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Received excellent service from a technician in Fort Collins, he called and was early for our appointment and answered all my questions about bed bugs as well as reassuring us

As an established customer, I contact the Orkin office in Huntsville, AL about a pest emergency. I received no return calls from them for an entire week in spite of numerous attempts to reach a technician or a manager. I had to contact another company who provided the service I needed within an hour of my call. Very unprofessional.

The Orkin in Macon, GA is having some significant management problems in the office. One month they completely neglected to come out and service our home. No explanation whatsoever when I called. I have been with them for over 10 years and more and more they are difficult to schedule since we both travel as a part of our jobs. They want to tell me when they will come whether I am home or not. The perimeter is not the same as spraying inside as we live near a wooded area. This month they go up in price for the second year in a row and go paperless without even asking me. Another cost passed on to the paying customer. I fired them! No Manager callback or attempt to correct situation. Do not use them...apathetic!

Called to set up an appointment on a Saturday between 12-2 P.M. Not one showed up. I called the office and no one knew about my appointment. Set up for the next Saturday, 8-12, again no one showed up no phone call no nothing. I made another phone call. The technician couldn't make it and did not call to tell us. FINALLY a technician came out, did his thing, my wife signed the 1 year contract and made arrangments to show up in 4 weeks in the morning of 8:00-12:00. Guess What? He never showed. My wife calls the office and explains he was supposed to be here and was supposed to give a 3 day confirmation, etc, she's still waiting on that. The office contacts technician and he had a doctor appointment and didn't even bother to cancel any of his appointments for the day. I regret signing a contract with these people. I have things to do and can't wait on them all day for several days. Be ready to be stood up. So not happy!!!!!

had bed bugs in july 2015. after 6 visits still have bed bugs 10/28/2015

I have been dealing with orkin for almost a year I had no complaints under this past December when my service men change I have always had them to come out after four because that is when someone would be at my house. Well when it was time was a service the tech call and said he would be out at 3 and I told him no one would be home because we Always has a tech to come at four. He stated he don't work past three thirty and I told him that didn't work for us a d let us know when he some come after 4. Well the next day he call and sId he was at my house and he was going to spray the outside and would come back for the inside I told him no don't spray I want it don't at the same time like always he said he had already sprayed and had left so I call the number and spoke with [redacted] and she told me that the inside was not part of the service which I know was not true and she was charging my card she has been trying to get the money from my account but can't. She has been nasty and rude very disrespectful and she stated she was a manger. I have call to speak with personnel but they have call me back. A tech call and said he was coming but had to have the money first which I don't mind paying. It no one seem to call about my complaint. So As a customer they don't cars

I have never experienced such TERRIBLE customer service. We are customers out of the La Crosse WI location. The technician that is assigned to us is completely unreliable. He never schedules appointments with us, he calls at 7:30PM the night before and says he will be here tomorrow. He doesn't ask if that works, doesn't give any notice, and sounds irritated when we cant just drop everything and be home. He says he will call back to reschedule, but never does. We have left messages with the office to reschedule, and never get a call back. One time he just completely forgot to show up to the appt, we had to call HIM at 8PM to see if he was still coming, his son answered and they both sounded confused and he said "ah, yeah, I'll be right over". There was even a time he stopped by when he knew we weren't home, just did the outside, and we were charged the FULL price of a visit. I had to waste my time calling their office to get that changed, since we should not be charged for an appointment we didn't make and didn't even know happened. Even then, when I called and talked to a manager, he treated me like I was the one who was trying to pull one over. I had to explain to him several times how you cant charge someone for something they didn't authorize and that wasn't even fully done. He just couldn't see what was wrong with that, and it was at least 45 mins on the phone. Now, the icing on the cake... we talked to our tech last week and asked him to come out some time next week for our appointment, AND called the office and left a vmail to let them know as well since the tech is so what happens today? My card is charged $84 for a visit that NEVER happened, which over-drafted my bank and caused me $40 plus in fees and wasted time AGAIN to call Orkin and my bank. This is complete BS, our tech is IMPOSSIBLE to work with and the office is no better. Worst customer service, over priced for the service you get, and completely unreliable. I would not recommend this company to my enemy.

I hired Orkin to kill a carpenter ant's nest in my garage. They made a nest in the garage door and started destroying the foam insulation which produced a lot of white fluffy material. The first technican they sent did not make an attempt to identify where the nest was and sprayed a white powder into the wall and left bait on the floor not in a bait station. He was supposed to spray the perimeter of the house but didn't. He told me to wait 5 days. I called because I still kept seeing the white fluffy stuff. They didn't want to send another tech out the same day and after threatening to complain to the, they sent a second tech out. He arrived late and put foam into the side openings of the garage door (refused to use powder which is what I wanted because I know it works). The next day, the ants were back. I ended up spraying the openings of the garage door myself with Raid and killed the ants. They haven't agreed yet to give me a refund because they didn't kill the ants nest and their advertisment says "satisfaction guaranteed". It is not reasonable for me to pay them $326 and still have to kill the nest myself. I think they are receiving money under false pretenses.

I would not recommend Orkin. They never came back within the 5-7 business days to reset traps and could never get the manager to call me back. I lived up to my part of the deal and paid them the full amount that they asked but they never did what they said they were going to do from the sit down meeting we had.

Hello. I am [redacted] and I have a pest problem!
Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to let you know about a gentleman named [redacted] who works for Orkin Sales department in Atlanta , GA. He did an outstanding job answering every question I had including coming up with a better price for my current issue. He was very friendly and informative. I asked a question that he did not have an immediate answer to so he looked it up and got me the answer. I have done a total of 2 customer reviews now during my lifetime and I think it's a good thing to note when someone goes above and beyond to do their job + treat you like a respected individual.
I did not go with the treatment plan ONLY due to my own finances. The price is very reasonable for what you are getting.

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!! After I cancel my very ineficient service, and innumerable phone call to get a simple statement, which I never receive, they continue to charge my credit card and billing me.

We've been Orkin customers since 2006. In recent years the quality of the service has been declining and the customer service through the Portland Maine office has been downright terrible. It is no longer worth the money to have the service.

I have been a Orkin Pest Control customer for several years. I live in Mount Pleasant SC in close proximity to a marsh and have issues with critters. My local Orkin service technician has done an exceptional job. She promptly responds to all requests and has excellent problem solving recommendations. We are very grateful for her service. The local Orkin management does a great job of communicating special offers for service.

Orkin is the worst business you'd want to try to do business with; they got my initial money and convinced me to sign a contract for monthly treatments before I saw what horrible service I was in for! First off, my first appointment with them they were a no show; they had me sit all day long and when I call around 4 to see what's going on, I was informed I wasn't on the schedule that day. I was furious as I knew I was told they'd be here that day but I just rolled my eyes and rescheduled for another day and they did make it that time. Two men inspected around, told me what type of bugs I was dealing with and proceeded to spray outside and inside. After they left I noticed no more bugs in the few rooms but my bedroom was obviously not even touched because the infestation was just as bad if not getting worse daily. The basement wasn't done good at all, and the attic wasn't recommended but if I insisted it'd be an extra $200.00. One man said I could text him if I needed them before the month was up so on the fourth week I texted him and he couldn't be bothered to reply back to me. The next day I just called the office and told them how horrible the bugs were in the bedroom and is it possible they can get me on the schedule this week? Oh sure, he said they'd be there the next morning and would be there in time so I could leave by 12:30 for an appointment I had. I set my alarm clock for 7 to get ready in case they come over at 8:00, waited til 11, called them, gee whiz, they have the nerve to tell me once again I'm not on the schedule for that day. She even told me nobody told me they'd be here. Say what?? Are you calling me a liar?? I was so mad I told her to take my contract and tear it up, I'm going to go with another exterminator as their kind of business practice is completely unacceptable. She says, okay. I got very lucky and found another much better exterminator company that I had zero complaints with that very afternoon,

I tried to use Orkin in 2012 for Mosquito service. After 1 visit they never returned. After several calls, I finally gave up and hired a different company,. In May 2013 Orkin showed up to spray with out my knowledge or consent and charged my credit card. This has continued each May since 2012 even after filing a complaint with the last year and being assured by the local office that it was taken care of. Not sure what else to do. They continue to make yearly unauthorized charges to my credit card. Guess closing my credit card is the next step. I would suggest NEVER using Orkin and if you do NEVER give them a credit card number.,

they charge 156.00 for one time and never took care of the problem
they cancel our agreement owner left to china for business so was not available on the month they were going to come back when I called to schedule the appt they wanted to charge me another 156.00...they are a bunch of thieves

Review: Orkin guarantees satisfaction or money back. They could not complete the task I paid for but when we asked for a manager to call back to resolve the issue no one calls back. They keep having a secretary tell us a manager will call us back immediately but a month and 2 weeks already of phone games and no one has resolved the issue. We have had to hire another pest control company to resolve our problem and pay again, this is not fair business. What can I do?Thanks for your help in this matter.Desired Settlement: Initial deposit of $230.05 refunded



I [redacted] spoke with [redacted] regarding 2/24/14 his account. I explain that we made an error on the quality of service provided at his residence. I assure him that we will get this money refunded back to him in the amount of $230.05. I also spoke to him about future termite service at the home. At the conclusion of my correspondence with [redacted] he was pleased with the resolution. again I apologized on behalf of Orkin pest control.

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