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North American Construction Services, LLC

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By far the worst online purchasing experience I've ever dealt withThey take orders and then everything is conveniently "back ordered" - when what they are really doing is a preorder, taking orders and then ordering inventoryAfter waiting over two months for my "back order" the shipping date was then pushed back another 4-weeks and is finally being shipped after waiting for over three monthsCustomer service had excuses every time and they wouldn't even provide rush shipping after waiting so long

RTIC Coolers is not a company that I would recommendTheir customer service is very poor and they don't act to me like they careIf you accept money from the consumer then you should deliver that product or notify consumer of issues, neither was done in my caseThey have had my money for going on months and I have nothing to show in return

Here is the review I have tried to leave twice for the RTIC tumblers I will never receive, but they will not allow itHow many other unsatisfied customers are they not allowing to be heardSure they offer free shipping but their estimated ship date changes and they can't be bothered with letting their customers know! My Star review: I purchased tumblers on December 28th, I was told it would ship by 1/2/With NO email being sent to let me know they changed that date to 1/28/An entire month after my original orderHad they given me a heads up I would not have requested a refund, but they could not be bothered to do so, therefore I requested and received a refundI will pay more for better customer serviceThey deleted my comment from their FB page as wellGuess they only what you to think they have "Happy" customers

This company is so rudeThe customer service is awfulYou can call and call and will only get a recording saying nobody is availableThey will not return emailsThe ignore you [redacted] messages even though they respond to anyone trying to place orderI placed my Order on 4/4/16- got emailed a ship date of 6/I never received any information telling me of a delay, but when I finally got a hold of a lady on the phone ON 6/she basically told me too bad and that my cooler wouldn't be shipping anytime soonI asked for a supervisor and that too was unavailableShe had me leave my name and number and told me they would contact me by that eveningNope never heard from hereEmailed more times for a refundNever got it or a responseI finally filed a [redacted] claim and got my money backDo not support this company

I am a privately owned business for years and attempted to place an online order valued at over $with this company and the order would not go through due to the physical address not being recognized by the USPS delivery service We place online orders every week as well as receive deliveries from other businesses daily without issue of our physical delivery address which is on "Main Street" When trying to get assistance I was on hold for over minutes in two different attempts and then hung up on as there was "nothing" they could do since the address was not verifiable They are not able to take orders over the phone nor apparently handle the volume of business they are getting

Unfortunately, I had a really poor experience with RTICFirstly, I would like to note that the product is not being reviewed here; it's the business practices with which I have an issueI ordered tumblers in total: Stainless and ColoredIt took days from the time I ordered to arrive, at which time there was a packing slip with all items listed, but only Stainless cupsAll the colored cups were missingThere was no notice, nor did I get a phone call or email following the partial shipmentWhen I reached out to RTIC via email, I was informed that they were out of stock and I could either 1) wait for them to be restocked 2) get refunded for only those that I didn't receive or 3) have an alternate product shipped to meBeing the holiday season, my plan was to order a bunch of cups and have them personalized, so I requested an alternate product be shippedI had no reply, and when I called, I was informed that I had already been issued a refund for the colored tumblersIt seems like really poor business practice to ship a customer's fully paid order in partiality, without any notice of lack of stock, because it would suggest that RTIC just sent what they had and hoped I wouldn't noticeThe customer service was unhelpful or unresponsive and offered nothing beyond a straight refundThere's more to a business than getting a product to a customerThey sold me something they didn't have, wasted my time, and offered no kind of apologyWhile the physical RTIC product is 5-star material, the business practices and customer service have turned me permanently away from RTIC Coolers

Ordered a coolerCharged my card at time of saleWas told it's on Backorder for weeksWhen it never came, I inquired about itWas told that it would be more weeks

Received a camo soft side cooler 30qt for Christmas and after the first use the zipper got stuck and will no longer openI even grabbed a pair of pliers and tried to pull the zipper open with no luckJust wound up ripping off the pull tabI contacted customer service about getting this fixed or getting a replacement and they said since I am not the purchaser and don't have an order # to reference they can't help meThe person who gave me the cooler for Christmas doesn't have an order # to reference either because they received the cooler through the company he works forThey hand them out to customers of theirs as gifts and they had one left over that they gave to him but he already had a Yeti cooler so he gave it to meNow I'm stuck with a cooler that won't work and a company that won't helpThis company obviously doesn't stand behind their productI would rate a if I could

While the RTIC Coolers have been on backorder since they went on sale I must say they exceeded my expectationsI ordered a RTIC 1/27/knowing they were on backorder until 5/31/I was pleasantly surprised when I received it on 5/11/I have not used the cooler yet but it is built like a tankCan't wait to use it

called rtic about poor quality of 20oz tubler refused to fufill warranty inferior falsely advertised chinese product

Hi my order for a RTIC cooler medium sized was placed about week before ChristmasI have yet to receive my order and contacted *** & RTIC & still no answersI think my order was delivered to incorrect adress but RTIC is not responding to multiple emails, phone calls & vmails what can I do to get my $ back?

Ordered and received soft-side cooler, which was intended to be a giftUpon first attempted used of cooler, zipper failed and manufacturer declined to replace

Don't do business with them!!! They will overcharge you They are cheaper than ***- and their customer service reflects it!
We received a promo for their 30oz tumblers at $each, we were overcharged, a total of $each and tried to contact the company to have it resolved We first attempted to call which seemed impossible- they put you on hold foreverVia chat they claimed we could not have received a promo "because it started the next day"- we have picture proof of the promotion and sent it to them via email After hrs we still had not received a reply After more attempted phone calls, we finally get them on the phone, only for their customer service to be incredibly rude and unhelpful! They threaten to hangup if you have business partners who have the right to speak on your behalf handle the conversation and will simply place you on hold forever and hope you hangup so that nothing is resolved Horrendous customer service!

I ordered a soft-sided lunch box for my boyfriend for ChristmasIt said on their website that it shipped the same day and had a guarantee to arrive by ChristmasI have yet to receive my cooler and it is the evening of the 28thI have reached out multiple times by email and phone and am unable to reach anyoneMy credit card has already been charged as wellThe shipment has been processed and given a tracking number via *** and upon calling the automated system for *** it is able to find the shipment but says it has not been scheduled for pickup and is not in their possessionI have never dealt with a company like this as I am quite often apprehensive to shop online for this reason

We purchased an RTIC cooler on 11/26/We used *** *** because we heard several complaints about shipping times and didn't want the hassleThe price was $+ taxOn the same day, RTIC posted the following on their *** page:
"We will not be discounting the roto-molded coolersThese are the best prices thru the end of the yearWe are offering a day lowest price on these coolers or we will refund the difference between now and end of the year."
Having wanted a cooler from them for a while, and having $in *** gift cards, we placed the order We were happy until today, when RTIC posted a Christmas Sale on their *** page, advertising 15%-25% off all coolers We thought this was strange, since their post in November said they weren't discounting prices this yearBut sure enough, I clicked on the link and went through as if I were buying one, and the cooler we purchased less than days ago was now listed at $I contacted RTIC via chat and telephone, and long story short, was basically told: "Sorry, since you bought from *** and not from us directly, we won't honor the price match." I told them the *** page specifically says "sold by RTIC", but they didn't careWhen given our purchase order number, the person in the online chat told me no refunds for buying from somewhere elseHowever, when I called in, the representative was able to pull up my orderSo they can see that I did, indeed, buy from them and it's in their computer system, yet they refuse to honor itI told them their *** post made no mention of having to purchase through their website, but they didn't careIf you look at the comments on their most recent post, you'll see we are not the only ones to be misled in this caseRTIC is playing the semantics game to get out of refunding customers THEY LIED TOIf I had the box, I would return it out of principleI still might and just eat the bullet for shippingThat's how irritated I am with this companyThe sad part is, we've been raving about RTIC to our friends and family members because we own several RTIC tumblers and bottlesThis experience has put a very foul taste in our mouths, and shows us what kind of company RTIC really is

I ordered the soft pack 30 on April 6th and the initial estimated ship date showed 6/13. I checked today (5/18) and said that the estimated ship date is now 7/4. I called the number and asked why it was moved back and all the nice young lady could say is that it was moved back because we are still waiting on the shipment to arrive because they are manufactured over seas to be shipped out to customers. In my opinion even though these are cheaper than Yeti's the wait may not be worth it. 3 full months before I can get a cooler, and it's still not here yet!

This business produces an average product that is somewhat competitive with [redacted] for a fraction of the cost. The biggest thing you will notice when you visit their website is the fantastic reviews. If you read around you will recolonize that these reviews are not a true indication of the manufactures product and they are filtered by the website to only show the favorable reviews. Out of all their reviews there is only 5 and 4 stars. I purchased a 65 cooler and (3) 10 ounce tumblers from them, I attempted to leave a nicely worded honest 3 star review twice and they deleted it.
Also if you read you will notice their Warranty jumped from 7 years to 30 days. They will tell you its to cut cost and pass the savings on to you, and that is the whole hearted truth they can cut cost by not standing behind their products. Hopefully my products will last, because I have read enough complaints seen the companies deaf response or scripted responses about how its not their fault that I will likely not do repeat business with them.
My personal negative experience with them revolved around an extra shipping charge for an item ordered 30 seconds that did not make the basket for check out, the customer rep on the phone absolutely refused to remove the shipping charge because it was not in the same 200 plus order I just placed seconds ago. I don't do business with shady people that filter feedback from legit customers, nor companies that don't stand behind their products, nor companies that nickle and dime their patrons. Thankfully they can not pull a [redacted] on this review & a special thank you for for providing a platform for truthful platform for customers to provide their feedback without a filter.
Also, my Cooler gasket and RTIC graphic logo looked like either a 3 year old put it on or someone showed up to work [redacted]. So bad I had to remove the sticker and rework the gasket myself.

The worst customer service I have ever experienced,product lost during shipping. I have emailed and called the 1 or 2 times they answered I was treated rudely. They don't answer emails at all. They take the money and run.

By far the worst online purchasing experience I've ever dealt with. They take orders and then everything is conveniently "back ordered" - when what they are really doing is a preorder, taking orders and then ordering inventory. After waiting over two months for my "back order" the shipping date was then pushed back another 4-6 weeks and is finally being shipped after waiting for over three months. Customer service had excuses every time and they wouldn't even provide rush shipping after waiting so long.

RTIC Coolers is not a company that I would recommend. Their customer service is very poor and they don't act to me like they care. If you accept money from the consumer then you should deliver that product or notify consumer of issues, neither was done in my case. They have had my money for going on 3 months and I have nothing to show in return.

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