimum charge for services to my location as he states in his reasoning for his bill.4) The owner did offer to refund $of the $I paid for the 1/hours spent detailing my two cars The original quote that I agreed to was for $ Paying $for the service that I understood to be for $is still unacceptable to me Sincerely,
*** *** Please check records for a duplicate dispute from a *** ***. We offered to fix this boat on numerous occasionsThe customer last minute, Thursday evening said ok come fix it and it had to be friday morning or never, when at that point we were unable to do so because they waited until
the last minute. This customers story continually changed over the course of this and we have recorded phone calls (which the customer claims that are not true, but recordings prove the matter). We also offered the customer a discount to try and make them happy, which they refused. We did the complete detail for this customer, we tried to remedy the problem but they disputed the transaction and got refunded for the detail, so on our end, we do process collections

They are not "employees"We no longer are working with the individual as wellWe offered you the discount at the time and there is no way for us to refund anything now because its to far

Yes we did modify the website to make it even more clearIts very clear as it is, the price you thought you were getting was drastically below ANY service we even offerWe offered to split this with you 50/

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