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I have tryed many times to get someone to respond to me regarding a return. I sent it back and as of yet I have not seen my money for the return. But yet they have the unit so now I not only don’t have the module but also don’t have the money I spent on it. I’m in the process of getting my credit card company involved to try and get the charges reversed. This company is a fraud they say money back guarantee No questions ask only thing is they won’t respond. Be warned

Bought the Bypass Module, my mechanic said I had a different problem and didn't need the module. Newrockies Inc website states 100% Guarantee and returns with no questions asked, I have been trying to return the Bypass Module for over a month and no response.
Be careful if you think they will let you return the item?

The product seemed to be well built just not for my application, Very helpful the first 2 days and then we found out it would not work in my application I had asked how to go about returning it for a refund. I have E-mailed them 2 requests over a week ago and still no response to either, funny they would get back to me in hours of my Technical question but not a return question. It's an easy question I'm sure they have an answer but not to answer that's just unprofessional and the only way to make contact is Via E-mail!

Regarding the Bad Reviews - (it should be mandatory to provide your age prior to being allowed to submit Reviews due to the childlike rants that can be easily debunked simply by communicating with verified customers). I told the entire world about my experience over @ sitejabber, where you'll find some of the same ol lame reviews left by some here @ Revex.
Folks, you are here for only one reason. Your vehicle won't crank up or cranks up and dies. You have been quoted a ridiculous price to 'Fix" it or told it can't be fixed. Either way, you are here for 'Reviews' both: Bad & Good alike prior to considering to pull the trigger and investing in a product advertised to full bypass faulty security systems for vehicles listed on NEWROCKIES Home Page. You'll notice @ sitjabber, that three people out of thousands took time to write what they wanted readers to take-away as 'bad' experiences. You'll notice a couple of them came here. Here @ Revex there are around 9 Good Reviews (some with only one Star, what's that about? Taking time to Review but flake on the Star rating makes it appear at first glance that the majority is in the Bad category). And, 8 or 9 Bad Reviews, all of them can be debunked simply by communicating with any of NEWROCKIES, INC., real, verifiable customers. I for one (out of thousands of customers) can personally attest to the following facts: the NEWROCKIES, INC. Team will respond to those that start a Ticket or click on Contact US. The PRO Module is NOT a waste of money. It is definitely NOT a scam. How do I know? Because, my 1995 Buick LeSabre Limited with 62,500 original miles roared back to life this week after installing the PRO 5 Module. Because, I have submitted a Ticket Request asking technical questions prior to installing and received a prompt reply. Because, if it was a scam, I'd be writing about it being one. If you want to give your vehicle (or your customer's vehicles) a second life, ignore the B.S. Reviews and be done. Or, take their vague words for granite & sit back & wait for Code Enforcement to cite you for the junk vehicle rotting in your driveway. Think about it, if a company simply decided to sell junk products, how in the world could they remain in business and have their product being professionally installed by GM service depts. If your security system is faulty, the PRO Module will work, if your vehicle has multiple faulty components or you skipped a step, didn't install it correctly, then of course it won't crank up until you address those possible areas. I'm here to provide a GOOD REVIEW & hopefully it'll help those that want their darn vehicle back up and running to make up their minds. Even if you had a bad experience, all you have to do is ask for assistance and I'll take time to assist in finding out where you may have went wrong. Humans make mistakes, cut corners and don't read entire sentences when it comes to Installation. Who knows, we just might get your vehicle running and you'll have to return to all of the places you may have left BAD REVIEWS and tell the world how friggin happy you are. Children that reply to me will be ignored, unless you are civil minded.
*Tip - get a squeeze type wire-stripper (one that grabs the tip of the wire vs the type you put the wire in and pull) because you'll be way up in the dash with little wiggle room.
*Tip - before turning the key, perform a continuity check on every single fuse you can find. If you have replaced your ignition cylinder, check that you have replaced the VATS/Airbag fuse.
*Tip - before turning the key, check that the battery is charged (that includes a load test {$20.00 @ Harbor Freight or borrow one from a friend}, just because it shows 12.2 volts doesn't mean it's a good battery).
*Tip - before turning the key, find the location of the Starter Relay. You might end up having to have someone touch it while you turn the key to see if it clicks. (Clicks are good).
*Tip - before taking time to write a bad review, check and see if it's you vs. the product. You can't fix stupid, but you can darn sure fix a faulty security system with PRO Module.
Tom G. in Texas - 1995 Buick LeSabre Limited

I have used the button on their website to begin the process of purchasing one of these modules for my 2011 Colorado which won't start sometimes after being driven for awhile. The padlock lite keeps flashing for about 10 minutes or so during which time it cannot be started. After that the light goes solid and it can be started. Perhaps this module will work but my policy is to write these smaller companies an inquiry prior to purchase asking again if their product is right for my situation and also as importantly to find out if they respond within reasonable time. If they don't then I look elsewhere.
It has been 20 hours since I sent that email. I will let you know how long it takes and what they say. Current Date as of this writing: 11/2/19 AM.

I recieved their module and gave them the application when I ordered they sent the part and it does not work. Talked to a tec and was told there is no fix for my customers care at this time cant help you. Paid almost 300usd for a product that does not work and now that I am asking to return they ignore me

Wish I could give it 5 stars several times over, they saved my 99 astrovan that I recently had to replace the whole engine, so I was already out a significant chunk of money keeping it running, only to have the passlock issue start really messing me up. The passlock issue would come and go, but when I moved from AZ to Iowa, the huge increase in humidity seemed to cause it major issues. And I had just started a new job in a new town and this would have surely cost me my new job had I not been able to get this module installed. I am so very pleased with this product and the company! So extremely pleased that the install was relatively simple and worked 1st time after following their learn procedure and the installation instructions. What a huge relief! They were even willing to give me a discount retroactively on a FB promocode I had seen shortly after buying and installing the module. Really great company from my experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone having passlock issues with their vehicle. Thank you so much!

I put this in my 96 Regal, which was failing to start about 50% of the time. It's been months now and have not had one single issue. It feels like a weight is lifted off of my shoulders. No more starting the car 10 minutes early to be sure I don't have to reset it. That is a huge problem when you know you have to be somewhere in a hurry. Thanks so much

AD Services...
wish I would have read the reviews about this F in scammer fly by night guy ...I got one and guy has never helped me figure it out ...and the reason is... there JUNK>>>BUYER BEWARE
Dont waste your money on this POS .

You are correct! Ive got one that does nothing and they will not give me a refund if I return it. It wasnt bypassing anything when a mechanic checked it out. I asked nicely for a refund. I was not impressed with their customer service when I received it and needed some clarification on installation since they sent me the wrong instructions. I would tell anybody to not but their products. It would be far less aggravating to just flush ur money down a toilet.

New rockies..New rippoffs you mean. Scam. Usually the item doesnt work. Then they tell you. To send it back to canada. Which will cost you 30$ then when it arrives it will be returned to you because there is no such bussiness at that address! Big time scam!

I have a 2007 Chev Colorado which started having the crank but no start issue. You wait 10m and it will start, one of the problems other GM owners are having with their security system.
Ordered a NEWROCKIES Pro Module to bypass Security System. Installed as instructed was doing relearn procedure, on step 2 the vechicle was to crank but not start, it started right up. Contacted NEWROCKIES and was told everything was ok that these model vehicles could learn on their own.
Two weeks later was going to take granddaughter to school, she was late because truck would not start, two days later, no start.
Contacted NEWROCKIES by email, someone named Jack, they have no teck. support phone number, I think I know now why they have no phone number. Maybe a one man band outfit and fly only at night.
After a few emails and no fix was told that the pro module only worked when the security system was in full lock down to the starter, to this I say BS. He was sorry pro module did not fix the issue. Nothing on making anything right.
Bottom line, I could have got a lot more from taking the $279.00 and flushing it down the toilet. Maybe the cash could have made a sanitation worker a great day.

Not a happy camper with NEWROCKIES


You could not have said it any better. They have no number. Because this so called company is a scam ran by a guy named frank! He should change his name to freak! If it works consider your self lucky! If not he will tell you to ship it to a address in canada. But geuss what? There is no such business at that address. So by the time he stalls you..The extended shipping time.. And it gets shipped back to you...You have been screwed out of 300 dollars! More than that because it cost 40 to ship it back to canada! Warning do not! Buy this product!

Our ( 79yo) mother's 2004 Impala started giving her problems. She would get somewhere, car wouldn't start. She didn't want a new car, she wanted hers fixed.
Of course, at the mechanics shop, it would start every time. We finally decided it was the Passlock system. I found the New Rockies website and ordered the bypass. My brother and I installed it, had problems at first. We had ran the battery down without realizing it. We tried the next day, with battery charger attached - finally we were successful. I did email Customer Service & they did respond. (on a Saturday).
Now working great - Mom's happy, so every ones happy! I would recommend that you put battery charger on battery when installing. It would have saved us a days work and aggrevation. Thanks New Rockies!

I have a 93 corvette and the install is nothing like they say wire colors don't match I've tried to call the company they don't contact me back. This is worst service I have ever had out of there advertisement is lies. This company real is crap I recamend doing business with someone eles because New Rockies support techs are lairs .

After a year and a half of struggling to start my 98 seville, sh just gave up on me and there was no way to start her anymore. Tried everything, spent more than $3000, destroyed my nervous system to no avail. I purchased this PRO module from newrockies and Jack from their support was so helpful and fast even on weekends. I got her running and she is purring like new. Thank you newrockies and thank you Jack! I'll never forget!

I bought this thing as a last resort before tossing my Saturn in the garbage. You just can't sell or salvage a vehicle that won't start. Money is tight and a new vehicle just aint in the cards right now. I installed the NewRockies PRO Module and my car came right back to life. You can not understand the weight that is lifted off my shoulders right now. Great product, great support, great people working there.

I had a very good experience with this company. I installed it into my 2001 Impala. I had no trouble with installation support. Support was done by emails which were answered in a very reasonable amount of time. I would recommend this to family and friends! Saved my car

Hello,my vehicle is a 1991 pontiac firebird.I purchased our bypass module form new rockies, for these reasons,paying repair shops thousands of dollars in diagnostic repairs,for burned fuel injectors starters,and other electrical components.It has been five years now with no issues.When we were intalling we decided to call to double check instuctions,which we were helped with.Ten minutes later car was running,and is still running five years later. We would not still have this vehicle if it wasn't for new rockies. longevity/reliable product. cashsaver.

I had a very good experience with this company. I installed it into my 2001 Impala. I had no trouble with installation support. Support was done by emails which were answered in a very reasonable amount of time. I would recommend this to family and friends! Saved my car

Great experience! Received only two days after ordering. Before arrival I was able to download and print the instructions from the email they sent me. Installation using their instructions went flawlessly, followed the instruction to let their module and my car learn and voila! Starts ever time. Highly recommend this product and company.

I purchased the Newrockies PRO module and installed it on my 1999 Chevy Suburban. My mechanic quoted me a price of $700 to overcome the GM Passlock system that had failed and would not allow me to start my vehicle.

The PRO Module worked perfectly and I've been able to start my suburban every day. Newrockies was also very helpful during my install and troubleshooting processes. Their support team in excellent.

This company does not reply to emails. This company does not respond to requests for Return Authorization even when you complete the return form on their web site. they do not respond to support requests. Their product also does not work on my 2003 Hummer H2. I had to call my credit card company and dispute the charge because they would not help.

Newrockies, dont have companys info, such as physical address, phone no. location in usa. Nobody response in case of returning the product. No after sales services.No reply to emails.

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