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Petro Home Services

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Petro Home Services Reviews (73)

Review: We have been using Petro Home Services for years for yearly maintenance of our air conditioning and heating system. We ALWAYS request service before the summer season. We have had problems with the condensate pump getting clogged so it requires yearly cleaning. Petro has placed a service card on the unit stating the pump gets dirty and requires regular cleaning. They were here in early June for the requested yearly maintenance service. We were charged over $ 200 for the service. However just 5 weeks later we had a major flood in the basement from the pump overflowing. The water ran into the next room, damaging the rug and furniture. The wooden furniture is starting to rot. When the pump was opened it was filthy. They failed to follow their own recommendations that was clearly posted on the unit. It was obvious that the pump was not cleaned a few weeks earlier. Petro came over immediately and cleaned the pump.

The next day [redacted] from the [redacted] office came to check up on the situation. He took photos of the damage and said he will get back to us. When he didn't call us back we left several messages for him. Finally he called and said Petro will NOT be helping us to pay for the damages to replace the damaged carpet and furniture. To make matters worse, Petro even sent us a bill for the cleaning of the pump.

Petro failed to provide the requested maintenance services and charged us for same. This resulted in a flood causing over $ 5000 in damages. They feel they can just ignore us and the problem will go away. They even had the nerve to charges us again to clean the pump. It was their negligence that caused the flood.Desired Settlement: Payment for clean up, replacement of carpet and furniture. Of course drop the charges



At this time, I have been contacted directly by Petro/Cibro Of The Bronx regarding complaint ID [redacted], however my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

We are in the process of cleaning up the damage in the basement. They have asked us to do the clean up ourselves because of the personal nature of items involved. This is a time consuming process because we are do not have a lot of the necessary free time to do it. We have not been provided with any help to accomplish this. They promised monetary compensation in the future for our time but we have not received a penny despite hours and hours of our time. The wood furniture is already rotting because of the water damage. The carpet is stained and smells and needs to replaced. The furniture needs to be replaced. We have received NOTHING in writing from them. This has not been resolved. We are afraid that they will NOT honor their verbal commitment.

thank you

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Review: I started using Petro as my rental propertys oil provider since May 2013 and I have 1-year service contract with them.Petro delivered 10 gallons of oil on March ** and performed oil burner tune up service on March [redacted] The oil and service were ordered the same day. When I scheduled the service, I specifically asked them over the phone "IS THERE ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGES TO THIS SERVICE?" They told me NO additional charges since I had a service contract with them. (They should have the original phone recording). After the tune up service, my new tenants moved in and tried to set up an account with Petro. They were rejected because of their unsatisfactory credit score. So they moved on and switched to another oil provider.I was billed $463 on April [redacted] and was told that my service agreement (which I paid for) was cancelled because our tenants purchased oil from another company. I dont think the charge was fair because of the following reasons:1.The service was provided before our tenants switched to another oil provider. On service date, my contract with Petro was still valid.2.We had no idea our tenants would switch to another oil provider. Before our tenants moving in, we told them that our oil provider was Petro and they should change the account to be under their names because, according to the rental contract, tenants are responsible for their utility expense.3.Choosing oil provider is not under our control. My tenants have the rights to choose their own oil provider. I cant force them to stay with Petro. Besides, they did offer to purchase oil from Petro. Its Petro who rejected them.4.Each time I scheduled burner service, I specifically asked Petro if theres any additional change and their answer was always NO. They should have warned me of a possible charge due to involuntary cancellation of service contract. In fact, I am not even sure Petros service agreement specifies a charge for involuntary contract cancellation. I tried to dispute the charge with Petro by contacting their customer service. I totally called them 4 times and tried to reach a solution with them. I even offered to resolve the issue by asking my tenants to switch back to Petro and reinstate my service contract with Petro for another month to fulfill the 1-year agreement. Petro rejected my proposal and refused to waive the charge each time.I have exhausted all the possible solutions I can think of and I am here to ask for your help to resolve my charge dispute with Petro. I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you soon.Thank you and sincerely,[redacted]Desired Settlement: I'd like Petro to take off the charges.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Petro regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: My issue revolves around a home in which I made settlement on Dec. 13, 2013. I called Petro Oil to hire them for the job of inspecting a chimney and a wood stove. It was agreed upon that they would call me upon arrival and I would meet the chimney inspector at the house right away. Also the listing agent would have to be present to open the door for us. The timing of the inspection was crucial because I was in the negotiation stage of the purchase of the home. It was approximately December 4th when I made the call and appx. Dec 5th that we planned on meeting at the house for the inspection. I was not permitted to wait at the house because I did not yet own the house. On that day I never received a call. As the window of time closed that they allotted for the arrival of the inspector I became concerned and I decided to call them. I spoke with a woman and explained to her that I have been waiting to hear from one of their employees about a job that I hired them for. The woman took my info and told me that the work had been completed. I was perplexed. I was never contacted by anyone from Petro Oil. I expressed my dissatisfaction as I wanted a fair and unbiased inspection completed. For all I know they were never even there. Despite their failure to satisfy me as a customer I asked them for a copy of the report. I was denied. I explained to the representative that I was the customer and therefore I deserve some sort of report or even verification of work completed. Again she denied me. I never met a Petro employee at the house. I never received (by U.S. mail or email) a statement of work completed ( still, to this day.) I never signed a contract or a bill with Petro Oil. I have never even heard an oral report about the work completed.

I received a call from a woman named [redacted] from Petro's chimney department and promptly called back. We had a nice and communicative conversation and I explained to her my issue on not having received any services but having received a bill. She confirmed to me that it was on her notes for the inspector to call me and meet me at the house. She acknowledged that I never received any documentation on work that was allegedly performed. She then told me that she would ask the proper person about it and call me back. The very next day I had a credit collection agency calling me. Now I am in the process of spending my time on this issue and having to write a letter to this collection agency explaining that I am disputing this bill.Desired Settlement: It is not fair practice to bill somebody for a service which they did not receive. Furthermore, if I received a report on the work allegedly completed it would be considered untimely as the work was requested in early December, 2013.

I believe that this charge should be quashed and that the credit collection agency should be notified.



On May 22, 2014 at 11:56 am [redacted] spoke with one of our representatives and it was agreed to credit off the entire $160.00 charge. I have included a copy of the account transaction report which show the credit and the ending zero balance for his account. The inspection was completed and the information was provided to the realtor.

Being a Customer of three heating seasons with petro, I can't wait for the ending of my final contract. They are now price gouging me under the guise of "price protection", I'm paying $1 per gallon more than comparable services in my region and my equipment service plan has gone up tremendously each year now to $327 from $167. They offer no way to reasonably compare prices nor keep track of prices. Their whole pricing system is secretive and shady.

I was a loyal Petro customer for many years. Their technicians and reps for the most part were quite good. My issue was that they were much higher priced than other oil companies so I decided to switch. I fullfilled my financial obligation to Petro before cancelling so was not in violation of my contract. However, when I went to cancel I got a very rude response. I kindly let her know that I would love to stay but her quote was significantly higher than oil company B (whom I ended up going with). She went on and on about how they wouldn't provide the same level of service which is a bunch of BS (just a marketing technique I told her). I then reminded her that I was not scheduled for another oil delivery for several weeks (she confirmed) and I confirmed that no other bills would be sent (she confirmed). Well the very next day wouldn't you know it but a Petro oil truck pulls up to my house to deliver oil. Luckily I was home and told him I had cancelled so he pulled away. I then called the same customer service rep to ask why and she gave me a lame excuse of the systems not talking with one another. My scheduled delivery was several weeks away remember so I doubt that was the case. Now if I wasn't home they would have delivered oil and knowing them I would have been liable for it. Unbelievable! I will never be a Petro customer again.
PS - why is that loyal customers pay a higher rate than those that just join? I still can't figure that out.

Review: Petro-Reading billed me for a home oil delivery on January 15, 2013 which was not actually delivered to my home.Desired Settlement: Refund of payment for oil not delivered.



We have already reached out to [redacted] regarding this matter after our Delivery department researched and confirmed the January delivery was made. The basis for [redacted]'s dispute is that she did not find the delivery ticket in her door after the delivery was made. We have sent her copies of the delivery ticket to show her the delivery was made. We also explained that if the January delivery had not been received, based on her consumption the delivery in February would have been significantly larger. We have and will send her a more detailed breakdown of her consumption based on the automatic delivery system our Delivery department uses to project when a customer is due for delivery as further explanation. We will send this to her via email today 4/3/13 to the email address she confirmed is her working email.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is the only repsonse the company is willing to send to me. I prefer simply to not deal with this company in the future and request that others do the same.


Review: Doesn't involve a health issue but it certainly can become one! I am getting annoyed with having to contact for these petty issues. I received several bills with late fees on them? Why? As stated in the past. I did not authorize these deliveries. I specifically told Petro do NOT send any more Oil until my bills are up to date. Guess what?! They deliever anyways and NOW they are charging me late fees. I have an open credit card with my bank, once the late fees are removed...I will have my associate from [redacted] place the balance on my card! I will not pay any late fees on any illegal deliveries of oil I did not request to be sent to my home. Period!Desired Settlement: Remove the Late Fees!



We sent [redacted] an email on Monday June 3rd because that is his preferred method of communication. In that email we explained the reason for the late fees on his account is because we have not received payment since January 2013. In October 2012 in response to his previous complaint we agreed to apply a credit to his account as a courtesy for the confusion with our Credit department not being aware of and accomodating his hearing disability. As part of the resolution [redacted] agreed to regular payments of $100 but as stated we have not received payment since January 2013.

In the 6/3/13 email we let [redacted] know that we can reverse the late fees once he makes payment on his account and sets up a regular schedule of payment with us for his remaining balance. We have not received a reply to our email at this time.

Review: Back 6 months ago I called to have oil delivered the customer device line old me that I was due for delivery that week I ask if we can have it delivered that same day they said okay with a delivery charge of $99 from there they told me they were going to be coming out that same day he gentleman knocked on my door and said he was from petro and said he needed to go back into my heater room I said okay he proceed to come out afterwords and handed me a bill of $400 I asked them what this was for he told me that was the charge for the delivery and heater repair I told him I didn't have no heater repair he said that's what the call was for he wanted me to sign the paper I told him I was not he said a name I need you to sign the paper for us to put the oil in your tank so I did and he told me to call Peter right away to dispute the charge so I did six months later normal help me or take care of the $400 chargeDesired Settlement: I would like to find the $400.00 taken off my bill and I will continue to pay the rest of my balance.



At Petro we pride ourselves on working with our customers even when we are not at fault for them running out of oil. We do everything we can to prevent our customers from being without oil especially during the winter months, and to respond as quickly as possible if they are without oil.

We reviewed the original call [redacted] placed to customer service on the night of Feb 20th 2013 when she initially disputed the charges in March. We found that the diagnostic fee for our technician to bring oil to their home was explained twice and it was confirmed twice that we were sending a technician to bring them oil. At the time, the [redacted]' account was on hold for oil deliveries due to lack of payment on their balance. We explained that since they were out of oil we would send a technician with oil that night to get them through to when our oil delivery truck would be able to fill their tank the next day. [redacted] did understand that there would be a fee from the Feb 20th conversation because she had asked during that conversation if it could be waived and was informed it could not be.

The service charge from Feb 20th 2013 consisted only of a $49 diagnostic fee and charge for the ten gallons of oil we brought to their home that night. The $49 diagnostic fee is actually less than what we would normally have charged for an after hours service call. The normal charge for an after hours call for a customer who does not have a service agreement would have been $98.

In an attempt to further work with the [redacted] and assist them in bringing their account balance current we recently offered them a $100 credit off of the charge from Feb 20th 2013 which they declined. Given that the charges were explained properly and multiple times, and the majority of the total service bill was for the oil brought to their home that night we do feel that the offer of $100 credit is a generous and fair offer.



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Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Im not disputing the diganostic charge Im disputing the 380 dollar charge they charged me for having an employee of theirs come to my house to put 10 gallons in my tank and did somethingin my heater room im not even to sure what he may have done my heater did not need anywork done to it my tank was not empty .. I dont mind payingthe 98 dollar charge I refuse to pay the charge for them to come out to my house .




There was work that needed to be performed on the Colon's heater to get it running due to how low their oil level was. However if there was miscommunication or a lack of communication from the technician to our customers about the work that needed to be performed, that certainly is not up to our standards. We would not normally want to leave a customer without heat especially in the winter months, however the charges in addition to the oil and diagnostic fee were for the work peformed for a customer without a service agreement and after hours.

Due to any miscommunication we can offer to resolve by charging for the ten gallons of oil we brought to their home plus the flat rate we charge for customers who have service agreements but run themselves out of oil, not taking into account that it was an after hours call. The charges would be $38.99 for the oil and $120 for the service call, for a total of $158.99. This is the lowest we can offer for our services performed and oil delivered.

Review: I called petro oil to see about getting on a budget plan. was asked several questions about oil usage. Was then told they could put me on a plan of 210 per month for 6 months of the year. Any remaining balance from past year will reflect on next years bill. I agreed. They than ran a credit check based on my ss number, and informed me that because of my credit rating they would require a $700 deposit in order for me to qualify for that plan. I told them I needed to think about it, and after 24 hrs consideration, I called the following day and gave them $700 security deposit, and scheduled for my first delivery of oil. The oil was recieved. about three weeks later I recieved my first bill that was for 876.00. I then called them to see what the exact amount was for (initially I was told it was 210. and change). I was then informed I was not on a "budget" and owed the full amount. I said that was not the impression I was under and I saw no need to pay nearly double what a delivery of oil was simply because of my credit, when there are oil companies Ive dealt with in the past that do c.o.d. for the amount with NO security deposit. They told me that I was under a plan that I paid c.o.d. with a 700.00 deposit should I choose to not pay. So I told them to take the 700, and apply it to the bill and I'll pay the remaining balance. I then get a letter in the mail with the remaining balance of 176.00 + a 399.00 early termination fee. on the back of the bill it said if you have a problem with our billing please submit in writing the problem (do not call a representitive). I do that and pay the initial balance of 176.00. Since then I am barated with telephone calls, trying to collect 399.00. Every time I speak with a representive explaining I only had oil delivered one time and my situation they tell me they will have another operator contact me. Ive tried contacting my lawyer and they keep doing the same thing to them, thus not resolving the issues of me being misinformed of the plan I was on and not being told anything about early termination fees, especially considering I was not on the plan I was lead to believe I was on in the first place. For the record I did not sign any type of agreement. Any exchanges other than the letter I had sent at their request, was done on the telephone.

Furthermore I have now noticed online, that several people are complaining about similar situations online with this company. If fact if you put the name "petro oil" in a search engine like [redacted], Their company site is the first listed, and the second listing is nothing but customer complaints. I dont need my credit damaged. I have paid off all my past debts within the past year, and do not need negative markings on my credit report because this company misguided me initially to thinking I was on a payment plan.Desired Settlement: I want the early termination fee waived due to me being misinformed about the plan I was on. They refuse to waive it because they say they gave me a reduced quote on oil. I'd gladly pay what the reduced cost was .08 per gallon for 275 gallons if that is the issue. However 399.00 when oil was delivered one time, they have been paid in full for their oil, and the fact that that "early termination fee" is nearly half of a full tank of oil is rediculous, considering I only had oil delivered on one occasion and signed no contract



We had our Sales department review the original sales calls from when [redacted]'s account was set up and did find that the sales representative did not explain the security deposit program correctly nor address the smart pay budget plan properly for those who may go on the security deposit program. We have contacted [redacted] and let him know that to make the situation right we have credited back the Early Termination Fee and apologized for the miscommunication. We have also emailed him a copy of the account transaction report reflecting this credit and adjusted account balance which is now zero. The situation has also been addressed within the Sales department as this was most certainly below our standards of customer service. We appreciate [redacted]'s patience in the resolution of this issue and regret the original miscommunication.

Review: I cancelled my contract with petro on Nov 5, 2014 and was told by a customer representative that I would receive my refund check within 7 to 14 days. It is now a month later and I have yet to receive my refund check. I called customer service again to find out when and why I have not received my refund check and I was told another 2 weeks and that the supervisor had no idea why this occurred.Desired Settlement: refund check overnight-ed



November 13, 2014I am responding to above named case number regarding

consumer, [redacted]. On December 6th 2014, [redacted] had contacted us concerning the refund for a credit on her

cancelled account. The refund was requested

on December 6th 2014 and will be sent out in the next 5-10 business

days. .

Review: My husband and I had a contract with Petro Oil company to install a 13 Kw standby generator at our home for the total cost of $9,300. We submitted a down payment of $2,325 and signed the contract on February 15, 2014. At this time, the location for the generator and tanks were decided upon, and shortly thereafter, the installers came by to spraypaint the outlines of the permanent locations for the system. The scheduled date for the complete install was April 23-25, 2014. The work did begin on schedule, however, it has yet to be completed. The reason for the hold up is that the agreed upon locations for both the generator and the propane tanks were not honored by Petro. Instead, on the first day of the install, without our consent, they cut down and removed a large, mature tree (a focal point for our yard) and placed the generator where our beautiful tree once grew. This decision destroyed the landscaping in that part of the yard, and left nothing but a mud pit and an eyesore where there was once a tree, ivy, railroad ties and pavers. After many phone calls and emails, the electricians who were subcontracted to complete the job did move the generator to a completely different area of the yard, but nothing further has been done to connect that generator to our house or to the tanks. Although we have made several attempts to rectify this situation through repeated phone calls, emails, and scheduled in-person meetings that never took place due to cancellations on their end, there has been no effort to resolve this issue on their end. We were asked to provide a quote from a local nursery to assess the replacement costs associated with the the replacement of the tree and ivy and the related costs of repairing the rest of the damage. The estimate that we received was $4157.00 The replacement cost of the tree (a 6-8" caliper Pink Dogwood) alone was $3200.00. Petro did not like the estimate, so they decided to get their own. We had no problem with this, so we agreed to having a second company come out and survey the damage and estimate the cost of replacement. Their cost for restoring the damage was $1860.00-- a huge difference accounted for by the fact that would like to replace the tree that we had with a 2-3" dogwood or some hydrangeas instead. As a responsible homeowner, I refused to move ahead with the project until we had come to an agreement on who was going to be paying for what. Since the contract specifically reads that we are to pay upon completion of the job, and the job has yet to be completed, I have not paid the balance of the install. That said, my monthly bill recently went up over $100/month, and when I called questioning this, the customer service rep told me that it appeared that that was the bill for monthly installments for the generator, not for our oil. When we hired Petro to install our home generator system, we anticipated the same level of professionalism, customer service and quality that we have come to know and expect from years of using this company for all of our oil, heating and plumbing needs. My husband and I are completely appalled with this generator experience and the overall lack of professionalism and the contempt with which we have been treated. Not only were both the tanks and the generator not placed in the agreed upon locations, but the company also decided without prior consent to remove a mature tree and as a result destroyed part of our yard. Additionally, it has been nearly seven months now, and we are no farther along in this process than we were in the spring.Desired Settlement: This is what we are seeking to rectify the situation and to bring our account and contract to a close:

1. I want the FULL REPLACEMENT COST of the property damage that was caused by Petro &/or sub contractors. (For the record, I never had hydrangeas in my back yard, nor do I have any intentions of replacing a beautiful, mature tree with a few bushes. The tree that was cut down was a pink dogwood with a 9" trunk circumference, and that is the cost I am expecting to be replaced)

2. I either want the work to be completed for the cost of the initial contract MINUS OUR INITIAL DEPOSIT AND MINUS THE FULL REPLACEMENT COST OF DAMAGES





November 13, 2014I am responding to above named case number regarding

consumer, [redacted]. [redacted] was contacting us concerning

the outstanding service work that still needed to be completed at her property.On November 12, 2014 our Service Manger Jim G[redacted] was in

contact with [redacted] and we agreed upon her conditions and will be

contacting her to complete the service work.

This company is not equipped to service customers or deal with furnace maintanence. We had a service plan and had a few emergency calls, all leaving us having to call them back. This final time we had no heat, we called the man came, didn't answer my husbands questions on what was wrong. Did something and charged us over $600 dollars. My husband asked several questions and received a rushed response. I called customer service several times with people who could barely handle the questions too. I have been waiting for a supervisor to call me back to discuss the bill and poor service. Also to note our furnace is still not working correctly and had to call another company to fix. Petro has no integrity and does not know how to service systems or customers. I believe this is actually a scam.

Review: I have been a Petro Oil customer for 2 years and sign a yearly contract with the company. As part of the contract I have automatic delivery and am on a payment plan. At the end of September a representative called to see if I was interested in renewing my contract, which expires October 31. I am in the process of making the switch to gas this year. In the spring a Petro rep made a curtisy call and I complained that my water and showers never seemed to get hot and I was interested in a hot water heater. I was told someone could let me know what me options were during my yearly tune up. An appt was made for July 17. On July 17 no one showed up and I realized that they had left a message the night before canceling my appt. I decided then that I was going to switch to gas. No one ever came to do my tune up or assess my options. In September I told the rep that I was not interested in recontracting and since I was at a $0 balance I wouldn't be needing any oil for the remaining month. I was then transferred to [redacted] who told me that I had an automatic delivery for the end of October and if I was to deny this delivery then that would be terminating my contract early and a $399 fee. I asked since when was I contracted to have so many automatic deliveries or to have so many gallons of oil delivered, there was no reasoning behind this they just asssumed I must be low and thought that I needed the oil. Deliveries were never scheduled occurances, in the previous year the company had come 12/06/12, 1/28/13, and last on 3/26/13. I explained that I didn't understand how not needing the oil was terminating the contract if it's not a scheduled delivery. Petro comes randomly without notification. I asked what the minimum delivery was and suggested only $100 worth of oil. I was told that was unreasonable and the minimum was 100 gallons. I asked if this could be delivered to my mothers house since she uses oil. [redacted] said she would have to ask the delivery manager who was out of the office for the day. I asked to have a manager call me and [redacted] said she would have someone call. The next day [redacted] called me back and said if they would wave the termination fee if Petro did the conversion or new installation for me. I explained again that I already had someone actively doing the installation for me, my gas hot water heater has already been installed. I asked again about the oil being delivered to my mother's house. [redacted] said again she would ask her manager and let me know. I asked for her to have a manager call me back. The following week a rep named [redacted] called to talk about my interest in switching to gas and having Petro do the conversion for me. I explained again that I already had someone doing the installation for me. I then asked to speak to a manager who got on the phone and told me that they were unable to deliver to my mothers house because she is not a customer of theirs. I asked if they ever did one time deliveries for people in need who called. I was told they only work with established customers because they need to assess the equipment before delivering and they would not do a one time delivery to my mother's house even though I was going to be paying the bill. They would only deliver to her if she became a customer. No one from Petro ever came to house to assess any equipment before they ever delivered the first time 2 years ago. I asked the manager where in the contract did I have to take so many automatic deliveries or so many gallons. The manager said that because I haven't had a delivery in a while they asssumed I needed the oil. I explained that I didn't because I am going to switch to gas. I felt this was entrapment to wait until the last week of a contract to deliver oil and force someone to recontract or owe Petro money. The manager then told me that there was no way out of the termination fee or delivery. She said offering me only 100 gallons was a deal. I attempted to find other Petro oil customers to take the delivery for me at a discounted rate, but within the next couple days the oil was delivered and I now have an unexpected $354.90 bill to pay and have to hold off on having my new boiler installed because I now have oil to finish using up.Desired Settlement: I feel a termination fee or delivery was completely unacceptable, especially when you can't offer any reasoning behind why I have to take the delivery. No where was it ever stated that I had to have so many deliveries made or gallons used. I never wanted the oil, I feel Petro was trying to entrap me and get what ever money out of me that they could. I have a family friend in another town who contracts with Petro and said she never had any issues with calling to say she did not need any oil delivered. I'm not sure if it's just this location or the whole company, but I feel as if the were trying to take advantage of their customers and are very inconsistant in their delivery patterns and employee education.



In response to the complaint from [redacted] Petro Account number [redacted]:

On 10/24/12 **. [redacted] accepted a Ceiling Price Agreement with Petro from October 24, 2012 through October 2013. The price agreement is a binding contract that required automatic delivery throughout the term of the agreement. There is no set amount of oil she was required to purchase from us, however; she needed to remain on automatic delivery until the expiration of her price agreement. All of our price agreement acceptances are recorded and the terms of the agreement were clearly stated and [redacted]. [redacted] agreed to the terms of her agreement. **. [redacted] has been our customer since October 2011, we have a delivery pattern and our automatic delivery system calculates delivery due dates based on past years usage as well as the temperatures outside. **. [redacted] was clearly due for another delivery under the price agreement that she accepted in October 2011.

When a customer accepts a Ceiling Price Agreement with us, we purchase protection for that customer to guarantee that their price per gallon will not exceed a certain amount which is agreed upon by the customer. Because we purchase the protection on the pricing up front for our customers we do have an early termination fee that applies if the customer terminates their account early. **. [redacted] called to terminate her account on 9/26/13, a little over a month prior to her price agreement expiration. She was due one more oil fill before the end of her price agreement based on her previous usage and the temperatures outside.

The last thing we want is for a customer to receive an early terminatin fee. We did our best to work with **. [redacted], she asked if we could make that last delivery to her mothers home. We definitely double checked on that, however; there is a legal risk in delivering oil somewhere other than to a customer with an account with us and to an oil tank that we have never delivered to. We are very diligent in making sure that we follow stringent safety precautions and delivering oil to a non customer whose tank we are not familiar with involves a high level of risk. Unfortunately, we were not able to take her last delivery to her mothers home. We also offered a minimum delivery of 100 gallons of oil and at a reduced price in order for **. [redacted] to fulfill her agreement and avoid the early termination fee which she accepted.

We did everything on our side in order to prevent **. [redacted] from receiving an early termination fee as she had decided to convert her home to natural gas prior to the expiration date of her price agreement. We understand why she did not wish to take the delivery, however; **. [redacted] did agree to stay on automatic delivery through October 31, 2013. We made two concessions so that the early termination fee would not apply, a reduced sized delivery and a reduced price per gallon because we definitely do work with our customers.

In response to **. [redacted]'s service calls for her tune up being rescheduled: Sometimes we do have an influx of emergency calls, meaning customers with no heat, no hot water or no air conditioning. When that happens we try to reschedule service calls that are no emergencies. We attempted twice to reschedule **. [redacted]'s serivce call on 7/16/13 and again on 7/17/13. We left messages to please give us a call so that we can reschedule with you.

Thank you,

[redacted] Customer Service Manager

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