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Platinum Appliance Service

30993 Harris Rd, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, V4X 1W2

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I am usually not one to write reviews and if I could, I would give them a zero star rating.
I am hoping this helps potential customers have an understanding of the service they are in for.
I purchased a warranty through *** and have only had my washer and dryer for just over a year, my washer was beginning to fail and I called them up to send out a technician at the beginning of January.
Plantinum called me to arrange a time to come and look at the washer, but had to reschedule due to the winter storms. Of course I understood, but it took them over a month to reschedule. Then they sent out a technician who frankly had no idea what he was doing, at first he couldn't figure out where the part was located in the machine, then said it was the wrong part, but then put that part into the machine anyways? He then left, only to come back 15 minutes later because he forgot to hook up the dryer again. I headed out and came home to do a load of laundry, only to find out that the problem was not fix and my dryer (which was working fine before) did not work anymore. Also, upon further inspection he didn't put the drain pipe back in either, so if I had done a load it would have flooded by laundry room.
I called plantinum, they said ok we will get a new technician out. Again waited over 2 weeks without a phone call to arrange a new technician. I called them after 2 weeks, they finally sent out a technician who seemed to know what he was doing and said ok I need to order parts to fix it. He said it would take a week to get the parts in, well I am at 4 weeks and still waiting for those parts to come in...........
The General Manager left me a voicemail after I phoned again asking when those parts would be in, he claimed he would be RUSH ordering my parts but it would still take over a week for them to come. What happened to those parts over the last 3 weeks? I have been hand washing my clothes and drying them on a rack next to our wood stove because platinum said they would not compensate me for the hassle and frankly I didn't want to pay to get my laundry done for the past 2 and a bit months.
I have been waiting for this problem to be fixed since the beginning of January and its now the beginning of March. Will NEVER use platinum again or recommending them to anyone. I think *** needs to reconsider who they partner with....

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Mar 12, 2020

This is the second review this week from the same customer, I am not sure why you are reviewing us before the job is even completed and our service manager has spoke to you just yesterday and gave you a complete update on the progress of this claim?Your extended warranty hired us, we have an extremely high success rate with them,we have over 19 technicians all over the lower mainland and rarely have issues like this. You are absolutely correct, the first technician didn't get the unit repaired on a first visit, this can happen when dealing with electronics and with extended warranty companies we must follow procedures. One,is that we ask for approval before installing a part if it is over the maximum limit. Some of the parts we needed were not in stock locally, this is out of our control. We sent a second technician out and identify the issue order an additional part which we rushed and was also not found locally,however we also had to get approval before ordering the part from your extended warranty.The part is due to come in today . We have done everything possible to get this repair done as fast as possible after the last technician didn't complete the repair and as you are also aware we have let him go from Platinum.Please understand its frustrating to us, when our hands are tied, and we understand your frustration too, and I am truly sorry that we did not meet your expectations.

We have been dealing with platinum service in regards to warranty service on a combination washer dryer unit purchased from a major appliance chain.
Service has been poor, follow up care has been poor, and accountability is awful.
Originally a technician came out to change a motherboard in the washer, which not only did not fix the problem, he also did not reinstall the washers drain pipe into the abs pipe (luckily I double checked connections), the dryer also stopped working after he had been working on the unit. A second technician came out and got the washer partially operable again. This is the reason they at least got a second star.
So now I am stuck with a machine that will only function on Hot wash, but cannot use my dryer to dry any laundry I can do. This is in the Jan/Feb period so line drying is not an option for us.
This whole frustrating experience has lasted for 2 months now and still is not resolved. In fact the situation has been made worse by them by making the dryer inoperable.

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Mar 09, 2020

Hello, I would like to respond to your review, but unfortunately I cannot find a *** anywhere in our computer system. Could you kindly give me an address or phone number so I may address this?
Thank you

Customer Response • Mar 09, 2020

Try looking up last name *** and city of ***.

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Mar 10, 2020

We have tried. ***, ***, ***, the postal codes etc. I need a phone number and a complete address please. Thank you

Customer Response • Mar 10, 2020

Look up *** as was purchased under maiden name. Or talk to the general manager as he “was personally taking an interest in this case” as he told my wife.
You have had 2 different technicians here, and numerous phone calls from my wife. I am surprised that you are unable to keep track of this, especially as I imagine you do not have many service calls in Hope for a combination washer dryer unit.

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Mar 10, 2020

First, you gave me a totally wrong name, and we service thousands of customers a month, as a matter of fact we actually we have more than 2 all in one washer dryer combos in the area right now we are dealing with. At Platinum, when dealing with a complaint we gather the facts and the correct information before responding to the complaint.Now that we have your correct information, I do see our service manager has made notes, I will review and respond in a couple days. Thank you.

Customer Response • Mar 10, 2020

Great, hoping it won’t take another Couple of months for a resolution to this.
So far we are worse off than had we not dealt with you in the first place as our dryer stopped working as a result of your first attempt at a repair. At least the inability to get it sorted the first time around meant that we didn’t have a flooded floor due to the service tech not putting the drain pipe back into the house drain.
Instead of back and forth through the website I would appreciate you guys getting the parts in promptly, sending out a technician that is thorough and experienced, and fulfilling your job of warranty repair.

November 19th we had a scheduled tech come to provide a diagnosis of our fridge because it had stopped working again. I was told by customer services that it would be $149.99 for a tech to come and I would receive a diagnosis. The day the tech came, we explained we had a similar issue back in March and the tech replaced the computer board that was fried and all was working well until now. The tech opened the fridge door to see that the fridge was not running, closed the door and said we required 2 computer boards and left, he was at our home for 5 minutes. This was not a proper diagnosis and he could not tell by opening the fridge door that the computer board(s) were the issue, in the 5 minutes he was there. On our tech appointment in March, the tech pulled the fridge out and showed that the computer board was the issue. The board had black marks and it was obvious there was an issue.
Later that day, we pulled the fridge out ourselves, proceeded to unplug and replug in the fridge and clean any dust off of the fan and the fridge began to work again.
I called Platinum to complain about our tech service and was told that the service was not acceptable and they would have the manager call me back. I did not receive a call back so I called again on Friday, Nov 22nd and was told again that I did not receive a proper diagnosis and they would have the manager call me back. It is Nov 27th and I have still not received a call and they have charged my credit card the full price of the tech service plus GST.

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Nov 27, 2019

Our technician tried to explain what needed to be done, both boards should be replaced, the reason is, if the board has failed again, it's most likely from a failure in the second board. Yes unplugging & plugging back in could start it up again, but it's not a proper repair. They did not fix anything. The customer started being confrontational to our technician and argumentative, and so our technician left. They are only being chard for the service call which is $149.99, which they were quoted at the time of booking. I believe one of the boards may be covered, as it was installed 6 months prior and they have a 1 year warranty. Our office staff tried to explain that we need them to call their extended warranty so that we can get that board covered, as it was supplied by *** not by Platinum Appliance.

Customer Response • Nov 27, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

The issue was discussed with customer service after they advised I speak with *** (warranty company). I had already advised them that the warranty company would not cover the part after 3 months prior to the tech coming out. The frustration, not confrontation is because of the lack of effort/service or evidence that we required 2 more computer boards after opening the fridge door and closing it. There is no possible way he could provide a proper diagnosis of 2 computer boards were needed when nothing was looked at. I was not expecting an immediate fix but, there should have been more investigation as to why the fridge stopped working.

I felt this was very poor service by the tech and customer service after the incident. This is not at all what we experienced from Platinum in March 2019, the service was excellent for that call out.


Platinum Appliance Service Response • Nov 28, 2019

Our service manager is willing to come out and reassess the situation, as the first technician suggested, unplugging the fridge to defrost may help the unit re start and start working again, however this is not a proper repair. He consulted with *** as we are a Warranty depot for , that model of fridge should have both boards replaced. The one board is just over six months and so we can get that one replaced under the warranty for you and the install would be at no extra charge as you have already paid the flat rate service call. Please let us know if we can go ahead and do this for you, Thank You.

Customer Response • Nov 29, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I explained to Platinum customer service previously, the fridge began working after we pulled the fridge out and fan underneath was cleared of dust and debris. It was then that the fridge was plugged back in and it started functioning again, allowing the fan to function properly. It was not just plugged back in. The computer boards are both working fine, neither are obviously the issue. I do not wish to have Platinum come back in and be charged for a least one computer board that is not necessary. Platinum, *** and *** advised me that the computer board was not eligible for warranty after 3 months prior to the tech appointment when it was thought that, that was the issue. How is this part now covered?

My dispute is that I agreed to the charge of $149.99 for a tech to come and give a diagnosis. I did not receive a proper diagnosis based on opening and closing the fridge door, therefore I should be credited for a portion of the charge.


Never again.
Took forever to repair our wall oven and after waiting almost a month with out a working oven waiting for a part.The replacement part failed again after my wife used the self cleaning function.
Instead of trying to find out why the fuse was failing after 3 plus years of using the self cleaning function they installed.Platinum and there service technician solution to our problem was to tell us not to use the self cleaning function and blame us for the problem.This is a wall oven they installed and never had any problems with for the last 3 plus years.

Customer Response • Oct 07, 2019

Just to clarify I just got a email from *** our extended warranty company and they say “ Based on what the technician advised,we would not be able to reimburse the labour,nor the service either. “
Your technician installed our wall oven and we are accused of doing something wrong. Cleaning our oven
Regarding taking a month it took 2 weeks waiting for a part 2 more weeks to install and another 3 weeks to receive our receipt to submit to the extended warranty company.

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Oct 07, 2019

We did not install your wall oven, we are just a repair company. Also , the Service Manager has called you and left a message for you to contact him, so that maybe he can help with a resolution, and you have not called him back. We have done nothing wrong, we have everything is time stamped in our computer system, and it was not a month to do the repair.I suggest that you call him back, maybe he can answer some of your questions and concerns.Thank you

Customer Response • Oct 08, 2019

Never received a call from anyone from Platinum Appliances.

I received two invoices for which no work was done and if so, they are under warranty. The repairman cane inti my home was belligerent rude and walked out. He didn't listen to anything I had to say and wouldn't even look at the rusted knives. He looked inside my dishwasher fir a second. He siding fix anything. He didn't look at my gas stove at all but bilked for it. So really there's more than one complaint here. First the repairmans attistude and manner was the worst I've ever experienced and second he's billibg me for work that wasn't done. It's all under warranty.

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Mar 20, 2019

I had spoke with the technician in regards to this complaint. He arrived at the home in regards to the dishwasher with rust on silverware, he tried to explain to the consumer that the dishwasher cannot make rust, he even called the service manager in front of the customer, and both the technician and the service manager heard her raising her voice to the technician. She also told our technician that there was nothing wrong with range, she just wanted it looked over. Unfortunately, *** does not pay for no fault found and customer education.However, I agree that she should not have been billed for the range, and have asked *** to cancel her invoice for that call, and I also asked *** if they can give this customer a credit for the dishwasher as a one time courtesy. Yes, our technician did walk away from the customer as he felt she wouldn't listen to him and she was clearly upset,he did not want to argue with her as he felt she was upset. *** was going to send us again, and after speaking with the customer,it was concluded she needed to read her manual. I advised the customer that it is out of our hands, as we do not bill customers, *** billed her, and we would certainly try and get her call covered if at all possible. It does take some time, and I will continue to reach out to *** to help get some kind of solution, she just needs to be patient, as these things take a bit of time.

Customer Response • Mar 22, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I see their response reflects portions of the truth. But what else can they do but lie to cover up the actions by the technician. And for them sending two invoices to me.
The reason they were dispatched to my home is because the appliance dealer dispatched them, after I asked the appliance dealer if the symptoms of my range and dishwasher were normal. So the fact that they are trying to create a reason to invoice me, shows their true colours. I didn't call them to come to my home. I called the appliance dealer explained the symptoms to which they stated were not normal and should be looked at. They called platinum and arranged it. Also regardless of who the invoice was sent to, the tech didn't look at the dishwasher hardly and not the range at all. It was not customer education. How wdare they say that. The dishwasher remains wet, stinks and yes my knives are rusting. I've never experienced this before with other dishwashers. The problem with the range is that one burner flame is very small. Again, I explained this to the dealer and they arranged the tech because they believed it needed to be looked at.
I want to add that the stress and time this has taken me makes me not want anyone from that company coming to my home ever again. It's quite shocking how they twisted the whole story. Not how a business professional should act.

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Mar 28, 2019

I am not sure what to do, as she is saying that Platinum Appliance has billed her for two invoices, in our system we show no billing to this customer. Could she kindly show us her two bills that are from our company? If that is the case, I will certainly credit both to the customer. If they are from *** Canada she will need to contact them @ ***. I have already requested that they reverse any invoices to this customer but ultimately, it is not in our control. If the customer is still having issues, *** Canada will send an alternate company for a second opinion as she is under the first year warranty. If the call out is customer education or no fault found, it is not covered under warranty as per her Use and Care manual. Unfortunately and she may get invoiced again. Let us know if we can assist further in helping this customer.


I have been using Platinum Appliance for close to ten years. It has always been acceptable until now with simple tasks, but now they dropped the ball and refused to pick it up, letting down me and my customer.

The call was to fix a *** fridge. The charge was premium for the 'premium' appliance. The fan and housing required replacement. The temp fix by Platinum produced so much noise, that you could hear it outside of the house! The couldn't sleep and complained legitimately.

Next morning I called Platinum and asked to come back and fix. The argument was that one problem must not be solved at the cost of introducing another major problem. Platinum refused to come.

I asked for expedited delivery of the part from Ontario, because this would expose my tenant to the intolerable noise for 5-10 days. Platinum ignored.

That evening I was forced to come in myself, open the fridge, troubleshoot, remove the fan assembly, source parts from local store and do an acceptable temporary repair. The tenant was happy with the result.

Next morning I have counter invoiced Platinum for my service, involved to fix their mistake and refusal to address it.

Had a call from their Manager trying to sell me on the concept that the fan had to be replaced and there was no way around this. Very wrong. How I was able to do this myself?

The argument that when they charge a premium rate, I can not be hearing complaints from my tenant, and they refuse to come back and fix was not heard.

The original part was installed in about 2 weeks, Platinum charged me the full amount, without factoring in my counter invoice. The manager said he would call me back within a month.

List of failures by Platinum :

- Premium rate on 'premium' appliance but no premium service
- Unacceptable temporary fix
- Refuse to come back and fix their repair - introduced noise (had to come, investigate and fix myself)
- Refuse to expedite the shipping of the parts
- Profanity during phone conversation
- Refuse to factor in the counter invoice and do justice business
- Refuse to discuss and resolve to customer satisfaction

It was a very negative experience and ignorant customer care.

Thank you,

Platinum Appliance Service Response • Aug 27, 2018

Sir, we have spoken to you extensively in regards to this.
This was a no cool fridge that required parts. There was no fix to this without parts. As it was a no cool fridge, it is considered an emergency, and we got the fridge working (albeit noisily). We advised you several times that once the part arrived the noise would be gone. We suggested unplugging the fridge at night so the tenant could sleep, as the temperature would maintain overnight but would need to be plugged in again in the morning to keep their food from spoiling. We could not come back and fix any further without the part, which we got as fast as we could.

Technician needs to go*** !!! Horrible service.
We gave them a second chance just recently. They *** refusing to order and install a part unless we removed a negative posting from 8 months ago. The owner told us they were the only people *** who could repair our fridge. Let's see what *** has to say about this so-call "authorized repair" company. Don't go anywhere near this *** company. Awful people!!!

Platinum Appliance Service Response

Unfortunately we had this customer red flagged and blocked in our system after a previous dealing with this customer,of which it was a scheduling issue that we didn't go out and service.We received a call from *** asking us to go as it was a non cooling 48" *** fridge that a previous technician could not figure out or repair. We immediately knew that the customer was flagged, but put that aside to repair their fridge. Our service manager was sent out and did the repair along with him he brought a second technician and repaired the issue he was sent out to repair. The customer had pointed out that the ice flap a different issue also needed to be repaired. Our service manager said he would return with parts to repair. Our service manager called the customers partner after the visit, who wrote he original review and asked him nicely if he would reconsider taking down or changing the review, and the response was met with rude comments and an absolutely no. At this point our service manager said, we are done, and I will not come out to do any further repair and left the conversation. The customer then called back and stated that we run our business like a child and that he was going to go on every social media site and put a bad review about our company now because we wouldn't return to repair the ice flap. I don't think we could have done anything that would have made this customer happy or change his mind unfortunately.

Terrible customer service. Do not use this company. Poorly managed. Platinum technician showed up at the end of July, and "fixed" my *** dishwasher. Now (Oct. 20) it doesn't work again. I booked an appointment for today from 8- 12, and now I'm told no one is coming during that time period. They tried to blame the appointment time on ***, but the appt was made by Platinum calling me yesterday. What a complete waste of my time. This company takes no responsibility at all.

Platinum Appliance Service Response

Initial Business Response /(1000, 5, 2017/10/27) */
Our technician went out in July and there was debris in his dishwasher as there was food partials etc in the unit.The technician that was assigned to the 8-12 called the customer to see if he could re schedule as he had an emergency evaporator job in Surrey the same morning, and that he could be there between 1-3 as last service the father met him on site.The customer said it wasn't possible and that We tried to accommodate the customer yesterday, we called and offered another technician and he refused, saying that he expected us to be at his home by now of which it was around 9:30 am. *** booked the appointment between 8-12 which means we can be there at any time between these hours,the customer advised us that he had to be gone by 11:30 am, this appointment would not have worked anyway. Unfortunately we were unable to help this customer as he wouldn't even allow us to try a different technician, a different day and I think that even if we could have had someone there yesterday there wouldn't be enough time as he had to leave by 11:30 am. Our technician even tried troubleshooting with customer over the phone as it was just debris last service call. ***We did NOT make the appointment with the customer *** did, we just try to accommodate these times as best as we can,just so the customer understands,we advise the customer the day before that the technician will call in the am to make a smaller time slot and confirm the appointment time

I was very pleased with the service provided. The electrician came within 24 hours, was on time and helpful. He explained the issues in detail and resolved my problem efficiently.

Platinum Appliance Service Response

Thank You kindly for taking your time to let us know that our technician did a great job. We really appreciate your kind comments.

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