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PenFed Credit Union

PO Box 1432, Alexandria, Virginia, United States, 22313-1432

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I am a long time member of PenFed. The emailed me an offer for a signature loan starting @ 6.49%. They approved the loan. Did not notify me. They attached an interest rate more than double of their entry level rate. They didn’t follow up. Did not call or email to make the offer but simply attached it to my records as a $5000 dollar deficient . I emailed them three times with no response. I called the following day and a customer service Rep was totally unqualified and lied about the loan. Asked for a Supervisor who was also unqualified who said a check was in the mail. I told her I never approved it. I asked to cancel the loan and she said she would. That didn’t happen either. There has been no response from PenFed. The loan still shows on my records. They continue to ignore phone calls. This is a borderline scam perpetrated on a 27 year Viet Nam Vet with nearly an 800 FICO credit score., No apologies, No action no response and total frustration.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Jun 05, 2019

We received your complaint on May 30, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

I would like to thank you applying for a Personal Loan with PenFed. While it seems we could not meet your needs at this time, I am grateful you chose us for your loan. Our Personal Loans are currently advertised with rates “as low as 6.49%,” and not all applicants qualify for the lowest rate. You are not required to accept the approved terms before disbursal, and we provide a Risk-Based Pricing Notice prior to disbursal of the loan.

We cancelled your loan per your May 29, 2019 call to our Member Service Representative. I am sorry to hear your concerns with the application were not fully resolved during this call. The loan was not reported to the credit bureaus.

We appreciate that you brought this matter to our attention. Candid feedback about our application processing helps us improve. I shared details of your experience with our Consumer Underwriting and Processing team so they can look for ways to better the online application experience and our underwriting processes.

I hope you will give us the opportunity to continue to earn your membership for many more years.


Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Risk Officer

Customer Response • Jun 07, 2019

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:



I never received an apology. They never provided what interest rate was assigned prior to processing the loan . They sent a paper check when a direct deposit was requested . Their Customer service reps lied repeatedly and after this mess all I asked for was an apology and tomake this right and their inability to do even that is demeaning to me as a veteran as a long time customer and a person in good standing financially. Horrible people who after a complaint could not say they are sorry plus they lied in that they did report this to the credit bureau as I have an ID theft program with *** who alerted me that they had reported this account to them. Further investigation of their shrewd under handed illegal banking practices should be initiated

My credit union was just acquired by Pentagon Federal. Because of a "system error", they transferred over $1,000 from my checking account to my savings account. Upon follow-up they turned around and said it was my error and refused to answer other questions I had sent in my email. They also state that because of "system limitations", they will only provide records going back 2 months in their new system. This is absolutely ridiculous. They are doing things on the cheap AND have horrible customer service. Laughable that they have an A+ credit rating and very low review rating. I will be leaving soon.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Jun 13, 2019

We received your review on May 21, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.
We regret your experience during our merger with *** Federal Credit Union has not met your expectations. We would like to speak with you about your concerns, and have attempted to contact you on multiple occasions but have been unable to leave a message. We also emailed our contact information. Please follow up with us at your earliest convenience so we can resolve this for you.
PenFed Credit Union

I think it is OK. It does not seem very techy and that's the reason I'm leaving. It denied me a loan even though my credit runs between 780-825 it saw it as 723???? I'm moving my money to Schwab brokerage and bank. The web site is slow and the tech support is even slower. Some of the support people are nice. Some are yankees.

PenFed Credit Union Response • May 09, 2019

We were made aware of your Review on May 1, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.
We regret we were unable to approve your request. We hope your conversation with us on May 7, 2019 was helpful and further explained our decision.
Thank you for being a valued PenFed member.
Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Risk Officer

Lack of the Fiduciary Responsibilities to myself and my family.

I called PenFed told them I had problems with car I bought during the week end. I also told them I did not sign the check so if it popped up it was fraud. They said they would send me copy of check and when check came they saw it was not sign by me it would go to fraud unit. More 30 days went by nothing from PenFed.

I called normal customer service they email copy of the cashed check.
Check is not signed by me a 4th grader can see it's not signed by me.
Also Check signing executes promissory note and the security instrument.

The other part of the note they sent back since they realized my mother is on title. I always put her on title to obtain handicap plates since she has Alzheimer's

So I have a loan I requested but did not authorized or executed.
I have a car that has emissions issues.

I have a down payment of 5500 dollars on the car plus a few repairs.

All this mess would be halted if PenFed would had stop payment and it could been handled. Few days after the whole mess started.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Apr 25, 2019

We received your complaint on April 17, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. We also received your email to our Office of the Chairman of the Board on April 24, 2019.

Because of the complexity and confidential manner of your complaint, we will respond to you through the Office of the Chairman.

We thank you for your patience while we carefully research your complaint.


Senior Manager, Executive Correspondence

PenFed Credit Union Response • May 14, 2019

We regret this matter is still unresolved for you. We stand by our response sent to you from our Office of the Chairman of the Board. I have attached it to this response.

We are unable to assist you further and encourage you to work with the dealer.


Senior Manager, Executive Correspondence

Customer Response • May 14, 2019

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:They are acting like they have done nothing wrong. I requested them to stop payment if check arrived to them since I did not sign it. The first part of promissory note by letter to me by them they stated note was void because my mother need to sign it to release here rights to car on new note they sent. ( I have not return it to them signed to date)The check there preprint endorsement states that by signing the check I executed promissory note, the security instrument for the note with car, I authorize they can do ACH payment from my bank account.I never signed it the dealer did. I asked if the original check if it can be give to Corona Police or *** County DA office. They are willing go after the dealer but like they say we can not arrest some on a photo copy. But nothing from PenFed.Penfed Has not dealt in Honest manner as required by there Fiduciary Responsibility. Also note they are not very ethical when they used the security instrument also to cover now there PENFED credit card.My question how would you like some sign a loan for you and you ask bank to protect you they say yes I will, then later play dumb and hoping you go away.


I got this car in 08/2017 I was told by *** that I had 90 days to pay the car note. my fault I didn't go over every paper the day I picked up the car almost a week later. So now in April 2019 I keep getting phone calls about I am missing a payment when I no I have been paying my bill Yes I missed a payment in Nov 2018 I called and asked them to please put that payment to the back. The woman I spoke with say sure Now 18 months later I'm getting these calls of I owe Oct,2017. I speak to someone every month on the month they call and ask me about my payment not one time did anyone say I was missing a payment in Oct 2017.Also I spoke with 3 people that told me I was missing March of 2019 when I gave them the date I paid it keep going back and saying well Your 33 days behind If the payment is missing from oct 2017 that is way more than 30 days. Also they telling me That when they gave me the skip payment in Nov 2018 that it was for Oct 2017 I'm so confused about this whole thing and no one whats to help just pay it like no this is not right.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Apr 18, 2019

We received your complaint on April 16, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns about your Auto Loan.

We carefully reviewed the payment history of your New Auto Loan. Your loan was established on August 10, 2017, with the first payment due on September 12, 2017. We received your first payment on September 22, 2017. Unfortunately, the October payment was not received until November, and this payment pattern continued until October of 2018.

At your request, our Delinquency Control team processed a skip payment for October 2018 to bring the loan current. However, no payment was made for the November 2018 due date, which made you one month behind for a second time.

I understand you spoke with a Delinquency Control Counselor on April 12, 2019 and they explained skip payments are limited to one every 12 months. If you are having trouble making payments on time, then we encourage you to return the completed Financial Hardship application they sent to you.

Please feel free to contact our Delinquency Control Department with additional questions or concerns at . Our team of Counselors remain ready to help you resolve this delinquency.


Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Risk Officer

PenFed Credit Union Response • May 14, 2019

We regret this matter is still unresolved.

We stand by our previous response, and have provided you with all supporting documents explaining your payment history. The transaction history you included with this complaint does not accurately reflect the payments on your loan from its inception.

We encourage you to call us to go over each payment if you have further questions about the status of your loan. You can reach us at .


Senior Manager, Executive Correspondence

Customer Response • May 15, 2019

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I am rejecting this because they are making me out to be a lie they said that I was 2 months behind on my bill but won't show me the 2 months I gave my bank drafts show who got my money dates and times . so if I am 2 months behind show me where. also I still to this day have not received anything of the things they saying they sent to me. I received a email about 2 weeks ago of a hardship app and to this day I still not heard anything from This company in regards to it

This company says I requested to be a member they ran a hard inquiry on my credit that I did not authorize I called them and told them I didn't apply and they said they didn't have anything on me but I just received mail saying I was a member.I did not ask for this and I dont need them affecting my credit report or my privacy.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Apr 16, 2019

We received your complaint on April 12, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

Upon being alerted that a PenFed membership established in your name on April 1, 2019 was the result of identity theft, we immediately took steps to secure the Share account that was opened to prevent any further activity. There were no applications for credit submitted in your name.

On April 15, 2019, we submitted a correction to the three major consumer credit reporting agencies, ***, ***, and ***, to remove the April 1, 2019 inquiry. Our Financial Crimes Unit sent you a letter to confirm their processing of your identity theft claim. Please allow up to 60 days for the three credit bureaus to remove the PenFed credit inquiry.

We recognize resolving issues of this nature can be burdensome, and we are pleased to be able to close the account prior to the occurrence of further negative activity. Thank you for promptly alerting us.


Senior Vice President, Enterprise Fraud Management

Customer Response • Apr 16, 2019

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


This company works with no one to help resolve financial hardships. I have reach out to several different individuals in the company to no avail. Now they are threatening to take me to court because I have been paying what I could. Every month I have pay in good faith until I can get back on my feet. I hope no one uses this company and expects to be helped in times of trouble. They have been a nightmare for people needing help...

PenFed Credit Union Response • Apr 11, 2019

We are sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with PenFed’s efforts to assist you. We appreciate your efforts to honor your financial obligations.
We noted that we offered to explore alternative repayment options with you through our Credit Assistance Program. Regrettably, we did not receive the needed documents to complete the application process. Therefore, our team worked with you to make other arrangements.
We would be pleased to explore any and all alternatives available to you in an effort to assist you in rebuilding your financial life. We suggest you visit our website, ***, and submit an updated application for the Credit Assistance Program.

I tried to open an account online,they never open me an account and then don't want to refund me 20 dollars that I pay to open the account

PenFed Credit Union Response • Apr 02, 2019

We received your complaint on March 29, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

Due to provisions in the U.S. PATRIOT Act, PenFed must verify the identity of new members. To accomplish this, we compare the information provided in the membership application with that contained in a consumer credit report. If there is conflicting information, we require additional documentation.

Thank you for promptly providing the requested identity documents for our review. Regrettably, the documents did not resolve the inconsistencies between the information on your membership profile and credit report. I understand you elected to close the membership. We mailed a $20 check for the initial membership funding to you on

April 1, 2019.

We wish you the best in your future banking experiences.


Senior Vice President, Operations

Customer Response • Apr 02, 2019

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 13473821, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Lesser Glen

This credit union delayed my disability direct deposit which caused one of my loans to not get paid. So, when they received my deposit they cancelled it and send it back and closed my account without any notification. Now I am receiving treatening emails and letters because I complaint on social media for everyone to see. My problem is by sending back my disability deposit it caused other payments to fail.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Apr 05, 2019

We received your complaint on March 25, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

We carefully reviewed your Checking account transactions over the past several months. Your February direct deposit had a February 1, 2019 payment date. As a courtesy, we credited the deposit to your Checking account in overnight processing on January 30, 2019, making the funds available to you on January 31st. The loan payment you mention presented to your account on January 30th, prior to the direct deposit pay date.

You withdrew all funds on January 31, 2019. Another debit to the Checking on February 4, 2019 resulted in a negative balance. On February 19, 2019 we closed the Checking account and mailed you a letter of notification. We returned your March 1, 2019 direct deposit to the originator due to the closed Checking account.

We encourage you to call our Delinquency Control Department to arrange for payment of your negative balance.


Executive Vice President

Consumer Banking

Incredible!!! I took out a $12,000.00 bill consolidation loan in Jan. 2019 and was told that the first payment wasn't due until Mar. 2019. The bill was due on March 6 and I paid $300.00 on March 5. I checked the account and, to my frustration, only $58.52 was put towards the principle and everything else went to the interest.
The $12,000.00 loan had interest put on it initially and the final loan was over $15,000.00. I figured that was doable. The problem is, PenFed charges you $5.00 a day interest!! What kind of *** is that? So, I'm guessing that, I will not be able to see a real dent put in this loan until I owe, maybe $5,000.00 - $6,000.00 remaining on it.
I am so frustrated that I am thinking of trying to get another loan from another establishment to pay of these thieves. This is company is the worst!!

PenFed Credit Union Response • Apr 18, 2019

Thank you for turning to PenFed for your Bill Consolidation Loan. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns about the loan.
Interest accrues daily on installment loans and is paid first when a payment is received. The remainder of the payment is applied to other charges (if applicable), and then to the principal balance of the loan.
Because your loan was disbursed in January, and the first payment was received in March, a larger portion of the payment was applied to accrued interest. We are sorry for any alarm this caused you; this is a common occurrence because the first loan payment is often due more than 30 days after disbursal.
The good news is that the daily interest accrual reduces as the loan balance is paid down. As you may have noted with your April payments, due to the lower loan balance and shorter period between payments, $127.97 was applied to your principal balance.
You are most welcome to request principal-only payments by calling us.
We hope this information is helpful in understanding your payment allocation and thank you for choosing PenFed for your financial needs.
Executive Vice President, Consumer Banking

On 16FEB19 we received a Notice of Garnishment or Levy from PenFed. I will provide a copy of the notice and attached document. PenFen had garnished my account for $130 back in January. This was our first notice. While reviewing the Notice, I realized that I was not the person listed on the Order to Withhold. The individual listed had the same first name, different middle initial and the last name was spelled differently. The biggest difference was his address was in San Jose, California. The Order was clearly not for me. PenFed did not do their due diligence to ensure they had the right person and took the money from my account. We have contacted them several times but have been unable to resolve the issue.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Mar 12, 2019

We received your complaint on March 8, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

On February 6, 2019 PenFed received a garnishment order for your account. While the spelling of the name in the order was slightly different, the Social Security number listed matches your Social Security number. PenFed must comply when it is served with a garnishment order.

Because PenFed is required by law to comply with the order, if you believe there has been an error, you must contact the garnishing party. We provided their contact information in the letter you received on February 16, 2019.

We hope our response clarifies the actions taken on your account. Thank you for being a loyal PenFed member.


Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel

Customer Response • Mar 23, 2019

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:Based on my investigation so far, someone is not telling the truth. PenFed took money out of my account and sent it to California based on a court order they received. The middle initial and last name on the court order did not match mine and the address did not match mine. PenFen claims the documents they received included a SSN that matched mine. I then spoke to the representative of the Franchise Tax Board for the State of California that processed the Court Order and he stated the SSN associated with this case and the date of birth of the individual did not match mine. He stated there is no way my SSN was associated with the documents sent to PenFed.I am retired from the U. S. Navy and currently work for a large corporation as a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional. With many years experience working with both Legal and Audit, I know someone is not being honest. Since I lack the access to continue my investigation, I am turning it over to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and will be submitting a claim to the State of California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General.Regards

PenFed Credit Union Response • Mar 25, 2019

---------- Forwarded message ---------From: Pentagon Federal Executive Correspondence Date: Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 2:16 PMSubject: CID *** - ID - Multiple Office and CFPBTo: *** <***>Hello ***,This consumer filed a complaint regarding this issue with another government agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We will provide our findings in our response to that complaint.Since this issue is now with another agency, will you please close the case?Thank you, Briana HExecutive Correspondence Officer

On March 6, 2019, I deposited cash in the amount of $1,100 into the PenFed ATM at this location. I had more than enough money in my account to cover all my upcoming bills that were going to automatically debit from my account as well as me paying other bills. I made my rent payment, which I had mire than enough money to cover. Not only did the bank reverse my rent payment, they also charged me a $10 debit fee. I called the PenFed customer service number and inquired why this happened on my account. the customer service rep also seemed confused about why this happened, and then finally explained to me that sometimes the ATM gets confused when you make deposits. First of all, that is the most ridiculous excuse I have heard come from a customer service representative and its a pretty poor excuse to happen at a bank. The customer service representative tried to explain that sometimes the ATM gets confused when cash is deposited and it thinks its a check and holds funds to be released. that is also a poor excuse because an ATM gives you the option to deposit checks or cash and you choose what you want to deposit. So now because the bank put a hold on funds that were clearly available, and shown to be available on my online viewing of my account, my mortgage company reversed my payment for non sufficient funds...when clearly, there were enough funds in my account. PenFed refused to do anything about this and its up to me as a customer to rectify this situation, when I have done nothing wrong. There was enough money in my account to cover all my bills.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Mar 15, 2019

We received your complaint on March 8, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns, and thank you for your PenFed membership.

A portion of the ATM deposit made on March 6, 2019 was placed on hold per PenFed’s membership disclosures:
PenFed ATMs: All funds deposited in excess of $500 at a PenFed ATM are subject to an initial one (1) business day hold pending verification of the deposit. Thereafter, the
applicable hold for items may apply. Deposits made after 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time are considered as made on the next business day.

When your ACH debit attempted to clear your account on March 7, 2019, a portion of your deposit was still on hold, and your payment rejected. During your conversation with us on March 7, 2019, we waived the $10 fee you were assessed and explained our ATM deposit hold policy.

We recognize you made your ATM deposit in good faith and did not intend for your ACH payment to reject. We encourage you to apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit to help avoid rejected transactions in the future.

On March 11, 2019, we mailed a letter of explanation for you to provide to your mortgage company. The funds from your deposit are now available and we hope you are able to quickly resolve this with your mortgage company.


Vice President, Deposits

My company has a roofing contract with a member of Penfed. His insurance company made his roofing checks payable to Penfed and him. We overnighted his first check for $89,937.69 to Penfed with all of their required paperwork. In addition we requested that Penfed release $41,547.87. Per my customers contract that amount had been due for a number of weeks. When we sent the first check to Penfed we were almost complete with the installation. Two days from the day we overnighted the check to Penfed we called them to confirm that they were releasing the requested funds. Penfed said it would take 5-7 days to process the payment. We also requested the completed roof inspection. 4 days later Penfed called my customer and said they never received the check or the paperwork we overnighted. We called Penfed and reminded them that they had already confirmed receiving the check. They apologized. Penfed has had our funds for nineteen days now. we have been told on two different occasions it has been mailed .We have been told the funds are in my customers account and he can pay us anytime. Not true! I cannot keep financing these Mortgage/Cedit Unions that make interest on my money. Corporate greed is making it impossible to run my business. We have overnighted a second check to Penfed for $7,126.86 I have left several messages in the last two days to a Mrs. J her voicemail promises a return call within 24 hours. No call back. I troubled my customer last week while he was on vacation to check for the monies that Penfed said were available to him. When the funds weren't there he once again requested Penfed release funs so he can pay us. As long as Penfed can keep making interest on my customers and my moniey they will continue to lie and delay this payment. Thank you

PenFed Credit Union Response • Mar 12, 2019

Dear ***,

We received your complaint on March 4, 2019. Thank you for making us aware of this issue.

We apologize to you for our delayed processing of the noted repair claim. We have addressed this issue with our staff to prevent a similar problem in the future.

We hope our contact with you on March 4th has provided the information you need at this time. We will closely monitor the claim and ensure we act on all future transactions promptly.


Senior Vice President, Mortgage Servicing

PenFed continually sends mail for the wrong person to our address for over 6 months. PenFed has been contacted more than once being advised of the situation as well as return to sender being placed on the envelope and sent back noting the wrong address and PenFed still won't stop sending the mail. This is harassing since by law we can't just through out this person's mail that they won't make a correction to.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Mar 07, 2019

We received your complaint on March 4, 2019.

Thank you for making us aware of the mail you are receiving from PenFed addressed to another individual. We apologize if we did not resolve this matter with your first contact with us.

We have taken steps to stop mail for this individual to your address. If you receive mail in the future, please contact us at ***, and we will look into it for you.


Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Risk Officer

During my monthly credit card statement review, I found an unauthorized charge on my credit card with Pentagon Federal Credit Union(end of ***, Post Date: 06/06/2018, Reference#: ***, Charged $98.41 ) I called right away and after their investigation, they told me that I shouldn't be responsible for this unauthorized charge and it will be credited to my card within 2-4 weeks.

A month later,I still did not see the credit so I called again, I got the same answer from their manager and they also explained that it was few weeks behind.

But I waited and called the third time and forth time months later, they all gave me the same answers and explained the same reasons why the refund hasn't been credited yet.

About couple of weeks ago I called last time, a manager said: It has been so long time, so we won't give you the credit.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Mar 01, 2019

We received your complaint on February 25, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

We understand discovering unauthorized transactions on your credit card can be distressing, and regret your claim has not been resolved. As a result of your August 29, 2018 phone call, we initiated a dispute claim for the $98.41 charge. On September 19, 2018 we contacted you with additional questions. We called and emailed you on October 31, 2018 and November 26, 2018, but did not receive a response. Because we could not process the claim without additional information, we closed it on November 26, 2018.

However, in your complaint you indicate you did not authorize the transaction, which is considered fraud, not a dispute. We apologize this was not clarified when you first contacted us. If the transaction is unauthorized, please call our Lost and Stolen line at to close your card and file a fraud claim. We will review your claim as quickly as possible.


Senior Vice President

Enterprise Fraud Management

On Sunday 02/10/19 I went to Penfed Credit Union ATM to withdraw funds at 9:19am central standard time unfortunately the ATM machine gave me a receipt stating I had withdrawn funds of $140 dollars with a $4 dollar fee but I did not get any funds. I immediately called their customer service while sitting in front of their ATM machine, I spoke with a representative which filed my complaint and took my information. I also called my bank USAA and informed them what had happened. Today 02/12/19 I called again to find out the status of my complaint and again left my information with another representative, so later in the day the same representative I talked to called my back and informed me it is not their Penfed responsibility but to contact my bank and file a complaint. I am extremely upset about this due to the fact Penfed has not taken responsibility for their faulty equipment.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Feb 21, 2019

We received your complaint on February 13, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.
We regret there was a problem with your recent withdrawal at a PenFed ATM. The standard process for reporting ATM discrepancies is to contact your card issuer. They have the appropriate tracking information to relay to the ATM owner for investigation of the transaction.

While our Member Service Representative forwarded the information you provided, she also instructed you to contact your financial institution. They are responsible for initiating a dispute and providing credit to your account as appropriate. We will respond to them with the outcome of the investigation.

We hope this information is helpful in understanding the dispute process. We assure you we will act quickly upon receiving the dispute.


Executive Vice President

Consumer Banking

I open an account on dec 24 2018. I was told to send in several documents to continue usage of my account. At this point I will like to be fully refunded and all account information erase from penfed system. I would like offical letter head letter stating this is not my memeber or account number. I would like no more mailer or email or phone calls from PenFed Credit union. I would like to also be contacted by presdential office. *** Petersburg VA

Customer Response • Feb 13, 2019

From: *** <***@***.com>Date: Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 11:27 AMSubject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint #***.To: Cancel issue has been resolved

I contacted penfed after I received a return a call message. I realized I forgot to make a payment. I made a transfer ,but wasn't sure it was a payment so I called to ask. after I was assured it is a payment I asked about how late it was. I was told it was past the 30 days and past cycle. it may have been likely reported to credit reporting agencies. knowing that a credit report such as myself can in fact be removed from a credit report when asked by the reporting party I asked if they can remove the late payment. I was told by the first level "Customer service?" representative that it cannot and everyone in her dept. would refuse. I still insisted to speak to a supervisor. Supervisors name I believe is "Dexter". he began to give me what I know is false information about what a credit reporting agency will and will not do. I explained l already know the process. I know for a fact that a credit reporting agency will remove the information when requested by a reporting party. the supervisor still kept giving false and misleading information. The supervisor even became irate and confrontational when I was explaining myself. just because I know he is lying to me and not giving me accurate information is not a reason to be rude. at the end he was honest when I finally said that rather than lie he can just be honest and tell me " I don't want to" which he did so at least he is not a complete liar.

I never denied the validity of the issue only asking something I know is done frequently. To pretend or lie that it does not occur or exist is as crazy as to deny the air you and I breath!

PenFed Credit Union Response • Feb 18, 2019

We received your complaint on February 8, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

We are sorry to hear you are displeased with PenFed’s service. You are a valued member, and we wish to reflect this in every contact with you.

Please accept our apology for our poor handling of your recent phone call. It is our policy that all reportable information is submitted to the consumer credit reporting agencies. We believe the integrity of the information obtained through these agencies is reliant on all financial institutions reporting full and accurate information. As such, we do not make goodwill or courtesy adjustments.

In reviewing your account, we see your payment was made within six days of your due date, and therefore will not report as past due to the credit agencies. We regret the misinformation provided to you.

We also reviewed your accounts for mailed statement fees, and see we granted a waiver in September 2018. We did not find that we charged the fee for your consolidated or credit card statements.

We hope this information is helpful in understanding PenFed policies, and that you will allow us the opportunity to regain your confidence in our service.


Senior Vice President, Operations

Worst bank I ever dealt with in 40 years experience. Looses paperwork multiple times.

I applied online for an account, it didn't go through but they pulled my credit. I had to call to set everything up the rep said it wouldnt pull my credit and it did again. he entered my wrong mail now I have mail being sent to me with the wrong name. I tried cancelling everything after this disaster the next day.

PenFed Credit Union Response • Jan 29, 2019

We received your complaint on January 22, 2019. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

We apologize for our poor processing of your new PenFed membership. This does not reflect our standards of service, and we regret your first exposure to PenFed was not positive.

As part of the membership application process, you consented to a consumer credit report inquiry. We therefore will not request the removal of this inquiry. However, as you noted, we entered your name incorrectly when you called us, which resulted in a second credit inquiry.

We will inform *** of our error. *** does not allow the full removal of an inquiry; however, they will change the second inquiry from a hard inquiry, which can affect your credit score, to a soft inquiry, which does not affect your score and is not visible to lenders. Please allow up to 90 days for the correction to process.

We also closed your membership as requested.

We are very sorry for your poor experience, and hope we have fully resolved your concerns.


Senior Vice President, Service Center Operations

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Address: PO Box 1432, Alexandria, Virginia, United States, 22313-1432


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+1 (800) 278-2212
+1 (202) 562-8210


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