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Review: I purchased 39.98 worth of prepaid video transfer (including shipping) from PhotoBin. I received an email saying the company was dissolving and a replied immediately with a postal letter requesting a refund; however, I have received no word about next steps. Please assist.Desired Settlement: Refund of monies paid: $39.98

Review: Photobin has carelessly lost 12 priceless home VHS tapes of my grandchildren taken back in the 1980's. They are taking a cavalier attitude about these missing tapes and are not working diligently enough to find these tapes. Their communication with us has not been commiserate with the damage they have done. I purchased three Photobin vouchers through Amazon. Each voucher was to convert 6 videotapes to DVDs. Also in the offer was the option to add more tapes in bundles of 6 or 12. At the end of October, I mailed in three orders, one of which a box containing 60 tapes. A hand-written inventory of all of the 60 tapes was included in the box. Each video tape was carefully numbered and catalogued. The written inventory included tape number, date of the tape and a description of each tape. I have a copy of this inventory in my possession. We also paid an extra $19.99 to have the orders rushed. My Photobin order form was for 60 tapes. On Dec 2 after I had not received all finished orders back, I called to find out what happened. They said that the 60-count order had been overlooked and they had not processed it yet. They eventually found my 60-count order, processed the tapes and called back on Dec 3 to say that it had been completed and mailed back to me. When I received the order back, I carefully checked the tapes against my inventory and discovered 12 tapes were missing out of the 60. There were no corresponding DVDs either. We have proof of the 60 tapes. We know which 12 tapes are missing. Photobin had also altered my original invoice for 60 tapes to 48. I reported the missing tapes to Photobin mid December 2013. I have also sent them several emails and called back several times. We have only heard back from them a couple of times since then, but each time they only report the inadequate excuses about how they are still looking, but haven't found anything. They claim to be looking in their warehouse and also contacting other customers who sent in orders about the same time. But they never have any progress to report nor can they offer any specific details about the number of customers they have actually heard back from. In the meantime, some Photobin credit card charges have come through, but even those charges do not match any of my three orders. These tapes are priceless. Because of Photobin's sloppy procedures, my family's tapes have been lost. This type of sloppy business practice should not be tolerated and needs to be brought to the attention of, potential customers, Amazon, Facebook and any other social media.Desired Settlement: Having read the other complaints against Photobin, it is obvious that Photobin has a history of losing people's tapes or photos and never finding them again. Therefore, I want the owners (not their little customer service gal) to get involved in this case and find the missing tapes. I want them to call (not email) each customer or employee or ex-employee who might possibly have these tapes. I want them to document each of these phone calls and provide a summary of this information to me in the next week. If the tapes are not found in the next week, I want the owners to admit to me that they have lost the tapes and to personally apologize to me in a phone call. I want all Photobin and Amazon voucher charges on my credit card reversed. Plus I want significant financial compensation for each of the 12 missing tapes. I also want their rating to be decreased from A to something else.



PhotoBin’s records indicate that the original order in

question was placed for 30 tapes on 9/21/2013. On 10/24/2013 the customer added

an additional 18 tapes to the existing order bringing the grand total of tapes

to be converted to 48. All of our records, including pictures taken of the box

and its contents at the time of arrival, indicate PhotoBin received 48 tapes.

PhotoBin takes claims of unaccounted items very seriously

and will continue to keep this case open. This issue has been brought to the

attention of top level management including the owner and CEO. If the tapes are located by PhotoBin, the

customer will be contacted immediately. In an effort to maintain customer

satisfaction PhotoBin has agree to refund both the monies paid to PhotoBin as well

as the price of the vouchers used.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

The information in their email is incorrect. We did not add 18 extra tapes. We had three orders: one for 12, one for 30, and one for 60. There was never an additional 18 tapes. They need to do more research on this issue because obviously their records of what we ordered are incorrect. This is indicative of the inadequate recordkeeping and sloppy order organization that explains how they lost our 12 tapes.

I just received my order (#[redacted]) of 350 slides converted to a cd. When I played them, I counted 27 slides which were side-ways....not rotated to be up right. Since I asked for the extra service of the "scanning rotation" for $9.99, I assumed that this error would have been discovered. I would like to have a solution to this problem, or my money back.

Linda B.

Review: Paid for 6 VHS tapes conversion to DVD. Three VHS tapes conversion were terrible, grainy, color way off. Requested return UPS labels, co emailed labels that UPS could NOT read, asked three times to mail label, never received, also to receive $9.99 refund, promised many times never received, refund was to have been sent to my CR by Monday this week, Mar 3rd, never happened. Sent numerous emails and made numerous phone calls and no positive action to resolve my problems!!Desired Settlement: 1. UPS return label received by March 7, 2014.

2. Refund posted by March 7,2014.

3. 1 and 2 not fulfilled that full refund of order by March 10,2014 of $48.99 + $9.99= $58.98



Review: Several weeks ago I mailed some video tapes to Photobin to be transferred over to DVDI received my old tapes back in mid December as process takes about weeksI did not receive a wedding tape back or the new DVD of itI sent two wedding tapes to them, one I got back and the other one is missingI did email customer service a few days ago but got no responseI sent tapes to them and only got back so they lost a tape on meI want this tape found or to be compensated for te loss of itThis is unacceptable.Desired Settlement: Either the tape needs to be found and transferred per their offer or some sort of compensationThis was a special offer through [redacted] which I got about $worth of service for $plus Photobin charged me $for shippingI guess this is their way of treating customers who use a discounted serviceThey are not a priority
The PhotoBin team is committed to
help every individual protect and share life stories for generations to come
According to our records the order in question contained items which have
been processed and returned the customerAt this time we have been in contact with
the customer and we are currently working on reaching a resolution to the discrepancy

Review: Photobin lost my family photos. I purchased a total of 4 vouchers through our local newspaper, the Capital Gazatte's GroupDeals, to begin a long term photo project to convert over a hundred years of photos to digital format. Each voucher was to convert 400 print photos to a DVD. The photo prints were from 1984-1987 and consisted primarily of baby and family photos of my twins and their now deceased grandparents. I mailed the first 800 photos in two separate packages in September. To ensure the photos could be identified, I ordered labels with my name and email and each photo was individually labeled before I mailed them to Photobin. The voucher numbers, the USPS maiiings were completely separate in two different mailings.

They were returned in October a week apart. In box "A" was a DVD with returned prints from the second order. In box "B" was a DVD of only 298 photos and the prints from the first DVD. Although I mailed the two orders separately, clearly they were treated as one. In addition to the four vouchers, I have been charged $9.99 for each of the four vouchers ($39.96). I have been assigned a case number ([redacted]) and a point person, [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] is very sympathetic but despite promises to contact me weekly with progress in locating the photos, we have had little contact initiated by him. Certainly not a weekly call.

I have also contacted our local paper and their representative, [redacted], contacted them. In that contact she was told they had refunded my shipping cost. However, no one has informed me of that.Desired Settlement: I would like (1) a detailed explanation of what they have done to locate the photos, how many customers responded to their inquiry, how many have yet to respond and what Photobin is doing/has done to contact those who did not respond. Have calls been placed? or have they assumed emails are sufficient? If they have officially closed this "case" I want to be notified in writing.

(2) reimbursement for the 4 vouchers, their shipping charges, my USPS costs and the cost of the photo labels. Clearly I am not going to entrust any more pictures to be digitized by mail. All of these charges were through my credit card and I can submit those charges to them for compensation. This entire process has been a nightmare and been extremely stressful, as anyone who has lost irreplaceable photos can attest. Photobin's intermittent responses have only exacerbated the situation.

(3) a recommendation of a bulk scanner so I can proceed with this photo project -- I have thousands of prints and slides dating back to the 1880's that I still would like to digitalize.



Review: Sent in Photos for scanning and only received 3/4's of them back. They lost over 100 historic family photos from the 1900-1950's. Items that are irreplaceable. They communicated a few times saying they were looking for them but now they have not provided the photos or an update.Desired Settlement: Return the photos!



Review: After having had one encounter with this company I was contacted by one of their sales representatives offering to extend a price for converting VHS tapes to compact discs at $8 per tape. I responded by buying a voucher in the amount of $75.99. After extensive conversation and email exchanges, in which I clarified for the sales person that I had 8 mm open reel tapes instead of VHS tapes, the response was "we will honor the same price of $8.00 "per piece." The estimated total of my order was said to be $232.00 for the conversion of my tapes. Once the tapes arrived in their office I was in receipt of an email from them indicating the "I" had misunderstood the offer and that the total of my bill was going to be $420.50! I insisted that they honor their agreement and sent them the emails detailing my conversations with the sales rep. They refused to even discuss the possibility of honoring their sales reps word. They have returned my tapes to me but have made no mention of the $75.99 they now owe me in refund. I am positing that this is a classic case of "bait and switch" and the company should be censured for their poor business practices.Desired Settlement: For information as I will not trust them with my tapes after this incident.



After review of the email communication between the customer and the sales representative, there was indeed a mis-communication regarding the media type. A 8mm cassette tape was correctly offered at $8/tape. The price for 8mm film reel is $.29 per foot. The confusion came from the description between a cassette and a film reel. PhotoBin refunded the customer $75.99 to the credit card ending in [redacted] on January 7th, 2014.

Review: I am very disappointed in the quality of the printing on the photo books I recently ordered! I had ordered from this company in the past, and was quite happy with the product, but this time the pages are not at all glossy thus making the photos look very muddy and unprofessional. These were meant to be gifts, and an exhibition of my photography, but I am embarrassed to give them to anybody. When I called customer service today, they claimed that there was absolutely nothing they could do for me - that they would pass my comments on so that future customers would not be "disappointed", but obviously not caring about my disappointment at all.I not only paid $50 for Bloomspot vouchers to purchase these, but also $110 additional. They will be going in the trash - [redacted]Desired Settlement: As long as they cannot produce a better product, I would like a refund of $160.



PhotoBin has contacted the customer. The customer stated she

would prefer more of a gloss finish to the pages. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal at

PhotoBin. For this reason, PhotoBin has agreed to refund the amount paid to

PhotoBin on the recent orders in question. PhotoBin’s first-rate photo books

are printed on 100 lb. gloss, premium, acid-free archival quality paper with a

strong sewn binding. At this time we

consider this matter closed.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Dear [redacted],

Yes, you have been helpful - but the dispute is not yet totally resolved. Photobin in fact refunded the price of the Photobooks, but not the $50 I spent on the KGBdeal vouchers that I had to use towards the book purchase. I had included this in my original complaint, because it was a significant part of the cost of the books. I can't dispute the charge with American Express because the vouchers were purchased over 3 months ago. I have tried to find a way to respond, but they seem to consider the case closed (even though it is JUST 7 days today - ) I sent an email to Photobin customer service, and will try to find another way to get through to them.

Thanks! L[redacted]

P.S. I will forward my email to you.

Review: After extended discussions over email with the company representatives regarding the unexplained poor quality of the work they had provided, they did agree to refund moneys I had paid directly to them. Despite several requests for them to honor their agreement to provide a refund - they have failed to do so to date. ///// /////

Extract of the email I received from them: /////

Thank you for contacting Photobin Customer Service! I have looked into this issue and can issue a refund to you. I can refund the tax that you had spent directly with Photobin. You had spent $8.18 on each of your 3 orders for a grand total of $24.54. ..................... /////

[redacted], Photobin Support/ Account Manager

Phone# - (800) 441-3175, or ([redacted] if outside the USA Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Email: [redacted]

/////Desired Settlement: Refund as promised - by check or credit to card



PhotoBin is without a doubt the worst scanning service I can imagine. I believe they must have dropped my order on the floor. Slides that were carefully sequenced and all in the same vertical position were every which way and totally mixed up. Slides that were old but still visible were hardly discernible. A complete waste of money.

Plus this disaster took weeks. During which they called me to ask me to upgrade for more expensive services.

I will toss the discount coupons I bought for PhotoBin.


PhotoBin's website doesn't take new reviews. I can see why.

Review: Photobin offered vouchers to convert video tapes to discs which I purchased. At the time of purchase, I was encouraged via the advertizing to buy more than one voucher, which I also did. However, in processing my order, the company combined the orders and shipped the tapes and discs back to me in one box while at the same time double charging me for shipping and handling stating that I agreed to such a policy in the terms and conditions box which I had checked. That might be the case, however, I feel that by combining the orders, the company altered those terms and conditions, taking advantage of the idea they were both going to the same person (combining orders into one box) and charging double. This double charge in the return led to overages which I will not dispute. My problem lies in the combined issue and the double charge for shipping and handling.Desired Settlement: Refund my $14.99 double charge since all of the tapes and the discs were placed into one box and shipped to one address (shipping and handling)



PhotoBin has contacted the customer and this issue has been resolved. Both parties have agreed to the resolution and we now consider this matter closed.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Review: Photobin is a digital imaging company offering photo services including photo gifts. I used them last year successfully to design a photo album to give as a gift. I decided to make another photo album this year. After spending over 40 hours, choosing photos, laying out the photos, and designing the book, Photobin discontinued the service and decided to not offer photo books anyone. And now my project is lost. There was no email communication about this change, no mention of this change on the website; they just deleted the webpage itself and have deleted almost all references to the fact that they used to offer photo books. A Google search still finds the links to their photo books but they direct to a 404 page does not exist. I contacted customer service wondering where my project was and received a prompt but unsatisfactory resolution to the issue "I am very sorry, but our printed products have been discontinued. The photo book portion of the website was removed. Unfortunately we will not be able to print your book, nor will we able to retrieve your saved project."Desired Settlement: I want my project back...a file showing the pictures I chose and the layout I spent so much time on.

Since I have been told this isn't possible I think their "A" rating from the should have another look. Photobin's website highlights their excellent customer service. But this recent unannounced product offer change is devastating to me. I understand companies change direction and offerings over time, but these should be planned for and customers should be notified in advance so they can prepare. Imagine if Google stopped email service or Facebook deleted people's friend list without notice.



Photobin discontinued its photo book service on December 3, 2014. The service was primarily used by our daily deal voucher customers for the redemption of small photo books. The service and any associated projects were discontinued once all vouchers expired. As per the terms and conditions of the daily deal sites, customers may use the paid-value of expired voucher toward any product or service.

Review: I ordered a photo book August 9th and the order is still being "processed" on their website even though I paid $7.14 for shipping within 2-5 days. I haven't received it and they haven't replied to my calls or emails. This was a gift and I am very disappointed. I just want the gift delivered! it is sentimental to me.Desired Settlement: I want them to deliver my photo book and refund me the shipping cost since they didn't deliver it as requested and paid for.



Review: When I purchased three videotape tansfer packages (six VHS cassettes to DVD), it was not clear that the vidoetapes could only be "home videos". It was not at all clear that we were prohibited from asking PhotoBin to make a single transfer for personal home use of the VHS movies that we have owned for years. If this would have been clear on the face of the transfer package offer, then I would not have purchased the packages! The marketing/advertising of this package should make this distinction clear. Due to this lack of clarity, I am unable at this time to recommend the services of PhotoBin.Desired Settlement: A refund of all fees paid to PhotoBin related to the three referenced packages. (I have separately contacted the vendor of the transfer packages and am in the process of obtaining a refund from that vendor.)



We have contacted the customer

and a full refund has been submitted per the customer’s request. PhotoBin’s

current policy prohibits the copy or the reproduction of commercially produced

media. Information regarding the type of media accepted by PhotoBin is posted

and available on our website. We always value customer suggestions and are

committed to constant and never-ending improvement. At this time we

consider this matter to be resolved.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


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