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10250 Constellation Blvd. 23rd Floor, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90067

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• Jun 08, 2021

Not impressed with customer service
I have been a customer for more than a year ordering 2 to 3 litter bags per month. I received an email saying I needed to update my subscription so I clicked on the link. It updated my subscription to where I would get a 3 month supply for my next shipment. I did not want to pay that much up front so I had to cancel that subscription and update my original. Somewhere in this process the adress got changed to my previous address. It is impossible that my autofill did it becasue I erased my autofill off when I moved. So they sent my shipment to my previous address. Regardless if it was my mistake or not being a longtime customer should warrant some help from pretty litter.I contacted my previous landlord to have the current tenant aend it back. Then I contacted pretty litter who was unwilling to send any litter to me or refund me even though they will be getting the package back. Maybe consider better service tactica in the future because I will no longer be using your services.

• Apr 27, 2021

Not worth the money!
Started out costing approx.. $25 per bag.Now almost $33 per bag.Pissed!

• Feb 16, 2021

Still waiting in credit
I stopped my automatic refill of pretty litter as my cat passed on. I have over 10 emails and calls confirming I would get the $70 credit. They have one reason or another as to the delay. It has been over two months and I am still awaiting the credit. Note: I never received the litter they are charging me. At this point it seems this is there standard practice.

PrettyLitter helped us a lot. The litter color changed blue and we took our cat to the Vet to see if something was wrong. He had a feline urinary tract issue and we wouldn't have known. The odor control is also better than our previous litter. Their customer service team is great, answered all our questions. Highly recommended. Thank you!

I have 3 cats & it's been worse than clay. This stuff smells after a week & all the pee sits at the bottom, smells like ammonia. Not worth switching to.

PrettyLitter Response • May 14, 2020

Thank you for sharing your experience Vaness. It sounds like you may have experienced problems with saturation, which can arise when you don't have the proper amount of depth in your litter box. Reach out to our team at *** or text us at XXXXX and we'll be happy to fix it for you and find the perfect amount of PrettyLitter for your setup.

The best litter I have used. We have two cats and I have tried multiple litters, including clay and corn. The odor control with PrettyLitter is better by far and and I appreciate the delivery to my door as well. Thank you!

This website does not allow users to manage their own accounts. Unable to cancel subscription without arguing with Customer Service first. Unable to remove credit card information without talking to Customer Service first. They say your subscription is "manageable" but the only features offered are the ability to add / remove more products (except that zero Products is not an available option). When I spoke to a Customer Service rep about cancelling, I was told THREE TIMES that it had been cancelled, but the change did not show in my account until I kept pressing and pressing for it to be updated, and the cancellation was finally applied. I had to ask several times for my credit card information to be removed as well, and needed to explain that when someone asks for their information to be removed from a website, the company has a legal obligation to do so under spam legislation.

I have 2 cats and 3 litter boxes (per all the articles I've read about the # of litter boxes to have per cat) and one of the litter boxes is larger. I have had the 4 bag monthly subscription for at least a few years now and have never been inclined to switch back from Pretty Litter. I've also spoken positively about my experience with the litter to other owners. I spread the 4th bag across two of the littler boxes, and that works wonderfully.

What I love about this product: the lack of dust (my husband has allergies so I've always been looking for litters with little to no dust); the texture is soft and both my cats have taken to it without issue; I was looking for as eco-friendly an option as possible, but our first and younger cat did not appreciate the wheat or recycled paper options and they didn't absorb/handle waste very well; the health tracking feature helps me feel more comfortable when it comes to monitor the health of our two furbabies, especially as they age; and the subscription encourages me to actually change our their litter every month and i've pretty well mastered the art of changing them out with as little fuss as possible. A quick note on the customer service, they just emailed me about the change in state laws where they need to charge me tax and offered me a small discount on my next order, while also letting me know about quarterly orders (reduces #of shipments). I know not everyone is lucky enough to have room to store multiple boxes (we don't really either but I'll figure it out) but I appreciated this notification, and changed my subscription immediately.

The litter lasts the full month most of the time, I've added baking soda to it a few times but typically only if A) due to life things I've left the existing litter in for longer than a month and/or B) I didn't scoop/stir it every few days and/or C) my cats just used it more than normal or ate new food that didn't suit them. Otherwise, we keep our boxes in a small under stair utility closet at the back of our apartment and rarely have smell issues. The smell issues are always related to fresh waste I need to scoop that our cats didn't bury, which is fine and absolutely to be expected.

I recommend this product and I will be continuing to support Pretty Litter.

I didn't realize this was an on going order I only wanted to try this once and my cat's refuse to use product. I've made six attempts to cancel and t
The company told me I can't cancel only suspend I feel hostage to this no choice aggressive business method. I would like my money back on any orders other then the 1st that I ordered and cancel immediately and will not do business again with this pretty litter aggressive business tactics.

Desired Outcome

I do not wish to do business by this aggressive business tactics being held hostage as they take your money even after you ask them to stop and cancel order six times. Also attempted to call unable to do this as well.

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 21, 2020

Hi ***,

Thank you for reaching out. While we were not able to find your other requests to try and cancel with us, we can confirm your subscription was canceled on April 20th by our support team. If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know.

PrettyLitter is basically a scam. We signed up to receive the subscription about a year and a half ago and began receiving a 6 pound bag of litter once a month. The litter itself tracks absolutely everywhere and you can hear the crunchy noise in the house with hardwood or tile floors when you step on it. My cat also scattered it all over the bathroom every time she went to do her business. Our vet told us that they would never use that litter to diagnose any health problem and seemed completely skeptical about the whole concept as well. But the worst part is that somewhere after the first 6 months of regularly getting the litter, I started to notice that it would get saturated a lot quicker than before.. Just as I was about to request the litter to be delivered more frequently, my dad offered to order it monthly for us as well so we would get two bags instead of one. When my dad's first order arrived at our house, I immediately realized what the problem was - my dad received a 6 pound bag, while my order was a 4 pound bag. So sometime during the first few months of my subscription, they started sending me a much smaller bag without any notice.. probably to compel me to start ordering more than once a month. I have pictures of everything to prove it. My dad immediately called to confront the company about it and we cancelled both of our subscriptions. We found another litter we absolutely love and were ready to forget about this company.. Until 5 months later, in January of this year, when I randomly received another PrettyLitter box. I thought this must be some sort of mistake, but I didn't see a charge on my card, so I forgot about it. A month later I received another box and this time I asked my dad to check his card and he noticed they started randomly charging him again. When he called to inquire about the situation and ask for refund, he was told that we "cancelled" for a few months, and supposedly agreed to restart during the next year during our cancellation phone call.. What??? What kind of company would ever do that? There is absolutely no record of us ever agreeing to restart the PrettyLitter subscription and that should never ever be allowed to be done without the consent of the consumer. They refused to refund my dad the money (a little over $50), but did cancel our subscription (which we obviously never restarted). When I emailed their customer service detailing all of this, I, of course, never received a reply. Please do yourself a favor and never sign up for PrettyLitter. It's an absolute scam and some of the worst litter we've ever had.

PrettyLitter Response • May 01, 2020

The happiness of our customers is our number one priority. A senior member of our Customer Experience team was able to get in touch with Kristina and discuss where we could have improved her experience. We have issued refunds for the orders in question and look forward to being of further assistance any time.

want cancel subscription Tried calling not taking calls they ask to do chat no chat option available no response from emails

want cancel subscription Tried calling not taking calls they ask to do chat no chat option available no response from emails
When I try to go to my account they say No account with that email but it is correct I am a senior on limited income They take $22.00 from my account and I no longer need my cat passed
March 5th was order and they sent again and took out on March 30th

Desired Outcome

I just want them to cancel subscription

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 16, 2020

Hi ***. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Based on the information you were able to provide we were not able to find an account associated with your name or email. Please note our chat widget can be located on the bottom right hand corner of every page of our website. If you contact customer service or respond to this reply with an email or name associated with your account we can cancel the subscription.

The litter is fine. The customer service stinks! I only wanted to order for one month (there's an option for that) just to try it for my sister's cat. If she liked it, she was going to start a subscription. However, I was charged for the next month as well. When I asked for a refund, they only offered me a 40% refund... not even half! They told me that I should have cancelled within 30 days. I only wanted a 30 day supply. How was I to know they would charge me again? I didn't authorize it!

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 14, 2020

Thanks for sharing your experience Nanetha. It seems like there might have been some confusion about what PrettyLitter offers, but we are happy to explain. PrettyLitter is exclusively a subscription service. We have options to order product to get delivered once a month or once every 3 months, which might be what made you think we had an option to try it once. We're sorry for the confusion. As a one time courtesy we have refunded the rest of your second order and have cancelled your subscription. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to reflect in your account. If you have any other questions please let us know

Not odor absorbent at all. Hideous. Doesn't last a month by a long shot. Customer service non existent. Do not waste your money.

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 14, 2020

Hi Gabrielle. We tried to find you in our system but we were not able to. We want to help in any way we can so please reach out to our support team as soon as possible.

Customer Response • Apr 14, 2020

Order was under the name Lowery. Probably Christine. Doesn't change anything. The odor control was still non-existent.

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 14, 2020

Hi Gabrielle, I was able to see that you were able to get a hold of customer service twice through SMS last month and they were able to help with your questions about order processing and delivery. Regarding the issues around odor control, we're sorry to hear your experience was less than perfect. PrettyLitter's odor control lasts the whole month only if the litter box has at least two inches of depth, is stored in a try environment, and is mixed daily. We'd love to make our litter work for your household so please reach out to our support team at ***

They won't let me cancel my account. I have asked 4 times and no one will respond and I can't remove my credit card information from my own account.

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 10, 2020

Thanks for reaching out Andrew. It looks like you were able to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives who tried to help you cancel your account but you weren't able to respond. We apologize for any miscommunication. To confirm, your account was canceled today, April 10th. If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know.

Customer Response • Apr 10, 2020

I can confirm my account was cancelled today, but I can assure you no one from your business tried to connect with me. Via phone or email. You all just ignored me until I posted this review.

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 14, 2020

Hi Andrew. Based on our records members of our support team responded to your requests April 7th, 8th, and 9th. We can confirm your subscription has been canceled and moving forward no orders will be processed. If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know

Customer Response • Apr 14, 2020

I'd love to receive copies of these attempts. According to my records, you ignored ever message I sent.

I am trying to end this service. They are not taking phone calls and there is no email address for which to call. I just want to stop this subscript
I have tried calling and texting a stop services message to the number that was available but no response. I have tried to email from their advertisements contact information for which they say my email is not valid. Please help me , Thank you

Desired Outcome

end my subscription of this product

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 13, 2020

Thanks for sharing your experience ***. After looking at your previous contact history we can see that you were able to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives but were not able to respond to their email. To confirm, we did cancel your subscription for you. If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know.

Customer Response • Apr 15, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Pretty Litter refusing to refund a fraudulent charge to their business with my credit card.
On November 29, 2019, 3 fraudulent orders were placed with my *** credit card number that I did not make. I did not see these charges until December 1, 2019 and promptly called *** at 2:59 PM to report the fraud. They marked all 3 charges as fraud, closed the old account, and mailed me a new Credit Card.

On December 6, 2019, I received a package in the mail from one of the fraudulent purchases which was from a company called PrettyLitter. The package was left at my door and USPS was gone before I could refuse the package. I called *** at 7:52 AM to ask a representative what to do. I was told to take the package back to the Post Office to return to sender. At 8:20 AM in the Post Office in Columbia, MD, I was instructed to cross my address out and mark the package as "Refuse - Return to Sender". I did just that and handed over the package to be sent back.

On January 22, 2020, I received a voicemail to promptly call back *** Fraud Dept. at 888-813-7092. When I called back at 5:23 PM that day, I was told by said representative that while two of the fraudulent purchases were approved as fraud, the one from PrettyLitter would not be approved. The company in question had determined that because the address partially matched, I had purchased the product legitimately. In speaking with the representative, I found out from *** talking to the vendor that the email the fraudulent purchaser used was similar to my personal email but not mine. The apartment number was also not on the package. I would most likely be denied my refund because of this. In talking to USPS, they said it was out of their hands.

On February 1 and 3, 2020, I received 2 letters indicating that they closed the fraud case and that I would be responsible for the PrettyLitter charge in the amount of $36.99. The charge had re-posted when I checked my account on February 11, 2020.

When I finally received a response from *** via the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau on March 30, 2020, I was still notified that Pretty Litter says the information was correct and they never received the package back. I am not satisfied by this response by either party. I have not contacted Pretty Litter myself and *** has handled all the communication until this point. The return address was marked to Pittsburgh, PA despite the company being located in California.

Desired Outcome

I would like Pretty Litter to issue a refund back to my credit card in the amount of $36.99 for the fraudulent package I received and promptly sent back. This item was purchased as a fraudulent charge on my card and I do not believe I should have to pay for someone else's misuse of my credit card. My email, which is the correct email used for this complaint, was not the one that was used to purchase the item. I do not have the order number because of this.

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 07, 2020

Thanks for bringing this to our attention ***. We're sorry to hear about the fraudulent purchases made on your card. A refund for $36.99 has been placed. Please allow 3-5 business days to reflect in your account.

If there is anything else we can do please feel free to reach out to our support team at

This litter is sticks to my cat's legs and backside. He tracks it EVERYWHERE because he is covered in it when he leaves the box.

PrettyLitter Response • Apr 07, 2020

Thank you for your feedback Taylor. We're sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues with tracking. Our customer support team has a wealth of knowledge about how to combat tracking as well as product suggestions that should hopefully reduce the amount of tracking you experience. Feel free to send us an email at *** or you can live chat with us on our website. We're looking forward to assisting you!

Issues with Customer Service and Delivery of Litter
Ever since I started with my subscription I have had on going issues whether it be with customer service or delivery of order. When I started my subscription I made it abundantly clear to the representative that I wanted to receive my orders before the first of every month. From the get go that did not happen and I had to call your customer care about it numerous times. Which your customer service team has not been knowledgeable enough to help me either I always end up having to ask for a manager. Yet multiple calls, much wasted time and I am still not receiving my order before the first of every month as requested numerous times now. I do not understand why it is taking 2 weeks to receive my order when we are only approx. 15 miles from the distribution center. This is not acceptable. I do not want to waste another minute explaining my situation to someone or on the phone holding because the reps put you on hold for every little thing which ends up wasting 20 mins to a half hour of your time and you still get no where. If this shipping issue and customer service issue does not get resolved I will cancel and return to using my store bought litter. I had this conversation with *** the manager of customer service last week. However, she did explain that she has nothing to do with the shipping portion of this so here you go! Hopefully someone will care enough to do something about this other then moving my ship date earlier and earlier in the month.

Desired Outcome

Would like Pretty Litter to use a more reliable form of delivery.

PrettyLitter Response • Mar 20, 2020

Thanks for sharing your experience *** and apologies for the delay. We wanted to make sure we could respond to your request with an action plan in place to improve our shipping experience. Your next order in April will be shipped via FedEx ground, a more premium method than FedEx SmartPost. This means that you should experience faster shipping times. We completely understand your frustration and we hope this change is able to create a better shipping experience for you.

Customer Response • Mar 26, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I hope this makes a difference. Fingers crossed.

It's the Worst Litter I've ever used
I've had cats my entire life, I currently have 4. My partner used to experiment with different kinds of self cleaning litter boxes, but we eventually settled on the old fashioned method, because it was the simplest. When I heard about pretty litter I was so excited, an extra way to monitor my cats health, as well as a dust free litter, that I only had to scoop half as often, and it was softer on their feet! All their claims are complete lies. They won't post any review below 3 stars on their website, but go anywhere else online, and you'll find the real ones. My entire apartment REAKED of cat urine, for the first time in all my years of owning cats, because it didn't absorb the pee no matter how much I mixed it. And it created more dust than any other litter I have ever used. The smell and dust were so bad I was unable to clean it, even with my shirt over my face, and my partner had to clean it by himself for the whole month that we used it. When I called their customer support to talk to someone about it they 1.) seemed completely unsurprised, and uncaring, about the fact that all of their claims are false and 2.) charged me for 4 more bags because it was a subscription and I knew that when I signed up. It seems the only way this company makes money is by selling bad litter, and then trapping you in one of those "sign up for free, but then you're on our list and we'll charge your credit card every month without your say" type of scam. Please, for the sake of your cats, yourself, and your nose, don't get this litter.

PrettyLitter Response • Feb 20, 2020

We're sorry to hear your experience was less than perfect, Hannah. We appreciate your honest feedback and are currently looking into your interaction with our team to see how we can make our customer service experience better. Regarding cancellations, your PrettyLitter account is entirely in your control and you can always cancel through email, phone or on our website. Please note your order was fully refunded on 12/27/19. As for the product, it sounds like you were experiencing issues with saturation, which can be common if you don't use enough litter to get at least 3+ inches of depth for multiple cats. Everyone's litter setup is different so sometimes 1 bag per cat is not enough depending on the size of the boxes you have in your setup. If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know.

Customer Response • Feb 20, 2020

My original order was never refunded, only the second shipment I was charged for was refunded after I had to ask for a manager (something I never thought I would have to do in my life.)
I order four bags, one for each cat, and followed the set up instructions exactly. I even switched from four litter boxes to two, to make sure there was enough litter for it to work. It didn't seem to matter.
I don't appreciate the kind response only after pretending to post my review to your website, and then discovering I went to another site. As a pet owner, we always know we might waste money, weither it's on vet bills for something that turns out to be nothing, or trying products with the hopes that it makes your pet's life just a little bit better. But this was the worst litter I have ever used, I am still shocked at how bad my entire experience was.

PrettyLitter Response • Feb 21, 2020

Again, we are so sorry to hear that your experience was not to our standards. A member of our team has reached out to you directly via email to confirm your second refund (from your first order) and collect any additional feedback.

I was in love with this litter. Great price and so easy to use/clean. But now that my cat has been peeing the dark blue, which they urge you to go to your vet and 300 dollars later. My cat is fine. No UTI or stones and all the bloodwork came back negative! I'm beyond angry..

PrettyLitter Response • Jan 29, 2020

Thanks for sharing your experience Donna. Cats are incredibly sensitive creatures and the alkalinity levels of their urine can be changed by things such as a change in diet or stress. We always encourage waiting between 24 and 48 hours before taking your cat to the vet to make sure the change is consistent. If there's anything else we can help with or you'd like to tell us more about your experience please reach out to us at ***

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