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14320 Ventura Blvd #520, Sherman Oaks, California, United States, 91423

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May 08, 2020

Bravo! This company really gets the concept of customers being the wheel behind success.
I have to say that, I am impressed at the quick response rate ! I emailed about an issue with the currier company that delivered my package. They took the time to call me and resolve all issues. It was honestly soo refreshing to deal with a company who cares about their customers experience.
They went above and beyond my expectations. I contacted them to raise their awareness about the company shipping and they took the initiative to completely resolve my issue, that had nothing to do with them!

*** I must add, this shipping company is NOT the usually company they deal with. However, due to the current global pandemic, they were forced to temporarily switch curriers. Which I was told they are in the process of switching. SO YAY, another great point in my book.

All that aside, they have products with top grade ingredients for very reasonable prices.
Good job, nurishmax!

This product is wonderful. It makes my skin glowing and soft. It isn't sticky or oily on the skin. It also smoothens and tightens my face and neck. So far I haven't experienced any irritation or side effects. I highly recommend it

I leaved this review in this site:

This product is amazing. I have oily skin, which is probably why I experienced a lot of breakouts. I use primer before testing this product. Now, my skin looks brighter and less oily. I am so hooked to this. I use it in the morning, and it just brightens my face instantly.

I ordered product for $119 and paid by PayPal. Never received
I ordered product for $119 US and paid by PayPal in early January 2020. It was supposedly sent Jan 3,2020. I have yet to receive anything and can't get any tracking information. I have tried to contact them several times by the only way available-by chatting. I have never had a reply. I want a refund
Thank you

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund

Customer Response time Feb 07, 2020

Thank you. The issue was resolved today

Product makes eyes itch. Tried to return "chat" never responds. Order #*** ordered 1/04. Can't get response how to return product for refund.
Purchased 1/04/2020. Order #***. Nourish lash serum. Used 3 weeks. Made eyes unbearably itchy. Tried to talk to customer service via "chat" no answer. No phone number. Need procedure to return product. Want $59 refund. Believe them unethical. Paid via PayPal. My name:

Desired Outcome

Want to return product and have $59 deposited back to my Paypal account.

Customer Response time Mar 03, 2020

Yes they have and refunded the purchase. Thank you

Order not delivered. NO refund. Cannot get in touch with company.
I made a purchase on January 2, 2020. The funds were taken and my order was shipped (***). I tracked the shipment using the "Arrive" app and could see that my item arrived in Toronto, but was then shipped back to Nourishmax. It shows as arrived at the Sherman Oaks address in the parcel locker. I visited the help center on the website and received an automatic reply that my complaint would be addressed within 48 hours. I did not receive any correspondence for over a week, so tried again. There is no phone number to reach this business - only the help center on the website. I would like to have my money refunded.

Desired Outcome

I would like to have my money refunded for a product I did not receive.

Refund of my order.
The return policy states that you have to reach out to the Noursihmax team via live chat to start a return. I reached out four days ago and haven't heard back. Now it says "be back Monday". The chat says they usually respond in one day. I just need help returning a serum that I bought within their 30 day return period. I'm afraid I won't hear back from anyone and I'll not be able to return the item.

Desired Outcome

I would like my money back, as promised by the 30 day money back guarantee.

Customer Response time Mar 02, 2020


I was able to get my information finally to return the item. I have received a refund as well.

Thanks for your help!!

Jan 31, 2020

I purchased your lash serum on December 3 2019. I have been trying to contact your company by the only option that you have, which is chat. I have sent several messages through the chat option, but have heard back from anyone. I have been requesting a refund for your product since it has a 60 day guarantee but have not been successful. The product caused irritation to my eyes and I have not been able to use it since a week after receiving. Your customer service is awful and does not respond to their chats or and doesn't have customer service 24/7 as noted on your website.
I am requesting a full refund for my purchase for Order# ***. The purchase price was $59.00.
Product_Or_Service: Eyelash Serum

Desired Outcome

Refund Full refund of $59.00 for my purchase of eyelash serum from Nourishlash on December 3, 2019.

Customer Response time Feb 18, 2020

The company has contacted me and refunded my money for the product. Thank you for your assistance to this matter.

Paid for Items, have not received.
I ordered items on January 3rd - Order # ***. The package seems to have come to Canada and then went back to them. I tried reaching out to see what the issue was., and if they can re send or refund. They do not have a phone number. Only a Chat Line. They say they respond within a day or two. but they do not, it's been over a week now. Their policy is refund within 30 days, so I think they wait on purpose to tell customers it's too late. Tracking on their site says its coming back to Canada, but according to USPS its not. I just want what I paid for., or I will need to dispute charges.

Desired Outcome

I want a call back with a resolution. Someone to contact me - not leave me in the dark. I want what I paid for.

Customer Response time Feb 04, 2020

Resolved. Finally received product in mail. No contact from company.

Nourishmax doesn't reply to multiple attempts to contact them in order to honor their 30 days refund policy money back guarantee.

I placed an online order on NOURISHMAX on 1/20/20 , my order number is *** and I paid $69.00 dlls with Apple Pay. At fist I got suspicious about this company because I didn't receive an email confirmation of my order and even contacted Apple credit card to dispute the charge because I thought I wasn't even going to receive the product I paid for, which I later on received and found out the email confirmation was sent to an outdated email address, So I dropped the dispute, but at this point I had made some research on this company and learned about multiple people saying this was a SCAM and that their products were faulty and could even damage the skin, or how some people never even got what they paid for. So I just wanted to return the product and get a refund. I first attempted to contact customer service on 01/24/20 with no luck because there's an automated system that replies saying they will contact me in a day (which is not true) , tried to contact them in instagram but no response either. Their return policy states that : "we're happy to honor our refund policy, excluding shipping fee within 30 days of purchase date for any reason (no questions asked) . To start your return, simply reach out to our customer care via live chat with your order number" "Our policy lasts 30 days, if 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can't offer you a refund for any reason." I'm thinking by them not replying to me in a timely manner 30 days will go by and I will not have my right to return the product anymore.

Desired Outcome

I need them to precoces my return and get a refund because on their website they have a policy about 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer Response time Feb 12, 2020

Nourish Max finally replied and resolved my case, they fully refunded my money, I'm satisfied with the outcome but I'm just a little frustrated it took all this effort and for me to have to reach out to for NourishMax to actually acknowledge me, reply and respect their own policies. NourishMax said this was due to having "technical glitches" in the customer department. Whatever the case might be at least they refunded the amount owed.


Requested a refund within 30 day window per website due to severe reaction and company has not responded to chat message.
Ordered Nourishmax eye cream # *** Jan 13,2020 and received January 17,2020. After using for a few days I suffered severe allergic reaction to ingredients.
I paid $73.49 through my visa credit card. When I looked at the charge on my bill the company name said Computer Software Store. I requested a full refund January 27,2020.

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund of $73.49

Customer Response time Feb 13, 2020

Company credited to my Visa entire purchase price on February 7th. Thank You!

I am allergic to this serum and want my "money back guarantee"...
I purchased the lash serum mainly because of the money back guarantee. I've tried other products before and some make my eyes red and itchy. This serum does the same and I have seen zero difference in my lash growth. I've contacted their online robot that says they will get back to me five times and have heard nothing. There is no phone number or anything to contact. This is FRAUD.

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund

Kindly please support me by obtaining refund for my purchase. It is impossible to get in touch with company Neurishmax
Due to the great reviews (included review "TOP 5" EYE CREAM BRANDS REVIEWS which looked officially and trustworthy) I´ve bought 5 pcs of eye cream for total ammount $169.00 USD. Type of product:
#1 NourishMax Diamond Infused Eye Cream, Order Number ***.from 27.12.2019, payment method payment card.
In January I tried to get in touch with company numerous time via chet formular, but no respond, no phone number, no e-mail adress, no official post adress of the company on their web-site. I wantet to return 4 pcs, because the cream is absolutely terrible and it completely dries out the skin. Till now I have no respond.

Desired Outcome

Kindly please help me and provide support by gaining refund which was garantied on the web-site. Thank you very much in advance. Please help.

Customer Response time Feb 12, 2020

I received money refund yesterday. Thank you very much for your support.

I received a serum product advertised with a 30-day return policy. It made my face red and irritated. Want to return. No address listed to return.
On Dec. 31, 2019 I purchased a Vitamin C 60ml facial serum that was advertised by NourishMax with a 30 day return policy if not satisfied. I received this product, tried it and found that it made my face red and irritated after using for a few days. I do not have sensitive skin. The package specifically says if your face gets red or irritated to stop using. I have tried to find information on how to return but there was none. I couldn't even find a phone number.
Sorry, I do not have a sales rep name.
Started to think maybe this was not a legitimate company. My
order # is ***. The cost was $59 and I paid with Mastercard. Appreciate your help with this issue. Thank you.

Desired Outcome

I am seeking a refund because this is what they advertised.

Customer Response time Feb 13, 2020

I am responding to your e-mail concerning the company NourishMaX. This company did contact me last week via e-mail and apologized for not getting back to me re a return of their product. They apparently had technical issues and have since had this problem fixed. The company has fully refunded me the cost of the product. I am very appreciative of your intervention in this case. Thank you!

Jan 23, 2020

never received my order and nobody from customer service responds to me
I made an order with *** which from my research is a be part of NourishMax. I have contacted there online chat for over a week with no response and have no received any order confirmation & no shipment tracking information.

I made my order on Dec 28th 2019 and was charged $201.96 Canadian for the product that to my understanding may take about 3 weeks to arrive.

After waiting for three weeks I started trying to contact *** via their website which was the only method of communication, and continued to get the response of we typically get back to you within 24-48 hours or back in 30 min and after 9 days of trying to contact them to find my shipment and or get a refund with no response.

I am looking to receive a refund for the shipment I never received and they refuse to contact me about.

Thank you I advance

Desired Outcome

I am looking to receive a refund for the shipment I never received and they refuse to contact me about.

Jan 23, 2020

I contacted Nourishmax several times via their Chat to request a return and refund. The request was never answered.
I purchased three (3) Nourishmax Eye Cream jars on December 21, 2019 for a total of $129.00. I attempted to return these items as they did nothing for me. I used their Chat as directed, with no response. I reached out to their Chat three (3) times with no response.

Desired Outcome

I request a refund in the amount of $129.00.

I never received the $69.00 eye cream that I purchased from this company on November 17, 2019. I suspect they never sent it.
I never received my purchase dated 11/17/2019. Order number ***. I have tried numerous times to contact customer service via chat. No response.

Desired Outcome

The company needs to either send me the product or submit a refund to me. is not responding to customers requesting for refunds. offers 30-day returns full-refund no questions asked. I was interested in their Eye Cream Diamond Extract; they did not have a full list of ingredients listed on the website. I was allergic to one of the chemicals they used which was not listed on their website. The ONLY WAY to contact them is via ChatBox. I sent them multiple requests to return the eye cream more than 3 days ago but they did not respond. The physical address listed on for NourishMax belongs to Mail Boxes N More. I don't think I will be able to get my money back, but I'm filing this complaint to help other people from being scammed by NourishMax.

Desired Outcome

I want a full-refund as advertised by NourishMax on

Nourishmax is a SCAM. Products irritate skin terribly and there is no response to complaints. Before / after pictures are bogus (note that the pictures are exactly the same aside from some editing) as are reviews (you can not even write a review after you have made a purchase). Also beware of other fake sites set up to trick consumers into thinking it's legit.

Jan 10, 2020

I have had issues receiving a reply from nourish lash since November. I expressed previously that I wanted to pursue a return because I was not satisfied with the results I was receiving and wanted to partake in the 60-day return policy. However due to no reply at ALL from this company, no response to my messages, and no available phone number to call other than this chat I was left hopeless.

I wanted to return my items because it was within a 30days that I was using the product and did not see any results. To this day, I have no heard from Nourishlash and I have initiated a dispute with the credit card company that I purchased your products with. I am VERY confused because on your return policy page Nourishlash states " all sales are final, orders cannot be canceled, changed since they are placed" however in your return policy, Nourishlash states "If you'd like to return, we're happy to honor our return policy with a shipping fee within 60 days of purchase date for any reasons" .. in continuation " To start your return, simply message the care team via. live chat Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm pacific time..." We offer a 100% full refund within 60 days.

However, there are inconsistencies within your OWN website with different times of available customer service. Stating in the "contact us section: Monday ? Friday 8 am - 5 pm PST vs. in your refund contact us chat section Live Chat Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time" I have followed the guidelines and did NOT receive a reply when I initiated the return policy, therefore how was I able to return my item without an address to send it too. In addition, I have not received a reply from nourish-lash directly to solve this problem, however, the company has the time and attention to deny the charge during a dispute.

The only outlet of customer service/or support you have is this very chat, YET every time I am on it, and it is supposed to be active there are icons such as "back tomorrow" or "not available" .
Product_Or_Service: NourishLash 3x serums &1 Pill

Desired Outcome

Refund I want my full $119 back from this purchase accredited to the credit card I purchased these items on. IN addition, UPDATE your return and guarantee policy because the company does not abide by it and does not fulfill its policy and has TERRIBLE NONEXISTANT customer service.

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Address: 14320 Ventura Blvd #520, Sherman Oaks, California, United States, 91423


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