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Nichole Lynel

801 S Olive St #3201, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90014-3039

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• Nov 20, 2023

Worst Customer Service
I placed an order on October 26, 2023. Got a notification with tracking number on the 31st. To date, UPS has not received the package. Several emails were sent and I am still awaiting somebody to tell me what will happen to my package or my refund! They will post on instagram for people to buy and not fulfilling orders. Like a low key scam.

• Oct 04, 2023

No response to any of my emails
I’ve had a terrible experience so far with the customer service of this company. I did like the instruction said when it came to the return process, I’ve been contacted them for a week now trying to get my credit for my item that was returned and have not heard one response from them. I understand people are busy, but it takes one minute to email someone back like others I’ve been trying to support black on businesses, but hate how this has transpired.
No response to any of my emails
No response to any of my emails
No response to any of my emails
No response to any of my emails
No response to any of my emails
No response to any of my emails

• Jun 15, 2023

Horrible Communication
I should have listened to the other reviewers, but willing to support a black owned business and now regret it. I don’t know how she made it all the way to the Tamron Hall show with this horrible reputation. I placed an order at the beginning of March and had to reach out to the company seeking my items in the middle of April. They finally shipped two of the items claiming they were waiting for the pre ordered items before shipping. For starters why am I reaching out to you and who told you to hold my items until the other ones were ready. You didn’t wait to take my money and I spent close to $500! Also, in that same order I purchased two items that were expected to ship the end of April and May. AGAIN I had to reach out to them inquiring about my items as the items were not shipped out on the expected dates given on her website. I got a lame answer saying they are experiencing delays and I should expect them the beginning of June. I email June 7th and got an automated response. Emailed again June 8th and June 10th and NO response just tracking stating it was unfulfilled. It seems like she’s selling items that she doesn’t have in stock. I waited to write my review because I was trying to give them a chance to get it right but it seems as if she doesn’t care about her customers or reputation so why should I care?! I also notice she likes to respond to customers making excuses and never taking full ownership of her lack of professionalism! Mam do better please you’re making us look bad. I just want my last two items so I don’t have to deal with her ever again.

I made an order of 532.20USD on 10th July. My item is yet to arrive. Why? Because Nichole Lynel did not put the right details for the commercial invoice. Therefore UPS could not send. They are now sending the package back to her. I spoke to UPS and this was verified and I sent an email asking for a refund seeing as my package wasn't coming/the transaction has not been honoured AND I've now waited over a month. To my shock and dismay, there has been absolutely no response to several emails, DMs on Instagram and she even had the cheek to delete my post asking for a response from her page. This means she saw it and ignored it. I refuse to sit back and lose almost half a grand to a scam artist. The courteous thing to do is at least response. This is not a UPS problem but a problem by HER COMPANY. She needs to take ownership and refund my money. I hope and pray she does this to an influencer who will expose the sham which is Nlthelabel. She cannot continue like this forever. I will do anything and everything to get my money back.

I’m having the same problem and she’s not returning my emails there’s no number to contact them or her I order something never received is been over a month I don’t know what to do

You won't get your items! Terrible Customer Service
I ordered a dress on 2/25/2021, received a confirmation email. On March 1st, I received an email with a non-active tracking number. It said “Shipping Label Created. USPS awaiting to receive package”. I’m like okay, they did an in-office shipping label , they are about to give it to USPS soon, cool. NOPE! Its now been 4 WEEKS and the tracking number is still not active and USPS never received the pack from NL Retail. I contacted them, they said “Submit a claim with USPS”. What? USPS haven’t even received the package from YOU yet, it literally says that on the tracking number. NL Retail sent 4 emails telling me to take it up with USPS. We I clearly showed them that USPS has not received the package from them, NL RETAIL stopped responding. No explanation, no refund, nothing! Customer Service and business practices are TRASH! What kind of SCAM company are you running NL?!

It has been well over a month (July 23rd) since my order was made and I NEVER received the garment with the absolute minimum response/communication from this company. They offered me a refund on September 18th and have been completely ignoring me ever since. I expect my full refund of $95.50 from this company immediately, I do not feel appreciated as a customer and I am extremely livid with this whole ordeal.

Nichole Lynel Response • Aug 31, 2020


We reached out to this customer ON AUGUST 18TH to offer a the SAME DRESS IN A DIFFERENT COLOR WAY of the dress when we were not provided with correct quantities on the original item ordered.

It reads as follows:

"Hi Luv,

We here at Shop *** Lynel are sincerely hoping that you and your loved ones are keeping safe during this time.

Our team is working really hard to ship all orders out as soon as possible.

We are officially sold out of the Sunset Sweetie in the Blue and Orange Color WAY needed to fill your order.

We have secured additional units of this dress but with a YELLOW color way and are reaching out to:
Offer the YELLOW or issue REFUND in the manner that it was initially paid for.

Please advise how you would like to proceed by replying back to this email with the world "YELLOW" or " REFUND"

Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience and continued support!"

The customer did NOT respond back and has been issued 95.50 in credit on to use as per policy we do NO offer refunds.

You can read more regarding our policies here:

I ordered my "Sunset Sweetie" dress on 7/23/2020. Aware of the shipping situation, I waited patiently for a shipping updated I never received. It has been almost two weeks and I have emailed 4 times to try and reach the company with NO response. My birthday is August 23 and I have not received any communication from the seller whatsoever. I thought I ordered well in time to accommodate any shipping complications. However, with multiple attempts to try and reach the company and get any information, I received nothing.

Nichole Lynel Response • Aug 05, 2020

We have received ZERO communication from this customer pertaining to this order.

Our team is working really hard to ship all orders out as soon as possible.

We currently have a 3-5 business day (+ 4 days due to measurements taken to precent the spread of COVID-19) processing time before all of our orders are shipped from the warehouse.

From there, orders ship priority mail, which can take 2-3 days to arrive.

As communicated on our home page order processing is delayed due to measurements taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

You can read more regarding our policies here:

Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience, and continued support!

I have not received my refund via a gift card from the vendor. The vendor sent the refund to an email address I did not provide and never reissued.
I received an item on 5/26/20 and sent it back due to sizing on 6/2/2020. The vendor confirmed receipt of the item on 6/15/2020. I followed up with the vendor on 6/24/20, as it was stated via email that a gift card would be submitted for the refund amount. On 6/26/20, the vendor replied that a gift card was sent to the email address ***, which is not my email address or any email address that I provided to the vendor to do so. I replied that same day, 6/26/20, and told the vendor that it was not and provided the correct email address, which was already on file for the vendor, to send the gift card to. The vendor never responded and has still not responded to follow up emails afterwards.

Desired Outcome

l would like a complete refund. I do not want a gift card, as I will no longer conduct business with this vendor and do not have good faith based on this experience to attain a credit, which has now gone on for almost two months. This item was sent back early June and it is now almost august without and resolution provided.

Returned item was on received on June 22nd. Never received my credit. I emailed the company several times, no response.
I ordered a pair of jeans that's called (Chain Thang/ Lace up Denim) item # *** which cost $120.00 on May 5th, 2020 the item was delivered to me on June 12th 2020. I returned the item on June 18th.

According to my tracking number with the USPS the item was delivered to the business or placed in the mailbox on June 22nd at 5:05PM.

I sent an email to the business in regards to my credit for the jeans on July 14th , July 16th & July 19, 2020.

No one never responded to any of my emails. Which is so unprofessional I have order several item from the company and to be ignored & treated like this is ridiculous. This is NOT how you conduct a business.

They do not respond to your emails, but they continue to post merchandise. That's like a slap in your face. I'm really disappointed and it's really sad that I had to get the involved.

Desired Outcome

At this point I want a FULL REFUND back to my credit card. I will NOT order anything else from this company & considering they do not appreciate their customers!!

Nichole Lynel Response • Jul 20, 2020

Hi email communication was sent to this customer alerting her that her return had been received on June 23, 2020. Credit for the items was issued also on June 23, 20202

Customer Response • Jul 21, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
She did not send me an email. The only emails II received are the ones with her advertising new merchandise. I am requesting a FULL REFUND back to my credit card.

I am not interested in buying anything else from her company and considering she could not respond to any of my emails.

She only responded because I reached out to!!

This really doesn't make any sense. According to her return policy it normally takes 7 days to receive an in store credit. But she states that she she sent me communication stating they received my return on the 23rd and I have a credit on the 23rd.

There's no way I will give this company another dime!!!

She's not telling the truth about the situation. She did NOT send me any communication that she received my return or anything about a store credit!

I've ordered serval items from this company and I returned an item before. The company responded in a timely fashion. But, this time I had to track her down with the Revdex.coms.

I am requesting A FULL REFUND CREDIT back to my CREDIT CARD!!

Thank you!

Do not order from her company !!!!! I Tried to support for a while and will no longer support. First complaint from an order in march. I ordered a large. They shipped me a medium Incorrectly so the company's fault and then when I went to ship it back to them, did not even cover shipped. Horrible customer service when they shipped the wrong item!!!

Secondly. I then ordered some items in May which said expect to be shipped middle of June. I still have not received none of 3 of my items which was supposed to ship by mid June. They have not responded to my emails as of late. Sent one response that they Are waiting to receive a dress I guess from China. And I've been emails again and again with no response. I will not support again. This is definitely not good business Practice . You try and support your own and then they screw around with ppls money. They take the money right away. Over charge you and then don't send your products!!

Nichole Lynel Response • Jul 20, 2020

Per Policy the customer is responsible for exchanges and returns.

All emails have been reviewed and all emails and we received 3 total all of which a response was sent. Correspondence between SNL discussing the clarification that the order gave estimated ship dates of which the customer stated they did not understand. We further replied once more letting the customer know that one of the items was a pre order and that we would be happy to split her order of which we got no response.

Customer Response • Jul 21, 2020

I still have not received items which was promised to be shipped between 6/15 and 6/30. These three items were ordered In May and $ taken out immediately. If it's not expected to be shipped til 3 months later, why would you take your customers $$ and not promise the delivery date of mid June and not even be transparent that the items are still delayed. Very bad customer service. And still have no clue when I'll receive my things because of poor communication!

Nichole Lynel Response • Jul 21, 2020

We here at Shop *** Lynel are sincerely hoping that you and your loved ones are keeping safe during this time.

We make absolutely NO PROMISE on shipping as we use a 3rd party carrier. USPS.


The order was again for a PRE ORDER item. We again had no clue the world would literally stop and have tried our best amidst this criss to operate and not close as many others have had to.


Our team is working really hard to ship all orders out as soon as possible.

One big problem we're facing with some garments is that our manufacturers are overwhelmed and delayed in getting our units to us due to having less staff after layoffs.

We anticipate that more items will be complete by the end of the week 7/24

Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience and continued support!

you will get your items faster if you order from china than its been over a month still never received my items. The pre order date changed 3 times it messed my plans up I had to order shoes from another store!


I ordered an item and returned the item because it was too big to exchange for a size small on 04.03.20. I have not received the item nor a refund.
I received the Too Coolin It/ Pant Set order #*** on 03.30.20 from Nichole Lynel LLC. I returned the package for a size small via UPS on Friday, April 3, 2020 and the it was delivered on Friday, April10, 2020 at 9:48 AM and signed by ***.

On May 6, 2020, I emailed the Nicole Lynel's email address advising the item was returned and I have yet to hear from the company. I received an email stating that it could take 15 or 20 days to process and an email will be sent to me.

On May 14, 2020, I emailed the company again to advise 30 days have passed and I still have not received any confirmation for my returned package. I received another email stating they have yet to gain access to their PO Box and have diverted their mail to come to the office.

On May 31, 2020 I sent another email asking for a status update. On June 1, 2020, I received an email from *** stating they are overwhelmed due to being out of the office and she will process the return as fast as humanly possible.

On June 14, 2020. I sent an email to *** stating all I would like to do is exchange the return for a small and she sends me an email back stating the ORIGINAL package was mailed on March 30, 2020.

This item is $189.00 and it cost me almost 20 dollars to ship it back to California.

Please note I've sent the shipping details which including the UPS tracking number, date sent, delivery date, delivery address and also that the received package was signed by ***.

On June 17, 2020, I asked for a status update and received no reply.

Desired Outcome

I wanted to exchange the product for a size small. I don't see how a pandemic is taking 60 days to advise the package has been received and or processed. A refund will be accepted if they can't process the exchange.

Nichole Lynel Response • Jun 22, 2020


Communication was sent on more than 2 occasion alerting the customer of our delays as we had limited access to our offices due to a statewide/ country wide lockdown order.

We have since explained to the customer alerting her to our policy on returns ***

We have still yet to get tis item back to us via the carrier that she used, signed for or not.

We were upfront letting her know of our intent to review all returns for credit as quickly as possible once it was received.

We assume no responsibility if an item is not accounted for if the customer uses a carrier other than USPS to ship back to us.

We as of 6/22 have still not accounted for this order as we have not gotten this back at our home office or our PO Box.

We can't give credit for an item we do not get back.

Customer Response • Jun 23, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It is disappointing that I am now aware the package was not account for by a third party. I am a major supporter of black owned businesses and now I don't feel I can financially afford to support an online business after this $200.00 discrepancy. This was not my first return to NL and I never had an issue with the *** Lynel NOR have I EVER in my life had an issue with UPS. . I was not aware that the package needed to shipped by USPS. Somehow the ball was dropped and I am extremely disappointed.

The package was delivered to *** Lynel *** XXXXX-XXXX and signed by ***. Does the address exist or "***" even exist?

I made a purchase on 3/20/20. I received it 4/23/20, I contacted the seller mailed it back, they received it 4/30/20 and it is 6/21/20 and no refund.
I placed an order on*** on 3/20/2020 for "You Mesh Me"/bodysuit in a size medium for a total of $67.50
The merchandise arrived 4/23/2020, over 30 days after the order date, damaged.
I contacted the seller immediately via email & I paid for the return shipping to the seller, which was received via the tracking on 4/30/2020.
I emailed the seller on the 5/13/2020 to check the status of my return and was advised the return period would take up to 20 days to process.
I emailed the seller again on 5/28/2020 and again on 6/5/2020, each time the seller continued to make excuses as to why they were unable to issue my credit or a refund for the merchandise purchased on 4/30/2020. Today it is 6/21/2020 and the seller has not processed my refund. I feel I have no other option but to file a consumer complaint since the seller has opted to retain the merchandise and the money that I paid them.

Desired Outcome

I would like a refund. I no longer want a credit after 90 days of this company treating me so poorly.

Nichole Lynel Response • Jun 22, 2020

Contact Name and Title: C. *** C.S.R.
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***@***.com

A communication back and forth between us and the customer was sent in regards to delays in our entire production from shipping to refunds and exchanges.

We have still yet to receive this order back to our main office which was given to the customer nor has it been located at our PO box.

Customer was instructed to send it back to our main office and it has been yet to be received.

We can not give credit on items we do not get back.

I requested the tracking number from the customer at the time I provided the address to where to ship back the item while on lockdown.

I have still yet to receive the tracking information under which customer stated that she sent it back to us under so that I may investigate it further.

Customer Response • Jun 23, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I relayed all the information this business requested, however I repeatedly received excuses on why they could not process my return. They advised that their offices were on limited hours, they have a small staff, COVID, anything to prevent a resolution, (I can provide emails to substantiate each excuse they provided) I cannot express the level of dissatisfaction I have with this company, especially after touting how important customer service is. After four months, now to say you never received it. Wow, this is an all-time low, the first time I am hearing they have not received my return, however I am more than happy to provide the tracking information again. Which indicates it was received on 4/30/2020. USPS Tracking #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Nichole Lynel Response • Jun 26, 2020

This customers return item has finally arrived to us.
Credit has been issued on 6/26/2020

After receiving no updates for almost 2 weeks on an order placed by merchant. I contacted the merchant using several resources to receive no contact.
I placed an order (Order no. ***) with merchant on 11/29 during a Black Friday sale for a graduation outfit. I received a notification of a pre shipment label made 12/2. After recieving another package from a different merchant but not having heard anything else about my order on 12/5 I decided to contact the merchant regarding my order and whether or not it would come in time for graduation to exchange for another item if it didn't receive it on time. I messaged the merchant directly on her Instagram 12/5 and 12/7 with no response. I then commented on pictures asking for a response to my Direct Message. After no response I decided to use the email provided on her social media to contact the merchant directly sending out an email on 12/6 and 12/9 with no response. The order was placed using a third party payment plan (Afterpay) and once I received no response from seller I decided to contact the contractor for the payment plan on 12/10. The contractor and I communicated for 4 weeks with them contacting the merchant by use of email and several different numbers they had on file for the merchant all with no response for almost 4 weeks. Afterpay escalated the situation three times within their department because of the lack/no response they received from the merchant they discussed a grace refund as an option because of the lack of responses and my dissatisfaction with the merchant. after already pushing back my payments up to 3 times because I was paying for an item that I had not received or heard from the merchant about. On or around 12/17 the merchant without any communication to myself of Afterpay sent out the package which I was not there to receive and was returned to the sender. Afterpay and I have been in constant communication from me contacting them about the merchant and I was told the only contact they received from the merchant was her sending out the tracking updates after she sent out the package and also seeing that she also signed to receive the package back as it was returned. No store credit was offered to me upon receiving the unopened package back and Afterpay is still in contact with the merchant regarding a refund which they are now telling me may or may not be an option based off the fact that the seller in policy does not allow for refunds.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a full refund for the item purchased from the merchant and nothing less. Because I would have been understanding if the merchant was in contact with me initially when I first asked about the item but store credit will not be acceptable for me because after such a bad first experience with this merchant I don't believe that this won't happen again and I honestly would not like to be forced to support a business that does not even value customers enough to communicate with them about issues with there merchandise.

Nichole Lynel Response • Jan 28, 2020

This customer was refunded fully for order *** item was not shipped in time for her graduation

Placed an order almost 2 mos ago, have yet to receive it.
I placed an order on November 11, 2019. On November 17th, I received an email stating that my order would be shipped and that I would receive a confirmation email. I never received an email nor did I receive my item. In December I sent a follow-up email to check the status of my order. No response. A week later I sent another email on November 17th, I received an email stating that my order would be shipped and that I would receive a confirmation email. I never received an email nor did I receive my item. A week later I sent another email inquiring about the same order. No response. I went to Instagram and sent three DM messages, no response. Because I saw the company still advertising new merchandise I commented on a couple pictures asking what is the best method of contact for the business. No response. I went to Instagram and sent three DM messages, no response. I am very disturbed by the lack of communication, the unprofessionalism and the fraudulent sales practices. From the pictures the company looks like it has very nice items however I do not ever want to conduct business with this company again. I should not have to resort to the in order to get a response. The fact that I see other complaints of the same is very disappointing. I want my money back!

Desired Outcome


Nichole Lynel Response • Jan 08, 2020

Hi ***,

We emailed you regarding your order. We have been waiting on your response.

Customer Response • Jan 08, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
You emailed me today, hours before responding to this complaint after I've been trying to reach you and your team for a month now. But thank you for your response. It's very sad that I had to take this route to get a response from you. But you have replied, offered a refund and now I'm waiting on it to be credited back to my card.

I ordered a dress that I never received #*** on 12/18 that I needed by 12/29 and it was never processed
I ordered a dress that I never received #*** on 12/18 that I needed by 12/29 and it was never processed. I've reached out by emails but the company has yet to return any emails.. I no longer need this dress bc it will never get here on time as if told

Desired Outcome


Nichole Lynel Response • Jan 14, 2020

HI ***,

Your dress has been delivered.
If you have any other concerns or questions please us at ***


Customer Response • Jan 14, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I got dress LATE regardless of the 3 business day process rule.. the company didn't process my order until a week later if not more . Yes I finally received the dress LATE and again it's no longer needed. The company SUCK at returning emails they ignore all emails..

I am filing this complaint because an item I pre-ordered in October still has not been delivered to me
I pre-ordered the denim bustier form Nicole Lynel site in Sept 2019 for 54.50 plus shipping, which made the total $63.50. The expected ship date was between 10/15 -10/25. I was sent the tracking number, it was coming from USPS
***. As per USPS website, the label was created. Nothing has been sent to me thus far and it is now December.
I have emailed her on the company site and also dm'ed her numerous times on her numerous Instagram account:, shopnicolelynel, nlthelabel, and nicolelynel. All attempts of communication has failed because I have yet to receive any feed back.

Desired Outcome

At this point I want a full refund for 63.50. NOT store credit nor do i want the item. I needed for a cruise in December and here it is I have to leave without it.

Nichole Lynel Response • Jan 13, 2020

We had refunded this customer for her order. We responded to her regarding her order personally

I have reached out to this company via email and direct messaging on InstaGram serval times, I have not received a response or the merchandise.
Placed an Order on 10/2/19 for a pre order that was suppose to ship on 10/25/19 item little *** I received notification via email that the shipping label was created on 10/22/19 and received another email on 10/23/19 stating pre shipment info was sent to UPS, see attached file below with tracking number. On 11/12/19 I sent my first email with all this information along with my order number. No response from Nichole Lynel. I then sent a direct message through InstaGram 11/18/19, no response again.Third attempt was another email sent 11/21/19, still no response.

Desired Outcome

At this point I'm requesting a full refund from *** in the amount of $63.50 the total amount I paid. I am disgusted and disappointed that no one has contacted me regarding this matter! This is unacceptable and very unprofessional!!

I ordered an outfit from her on 9/27/2019 It was a preorder and said it will ship by 10/1/2019.
Purchase date: August 27

Heavy Cargo - Denim Corset TOP- PRE ORDER SHIPS 9/20-10/1 � 1
Order subtotal $89.50
Discount -$0.00
Shipping total $9.00
Tax total $0.00
Order total $98.50
Product_Or_Service: Heavy Cargo - Denim Corset

Desired Outcome

Not applicable I want the items I ordered or a REFUND NOT A STORE CREDIT. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

Customer Response • Nov 13, 2019

I received my order and I am satisfied.

Prior to my first purchase from *** Lynel's online store, I read the reviews and was really shocked. 1 I was shocked at the fact that there weren't a lot of reviews for the site eventhough most of her clothes were showing sold out and 2 I was shocked at how horribly she was rated. Nonetheless, I still decided to chance it and purchase one of her Fall/Winter coats for 115.00.

I had absolutely NO issues! I received an email that my purchase was made and that I would get the tracking information once the item had been shipped. She does have it on her site the turnaround time for getting the item prepared and receiving tracking info.

I received my tracking info maybe a week or so later and was able to track my package. When I got the coat, it was beautiful! It looked even better in person. The fit was perfect, the quality was superior and the coat had stretch to the fabric. The honestly felt like it should have cost more that what I paid.

I have since made 3 more purchases. 1 I already received. The item was a jumper suit onesie for casual wear. I am 5 '9 and the length was long and the fit was beautiful, and just like the coat the quality was excellent.

The 2nd order was placed last week and I got an email today with the tracking number.
The last one I ordered yesterday so I know that one is not ready yet.

All in all, *** is creditable and delivers what you order. Her site is in heavy rotation on my list of favorite online boutiques. I am definitely a repeat shopper and will continue to buy from her site.

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