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tionComplaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because the manager did not tell the full conversation about the moving I asked the manager regarding moving to another apartment on the third levelShe said that would be find but it will a lot more expensive That is why I said no I am open to moving but not if is going to be two to four hundred dollars more As I stated in my complaint moving to a third level is find at the same lease payment I would be willing pay $- $more but no higherI was also told if the situation continues the person would be given a move notice or an option to transfer to a different apartment Move her to a first floor apartment.I am not trying to be difficult but my family and I one who are being inconvenience As far her having two children does not excuse her disrespect She tries to settle everything down at 10pm is not true If you talk to courtesy officers we have had to call at 12am, 2am, and 3am morning to ask her to please stop Regards, [redacted] ***s

I have sent this over to the property manager and regional manager

Unfortunately our records do not match that of Mr*** Our records show Mr [redacted] contacted the office on May 5th extremely upset about a late fee notice he received This notice also had the month to month fee he refers to in his comments We did go through our phone records and did not see missed calls or messages from him There was a letter sent regarding his lease expiration and renewal options in March of this year(See attached) This letter is a standard letter given to all of our residents who have leases expiring This letter stated that all residents have to give day notice of intent to move out in writing The lease contract also says this The notice was not received in writing as Mr [redacted] has mentioned in his statements The property did not charge additional fees and charges mentioned in his first statement We require all residents to give a days’ notice in writing This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity This account has been turned over to a third party He can contact them to dispute any charges he feels are not accurate

Since our last conversation I have spoken with Ms***s regarding the noise issueWe have come to a mutual agreement which will allow her to transfer to a new apartment in another area of the propertyMs***s was provide with two options and she has made her decision In addition, Ms***s has agreed to be responsible for all moving costs associated with the move including but not limited to all fees associated with her electric provider, cable provider and internet service In a good faith effort to Ms***s [redacted] at Shadowlake will transfer her current pet and apartment deposits on file to their new apartment home The new apartment which requires a $pet deposit and $security deposit will not be requiredWe have tentatively set a new move date of 9/1/ I hope this information assists in the conclusion of your investigation into this matterPlease advise us of any additional information needed

Thank you for your letter alerting us to the problem you have received regarding Ms***’s complaint I am sorry Ms***s have been subjected to such a frustrating series of eventsWe pride ourselves on responding to our customer’s concerns very quickly and have done so to minimize her frustrationsMs***s came into the office and complained of the noise, jumping and running above her apartment homeWe have responded each time with the residentI have offered to relocate Ms***s to a different area, however we cannot guarantee she will not have the same issues unless she moves to a 3rd floor apartment Last time I spoke with Ms***s transferring was not an option she wanted to considerOlympus Property’s Community Policy regarding noise states the following: Noise Control: All Olympus Property Communities living requires each resident to consider his/her neighborsExcessive noise and loud music in apartments, breezeways, or other outside areas cannot be permitted at any timeEnjoy yourself but do not disturb your neighborsThe hours from 10:p.mto 8:a.mare sleeping hours when any noise may be disturbing to other residents A lot of our residents work at night and night hours are day hours for themAs stated in her letter Ms***s came in and we have been in contact with the resident regarding her concernsI have personally spoken with our resident and have informed her of possible consequences should the noise continueShe has extended her own apologies for the inconvenience this problem has causedShe has small children and she tries to get situated between 7pm and pm when she comes home from workAt the present time I am not sure of any other options for Ms***s

Upon on review of [redacted] ***’s account and through researching his notice and move out details, it was determined that [redacted] was approved for an early term moveout without being charged a penalty fee The fees have been reversed and the account has been adjusted to reflect the true balance owedI personally spoke with [redacted] and emailed him a copy of the final statementWe sincerely apologize for the error and will follow up with our collection company asap to have the account corrected I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:My attorney is now disputing unreasonable charges for what they call "damages".Regards, [redacted]

Mrs [redacted] leased with us back in June of She had several move in dates in mind, however leased for a move in date of 8/10/ She did in fact request to move in sooner, however we denied that request knowing that the apartment was previously vacated and given back to us in our possession as of 8/3/ We would have never been able to turn this unit to be in tip top shape for her to move into She did insist she wanted to move in sooner, unfortunately again we denied that request She came in on that Sunday to pick up keys and at that time our team informed her that the apartment was not ready It was being painted and we were attempting to get it ready as soon as possible for an earlier move in date She said that she did not mind that the paint was being finished and the cleaners where there to do the full clean Mrs [redacted] lease does not start until the 10th of August We allowed her to put her belongings in her garage so she was not having to deal with the inconvenience of her movers I don’t like to place blame on anything and am always apt to take responsibility for our actions and wrong doings, however we have stayed in communication with this resident and her appliances have been working from day one Unfortunately the updated appliances that were ordered for the apartment were on back order and had no control over getting these new ones in at a specific dateThey are currently installed and have been We also had her apartment re-cleaned to her standards as well prior to her moving all of her belongings into her apartment There was no compensation presented as there was no fault on behalf of my team that declared compensation for the fact that she wanted to move in sooner and after pressing to get her moved in sooner she was still not happy We will not be compensating this resident for any days as by the 10th the entire apartment was completed minus the brand new updated appliances, however were communicated to her that they were on back order Thank you, [redacted] Business Manager, [redacted] ***

I sincerely apologize for the confusion in regards to the deposits paid to Legends at Ridgeview Ranch, I hope after our meeting on 3/9/there is clarification on this subjectAs discussed on 2/4/the check in the amount of $was entered on your account however only $of this amount was applied to a deposit the remainder of this check which was $was applied as a rent credit which was used when paying rent on 3/1/the true rental amount due was $the amount drafted from your account was $due to the credit from the amount paid for the depositOn 9/1/an inquiry about a lost remote was made to the office they let you know they would add the amount for the replacement to the ledger so the payment could be paid onlineWe charge $for a remote fee and $for the depositThe only amount charged and paid on the account was the $remote feeI have attached a copy of the ledger discussed for your reference on these chargesI do apologize that you were given information on the deposit amounts that would be charged to your account and refunded upon move out however the deposits discussed where never charged as shownWhen the move out was processed and charges were added to the account the $deposit we have on hand was applied to the charges leaving a balance owedIf there is anything we can do for you please do not hesitate to let us know
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I am looking forward to moving to apartment on the third floor September 1. I would like to thank all you who help with getting this situation resolved. I am looking forward to going home after work and being able to relax with my family in peace. Again, thank you some much
*** ***s

The charges on the resident account are based on multiple areas on the wood flooring with damage. Our third party flooring vendor advised repairs were not permissible due to the number of planks damaged in different areas in the apartment home. The charges on her account due
reflect deductions for depreciation. *** contacted our flooring vendor directly, who advised her of the same. *** contacted *** *** office a second time, and the Business Manager, *** ***, advised the charges were valid, but would make attempts to work with her. *** abruptly ended the call, and has engaged an attorney to dispute the damages and is also requesting funds for attorney fees At this time, we are drafting a response to her and her attorney Thank you,
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
I have rejected the response sent from the business after speaking with *** ***, property manager of Mandalay at Shadowlake, Luxury Apartment HomesThe response on the website does not match what Jessica was telling me over the phoneAppropriate repairs would have been to properly get the issue corrected and not cover up a much bigger problem She informed me that they were "only replacing the AC unit as a courtesy" and I feel that it is a maintenance obligation; Especially that it has gone on so long and the damage is frighteningPlease see attached pictures of just the mold I saw this last timeI have plenty more photos to back this up that this has gone on far too longSince July when the upstairs unit bathtub was to be replaced completely, leaks have happened more frequently and in her response it states that was no longer an issueLast year when they finally discovered the leak was from a broken bathtub and not simply an overflowing AC drip pan, the property manager told me "you know this is costing us hundreds of dollars to fix" - both which is neither my business or problemI let management know every single time and I should not have to check every day if water is leaking. She mentioned to me on the phone yesterday that since I signed the day move out notice on June 23, (which I had to or else I would automatically be enrolled in a month-to-month rent basis) I would not be let out any time soonerShe said the only thing they could work with was to let me out Sept(days after signing the move out notice), giving me days of not having to pay as original term date is SeptShe said had I wanted to break my lease months prior, then they could've worked something better out The maintenance team came into the apartment Monday 8/unknown to me, without my permission, no communication to meI found out due to a service ticket request left on my table with I did not submit along with an email saying your service ticket request has been completed and I never submitted one. The last time I did submit a service ticket regarding the wall leaking, a service ticket had a hand written note saying no leak. Not all service tickets/calls regarding maintenance have been accounted for in their systemSome do not get logged in I want out of the apartment in August, not to pay SeptemberThey are not allowed to enter the unit to replace the AC unit this week and I can be out by the end of the month Thanks for your time, *** ***

Mr*** moved in prior to Olympus Property taking over management of Olympus Town Center. We do not know how the lease review process was done with Mr*** when
he moved in, but the prior management was a professional management company. We both use the same lease documents. These documents state that a day notice must be given in writing even if the lease is expiring. As most companies do, we also send a letter notifying our residents of the lease expiration via letter prior to the expiration. This also includes information for new lease options, rates and mentions steps for notice to vacate. This was sent to Mr *** prior to his lease expiration In regards to the “Month to Month” fees we do add these to the lease rate until the lease is renewed after lease expirations. This is explained in the letter mentioned above. May’s month to month amount was $because only part of May’s lease was expired. This increased the rental rate for those few days in May. We understand that Mr *** is frustrated because he wants the lease end date to be the end of us financial responsibility. However, as stated to Mr ***, we could not waive the day notice, as we require all residents to give the notice to vacate in writing to the office days before they move out. That being said, our management team did not charge the Month to Month fee along with these fees as stated in his letter. The total balance due is under $2000. We would be happy to mail this to Mr *** again. This has been turned over to a third party so any arrangements for payment will need to be made with them. We have been consistent and fair with the charges and process
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below
*** ***

This has been forwarded to the Regional Manager and Property Manager. They will respond with a resolution
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute.
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.The details contained in the response are not accurate. They claim that I had several move in dates in mind when in fact I only had one which was August 8, 2016. This date was confirmed as a valid date with multiple members of their staff including Kiki Waddles. Due to the lack of communication with me and within their office the issue arose that the validated move in date would no longer work only days before my scheduled move in. For me it was as simple as calling me and explaining the circumstances with the move in date and the options that would be available to accommodate my needs that had previously been confirmed with the "leasing professionals". In regards to the apartments interior not being ready (i.e.. inadequate appliances, fixtures not presented as described, filth), there was never a thorough cleaning by the cleaners and the fixtures are still not installed (see attached pictures taken after alleged cleaning). In addition, since none staff bothered to call and check if the work was done or even apologize for the poor service, it would be impossible for them to know what was completed and/or working. I cleaned the apartment to an acceptable standard that I could live not their cleaners. It is important to know that I do not need compensation from these people but after working in customer service at a Fortune 500 company I would think that would be the least they could do. Based on the actions of the staff thus far I am not looking for anything further outside of my fixtures to replaced and my lease to end so I can move on to better living. I have also attached a copy of the original description of the apartment from June 7, 2016.   

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: once again I did my due digilence and called NUMEROUS times to inform and terminate my lease and NEVER once did I receive a call back or follow up.  I will be speaking with an attorney and filing charges with the state since I feel I am being targeted based on my race and ethnicity.  Since this company supposedly records all their phone calls as I was once told please review the way that one of the reps was speaking to me and the vindictive nature of her comments!  Also the supposed regional manager never emailed or contacted me after I filed a complaint and begged her to contact me!! This is what I am dealing with and yet they somehow expect me to magically let them know I want to leave there horrible apartment.  I called and have the phone records to show I did!!!  I will not pay this and will be taking this to local news outlets social media outlets and speaking with the Korean American Association because I feel I am being targeted by this company!!!

.I spoke to her on Monday to let her know our accounting would be overnighting her a check on Tuesday.  She should have received it today.  I called her again today to confirm if she had received it but it went to voicemail.  I left her a message asking her to call or email me letting...

us know. If she reaches out to you please let us know if she indeed receive her refund check.  Feel free to reach out to me directly, my email and phone number are below.

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