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• Feb 15, 2024

Extremely Disappointing Experience
I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Numotion and I must say it has been one of the most frustrating and disappointing encounters I have ever had with a company. it's been 2 months Attempting to address these issues with their customer service was an exercise in frustration. The representatives were dismissive, unhelpful, and seemed completely uninterested in resolving the problems. It's disheartening to see such a lack of empathy and professionalism, especially in a business that should prioritize the needs and concerns of individuals who rely on their products for basic mobility. They don't transfer calls to supervisors if you want to complain.

power chair for my 90 year old mother who has a dislocated shoulder
I have been trying to get my mom a power chair since March 2022. The order has been submitted since Oct 2022. I was told the chair would arrive on Jan 5, 2023, then told Jan 17, 2023, then told Feb 17, then again a call saying the chair would arrive March 27th, and then again today I received a call saying there is a delay until May 27th. My mom is dependent on people moving her from place to place. She can not go from A to B without having to call, wait till someone is available to take her to meals, activities...anything. It is obvious that Numotiuon has no care about their clients.


Broken chair under warranty
Broken chair part under warranty. Was told today waiting on insurance to approve. Approve for what the part is under warranty. It has been a week and no confirmation on part being ordered . What a discussing company to have to deal with. I will not be using them next time.


Do NOT use this company!
Do yourself a favor and never buy a wheelchair from this company! They love to sell new chairs, but do not respond to needed repairs. The chairs cost a small fortune, but do NOT last. They fall apart, and you'll wait 6 months or longer for a repair. Their customer service is the worst.


Worse Wheelchair product and Company
This is by far the worse wheelchair product and company to deal with and to spend money on their 'make-shift' wheelchairs. Customer Service is also as bad as their products. After 90 days, we had an issue with the wheelchair. Then the wheel kept falling off and other parts came loose. After phoning customer service for the 3rd issue and for a Technician to come out, they had system issues with the address that we had used in the past. Sounds like constant delays. RUN from this company.


service sucks
cant get my chair fixed slow to respond


youleft me with brken chairfor weeks
made apointmentno one showed up left me hanging for weeks


Problems with service
On Feb 22 I had my service request evluated by service tech. Many items were deemed to require repair/replacement. On April 22 the battery was replaced after requests because it was not holding a charge. I am still waiting for the remainder of the repairs. Calls to the customer sevice have not been benificial.. Today I have been on hold for 30 minutes. So sorry I did business with this company.


I'm dealing with the same type of response.A part ony chair broke I found out it was under warranty and a service rep told me that they Numotions had filed a claim with insurance. I'm asking why are they dragging their feet on ordering the part it is still under warranty.

Hey did you know they are a billion dollar company? And I doubt if they truly care about you.

Buyers Beware!
The chair they brought was not what I needed or requested. The chair has a sloppy joy stick that is dangerous. Parts have come off in my hands when using it. It has hurt me several times. I have called but they do not return calls. They got paid and customer care ended. Buyers Beware.

what state do you live in, did you get this resolved?

Follow-up On My New Chair
January 21st, 2022, I posted my satisfaction about my experience with this company and how diligent and prompt they were in working with me toward getting my powerchair, and the next day I did receive my new powerchair as scheduled. I can honestly say that that this team of Numotion folks have been awesome. I can raise up to my sink and cupboard and navigate around without any problems. The equipment was ordered with my MS issues in mind, and I can only give the sincerest and extremely heartfelt thank you to the Numotion staff for getting me back into safe mobility again.

Now, I'm not sure what offices many of you have had negative experiences with but, I even got a call 30 days after receiving my equipment to ask me about my experience and how my equipment was working for me. I would highly recommend that you talk to the main office for any issues, as I believe that any of these problems with this company have got to be isolated to specific offices and not the company as a whole. I received my equipment and great experience from the Tifton Georgia Office.

I do understand the frustration of trying to navigate with equipment that needs maintenance or has issues -and even understand the extended time it often takes to get the newly ordered equipment, as Medical Insurance, Paperwork, and equipment shipping can be a real pain with many delays -and unfortunately, the blame always seems to fall upon the company as a whole, instead of where the specific problem offices are or the services they depend on to bring you these services.

Rather than bashing the company as a whole, might I suggest calling the main office and even posting the office location where you're having or had issues with because most often, you'll see a pattern of where the company needs to look a little closer at for quality customer care. Thats the correct way to actually help bring a better experience when dealing with medical equipment companies. I myself have had issues in the past with other equipment companies but found that setting aside my frustration and bringing awareness to the headquarters really did make a difference.

My Experience with Numotion went flawless and I feel very fortunate.

My First Experience With Numotion
Though, I have read a lot of negative responses about this company, I cannot share the same feeling, as the staff has been awesome from day one. They came out, did my mobility assessment very promptly and discussed the kind of Powerchair that would work for me with the condition of Multiple Sclerosis. Though, Medicaid takes a while to get the approval, I can say the staff went above and beyond to make this all happen as quickly as possible; even physically arriving at my doctor's office to retrieve the doctor's signature and get whatever other documents they needed. Numotion called me on a regular basis to update me on everything -and when my powerchair came in yesterday, they called me to schedule to bring it out first thing in the morning. Honestly, I have not met better, more caring people than this Numotion Team.

My name is Connor Fogal and I have a Disability and my electric wheelchair broke on September 6 and I've been in my manual chair getting sorer and sorer. I called them to ask if they can do anything in the meantime and they said no we just sent the letter to your doctor and this was after the first week so Monday, Sep 15 I called them to see what the status of my order was and they were still waiting for the doctor to send it back that was week two. Sep 20th I called and they just got the stupid letter back now they're waiting for Medicaid. on September 28 I called them to check on the status of my order and they were waiting on the insurance to approve it. I called them on October 4 and then said that all but one got approved and we had to resubmit it to insurance. I called to check on the parts for my chair yesterday October 12 and they said that they are still waiting on authorization from my insurance. Where looking at about a month and a half without my chair it literally took all of me to not cuss them out. I’m so mad that I want to make a difference not for me but all people with disabilities because nobody has to suffer for months without their chairs. Most of our chairs are our legs it’s how we get independence if we don’t have our chairs we don’t have our legs.

So they finally got the parts and they were fixing my chair and found a wire wrapped up in one of the motors and it was leaking. So now they have to order 2 motors it’ll probably be another 2-3 months before I get my chair! This was 3 weeks ago and I called yesterday to check on my chair and they're still waiting for approval for the other parts. Honestly, I think they are the reason why the batteries are because they sat in my garage for months without any usage or change. I’m not trying to change the system at all. I just want to tell them that they are making our life harder than the actual disability because they take forever to approve everything. I want to make a difference for people with disabilities.


Something wrong with new Wheelchair delivered in June 2021
If I could give them 0 star's I would as well! I ordered a replacement chair and it was delivered in June 2021 but it wasn't similar to my current chair as they said it would, nevertheless numerous technicians or at times the same ones have been coming out to my residence since then trying to adjust this manual wheelchair trying to make it fit where I can use it(technicians tell you to try it out for a couple of days and see how it feels) 1. the chair was constantly tipping forward (had to catch myself from being thrown onto the floor and l hurt my shoulder/elbow(inform my doctor/insurance company/lawyer) 2. after more adjustments, technician broke something inside the wheel that locks it onto the chair, so chair still had to sit in a corner because trying to push it seems as if I was trying to push a car. 3. another technician came out and he was brought out of retirement and the chair was so loose(you could shake it and hear it rattle) back in the corner it sat. 4. Technician didn't show up for last week appointment (waited all day) and I cancelled other appointments I had last week just to see if they would actually take care of it this time. It's now December and the chair still sits in a corner gathering dust!
I forgot to mention this is the 2nd time I've paid for equipment that doesn't work for me: They ordered a cushion for my Wheelchair that was to big and told me In order for it to be corrected, I would have to go through a seating clinic but the person who schedules the appointments was never in the building or return phone calls..(nevertheless) my money was not refunded nor was the cushion replaced, it's still sitting in the box that was handed to me. I want a refund! Will add photos


Horrible service
My wheelchair broke a front wheel, when I call they tell me that they have to order the parts it took a month and a half plus 2 additional weeks for the technician to come to install them, the day he came he began to disassemble and he told me that one From the screws it does not come out and he does not have the right tool to remove it, I use a dremmell to drill it and he could not do anything either, he takes it because they have to remove it in the workshop, I call on the 3rd day and nobody could tell me the status on the 4th day I called about 4 times and they told me that the technician damaged the frame that you have to order one more the parts that were ordered first because the damage is also bad in service, customer service and the untrained technicians do not recommend it to anyone


Avoid like the plague
They stuck me with a chair that they never brought to the house for me to try out. the chair was too big to get into the bathrooms and did a lot of damage to moldings. The ATP was more into the sale than the patient. Do not use Blake W.


Awful, for profit awfulness
They charge an arm and a leg for equipment that get a rock bottom dollars. Society already spend too much for healthcare, especially for Medicaid and Medicare, this company contributes to this problem. They pay commission to ATP and their ATP pay off their coordinator under the table to get more sales, up charge in every way possible, no such thing as dealer upgrade, no matter how bad client needs it, if insurance says no, we say no and do nothing more. Company culture is awful, they promote bad people to deal with issues and ostracize the good ones out because those are the potential whistle blowers who are ethical and law abiding. Go to a not for profit, as they care about you more than this trump leaning corporation seriously a Cape director had it for his background in multiple meetings and in one national meeting a leader said as much as our clientele typically lean blue, we still go red for our profit margin.
Awful, for profit awfulness

Beware! If you are quadriplegic don't go here!!
On May 15 2021 the batteries went on my electric wheelchair. It took the company two weeks to come out to look at it. I still haven't heard back about the installation date. I wrote to the main office in New Mexico... No response. Salesman told me new batteries for .
my Merits Vision Sport were $2,000 installed. They contract with Medicare. I bought batteries on Amazon $149 and a friend installed them.They still haven't set up an appointment for me. Today is July 19. They are defrauding Medicare. Cheats. The batteries are free shipping on Amazon and come in one week. Beware. Don't buy from them!

We have had nothing but trouble since getting a chair from Numotion. The chair has not worked properly from almost day one (huge safety issues). A year in to this we still have a non-working chair, have been billed incorrectly (still not fixed), the absolute worst customer service ever. This company absolutely does not care about you after they make the sale.


My Mother's chair
This has been the worst company we have ever had to deal with. My mother's chair is only 1 year old (lemon). My mother and I have contacted NuMotion multiple times since November. My mother is an amputee. Her life line is her chair. They were supposed to be out multiple times. They have yet to show up. Her chair does not work. She has had to crawl from one area to another because it totally broke down. I live 25 minutes away. We have had to drive out to her house because she was broken down and couldn't go anywhere. I have been told numerous times that our issue would be escalated to resolution. However, here we are without a chair that works. My mother lost her husband in November. She feels helpless in every aspect. NuMotion should be ashamed of themselves. We now have to take it to another level. How dare a professional establishment take advantage of the elderly/handicapped as well. Shame on NuMotion!


The worst company I have ever dealt with I have bed sores from a 10-year-old scooter I have been trying to get a new scooter for over 1 year. All I'm am getting is worthless phone calls asking me to jump through more hoops. Stay away from this incompetent company.

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