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NetZealous, LLC

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/11/22) */
Thank you very much for bringing Mr***'s concern to our noticeWe would like to confirm that we have removed *** from our database
We will be happy to address if Mr*** has any further
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/11/24) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I asked that my firm's domain be removed from the database, not just my e-mailThis request was explicit in my complaint
Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2015/11/26) */
Thank you for bringing Mr***'s concern to our attentionWe have ensured that *** domain is removed from our database
We will be happy to address if there is any further concern in this regard

Hi ***,
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we have taken necessary steps and removed*** Email address from all of our databases and ensure you that customer will never receive any further email from MentorHealth/or any other portal owned by NetZealous
Meanwhile I would like you to request the customer to share any secondary Email address which also can be removed immediately
Look forward to your reply

Dear Sir/Madam,
Apologies for the inconvenience caused, we have taken necessary steps and removed [email protected] Email address from all of our databases and ensure you that customer will never receive any further email from any of our portal
Meanwhile I would like you to request
the customer to share any secondary Email address which also can be removed immediately
Look forward to your reply

I like the quality of their courses, flexibility I get in terms of using themThey ensure your questions are addressed by the ExpertsI have a very good relation with NetZealous, they are my first resource of training outside my company and I would highly recommend them to other Industry professionals tooTry yourself and experience!

I don't think I could find any better portal for coursesI had full satisfaction with trainings

This company is in clear violation of the FTC's CAN-SPAM ActIt is one of many many many shell companies formed by Indian national *** *** -- all operating online as a bulk-email spam operation, spamming unsolicited emails relentlesslyThey have been operating this way for years, made clear by the numerous other complains against this Netzealous entity (and others)Their shell address in Fremont is used for registration of other similar virtual entities doing the same spammingI hope the and the office of Secretary of State of CA can yank their operating license

Keep spamming me over and over and over, unsubscribe does not workNOT a real businessPlease never do business with themWould be great if their internet access was cut so they could be stopped spamming peopleI will take a Nigerian prince any day over this garbage

I have requested since January via unsubscribe feature, phone, and email to be removed from Compliance4All/NetZealous email list I have received responses several times indicating that I would be removed To date I continue to receive emails from Compliance4All/NetZealousEach time I call or chat I am told the same lie or variant of "there are chances that if you’re a part of any group email address within your organization or may be another email address of possibly an ex-employee is redirected to your email."
Each email from Compliance4All appears to come from a different email address, which is deliberately intended to defeat spam/junk email filtersThe failure to remove my address and the practice of changing addresses indicates that Compliance4All/NetZealous is not an honest business partner

Unethical SPAMMERS! The unsubscribe link in all their emails does not unscribe you from the bazillion emails they flood your inbox withNo idea where they even obtained my email in the first placeReplying to complaints posted here, or on google that they've removed that particular person's emal address does NOT address the problemAn UNSUBSCRIBE link should unscubscribe and no company needs to send 3+ emails a dayPeriodThe level of annoyance should be obvious in the effort people are taking to seek out the *** to report these guysimagine all the others who arent taking the time

Nonstop spam from this business for YEARSI have never done business with them, I retired from HR in 2008...and still they spamI've kept track of my unsubscribe efforts since 2016; so far this year aloneThey keep changing their "sent from" emails, but it's the same companyI cannot understand how this hasn't been addressed

This company sends us BULK unsolicited SPAM emails every single daySome days we receive numerous emails and they are all from various servers and different email addressesNumerous attempts to unsubscribe have been unsuccessfulWe have had to file a complaint with the Consumer Federal Trade Commission this has gotten so badThis company is deceptive in their advertising and marketingNever give them your information

This is my second complaint against this company for sending unsolicited emails almost dailyDespite repeated efforts to unsubscribe, they continue to send emailsMy previous complaint was filed on January 15, Case #*** against *** ***It seemed to finally be resolved, until recently when the emails started up againThe company for the original complaint was *** *** *** *** ** *** *** ** *** *** time they have the same website but show up as NetZealous, LLCI want the emails to stop forever and they should also be fined for their actions, because they have started again

NetZealous will not stop sending me spam advertising their training coursesI have emailed NetZealous and called NetZealous on the phoneI receive several spam emails every day from them

I signed up and paid for an online course with Mentor Health however my computer was not compatable to the programI was not able to attend course I signed up and paid in full, for an online training course through Mentor HealthI did not have any correspondence from Mentor Health before the scheduled date for the course so I reached out to the company for my log in information.I received an email back from the company that they had sent me infoI checked my spam mail and discovered that it was in thereI attempted to sign into the course when I discovered that I would need to download Java.I am not able to do that in my work computer, so I immediately emailed Menor Health for a refund as I am unable to attend the courseI was refused a refund and a refund policy was emailed to me insteadI do not feel I should pay for a course I am unable to attendI was not offered an alternative

Continually sends unsolicited emails regarding HR training to my work email addressI am not in the Human Resources department and have no need for the emails I never subscribed to any mailing list but they keep sending them It is quite annoying and I would never recommend or use the company

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/03/11) */
Thank you for bringing this issue to our noticeWe have ensured the removal of the *** email address from all of our database
We apologies for inconvenience caused in this regard
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7,
2016/03/15) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In addition to the removal of my email address, I asked for all email addresses from the domain to be removed

I have requested several times to unsubscribe from this company's marketing emails but am still receiving themI started receiving unsolicited emails from this compnayI have asked to have my emails *** and ***) removed from their email list but am still receiving themI do not want to receive them any more!

This is a terrible SPAM companyUnsolicited email for years and they will not go awayThe unsubscribe button does nothing except guarantee they found a working email to exploitI have blocked their email and then they resend with a change in their name but it is the same company each timeEven the positive reviews on this site sound like bogus recommendations

As with ALL of the other complaints on THIS site (and you STILL give them A+?) I am tired of them SPAMMING ME EVERY DAY - sometimes more than once a dayI have been trying to get out of their email system for a year & have the emails to prove itThis company is NOT in California - they are in IndiaThis is GlobalCompliancePanel & OnlineCompliancePanelThey are Total SCAMMERS & SPAMMERS!! They don't care if I reported them to the FTC or FDA or GoDaddyCheck out their Facebook Page reviews, or those on YELP, Google and others needs to be more diligent in their ratings - the complaints are identicalThe only way to get off is to complain here? That's not good enough for an A= rating, is it??? I have NOT provided true address/ phone# info - my email IS GOOD, but I dont want these vindictive people in my voicemail and USP mailbox, too

I cannot get these people to stop spamming my work email addressI've even tried filing a complaint with the FTC which made it stop for all of one week and then they started up again using another one of their email addresses they haveI am so sick of themI am starting to keep a list of emails they send to me with a picture of my attempts to unsubscribeAfter a couple of month of this maybe I can sue

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Address: 161 Mission Falls Ln STE 216, Fremont, California, United States, 94539-7826


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with NetZealous, LLC, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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