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We ordered several promotional products from National Pen when we started our new firm, including a cooler bag with several items such as pens, notebooks, coffee cups, etc., as well as two types of umbrellas We had requested a sample of a few products, but the ordering person aggressively convinced us to go ahead and order and save the additional shipping and other fees that we would incur placing a second orderShe assured us we would be happy, and if not, they had a very easy return policy Well, what we received was a bunch of substandard products Out of the things included in the cooler bag, only a couple of them are worthy of giving to a client or prospect One of the umbrella types would not even open and the other had messed up our logo on most of them When we tried to return the umbrellas, we received the run-around We had to make multiple attempts to return them and, even after we escalated it with a manager, they did not want to refund our money It took us more than four months and hours on the phone with them and was not until we threatened legal action and sent multiple photos of the misprints that we finally got a refund We will not purchase anything from this company in the future

This company, in my opinion, is a fraudulent company who is quick to take your money but does not stand behind its guarantees or commitments stated on their websiteI have tried for over a month now to get them to acknowledge and resolve issues I have with a recent orderI spent a lot of money on a bunch of coffee cups that are now absolutely useless to meThe logo is not as promised, the imprint is off center and on the wrong side of the cupIt's about 1/20th the size of the cup so it can't even be read or seen from not even feet awayIn general, extremely poor qualityBut their lack of responsibility is atrocious and dishearteningThey state on their website that they guarantee you to be happy or your money back, this obviously is not true I now have coffee cups that are going to the local dump I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowThere is is no reason to talk about billing when I have provided proof of payment twicevia email, showing the payment check Regards, [redacted]

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionMs [redacted] placed order [redacted] with us in Septof and the product was delivered in SeptWe do offer a year warranty on all productsWe spoke with Ms [redacted] initially on 6-29-and explained our warranty for our products and offered to give Ms [redacted] 20% off a future orderWe will extend our offer and will be refunding Ms [redacted] 35% of the order she placed in the form of a check; however, we will not be placing any new orders for Ms*** Our courtesy offer of 35% is more than our courtesy discount when an order is out of dateMs [redacted] should receive her refund check within weeksAgain, thank you for bringing this to our attention

Our records indicate that pens were ordered, shipped, and received We have issued a credit for the defective pieces plus the rest of the extra that they received without asking for a return of the extra pens The previous offer is the most that we are able to do as the customer received an extra usable pens at no charge in the shipment resulting in a total of usable pens assuming that of the pens in the shipment were defective The previous credit offered is only charging the customer for pens plus the setup/shipping costs on the order Thank you, National Pen

National Pen Company have very unethical business practicesThey will send all kinds of business marketing itemsThey will quote you a great price and it's going to be at least double the priceThey quoted me a price of but billed me for dollarsI would not recommend this company to anyone

Thank you for bringing this to our attention I have checked with our payables department, and this refund was mailed on April 8th The customer should be receiving the refund soon Thank you, National Pen Company

This company exploits Small Businesses with incorrect information regarding pricing of their defective products and then harasses to get money from you after you send the product back They not only harass, but they have others harass you as well, over the phone and by mail It is ongoing If you are a Busy Business Professional, stay clear of this company, they just don't back off Here is a copy of a recent email I sent to get them to call off the dogs Not Right ! To Whom This May Concern, This is not the first time I have sent an email and even contacted a [redacted] , [redacted] and [redacted] in response to your harassment ! I am sorely tired of this company wasting my time and then alledging that I owe you money I do not owe you money I asked you months ago to call off the dogs That I was being harassed by Collection Agencies and now [redacted] , [redacted] and *** I called this law firm and told them that I had sent the pens back to you months ago Why have you not acknowledged this ? Do you take delight in harassing Busy Business people I told you the pens were defective and you sent me a label to send them back to you Your own personal label I also did you a favor explaining why the pens were defective so you could use that information to make a better product So after I send you the pens, along with the information, I am continued to be harassed for the money I do not have your pens Your dept, possibly Quality Control was to report to you their findings and I guess they never did and you were suppose to check with them, which the only thing I got were Collection Calls and now this [redacted] , [redacted] and *** This has to stop, my time is valuable and I will seek a lawyer for the use of my valuable time that is being taken away from my businesses and it is tax time on top of it all ! Since the label was your own label, perhaps you have the tracking number and can check that to see that the dept that you was suppose to contact has gotten the pens and reports back that I did for you Maybe I should send you a bill for $for my report to you I will also be forwarding a copy of my email to [redacted] , [redacted] and [redacted] and any and all personnel that has been a continual harassment to me By the time I'm done you wil owe times the bill you sent me Please call off the harassment once and for all

To Whom It May Concern, Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We are very sorry to hear Mr [redacted] did not have a pleasant experience with his last orderWe had tried to contact Mr [redacted] on 5-20-and 5-23-16; however, we were unsuccessful at the attempts made to reach him by phone to resolve this matterWe have issued a full credit for invoice [redacted] (see attached credit memo) We hope Mr [redacted] will continue to do business with National Pen in the future

recently magnets which were purchased and delivered were found to be of very poor quality After several attempts to make contact with customer service, I called again this time to speak to someone They wanted me to send back the magnets, whcih after this time, had all delaminated and went into the trash Customer service offered a percent credit towards my next purchase The magnets were 300.00, which translates to a credit for the horrible product He then basically challenged my integrity on the complaint, even though I think he was able to see the correspondence from the onset with phone calls Unfortunate, with a multiple year history

I had placed several orders in the past and was satisfied; unfortunately, my most recent order did not end the same I started an order and placed in into the online shopping basketI never hit submit nor did I receive a confirmation emailWhen I contacted customer service I was told that an email was sent and the best they could do would be a 10% discountThis is unfortunate as I would have continued to do business with them but will now take my business elsewhere

Placed several orders in pastThe pen quality has been decreasing with every orderThough the last order we placed was their deceiving website reorder siteI reordered with a previous order from the past with a certain amount for the pens Well I should have known they upped the price on the pens by 80%I emailed them and they tried to tell me it was a set up fee that increased the amountThe set up fee is Even with the set up fee it doesn't add up to the 80% mark upSo needless to say we will take this order but never again will we order from this company again

We received another call from National Pen from [redacted] TN, This is now harassmentDo something about it

Thank you for bringing this to our attention The $late charge is a flat fee for late invoices for National Pen no matter what the original amount of the invoice We apologize that the invoice was not in the box with this order In the case that this happens again, we will be happy to email or mail a copy of the invoice to our customers The customer is correct, online payments have no way of waiving the late fee because the majority of customers paying late are actually late on their payment rather than this particular customer's situation if a customer is to call in the payment, our representatives would have been happy to waive the late charge in this customer's case The custsomer also would have had the option to mail the payment in minus the late fee Our records indicate that the $was refunded to this customer on Oct21st Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to rectify this situation Thank you, National Pen Company

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionWe are very sorry to hear of the experience our customer had with their latest order size="3">After further research, our records indicate a credit of $was applied to invoice [redacted] (please see attached credit memos)We have attached the invoice for your recordsThe open balance on this account is currently $This invoice will need to be paid via phone or by mailing a check, as we are currently not able to update our website invoice amount due at this timeAgain, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention

Horrible customer service, and equally horrible production timing I ordered pens and spoke to them on the phone and was very clear about the date needed A few days before I needed the pens, I called them since I did not receive any notice about the pens being sent When I called, the customer service rep said basically, "we had production errors and will need to cancel your order." I then asked, "when were you going to tell me about this?" After speaking to someone else, that representative said they could produce the pens I asked if she was sure, because I found another company that could do a turn around in hours I had to call again in two days to find out the status, and they then said that I had to pick a different pen No Problem, it was more important that I had the pens by the date required They said they would ship them via UPS next day, and I would have them on Saturday I received them on Tuesday after the event Even worse than all this, is the fact that when I called on Saturday to find out the status of the pens their answering machine kept stating that my call would be answered in about a minute, or something like that and when I looked on line, they are closed on Saturdays --- Why not have your answering machine state that, rather than have the customer stay on the phone waiting Truly bad all around Still waiting for them to resolve this correctly What a shame that a company could really not care about the customer

Thank you for bringing this to our attentionI have ran a report of our phone records with the phone number ###-###-####, and we have no record of an outbound call going to this customer The last outbound call that we have on record was from May 13th There have been some incoming calls from the customer since then, but we have not called the customer to solicit any sales I certainly apologize that this customer is receiving calls, but I don't believe this is coming from National Pen Please take down the phone number that this is coming from next time, and we may be able to pin point exactly where this is coming from or verify if this is one of National Pen's phone numbers

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our records do not indicate that the cusotmer has informed us of a missing package. According to the tracking information, the package was delivered on 1/23/signed for by *** I will have a representative contact this cusotmer
for more information regarding the lost package. We can file a claim with UPS if Shan does not know who *** is that signed for the package.
Thank you,
National Pen Company
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.As stated several times previous, I was quoted a price initially and ultimately the price increased after said discount and furthermore customer assistance was anything but
*** ***

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attentionI was able to pull Ms*** account and see that we initially spoke with her on 8/16/regarding the issue that she was having with her pensWe advised Ms*** that we would email her a prepaid return label so she could return what she
had left so we could have our quality department inspect them for defectsThe prepaid return label was emailed to her that day which provided a tracking number of ***The package is schedulded for delivery on 8/22/which we will have them inspected and follow up with her providing her the outcome of the investigationAgain thank you for bringing this matter to our attention

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