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• Oct 12, 2020

Incompetence, no customer-care and ignorance
Started process in July 2020. Provided all documents requested. Got a pre-approval. So far so good. After house appraisal - nothing heard back. Any email asking for a status was unanswered. Our realtor got really nervous and finally got a hold of them - with one week till end of 4 weeks to close the deal - only to learn that "we are sorry, we dropped the ball" -did not send the documents to underwriting. Needed (and got) an extension. The desaster continued. Again: no answers on follow-ups. Finally some call telling me "wait: you have not filed your company taxes yet? We can never close it unless that is filed. Sorry but should have told you in July" (we had end of September by now...and we did provide the documents from our CPA in July). So we rushed into filing, got another extension from seller, only to hear: again: nothing! Now it was October. Finally we were declined based on the data from company filing and private filing. Data which was available since July (even though only on internal documents and not officially filed at that time). What a complete and utter desaster (and we were going to write this review the same way even if the loan would have gotten approved at the end) simply the ignorance of dates, follow-up emails, calls, and the incompetence of the guys dealing with us ("where is your K1" for a C-Corp...) drove us crazy. Cannot recommend them...

• Jun 19, 2020

NEVER use One Trust Home Loans
My process started back on May 4th and here we are today (June 19th) with our earnest money refunded as Jeff Whorton, Jason Hauck and their so- called underwriters yanked our chain for 21+ days with endless BS. We had a preapproval from the beginning and were to close on 5/29/2020, yet our closing was pushed back 4x. Always right before the deadline, they would find something they needed, or a form wasn't in the correct format - this process was a complete headache and these 2- men were absolutely NO help in trying to ease our stress. If we called, they would say they would call back in 10-15 minutes. That return call never happened. They simply DID NOT CARE! Finally today I had had enough and I went by the office to get answers and/or get my money back. 1st, instead of them working diligently on my file so they could return my husband's calls as he had requested, they were in training...yes in training. Once they were back at the office, I am then told my file is no longer preapproved and can't be autoapproved, it has to be manually approved. To make a long story short, in a very non sincere tone, I was told by Jason Hauck that he cannot get my file to go through and he is sorry. I was in shock and responded with, "if this had been taken care 4 weeks ago - we wouldn't be here. What have you been doing?" As he exited the office Jason Hauck responded, "Nothing." Wow, what customer service! So for those looking for a home that has the 'preferred lender' OneTrust Home Loans, do your homework 1st. If not, you might find yourself out on your a** at the end of a lease because you thought you were getting a new home but the lender wasn't there for his/her clients and just didn't give a sh** about you!

• Dec 01, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I would like to be refunded my $485.00, I filed a complaint due to negligence on this company before that their staff didn't move forward with a home loan, they pushed off ‘Closing’ on a home several times with no legit reasonComplaint ID – [redacted] In Nov2017, I was assured Novby the CEO that his [redacted] team had spoken with the listing agent and seller and everyone was on board about selling the home to me and that the lending team would be right on it to 'Close' on the homeSadly, another broken promise, I happen to be surfing the web 'Trulia' 11./24/& notice that the house was up 'For Sale.' Very disturbing...I reached out to the VP of Loan [redacted] and Loan [redacted] to inquireThe VP of Loan [redacted] said that he wasn't aware, & that I needed to reach out to the RealtorIronically, VP of Loan [redacted] 11/mention to me that neither the Listing Agent, Seller, nor Realtor ag [redacted] to selling the home to me, even though for the past days he and his Loan [redacted] have been requesting documents from me going back & forth of information they needed from meNov22, I emailed him to inquire if there was anything else needed for to set a 'Closing' date 11/Loan [redacted] mention that when she return 11/she get all my paperwork that I sent to her (per her request) on 11/she would review when she returns from being away from the officeJust as a note, in the event they may say, that there is a miscommunication between CEO and VP of Loan ***, not trueI was informed that VP would be handling in place of the previous staff, to assist me in getting this carried outThe VP of of Loan [redacted] emailed me 11/that the seller nor the realtor didn't agree to re-write up the contract to sell the home to meI find very strange why would they have me go through all of this in the first place thenI receive word that the house was under contract with someone else 11/by another realtorI was thoroughly misleadTruly bad business

• Nov 30, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted]

• Nov 19, 2019

One Trust Home Loans is HORRIBLE! I started the refinance w/cash out in Octof As of today April 17, the loan has not closed They keep setting closing dates, requesting closing statements from my current mortgage company at a cost of $10.00, then come up with some reason why it can't close and request another document that they say is needThey requested a Structural Inspection stating that the appraisal requested it - not true, and it was not warranted or needed, but I did it anyway at a cost of $Which they said was the final piece and the loan would close - that was in Jan17They refused to accept the photo's that both the appraiser and myself submitted for the tags on my home as well as the IBTS Certificate that is attached to the house and made me pay for a letter from the IBTS as a cost of $100.00, which again they said was the final piece and the loan would close - Feb They handled this so poorly that the only thing they suggested I could do was to cancel the loan application made in Oct16, adverse the FHA case and start overThis is after I spent out of my pocket over $for inspections,documents and closing statements(in total) that were not needed They lied in telling me that I need to have the appraiser come back out to my house to re-inspect the master bath that was being painted during the first appraisal as stated in the report before funding I called the appraiser and he was kind enough to walk through his report I found out that there was NOTHING in the appraisal report that would have even suggested a Structural Inspection and that there also was nothing in the report to have him re-inspect the bathroom for unfinished painting before fundingI highly recommend anyone looking to do business with OneTrust Homes NOT TOGO SOME PLACE ELSE They lie, they miss lead you, and cost you more money then you need to spend

We are in the process of refinancing our home through One Trust Lenders, and, so far, our experience has been extremely positive There has been nothing "hidden" in any of the transactions and the loan officer we are working with has kept us updated on the progress of our application Everyone has been knowledgeable, professional and extremely courteous We would definitely recommend this business

• Nov 13, 2019

We wanted to purchase an LGI home in Gastonia NCWe put a contract on a new build home and proceeded with the loan application processWe were advised early on what paperwork we needed to bring into the office to beginOur mortgage broker [redacted]  ***  [redacted] attempted to commit mortgage fraud by asking for documents that did not meet underwriting standardsShe violated our rights under the Federal credit reporting act as well as RESPA violations on settlement costsShe made a face to face appointment at 100pm and never showed after hours waitingShe failed to turn in requested documents to underwriters when askedShe held our loan application for 21days before submitting itShe participated in an undisclosed agreement with some form of possible consideration with Heimer Insurance by telling us we could not shop for our own homeowner's insurance company She failed to inform us of the reasons we did not qualify for our home after telling us to obtain closing fundsShe was unprofessional and unethicalShe violated NCREC laws and I am hoping to have her licence revokedBeware she is willing to insinuate she is wiiling to committ illegal acts to get loans approved for unqualified applicants

• Nov 13, 2019

I enjoyed working with One Trust Home Loans, they did an excellent job of going through the process of buying my home. Yolanda P [redacted] went above and beyond in helping me through the process. She was very friendly and helpful with filling out papers and keeping me up to date on everything. I would recommend her and One Trust Home Loans to any one who is in the market to buy a home.

Terrible experience from the startThey keep you in the dark along very crucial issues and drag their feetI received a 203k loan that was sold off immediately without my knowledgeWork had begun and I had no access to funds to pay the workersIt has been almost weeks and still no paymentSpoke with the president of the company, and his solution is to expedite the loan transfer so he can rid himself of the problem, rather than pay the workersI have multiple examples of my loan officer telling me to start work and the refunds would only take a couple of days PLEASE do yourself a favor and seek another loan company who cares about people and who are proficient in their job

• Nov 07, 2019

Hello, We have reached to this consumer and left a message with the consumer and will provide additional details following a conversation

• Nov 06, 2019 I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] I tried twice 9/23/and 9/24/ to return the call from the vice president who left a message to return his call,and so far he has not returned my call I also went to the wesite and on t6he chat line, I mentioned that Mr [redacted] left a message for me to call him, which I did twice No answer from the "chat"

• Nov 03, 2019

I have been interested in the following property: [redacted] ***.***, which I had under contract 05/23/ Just to let you know I am aware that the process for 203K is days closing rather than the customary day closing My reason for this is that I have attempted to patronize ( [redacted] in Atlanta, GA region: [redacted] NMLS# [redacted] (Loan Originator) [redacted] ***(a***@ [redacted] .com) Loan [redacted] (g [redacted] @ [redacted] .com) [redacted] has had access to this loan since 06/23/ I have been trying to ‘Close’ on this property since, and it has been a heart-ache to say the least First, they appraised the home without including the renovations of the home I requested to [redacted] that he re-submit the appraisal to reflect It took them two weeks to re-submit, that was after I requested again that it be done so I was scheduled to ‘Close’ on this home Aug

OneTrust Home Loans, is by far, the greatest refinance home loan experience we've ever encountered!! My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Sergio *** and Susana *** who are super professional, dedicated, efficient, and very courteous to their customers They really provided us an understanding of the whole refinance process They monitored each step of the process while keeping us informedWe can't believe we closed earlier than expectedThis team rocks!!! Thank you OneTrust Home Loans for having such an expert dual provide us with such an amazing experience!! They are truly a great asset to your company!!!

Our realtor in Kauai referred us to John *** at One Trust Home Loans in connection with our condo purchase All business was transacted while we were physically located in California With John's expert assistance, what seemed to us at first as a daunting challenge was actually a breeze John's friendly attention to every detail gave us confidence We felt as though we were his only clients In every regard, we could not be more satisfied with the service we received from John *** Not only did we gain a condo in Kauai, we feel we gained a lasting friendship with John Mahalo!!

I had the pleasure of speaking with mr Breon B*** back in december fo 2016, mr b*** is presonable man a pleaure to talk to at all timesmy loan went smoothley with help and knowledge of breonEven when my loan closed I can call him and ask him any questions obout loans credit.I am loooking foward to working with him real soon in a couple of months he is simply the best at what he does.joyce Dye his partner is also a wonderful person inside and out

My wife and I recently relocated to north san diego county and decided that we were ready to find a new home In looking at different lenders the one thing that I valued most was being able to trust that the process would be done smoothly and fairly As home expenses are quite high in this area it was important to me to find a good balance between the rate and our closing costs I felt OneTrust and Ethan R*** did an excellent job at helping us achieve all of this They are very transparent and very thorough from start to finish The only thing I had to worry about was providing the documentation requested As an outsider to the real estate business Ethan provided practical advice that was very much appreciated and went above and beyond

My Husband and I had a great experience working with Scott P*** at One TrustHe stayed in constant communication with us, always answering questions and updating us on the movement of our loanIt was our first time going through a refinance and I must have pestered Scott a few times a week, he was always patient and happy to hear from us
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

I enjoyed working with One Trust Home Loans, they did an excellent job of going through the process of buying my homeYolanda P*** went above and beyond in helping me through the processShe was very friendly and helpful with filling out papers and keeping me up to date on everythingI would recommend her and One Trust Home Loans to any one who is in the market to buy a home

Brett *** and One Trust Home Loans were very professional, prompt and was an overall stress free mortgage experienceQuestions were answered almost immediatelyDoing the paperwork electronically save everyone so much time and hassleI would highly recommend Brett and One Trust

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