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Purchased a service & was diagnoses w/serious health conditions so I was not able to use. Provided doctor note & PWL still would not refund my money.After meeting Physicians Weight Loss through a work wellness program, [redacted] contacted me in Nov 2015 about a black Friday special for $198.00. weight loss program and lipogenics. I decided to purchase the "low black Friday price that's only good through bf week" pressure phone call. I was not going to start the program until January. Before starting the program, I visited my pcp to be sure it was ok to participate in the program due to a lump in my abdomen. After testing, it was discovered I had a serious health condition that would land me in surgery at UNC Hospital for a 6 days. Prior to surgery, I called Physicians Weight Loss to inform them about health condition. I also asked for a refund because my health would not allow me to participate in a weight loss program. [redacted] who sold me the weight loss program, said if I had a note from the doctor they would refund my money. The following week, I provided a doctor note to PWL. The owner, [redacted], said she still would not refund the money. She said I could do the program at a later time. I told her that was not going to happen because I didn't know where my health was going to lead me. [redacted] was less than pleasant to me both times I spoke with her on the phone and in person. My health problem was of no concern to her and refunding my money wasn't an option - that's just bad business. I never participated in any portion of the program and [redacted] still would not refund my money. After the way they treated me, I would never step foot in pwl again.Desired SettlementRefund of 198.00Business Response Thank you for the information provided above. The above named client purchased a 4 week program in November. We continued to call her in order to schedule her medical appointments. She stated that she didn't have the time in her schedule to do so. At one point, she spoke to the center manager, [redacted] and stated she had a health condition. [redacted] asked her to bring in a letter from her physician regarding the program and we would pause the program until the diagnosis was completed of the health condition. [redacted] did not speak to the client on the phone at any time. The client came in on a Saturday with her daughter and was stating that she was going to die and that she needed a refund in front of her young daughter. [redacted] was there at that time. [redacted] took the letter from her and let her know that she would speak to the other owner. The letter was from a physician and did not mention anything about the weight loss program. The letter only stated that she could not do lipogenics at this time. The client did not sign up for lipogenics. She signed up for a weight loss program. The client did not supply the documentation needed for the program and the contract that was signed in November was past the cancellation period. PWLC offered to put the program on hold until after the diagnosis was determined. There has been no confirmation of medical diagnosis from a physician.

I did the program in 2002 and after life happens (baby, stress, divorce)..., I gained some of it back. PWLC does work! I lost over 30 lbs in 10 weeks and I have never felt better! Being able to learn and eat the right foods for my body does work and I'm able to maintain and keep it off! I am so excited for bathing suit season! This my friends, is the only thing that has ever worked for me so I have decided to share my knowledge with you!

Excellent program with a great staff. They are supportive and encouraging in order to reach our goals.

Hi! I am so EXCITED about this program! I visited the Raleigh center on Monday, July 18th, and met with [redacted] She was AWESOME and so patient with me as I asked numerous questions! I started the program on Wednesday, July 20th and loss 6 lbs on my first weigh in date of Saturday, July 23rd! :P I have tried different weight loss programs and centers previously, but PWLC is looking like the BEST one so far! First of all, The Staff at the Raleigh location are so supportive, motivating and friendly! Secondly, PWLC gives you incentives to make you want to loose weight without making excuses and this alone keeps me motivated to WIN!!!! Lastly, I believe the Staff there genuinely want to see you succeed and achieve your goals; and knowing this as well, keep me motivated! I am happy with the decision I made and I look forward to my weight loss journey with PWLC and the continued encouragement and support from the AMAZING staff and you should too!!! Thank you PWLC of Raleigh!!!ïï��ï�� You are the BEST!!! I am so EXCITED and looking forward to reaching my weight loss goal permanently! Thank you PWLC of Raleigh!!!

Billing customer additional medical fees on top of contract purchase priceI signed up for a Physicians Weight Loss Center on 6675 Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh NC on December 7,2014 for an 8 week program. The initial fee for the program was $315.00 plus a $250.00 Medical Fee. It was told that I needed and EKG plus blood work, which I had brought in from another medical facility.I signed the contract thinking that there would be a medical exam by the doctor before starting the program. I met with the doctor for a brief consultation, but not what I consider an examination such as urine test, blood test, throat, eye exam,etc. I was told the doctor only does an upper body check. I only did a breathing up and down for the doctor and he maybe looked at the tests that I brought in from the other medical center. I had about 2 weeks left on the program and as the manager [redacted] what replaced the Phen Fen medication that they had in the past and she said it was replaced with Phentermine. She set me up to meet with the doctor. When I came in for my appointment and I was stopped at the desk and told I needed to sign up for 12 more weeks in front of other clients and staff which was embarrassing and unprofessional. I should of been contacted prior to coming or a meeting in an office. That only happened later after the fact. I asked why this was not told at the beginning before I signed up. It is though it is kept in secret to get clients to pay more money. Even staff said they were told not to mention it. I contacted the manager on April 20 to discuss my concerns. First I asked why they charged a $250 fee on top of the purchase price. She said it was for the medical part. I contacted 8 locations in other cities including Virginia, Florida South Carolina, Maryland, Colorado and Nebraska. Not one location said they charge a medical fee on top of the program cost. It is included in the program. I tried to resolve this matter with the manager, but it was getting out of control. She even told me that she would invoice me for everything she was offering for free. It is not free. I was paying for the service. I got of the telephone and told her that the next call would be from my attorney, He has been contacted and will be responding to her. I have signed up with my medical doctor who did a real physical on me to put me on the Phentermine. I told the manager to not debit anymore fees from my bank account until this is resolved. I have no problem completing the $315.00 fee, but I have a real problem with paying an $250.00 on top of the program. She had me do an EKG and blood work to do the Phentermine as she said at no cost, but I was not paying for another 12 week program. I am not happy about how everything was handled. Thank You.Desired SettlementI want the $250 credited back to me especially since I brought my own EKG and Blood work when I signed up.Business Response /[redacted]/Physicians Weight Loss Centers is a medically supervised program that requires a medical fee for bloodwork, EKG, a physicial with our M.D. on staff, at the beginning, anything during, and at the end of the program. Our fee is a flat fee that could possibly be reimbursed by filing with the insurance company. Our staff asked Ms. [redacted] if she would like for us to code the insurance reimbursement form and she declined. Per the contract signed in December, Ms. [redacted] was fully informed of her medical fee. Ms. [redacted] has never been charged any extra fees for any extra bloodwork, ekg, etc during her program as explained that it was already covered in her medical fee. She was never told that she would be charged extra for any services. Consumer Response /[redacted]/The fee for my program was $315.00. They added another $250.00 on top of this. When I came in their office they had a Black Friday during the Thanksgiving Holiday of no $250.00 fee. Due to an ankle injury I could not take advantage of this program because I was in physical therapy. When I came in to sign up in December they put the amounton my contract. I told them I had my EKG and Blood work from another medical facility that I would be submitted to them. So I did not need another one and they did not administer to me at the beginning of the program. I did not decline any insurance reimbursement because I am on Medicare and they do not accept this coverage. The manager is falsifying this to cover herself of being reported to All locations in the USA that I checked with said the medical is included in the program fee which should of been in my $315.00 cost. She has also received a letter from my attorney stating the same thing. I have no problem completing the $315.00 payment, but a real problem with the $250.00 which should be included in my program fee Thank You.Final Business Response /[redacted]/As a response to this-The Black Friday special is a one day sale. The potential client told us that she did not have the $99 to pay that day in order to take advantage of the Black Friday special. A week or so later, she came back in and we discussed that the Black Friday special was a one day sale to her again and the price was only for that day. She was explained and shown on the investment sheet her amount for her medical + it was on her contract as $250 for her medical, which was discussed with her and signed and dated by the client. She was also explained the new program fee as the special for December.We do not accept insurance at our center as we are out of network, however, we do accept FLEX and HSA and we can also code for reimbursement which was explained to the client. She refused both. The client continuously cancelled appointments with our physician the day of the appointments and although we have a $25 cancellation fee policy for under 24 hours, we never did charge her those extra fees as we were trying to help out her cost as she explained that she had no money for fees or supplements. Although she had done the program in the 80's and understood as she was a past successful client the requirements of the program in order to be successful. Client also signed a credit card authorization form for drafts to be deducted based on her contract (medical+ program fees) and dated per her service agreement. ALL PWLC's are medically supervised - each are independently own but franchised. Each PWLC's prices may vary depending on their location but all have a medical fee per corporate. Locations can adjust prices as needed some may be in their program fee and others may separate it out for their clients in order to help with medical reimbursements. Thank you so much for your contact on this concern again. Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)My response to this is that this manager is out for greed. I have dealt with many companies who work with their clients to settle any disagreements and move on. the following is my rebuttal.1.How do you have a $250 medical fed one day and not the next, if you are to pay medical fees.2.There was no medical done on me before I started the program. Just talking with the doctor.3.When I saw the contract with the $250 fee. I told them I was submitting my own blood work and EKG from another medical facility. They said okay and accepted it.4. The manager mention insurance in her last rebuttal. That was the first time I heard about it. She is still falsifying this to cover herself. I did not refuse this she is lying again.5.When I cancelled an appointment I called in advance due to a physical therapy appointment.6. I always bought supplements when I cam into the office. They were out of vitamins for about 2 months which I was suppose to get.7. The program in the 1980's, the company was up front with their clients about medications which was given in a 4 week or 8 week program. Not keeping secrets when you had completed the program to get you to sign up and pay more money. If you are on a 500 or 700 calorie per day diet you need something to help suppress your appetite.8. Yes all locations do have a medical fee, but it is included in their program fee.In conclusion this manager is out to keep her pockets fat and to charge as much as she can to her clients. But remember we all reap what we sow ! Amen !

Everyone is at Physician's Weight Loss in Raleigh is very willing to assist with any questions about weight loss and are very customer focused.

I love going to the Durham PWLC! The people there truly care about you and are so knowledgeable and friendly. I have lost 15 pounds and 16 inches so far and am so excited to finally be able to get some results. The nutritional supplements taste wonderful and help you keep the weight loss going without becoming flabby. The increase in energy is incredible! I am thankful for a place that has helped me to make lifestyle changes that help me be a better, healthier me.

Review: Their Physician didn't tell me of health issues with my bloodwork (performed by PWL) only mentioned that my cholesterol was elevated. He told me I should take my my statin pill every day instead of every other like I was doing, nothing else. Wasn't loosing weight as they and I expected. Their employee asked if I had thyroid problem. I asked for copy of their blood work and saw 4 issues. I Went and had more blood work at [redacted] and my physician there told me to stop all weight loss supplements due to my thyroid issue. I went back to PWL and met with owner, [redacted], telling her what my physician said. She suggested 2 other plans, both with their weight loss supplements, which my Dr doesn't want me to take. She also said their physician can't make diagnosis but he definitely did concerning my cholesterol, but didn't mention any other issues concerning my blood work. She told me my thyroid issue was only borderline which I don't believe is her call. She said to come back after taking to my Dr. and they would write a new contact. I can't follow PWL programs that [redacted] recommended and program I signed up for didn't work so I definitely don't want to sign another contract.Desired Settlement: I feel I should receive a refund



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.




I don't think that $200 is a fair amount, considering the program was $995



[redacted]AttachmentsMay 25

[redacted] I'm enclosing a copy of the Physicians Weight Loss contract along with a copy of my blood work that they performed. Their Physician only told me that I had high cholesterol.The Thyroid test result showing a problem was not shown to me or brought to my attention at that time. Their contract guarantees a 30 lbs loss in 30 days. More than a month later I had only lost about 5 lbs., although I was strictly following their program. Their employee asked me if I had a Thyroid problem. At that point I asked for a copy of the blood work and saw the thyroid issue. I then went to my family Physician at the Cleveland Clinic and had more blood work done. My Physician told me I could not take any more weight loss supplements due to my thyroid condition. I relayed this information to [redacted] at Physicians Weight Loss Center. She wanted me to sign a new contract and try a few of their other diets that also had weight loss supplements. She also said that my Thyroid level was only borderline. I don't believe she has Doctor attached to her name. I have to follow my doctors advice.

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