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Peak Performance for Men

5003 Horizons Dr Ste 210, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43220-5292

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• Sep 22, 2021

Snake oil for sure
After more than the initial visits with no change ( even they said there was no change), I am trying to get my money back since there was a 'guarantee:. My wife and I are going to a lawyer
We have told them that. They keep saying that it could be 2 months. Unacceptable, I even had a tech say he would submit the paperwork. He said two weeks.

• Sep 15, 2021

New Cutting Edge Treatment
Wave Therapy is science backed and actually has a higher percentage of positive outcomes compared to Viagra and Cialis. Peak Performance is the largest provider and has a real Medical Doctorate vs competitors using mid-level or attempting to call someone a doctor when they are not. Don't be fooled by lower cost of treatments. There is a 20% chance it won't work stated in peer reviewed articles and research, so like Viagra (pills) and other options there is a chance it may not work but in my opinion, 80% is worth the chance.

• Aug 22, 2021

Total Waste of $5995.00 - Beware do not proceed with their scam
Peak Performance for Men, your product is a total waste of money. After 17 treatments I still cannot maintain an erection. Your claims of 85% improvement are garbage. I requested a refund only to be told of an increase in blood flow which amounts to about 8% I was being denied. The letter which came from their supposed Legal Counsel informed me of the denial. The treatments did nothing to improve my performance. I will more than likely take to social media and inform others not to waste their money on their service. I may also hire an attorney to get my money back as I had a written guarantee. Also when initially interviewed for treatment their doctor (agent) told my wife and I that their treatments work.

• Aug 05, 2021

Waste of money $$$ and waste of hope
Desperate men with ED will try anything and this treatment program proves this. I admit I read initial reviews, felt 85% improvement was okay and went for initial consultation. The premise sounds reasonable and after swallowing hard at the $5995 cost went ahead with the treatments. After 15 treatments over 23 weeks, I came to the conclusion that I was, of course, one of the 15%, the majority of men probably are but who could prove it different, as there was NO change, NO improvement. My readings for the three main blood vessels are as follows per their letter rejecting money back guarantee.
Medial dorsal was 97.2 initially and 97.8 after 15 treatments showing virtually no change.
Left pudendal was 76.3 initially and 87.9 after 15 treatments showing a slight increase.
Right pudendal was 87.7 initially and 85.5 after 15 treatments showing a decrease.
So after the entire treatment protcol nothing has changed except wasted $5995.
You might choose like me to have hope but this ED treatment is not it.

• Jun 28, 2021

Complete Scam
This whole service is a lie designed to take advantage of men in need and their insecurities associated with ED. The so called money back guarantee is based on a false premise. They use a basically fake doppler blood flow scan at the beginning and end. It will show improvement no matter what. The technicians did such a poor job covering the numerical readout that I could see the fluctuation and the arbitrary assignment of a "score." This is a full on scam. While all of the men who work there are very nice, most con men are. Beware.

• Jun 17, 2021

Something Smells Rotten
Saw an add in the paper for a $49 consultation. Called up and they wanted a credit card number right away. Asked about how many treatments and the cost -- they would not tell me. "It Depends". Well, of course everyone is different, but you can give SOME idea -- unless it's outrageous. Ended up CANCELLING the appointment. Something does not seem right here.

• Jun 17, 2021

My Complaint is one that is with the Company marketing and images portrayed.
Greetings: Peak Performance for Men 6/15/2021
From: George McZeal JR. US Army Ret,1SG, 100% disable
4705 Beagle ST. Orlando FL. 32818 – email [email protected]
Phone: H – 407 292 0711 OR Cell 407 990 2451

Complaint. The Months I spent as a Patient of your facility in Orlando FL. Was great. The Tech were all great and I have no complaint with them.
My Complaint is one that is with the Company marketing and images portrayed.
I feel I was duped into this contract with the idea of a medical Company that was going to fix my problem of ED.
Sir, your advertising led me to believe this would happen and all I had to do was follow the instructions of the clinic. I am sorry to say that with all of the bells and whistle of the treatment, there was no good outcome, in fact I all most feel it was a waste of my time and money, a lot of my money. As you can see from my address block above, I live on a fix income and invested into an agreement that did not delivery any were near what was promise.
I wait to hear back from you. Please. George McZeal

• Apr 15, 2021

Very Disappointed
I gave them over $6000 with their written guarantee of success and found that the treatments were dissapointing. There were no changes in my condition and even after offering additional treatments at what they called "No Charge" there was still no improvment in performance. Additionally I opted for their Metobolic Testing and after paying extra for that, their Medical Advisor called and told me there was "Nothing they could do for me" I advised that information to my treatment person and he said he would follow up and that should never have been told to me and he never heard of that before, again no follow up, no improvement, would stay away from this company

• Mar 21, 2021

Wasted $6k
This is my personal experience and outcome. At the point a man can't get an erection and engage in satisfying sex he's desperate.
The office is modern in appearance. The staff professional.
Initial doppler evaluation indicated blood flow in groin was a 7 and blood flow in penis was 1. My assumption was on a scale.of 1-10 with 10 being normal blood flow, no restrictions but it was never explained that way. Guarantee was to get blood flow to penis as as good or better than blood flow in groin. I believe that was achieved.
The outcome.for me was not successful. Yes, blood flow was increased. I experienced a positive increase in girth and length but a "usefull" firmness was non-existent.
After 12 treatments and wasted $6k I am still unable to engage in sexual activities. It troubles me greatly I wasted $6k. I could have spent the health care money elsewhere. Now its gone.
In my opinion the guarantee is worthless. There's no hope I can recover any of the $6k.

old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. initial visit, they do a doppler to see what the blood flow is. there is no quantitation to this. the tech listens and says what he thinks it is. after 12 treatments and $5500, another doppler is done and again the tech listens. I did not hear any difference, but the tech said it had increased from 2 to 4 and should be enough improvement to notice a difference. no difference at all. follow up in 8 weeks, and if no difference will discuss medication that I am taking. you would think that would be the first thing to discuss. overall, a complete wast of time and money.

Prostate surgery, this will not work for you. They lied.

I was very skeptical at first, but I gave in because of my issue and I knew this was my last hope. I received my first few treatments with great results. I can see that this was something I hid from for a long time and honestly My wife and I have never been happier!

Staff at peak performance are very courteous. John and Sam both are great tech explained everything very well. When I first started I didn't know what to expect, now I'm seeing a lot of improvement. My wife is very happy with the results as well:) Whoever came up with peak performance for men needs a gold metal.

Working well for me! Professional staff! I was skeptical at first, but do the research . it works.

Snake oil salesmen come in all forms, usually preying on desperate people, with expensive treatments that don’t here.

I went in for the initial evaluation and consultation. Although the information given by the provider was encouraging, Don't feel comfortable shelling out over $5500 for the treatment without more external proof that it works.

I went in for the initial evaluation and consultation. Although the information given by the provider was encouraging, but I am unable to fin any independent substantiation of their claims. Don't feel comfortable shelling out over 5K for the treatment without more external proof that it works.

The money back gimmick for your first visit to see if they can help you is just that a gimmick, naturally they say they will help for close to $5000 dollars. If you have had prostate cancer surgery this is not likely to help you a bit despite what they tell you. I got sucked in and started treatments and regret my decision for a couple of reason no the least of which is that it did nothing for me. Additionally there were two techs that administer the treatments and one of them was a complete mn complete with sniffles, yawns and foul language. When the treatments are completed there is absolutely no follow up with the doctor or office manager to get feed back from your experience. For me a total waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Address: 5003 Horizons Dr Ste 210, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43220-5292


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