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Review: In April I purchased a [redacted] Kids Tablet for my daughter with the additional protection plan. In July I filed a claim on the product. I was told by the representative that I would have to return the product to them so they could evaluate if it could be repaired. If it couldn't be repaired I would be issued a giftcard for the amount spent for the tablet so I could purchase a new item. The representative at that time verified my information. The wrong address was on file and was corrected at that time. I was told that a [redacted] slip would be e-mailed to me within 24hrs of me filing a claim. After that time had passed and me not receiving an email with what was promised, I called the claims center to follow up and was told by another representative that they for some reason could not e-mail the return slip to me and that they would mail the return slip to my address. They again verified my mailing address. They still had my old address in their system and I again updated it at that time with the representative. I was told that it would take 5-7 business days to receive the mailing slip. This was in July. After not receiving the mailing slip in August I called the clams center again to inquire about the mailing slip and was told by a representative that is was mailed out and I should have received it. When I told them that I hadn't received it they verified my address again only to find out that they still had my old address in their system. After correcting my address again, I was told by the representative that I would have to wait another 5-7 business days for me to receive the mailing slip. After finally receiving the mailing slip I returned the product. I received an e-mail on August 13 stating that they received the product and a giftcard would be issued within 7-10 business days. I called the claims center on August 27th because I still hadn't received my giftcard. I was told by the represenative to wait till Friday (August 29) and if I hadn't received it by then to call back. Friday being the 12th day. I called the claims center on September 2 because I still hadn't received my giftcard. The first representative I spoke to said I should receive it within7-10 business days before realizing that it had long surpassed that time. When verifying my address she again repeated my old mailing address. This being the 3rd time having to verify my address. She stated that she would correct it in their system. I stated that at some point they had to have my correct mailing address because I verified it twice before and I received my mailing slip, so what is the real issue. She hung up on me. I called back again and asked to speak to the manager. The representative took my information and verified my correct mailing address before transfering me to a manager. When speaking with the manager I expressed my dissatisfaction with their service. He apologized to me and stated that the giftcard would be reissued to me. When trying to verify my address, he too stated my wrong address. I again expressed my frustration and requested that a giftcard be overnighted to me due to the fact that this claim was filed in July and here we are in September and I have yet to receive what was promised. He stated per policy that their was nothing he could do and I would have to wait the 7-10 business days.Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

Being that they couldn't overnight the giftcard I think I should receive free coverage for the next item that I purchase. For the record I'm only purchasing another item from [redacted] because I need to use my giftcard. In the future I will never purchase another item from [redacted] that would require insurance.



September 26, 2014

Review: [redacted] completely broke tv so as it is not usable. Will not function. Did not secure tv base which almost crushed pet.

[redacted] was told would be home after five pm. He stated okay. On Saturday day of service he began calling at 3:30 and did so every ten minutes. He then called and stated if I'm not home in ten min. He was leaving. I left work he replaced tv circuit board. The tv which would occasionally power off before repair would not work at all after repair. Tech stated tech support isn't open on Saturdays he didn't know what to do and would return on Monday. He left. Later that night the tv started to fall due to stand not being secured. It almost crushed our Bengal kitten ($3,000 pet). Shortly after that found cat trying to eat the screws missing from the base the tech had left on the floor. Called tech on Monday he stated someone would call me. Days went by no calls. Contacted service center and was told ticket was closed and I later received email stating my tv had been repaired please take survey. No matter how many calls I made no one would help or apologize for the damages or issues with my pets. I asked it have repaired or replaced. I was told they were no longer going to do anything with the tv despite having paid for extended warranty and having over a year left on seDesired Settlement: I would like the 47" 3D smart tv replaced.

I have missed two days of work. Been harassed on phone by tech calling every ten minutes, almost had pet crushed by tv then almost choked on screws left on floor.

I have been without tv for over 30 days. I have called 21times to the store, the service center, to Asurion. I have emailed the store and Asurion.




7, 2014

VA [redacted]






behalf of N.E.W., please accept this

letter in response to your inquiry filed with the of

Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania, under the above referenced file

number. I would like to offer my apology that your experience with N.E.W. did not meet your expectations.


complaint was filed against Walmart and forwarded to N.E.W. for reply.

N.E.W. Customer Service Companies, LLC and its member

companies (N.E.W.), is a third-party administrator of extended service

plans, buyer protection services and product support programs that serves more

top consumer electronics retailers than any other provider. N.E.W. offers

retailers and manufacturers innovative, customizable solutions for the delivery

of customer service and support throughout the product ownership experience.

N.E.W. strives to provide world class customer

service. Each call or letter that comes into N.E.W. regarding

concerns or issues relating to our service plan(s) is thoroughly investigated.

According to your complaint

filed with the you state the following:

You purchased a TV with a warranty. The

TV does not work at times. It took weeks for a repairman to come diagnose your

TV. The TV was worse after the TV repairman left your home; it would not turn

on. The TV stand was not attached properly and the TV almost fell. Your wife’s

cat ate one of the screws that had been left out of the TV stand. Since the

repairman’s visit you have not been able to receive any help with your TV not

working and parts being put back together incorrectly.


desired resolution listed in your complaint is to receive a refund for the TV

and the warranty plan due to your TV not being repaired and your wife’s cat

eating a screw.


review of your service history for the service plan you purchased has been

completed. The research revealed on July 6th, 2014, you called N.E.W. for service. Service was

set up with Service Center Teams and you were advised that a technician would

call you to troubleshoot your television. On July 8th, you called N.E.W. to advise you needed an

appointment to be set up on Sunday because you work six days a week. N.E.W. advised you they didn’t have any

service centers that work on Sundays. N.E.W.

gave you reimbursement options for your television which you declined.


history notes reflect on July 15th, a technician came out to repair

your television, parts were installed and television was repaired. On July 17th,

you called N.E.W. to advise that

screws were left all over and that television fell due to the technician not

assembling it back the way it was. It fell and is now damaged worse. N.E.W. advised you the technician would

not have worked on the stand and if the technician took the television off the

stand, it is the customer’s responsibility to put it back on the stand. N.E.W. advised they would be

glad send a new technician out to look at the damage. The SR notes

indicate you advised the representative if another technician came out you

would hurt them. After this statement determination was made that another

technician should not be sent to your home.


Corporate Resolution Specialist named Leigh from the product care plan called

you on July 29th to discuss your concerns. She offered to reimburse

you for the purchase price you paid for your television plus tax for customer

satisfaction. She discussed your need for service for your television on

Sundays and explained that N.E.W.

technicians are not available on Sundays. She advised you she would oversee

your claim to completion.


reimbursement check was issued on August 5, 2014 and mailed to the address

listed in this complaint. The service plan you purchased for your television

provided a means for you to be reimbursed for your television and N.E.W. cannot reimburse you for the cost

of the plan.


hope this response provides you with the necessary information to close out

this complaint filed against N.E.W.

If we can be of further assistance to you regarding this matter, please do not

hesitate to contact me directly at ###-###-####.


Cynthia R[redacted]

Sr. Compliance Coordinator | [redacted]

P ###-###-#### | F ###-###-#### |



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

There were no reimbursement offers declined I asked many times and was told I had to have fixed.The tech took the tv off the stand because he needed to lay flat to take tv apart to install parts he had ordered even before he had looked at the tv. I made an appointment and the tech showed up with parts. He never looked at the tv and stated he was there to install parts.

Review: My television had a slight glitch, I called the [redacted] company and was told that the panel was going out and that an issue such as this would be covered under the warranty that I purchased through [redacted]. I contacted [redacted] and they proceed to tell me that my television could not be replaced, but it could be repaired. I was sent a shipping box and address slip, sent out my television and was told it would be about two weeks before it was shipped back to me. Four days later I received an email stating that my television had been REPAIRED and was being sent back to me. Naturally I was excited but was a little suspicious because they had said it would take up to two weeks before I received it back. I received my television yesterday (3/19/2013), with a letter attached saying that "due to physical damage, liquid damage, or a prior unauthorized repair that it is no covered under the provisions of my service plan" and that they are now unable to repair my unit. I found this odd considering I had sent it with a MINOR issue that I was told could be repaired. As I plugged my television in, the entire screen is broken. This television is no longer even watchable. I called [redacted], National Electronics Warranty Incorporated and [redacted] and am unable to get my television repaired of even speak to someone who is willing to help me because the physical damage is not covered under the warranty that I paid for. as I am being given the run around by all of these companies, I googled the address on the shipping label for National Electronics Warranty, and have found that the address where my television was sent it s a building up for lease with no company in it at present, When I questioned NEW about this, they had nothing to say on the matter and said that their repair headquarters were located in [redacted], and had never heard of the address I had given them.Desired Settlement: I would like the company to either repair my television, as they were supposed to OR I would like compensation in the form of a replacement for my television.



April 2, 2013

Review: Have filed numerous claims with the [redacted] care plan and was promised product replacement. The scooter I purchased site-to-store in December of 2012 does not charge. When I notified the [redacted] care plan they told me to dispose of the scooter in an economical manner because it was too heavy to ship back to them. They told me I would receive a credit on a [redacted] gift card for the total price (around 126 dollars) within 3 days. I followed up a week later by calling them and they "told a manager" and would get my credit to me ASAP. Another week later, I called again and was told the same thing, still no refund. I am done calling them only to get pushed aside. I bought this care plan and it's useless to me since [redacted] is not hiolding there end up for a pathetic 126 dollars.Desired Settlement: As asked and promised sevaral times, I would simply like the total of the scooter applied to a [redacted] gift card so that I can replace the scooter. I cannot log into the [redacted] site to give the order details because the site is down. The information required is already filed on the claim form



June 18, 2014

Review: Fail to fix my laptop saying because of a bio hazard like really no this company took my money for nothing first time on this claim n I get empty

I made my laptop purchase at [redacted]. Com in 2012 and got cover if anything was to happen which I did pay for ever since 2012 thu 2013 I had no problem till September 29 2014 I call and file a claim and sr [redacted] I send laptop to fix but instead of fixing it they told me no because of a bio hazard and they didn't do anything as for what I pay for to be cover was nothing money being wasted so now I have look elsewhere to get it fix because asurion fail to do so they didn't even bother giving back my money or parts or anything they just let me empty handed. Asurion fail to do the right thing I didn't sign up for this cover plan for nothingDesired Settlement: Im asking for my money back in full or fix my laptop




21, 2014

Review: Customer service failed to provide assistance & they failed to respond to written for assistance. Late delivery of product & services. Improper repair & service that both resulted in additional damage. Unreasonable & excessive delay in completing service.Desired Settlement: An apology. An exchange or replacement for brand new laptop, including a free 2year warranty. Reimbursement for purchase of [redacted] Professional Plus since Recovery CD's were given back empty with no setup, no install, no executable, no essential drivers to allow [redacted] to operate properly, in addition to all content such as data, software progra** & files were erased.



April 30, 2014

Review: I purchased a [redacted] HE Washer & Electric Dryer Combo Model #[redacted] in white from [redacted] on-line on 12/14/12.It was delivered on 12/18/12. I also purchased a 5-year extended warranty. On 5/6/13, I had my FIRST call for service.This call was for the dryer & was covered under the manufacturers' warranty.During this repair, the dryer was totally out of commission for 14 days.The repair needed a new element as screws in the dryer had loosened & shorted out the element.Following this repair, on 1/9/14, I called [redacted] Warranty as the dryer would not dry the clothes. Under the extended warranty, it was determined (on 1/13) that the relay and dryer control needed to be ordered.The parts were replaced on 1/24/14 (#[redacted]). On 3/12/14, I again phoned [redacted] Warranty as the dryer was again not drying the clothes. Under the extended warranty, a dryer control board was ordered on 19 March & installed on 3/31/14(#[redacted]). From purchase to 3/31/14 or 15 months, the dryer has been out of commission for approx. 51 days. After the last repair on the dryer,the washer began to break. On 4/2/13, I phoned [redacted] Warranty to request service. On 4/7, a washer control board was ordered & service was completed on 4/14/13 (#[redacted]). Again 4/15, I called [redacted] as the washer would not fill up or turn off when I tried to stop it. Even though the repairman could not duplicate the problem & states this in his 4/17 report (#[redacted]), he saw wet clothes in washer & a half dissolved laundry pod. I called on 5/1 as the washer would not fill up. On 5/6 multiple wires were fixed in the control board (#[redacted]). On 5/12 the washer would not fill up or turn off when the wheel was pushed in. This problem had now occurred three times. I called [redacted] again,explained the situation & asked again for a supervisor. I rcvd a call on 5/15 stating that another repair was necessary. I have two videos of it malfunctioning. A repair is scheduled for 5/21. The washer has been broken more than 30 days.Desired Settlement: I have been patient with this warranty company. However, to date, I have been unable to use this washer/dryer for 80 out of the 513 days it has been in my home. This is almost 3 months of non-use out of 17 months! Not only is this machine a lemon but now, when I try to stop it after the machine is "beeping" (the 3-beep signal which signifies completion of a cycle),it does not stop. This is an electrical hazard and the machine is unsafe! I WANT IT OUT OF MY HOME!




29, 2013

Review: Asurion mailed my [redacted] camera. It was damaged (poor packing by Asurion). Camera SR- [redacted]. No return calls from company. Refuse to reimburse.

Service Request number- [redacted]

Camera- [redacted]

SN- [redacted]

Asurion replaced a rubber pad on my camera and mailed it back to me. The camera was not packed properly. They set the camera lens [redacted]t to the camera body, then wrapped in a sheet of plastic. Not a way to pack. The lenses banged against the camera body and caused internal damage to camera electronics. I contacted Asurion by phone numerous times. I was first told that I would be reimbursed for the cost of the camera, and I would be contacted by phone. No one called. I called back and a agent said "your claim is denied". I was lied to; details omitted; and given lip service.Desired Settlement: [redacted] gift card for reimbursement.




29, 2014

Review: After sending my [redacted] into them for the 2nd time. The repair was done in haste after it clearing needing to be replaced and the reason for it being sent in and 2nd time was because it was not properly repaired the first time or the cracks and breakdowns wouldn't have happened. Then after I made sure that had my current address and had updated my profile long before it was repaired...they sent it to my former house that I do not live at! I have repeatedly asked them to correct it and replace it since I am likely never to see it again now and they still haven't corrected it. I show [redacted] tracking on it's way still to the old address.Desired Settlement: I want a replacement one to be bought at the store so my son who has anxiety issues due to his heart issues and heart surgeries can have his [redacted] needed for Dr appts. He is heartbroken!



October 28, 2014

Review: Improper repair, poor customer service and delayed completion of repair. Failure to under terms of warranty repair in promised time frame. Failure to provide customer service, agreed call back and constant phone disconnection. Failure to make the company they contracted with complete repairs.Desired Settlement: To reimburse me for the money I spent out after their 3-5 day timeframe (its almost 2 months). Make expedited repairs or replace washing machine. Some type reimbursement. Apology for the delayed response, for supervisors not returning my phone calls and poor customer service and being disconnected.



October 3, 2013

Review: Purchased a laptop with a warranty provided by the above insurance company October 2012, but the laptop became defunct, and was sent in for repair. Upon recieving the laptop, tech report stated that the laptop was not repairable, and a reimbursement check was approved to be issued to me-this process was started on July 22, 2013. It is about a month later, and I have yet to receive my laptop or my money; despite the fact that I am still technically paying for the product. I have spoken to several agents, and all have given me excuses as to where my check is. Three agents have told me my check was processing, and one has told me the check was never even sent. I have received an email stating that the check was sent, but customer service reps have no idea where my refund is. I have also been transferred to several different departments with no resolve. I have delayed a purchase I have with a seller for a week waiting on my money to be given back to me to purchase a new computer. I am a full-time, year round student, which means I have been without a computer for a month so far-I take online classes!!!!! I would like my money ASAP!!!Desired Settlement: I would like my funds to be shipped overnight to me with said tracking number. If that isn't possible, I would like the payment deposited into my checking account, or paypal ASAP!!!!



September 12, 2013

Review: Failure to properly repair laptop. Failure to honor verbal guarantee of 90 days on repair.

My laptop has been sent in for repair numerous times including multiple times for the same problems. Received the lap top back from last repair on June 25, 2014. At that time my extended warranty had ended BUT I was told on the phone that repair guaranteed for 90 days. Today, 9/17/14 I phoned to have the repair to the mouse done again (3rd time). I was given different info including being told only 30 day guarantee, then told 60 day guarantee. bottom line is they will NOT stand behind their repair with the 90 day warranty I was told on the phone. There is NO note on the receipt as to the guarantee on the repair.Desired Settlement: I want the laptop repaired with a 90 day guarantee on repair.



October 22, 2014

Review: Spent IPod cracked screen to be repaired. Received email on 7-25 that I was being shipped still have received it.

Received email from [redacted] on 7-25-13 that my IPod has been repaired and will be shipped as of 7-29-2013 UPS has lost my package. On 8-5-13 call [redacted] at [redacted] to file claim that my packages was lost. Lady took all my information and said I would get an email confirming my claim is being processed with 2 days. Still haven't got email. Received call the nest day from [redacted] saying my package would be delivered yesterday. I still have not received my package. When I call [redacted] the associates are rude and never know what's going on. Called [redacted] this morning spoke with supervisor name [redacted]Desired Settlement: A full including tax refund of the purchased price for the IPod.



August 27, 2013

Review: I purchased an extend warranty from them at a [redacted] store. I provided all information from the receipt. They refuse to accept a claim on the defective product.Desired Settlement: I want them to fulfill the contract and provide a full purchase refund on the defective product.



August 6, 2013

Review: I bought a 70' Sharp Aquos LED product number [redacted] television with a 3 year service warranty the television quit working I phoned the warranty company came in contact with [redacted] at [redacted] xt [redacted] claim number [redacted]. [redacted] informed me she would replace tv with a comprable replacement instead of a full refund the next tv in the series what she sent me was [redacted]The tv that she sent was in fact a set that cost $1498 my original set was $2298, and did not have the Quatron picture as my original set did. I phoned [redacted] on 07/19/2013 @ 800 am to discuss this matter with her and she refused to correct the problem repeatedly and refused to allow me to speak with her supervisor to resolve this mannerDesired Settlement: I want to be reimbursed for the full amount of my original purchase



July 30, 2013

Review: Twice, the business sent me a shipping box in which I was required to enclose my product (27" iMac, Apple computer), but the shipping box was too small

After a second request for an adequately size shipping box, I received nothing and resorted to contacting customer service today after several weeks of not receiving a shipment box to inquire about the delay and to request a correctly sized shipping box.

Additionally my claim was marked as "closed and repair complete" on the business' website, even though my product hadn't even left my living room due to no shipping box.

For several weeks these issues have prevented me from using my product for work and leisure which has been both inconvenient and frustrating.Desired Settlement: Option 1: FOLLOW THROUGH in a timely manner and provide the service I paid for. First arrange for a correctly sized shipping box to be shipped to me that will fit a 27" iMac (Apple computer) and shipping label so that the product can be shipped to the service company for repair/refurbishment. Second emphasize to business' employees the importance of paying attention to detail to prevent issues like mine.

Option 2: REFUND. Send a refund to me for $99.99, which is the amount I paid for this business' product coverage, if the business cannot follow through and provide me the services for which paid for. Emphasize to business' employees the importance of paying attention to detail to prevent issues like mine.



June 24, 2013

Review: They lost my laptop.

My laptop screen went bad in June. I got it back on June 25th and when that was fix it had other problems. I called to resend it out. I kept having to call because I never got a email about it being process. I finally got it process on July 1st. I got my first box on July 3rd. I sent out the laptop for repair. I got another box to return it on July 7th. This is the box that is tied to my account. The laptop is now missing. No one can find it. Not only did I have trouble trying to get it repair again they have now lost it.Desired Settlement: I want a laptop replacement or a refund for laptop. This claim has now been over a month. I already had to buy a new laptop but I still want this one back.



July 28, 2014

Review: Poor customer service, hidden fees not ever explained in person or in text.

I purchased a phone at my local [redacted] along with the 3 year service plan. I broke the phone and needed to use the service plan after calling in I was told that there was an additional $49 processing fee that was not included in the original service fee. I asked to speak to a supervisor named Matt employee ID [redacted], who was of no help and told me that it was too bad that I would have to pay the fee or I would not receive another phone. He was rude and not helpful at all.Desired Settlement: I expect a refund of the hidden charge of $49.



July 21, 2014

Review: On Saturday the 23rd I filed a claim for my phone and was told a shipping label would be sent to me via email and once [redacted] had received and scanned my phone an e-certificate would sent to my email address. I was not able to get the phone to [redacted] until Monday the 25th. By the end of Monday I had not received my e-certificate and called in to the 1800 number. I was told that my claim was being processed and that I should more than likely have my e-certificate the next morning if not sooner. The next morning (Tuesday the 26th) I still had no email for my certificate. I called in again and was transferred to the "right department" which got me no where other than to leave a voice mail which I couldn't do because the inbox was full. I tried back later on that day and was once again transferred and was able to leave a message. One the recording it says you will be contacted in one business day. I have yet to be contacted and today is now Thursday the 28th. After not hearing from anyone yesterday or receiving my e-certificate I called in again was able to speak to a supervisor who told me that my phone had been randomly selected, I wouldn't get my e-certificate until they have received my phone and can verify what is wrong with it, this can take up to an additional 3-5 days. I explained that my warranty covers any and all problems and don't understand why I need to wait for the problem to be verified especially when I've been calling in numerous times and no one has told me of this. She agreed and said that she'd transfer me to the claims department where they would be able to push my certificate through. I was once again asked to leave a voice mail that has not been returned. Yesterday I decided to check out their website and did a live chat where I was told someone would call me within 4 business hours, that never happened either. I am very displeased with the lack of customer service and would greatly appreciate my e-certificate immediately.

Product_Or_Service: [redacted] PhoneDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would just like my e-certificate sent to me immediately so I am not going another unneeded day without a phone.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


From: [redacted] <[redacted]>

Date: Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 10:28 AM

Subject: RE: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #[redacted].

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

the company has resolved my issue, thank you.

Review: I purchased an extended warranty for a television. I had the televisions panel replaced through the warranty company, and the panel was replaced with a defective panel, so I called the warranty company, and they advised me that they would have, [redacted], the sub contracted installer come back and look into what was wrong with the panel that he had replaced. After [redacted] came out to verify that the panel he had replaced was indeed defective, he told me that the warranty company would issue me a full refund check for the amount of the purchase price of the television. [redacted] took my television and all the accessories and stated that I should receive a check within a week. I then called the warranty company to verify what [redacted] had stated. The warranty company then advised me that they were going to replace the panel for a second time. I told them that their sub contracted installer [redacted] stated that the television was going to be bought back, and the warranty company said that he wasn't authorized to make that decision. I told the warranty company that he shouldn't have took the television and all of the accessories then because the warranty contract states in home service. the warranty company then stated that they would have a service manager call me within 1 business day but today is Friday 8/22/2014 so I won't be contacted till 8/25/14. I have no television now and I was misled by both the warranty company and the sub contracted Installer.Desired Settlement: I would like for a refund of the full television purchase price. I don't want the warranty company to continue to take my television apart to replace a part with a defective part.



September 15, 2014

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