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New Rockies

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User Ben F.

Newrockies claims their product is a FULL bypass system. I don't know about you, but when I hear that, I assume that the OEM vehicle passlock components are no longer in play. The tech support person told me that he has seen a bad BCM cause the issues I'm having. Newrockies seems to be dancing around my questions about the Body Control Module (BCM) still playing a part in the GM passlock security functions.

I received an e-mail on Sept 28th inviting me to rate their support and I did.(stern but courteous)

When I logged in to check my request, this is what I see. ( and now I see why I got the request to rate their support )

My request now has a status of "Solved" as of Sept 27th.

I Don't think so !

Closed maybe but certainly NOT solved !

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Category: Auto Parts & Supplies - New, Auto Service - Specialty Parts

Website: http://www.newrockies.com

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