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Northern Plains Funding

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everytime I call northern plains funding,the system is always down they are a rip off go somewhere else if you need money, I am going to close my bank account they have gotten more than enough money they are robbing me blind, they are thieves if I owe them anything they can write but I shouldn't owe them anything

I took a payday loan in the amount of $200 I recently changed jobs called Northern Plains Funding to have my payment schedule to adhere to my new pay schedule for 1 week or longer I contacted Northern Plains Funding all they kept telling me is their systems are down doesn't make sense that a company's are down for a whole week they too me that they would contact me when their systems were up and running haven't received this call yet it has been over a week now my bank account is overdrawn due to the debit from my account I have talked to several people at Northern Plains Funding including supervisors not sure what to do next not very happy

I moved out of my parents home due to certain circumstances. I had very little money & needed a loan. I got approved for a 500 loan. I have been paying 82.31 EVERY WEEK since then for FIVE months!
In total I have paid more that THREE times my borrowed amount!
Since then I have closed that bank account. I have been receiving phone calls non stop & now an email threatening to call my work of employment.
I have done MORE than paid my loan back. DO NOT CONTACT ME! I have satisfied that loan atleast three times already! STOP trying to harass me!
Northern Plains is a pile of ST! So illegal & unethical!

Fell into this trap when I needed money, borrowed 300.00 , in June of 2016 taking 92.00 twice a month, by november, the had taken almost 900.00 when health problems forced me to default. They are claiming that I still owe over 600.00. Not only do they refuse to work with me, they are using a "collection agency" that uses such unethical practices as scare tactics, (threatening me with arrest), calling in the middle of the night, calling my friends and family to try and get the money, and trying to get me fired from my job. I have filed a complaint with the state attorney generals office, and with the state banking commission. These criminals need to be shut down.

I took out a loan for $200 back in March 2016. The amount that they have drafted from me is much higher than what was on the contract. When I called them they tried to tell me that I had another loan in June. The problem is there is no contract on the site. And when I asked them for it, they sent me the same one from March of 2016.

The same thing is happening to me now. I have paid off all 26 payments, on the cost of the loan,yet they are still pulling money out of my account, every 2 weeks. I made a $200 payment, towards principal, but the didn't apply it to principal, they just lowered the interest rate.

Northern Plains funding is a rip-off they're a bunch of Thieves and Crooks. I should just anyone looking for a loan to keep browsing and don't go through Northern funding Plains they had the highest interest rate out of just about anyone out there. For a $500 loan it will cost you $5,000 to pay it back in the end and the pay it off ahead of time cost you more than what you borrowed from them. Their interest rate is like 80%.. they are by far the worst company to borrow money from

The company attempted to withdraw payment due 3 days prior to the agreed upon date. I immediately contacted my bank and stopped payment on the transaction, and then closed the account. I also reported them for Fraud to my bank, since they did not adhere to the contract both parties agreed to. I tried speaking directly w/ NP to resolve the matter, but they refused to acknowledge they attempted to withdraw the money on the date in which they did. I told them going forward, all correspondence was to be written and sent via USPS. They have called me at least twice a day since and sent an email a day threatening to send me to collections. I have now retained a lawyer to assist me with suing them for breach of contract.

received an email stating I was prequalified for a $500 loan all I needed to do was e-sign the loan agreement I did immediately after I called to inquire about getting a wire transfer instead of waiting until the next business day I was placed on a very long hold then told my loan was denied my thing is they have a signed agreement and my bank info I can't be held liable for money I didn't receive can I.


Northern plains helped me out of my jam. To all of the negative reviews : You did read the loan documents before you signed them? Right? I believe somewhere before you are approved they tell you THIS IS A VERY EXPENSIVE LOAN AND ALTERNATIVE FUND IS ADVISED.
Northern plains spotted me 500 four weeks ago. I'M not the brightest man but I am familiar with some loan policy. But most loans from any Bank take interest payments first very small portions of your payment goes to principal for the first half of your payments. Now siall nce I read the loan document that many of you blindly signed I new that I would have to pay PRINCIPAL payments on top of the SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS that was disclosed in said loan agreement we all signed.(some without reading) so yes very expensive butt one month in I'll make one more payment and will be paid off. Thank you Northern Plains you saved my hide when traditional Banks wouldn't give me an option.

I was approved for a $2000 loan, pending a 3-way call with my bank, at which time, my bank verified my direct deposit, positive account, and that I had maintained that positive account for over 20 years. The rep from Northern Plains then asked for my BANK ACCOUNT that point the banking rep on the phone advised me NOT to give out that information (I did not), and I went over the fact with the Northern Plains rep that all the information she needed was verified. I then asked to speak to a supervisor- she went into a full blow panic and refused to let me speak to a supervisor. I hung up after several minutes of listening to her still trying to get my bank balance. This is a company I would avoid at all costs.

Review: I was approve for a cash loan stated on the web page I have a screen shot of it. Then when I called the lady said I wasn't approved because the under statement department said they don't do business with people who work in Sandwich Deli Restaurants. After hearing that I ask to speak with the supervisor then I was hanged up on. I called back and placed on hold for 15 minutes. I told them I got disconnected then was hung up on again. What is going on? Are they going to use my information? Seriously.Desired Settlement: I want this company to except my application as stated on the web site and other people that work in the restaurant industry.



Good Morning Mr. [redacted]

Review: I borrowed money from Northern Plains, and on December 23rd, 2014 they deposited $350 into my account. From January 9th to December 11th 2015 they were still taking money from my account. Before I called my bank to dispute this problem I wrote down all the dates and amounts that the company was paid. From me getting a three hundred and fifty dollar loan I had already paid them back two thousand and forty-five dollars. I called customer service (northern plains) on December 18th, 2015 and his name was [redacted] and I asked him if this was right because all I got from them was three hundred and fifty dollars, all he said was let me talk to my supervisor to see if I can get a discount because I still owed them money. I was at work so instead of keeping me on hold he said that he will call back. Two hours later I called them back (northern plains) the guy I spoke with his name was [redacted], I explained to him that it was not possible that I still owed a hundred and fifty dollars off of a three hundred and fifty dollar loan. He said he was placing me on hold but he hung up. The third time I called I spoke to [redacted] and he gave me the number to their finance department. When I spoke to the woman ( I don't rember her name) in this department I had to explain everything to her and that I was overcharged and I should get some of that money back that I have paid them.Then she says that my account was closed and they closed it that same day . When I asked why did they close it all of a sudden if I stilled owed money she said that I felt uncomfortably making anymore payments so they closed the account. I finally called my bank( Capital One) and the woman that I spoke with first her name was [redacted] and she directed my call to someone that can help me with this problem. The man that helped me with this dispute his name was [redacted] and he said that this was illegal that this was a five hundred percent interest on a loan. He also added up the moneyfrom the time I should of been done paying off that loan up until when they were still taking money out of my account and reversed the payments back into my account. I filled a complaint threw the bank with this company( northern plains) . I just recieved the letter out of the mail today and they said that I signed an agreement to pay them all of this money. So the bank denied my claim and they're mailing me this document and will take up to 7-10 days to get this. This was some time ago but to sign to pay back that kind of money on a three hundred dollar loan is absurd. Now I have to pay the bank back because they denied my claim because of this document. When I first signed the loan back on December of 2014 we did discuss three different was to pay back the loan. Pay back all in full at once , or a few $110 payments, or a little over time. Nothing was ever said about two thousand dollars having to be paid to them, because I would of never agreed to that.Desired Settlement: I would like for this to be resolved as soon as possible.. Hopefully you can fine this company for their greed, this is highway robbery. I wish I did my homework and checked this company out and maybe I would not be going threw this. But I am, so I want to make sure that this doesn't happen to someone else. I have to pay the bank back $1557.00. All I want is what is owed to me . I borrowed $350 , and I payed back two thousand. That is not right.



Ms [redacted],

This the worst loan funding organization to borrow money from they ripping people money off...I borrowed a loan for $350 and now am supposed to pay them back $2,732.86. That's an interest of 2,382.86. When I called to resolve the issue all they were worried about is how I pay them back than explaining and answering my questions.

Review: I borrowed $700.00 dollars from NPF on 08-07-15. As agreed I would pay them back the money plus a user fee. They proceeded to charge my account bi-weekly in the amount of $196.85 on




10-02-15, &


Each transaction was the same amount totaling $984.00. When I called the company earlier today to find out my balance, I was informed that my current balance is $694.85 which means that out of $984.25 that I have already paid back only $5.15 went to the principal. And another payment was scheduled for 10-30-15 in the same amount. I believe that I am more than fair when I say that they have been paid in full and that they should receive no more money from myself.Desired Settlement: My desired outcome is to have no further dealings with them or any of their subsidiaries, that is all that I wish. I thank you for your time in hearing this matter and I do await the outcome.



Review: I contacted northen plians funding on 9/29/15 to have them move a payment from 10/1/15 to 10/8/15. They told me my request was granted. On 10/1/15 they charged my account. When I called to discuss the matter I was given the run around. The first two times they said they would have the person who I spoke to on 9/29/15 give me a call back. The third time I called and asked for a supervisor and was told the supervisor was busy/unavailable and there was nothing they could do to resolve the matter unless there were insufficient funds. I then contacted my bank and requested to stop the payment on 10/1/15. I completely intend to pay them on 10/8/15 as per the agreement set on 9/29/15.Desired Settlement: I would like northern plains funding to accept responsibility for any finance fees from the bank regarding this issue as well as excuse me from any fees applied to my loan regarding this issue.



Mr Bostick

Review: This business debited money from my account and I never heard of them so I filed a claim with my bank. They produced "forms" saying I took out a 3400 dollar loan which I never did and Rhe bank found no evidence of.Desired Settlement: I want this business to leave me alone as I never heard of them and owe them no money. If they go near my bank account again I will sue them. I want the fake documents they produced destroyed and my information purged from their system.



Ms. [redacted],

Review: This company is taking out money for a personal loan. There was no contract for them to take out money and there was no payment plan. When I called to get information on the loan she couldnt give me infomation about it. I asked her what the interest rate was on the loan and should couldnt answer that question. I asked the repersenitive for her name and she refused to tell me. I called back again the repersenitive hung up after asking question.Desired Settlement: Reimbursement of what I paid to the company, no future payments taking out of my account and would not want to be contacted by this company.



Mr [redacted],

I was in a bind and needed quick funds for a death in the family and used this company as a solution. This is hands down, the worse idea I have ever had. I had limited options so I went with it. Never in the conversation of this loan, $450, was I told $0.15 would be going towards the loan per week. Out of $135 a week a big old $0.15 goes to the principle!!!!! I thought I was in the twilight zone, how could this be the agreement I signed for out of desperation and distress for a 2 day trip for a funeral. I tried to download the document for this loan and no such luck. I called to check on my balance and that's when the girl on the other line told me that my weekly pay doesn't go to the principle and there is another charge of $33.20 to pay my $450 loan off. She said it's "prorated" for you. Obviously, not knowing what that means, I asked for the total, told them I would pay this insane loan off by Friday, and never deal with this company again. This is robbery at it's finest and a molestation of hard working desperate people. This should be illegal.

I have always had wonderful customer service experiences with them and I have used them three times.

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