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10250 Constellation Blvd. 23rd Floor, Los Angeles, California, United States, 90067

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• Jan 29, 2023

Charged My Card Without my knowledge.
I ordered from pretty litter in November of 2021 and then cancelled my subscription because it was too expensive. After this I had no issues and did not use pretty litter. I have not logged into my account since then but randomly recieved a text that my order was scheduled to ship soon, and my card was charged for $78 on January 29th 2023.

How in the world did this get ordered if I have not logged into my account in over a year? The website is not user friendly at all and there is no way for me to cancel or change this order. ITs currently scheduled to be delivered to my previous address but I have moved to an entirely different state so there is no way for me to retrieve this or send it back to be refunded.

Avoid this company at all costs, they make everything way more difficult than it should be.

• Apr 19, 2022

Cancelled my subscription and they sent me more!
I cancelled my subscription a month before they sent me another 2 bags! I contacted them via chat and they said sorry but no refunds! I hadn't even received them yet (just a tracking email) and they wouldn't let me turn right around and return the box unopened. So much for their 100% satisfaction guaranteed! The product doesn't do what it says and when the cats use it, it makes a strong ammonia smell! Absolutely disgusted by this company and their shady practices. DON"T BUY FROM THEM!

• Mar 27, 2022

Shipping issues serious
My order was placed and paid March 11th, im a long time automatic customer and no longer satisfied with prettylitter because of whats happening. Its now March 27th, nearly one whole month after. My order has still not shipped. I spoke with a James 4 days ago assuring me it is next in line to ship. Obviously lies, still hasnt. I'm sick of the shipping issues. I'm also a chewy customer and ipsy ,hellofresh, splendies.. which all delivery fine and quick. THIS IS A PRETTYLITTER issue and I'm going to find a better litter because this is unacceptable and I can't wait like this... I like prettylitter and have no issues with it but if you aren't going to ship it once I pay that's unacceptable. I can't wait months for it, im ordering it when I freaking need it.

6 lb. bag Will not last a month
I ordered thru their website and it took almost a month to receive it. Meanwhile, they sent me another bag after only about a week and charged my bank account. I put a 2 month pause on the shipping, so we'll see.
I had to add litter from the 2nd bag, because 1 bag was not enough after just 2 weeks.
The urine pools and I was not going to just mix this Urine saturated crystals and have my cat track that all over the house, so I scooped the urine crystals out of the box.
It does keep the odor down, which is a plus, but I scoop both urine and the solid waste.
Pretty expensive seeing that the 6 lb. bag only lasted about 2 weeks before I had to add more and I only have 1 cat.
For now, I'll keep working with this litter, until I find a better litter.

Not detecting health issues
I am 67 and I adopted my first kittens November of 2020. They were 2 month old brothers. I started them on Pretty Litter immediately. I also started them on Orijen cat food and freeze dry treats. My babies were wonderful boys for being my first
kittens. In August of 2021, my baby Snuggles was acting sick and I took him to the vet. At 10 months old he had FIP and I had to make that horrible decision to let him go. I held my 5 pound baby as he crossed over. Over the next month, I realized that Indy needed a new playmate. At the end of October of last year, I again adopted 2 baby kittens who were brothers. They were 3 months old. On December 23rd, I woke up to Taco having trouble breathing. I took him to a vet to find out he had a tumor in his tummy. Again I had to hold another baby as he crossed over. Now his brother isn't doing well due his tummy being swollen up. Today is January 4th, less than 2 weeks after the passing of Taco, his brother, Big Foot is going in to find out why his tummy is large. If Pretty Litter was created to catch early health issues with kittens, why hasn't it detected anything in these 3 kittens? I never thought that little kittens could melt my heart as these babies have. I still use Pretty Litter and I purchase it from Target. They have it in 8 pound bags for 28.00. A 8 pound bag is good for 2 months per litter box.

Buyers beware.
I used pretty litter for about a 6 month period. It was convenient to only scoop poop but it wasn't a realistic product for a multicat household. To properly manage 2 cats you'd easily need to purchase 4 bags per month. It also tracked everywhere worse than any other litter I've tried.

This is when I decided to cancel and go back to another litter I used. Or so I thought. One of their team members informed me that my subscription was cancelled when I contacted them to do so. 2 month later I am charged and informed there is more pretty litter on the way.

Their customer service is absolutely awful. None of the support members are on the same page and you hear something different each time. After trying to contact them by email to refund the order with no response I had to call multiple times to get through. The support member stated the previous person I spoke to "forgot" to cancel my membership. They let me know I would get my refund and to contact them for shipping labels when it arrives.

Fast forward to receiving the litter. I try contacting by live chat x2, email by 2 and phone x5 without getting a response from anyone ! Finally I get through and am told 2 shipping labels will be sent as soon as possible.

Fast forward again 5 days and nothing with no way to get in touch at all. I send another email and get a response saying sorry and that I'd need to get a box big enough for all of the litter because now they can only send me 1 shipping label?!

Why should I have to be going out my way to get a big enough box to ship this when it's pretty litters fault it arrived in the first place and after telling me they'd send 2 shipping labels over?!

EASILY the worst customer service I've ever experienced.


Trapped in Subscription, Bad Customer Service
Tried to modify my subscription, no account access. Tried the lost password link to access my account and the website says my email address is not on file. (This the the email address I receive the payment receipts to.) Tried all other email addresses, no luck. Emailed customer service through their website contact page. No reply after a week. CALLED OVER 20 TIMES during customer service hours and was given the electronic runaround. Finally, in a live chat, I was told my subscription would be canceled, but a charge went through today! Very poor customer service for an extremely over-priced Silica Gel cat litter with a little very cheap pH test chemicals sprayed on it.


Even this review got cut off1
nd they make random dates blaming fedex..BBB will listen...believe me!

Time to call BBB!!
I agree with ALL of your horror stories and then some. Went to change my billing after not receiving proDUCT...BEING CHARGE..TON'S


Try canceling. I dare you!
I’ve tried 3 times. Via email - no response. Text message - they canceled but shipped another box and will mot refund me. So I canceled again. They shipped another box. Still will not refund me. Now off to the bank I go. Terrible customer service!


Very poor customer service.
I had an issue with not being given a 15% discount. When I emailed them about this issue, I did NOT receive any response, positive or negative, addressing my concern. Customer service is why I make my purchases from some companies and not others. Prettylitter just got on my "Don't buy from" list.


I need customer service...missing litter!
I have missing litter from last month. No one will answer calls. I have sent many emails, and txt's...
I get a "Someone will contact you soon!" long is soon. I'm still waiting for them to contact me. 10 DAYS and counting.

If your thinking about ordering PrettyLitter from here. WAIT! Actually AMAZON carries pretty litter too. I should have ordered it from there!

Just a thought.


Never received.
I cannot review the product because even over two weeks after my card was charged not only have I not received the litter, but it has not even been sent out yet. I have now asked for a full refund and am continuing to get the run around. Not happy. I suppose my next step is having my bank reverse the charges. This is not good business.


Order Not Received
First off, I would have given NEGATIVE Stars if I could. I started getting pretty litter and in the beginning my orders came as they were scheduled. I have now been waiting almost 3 months for my litter, they charged me for my subscription in July and only sent me 1 bag out of 9 and charged me the full amount. I have emailed and chatted with them numerous times and they keep saying they will send out my order, and I still have not received it. As of today I can no longer log into my account. Really disappointed in their customer service on top of they have kept my money, with no response. Would not recommend.

No product
Hi!. I love the product. I have been buying litter in Target for a few months. I decided to go with subscription since I have been committed to product. Unfortunately product was not sent for more then 3 weeks.
No answer from costumer service.


Outstanding Product!
I have used Pretty Litter for well over a year and I would never use anything else. If used as directed, it is a godsend, especially for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc. It is also great for older cats with kidney issues or UTIs, etc. If you manage your subscription properly, then you shouldn't have significant issues with that and I have never had one problem with same. I have noticed that they do charge your account a week or so before delivery but that is simply not an issue for me, as it evens out over time. Over decades of having cats, I have never found a litter that didn't track some and yes, Pretty Litter does track a bit more but the benefits far outweigh this minor inconvenience and using a good litter mat usually catches most of it.
This is in NO WAY a scam; I wouldn't switch back for anything.

Not Impressed
Unfortunately, I still have not received my order. It has been a month so far. I asked for a refund and they offered me 20% or 10 dollars back. This may not be a scam but they DO NOT care about their customers. I would give 0 stars but I have to give something to place the review.
They could have made this better by simply refunding my money. They could have explained that they are behind on orders, anything, just care. Also, don't steal from me!


Great litter but timely shipping is a killer, especially summer of 2021
I've been using PrettyLitter for four maybe five months. The litter is pretty good stuff. It dries out the solids and if you use and replace it as suggest it you don't have problems with smell or dust. In my experience they do tend to track the litter outside of the box. The individual granules are small and light weight and I notice it sticking to the cat's feet. So I vacuum every 2-3 days to keep the floors clean. Unfortunately, after getting the first couple of batches exactly as expected something has happened to the company's supply lines. I had an order that should have shipped on 7/19. I've contacted customer support three times and was instructed that there was staffing issues at the warehouse handling my order and that my order would be moved and I would receive two day priority shipping. Now three weeks later still no new litter and the same story. Now, honestly I had any kind of litter stockpile this wouldn't be an issue. But if you're operating on a 'just-in-time' delivery paradigm not getting litter when you expect it can be a real problem. Cause there's definitely an issue if you don't change out the litter as recommended. Urine doesn't really clump in PrettyLitter. It absorbs the urine and prevents the smells until the litter reaches some saturation point and then the ammonia smell start to come on really strong. This morning the smell actually started burning my eyes while trying to clean out the box so obviously we're way past due for replacement. So unless/until PrettyLitter can address either staffing or supply chain problems I can't really recommend it. Too bad, compared to other litters this stuff is significantly lighter.


This IS NOT a scam!
I haven't had any problems with the product or company so makes me think that those who have are not using the product as directed and not navigating the company webpage as it's set up. I'm a very happy customer and hope to remain one for a very long time. This product is, by far, the best on the market. Excellent product performance and reasonable pricing.


A very happy customer!!
PRO'S: My two neutered boys love it and the odor control is excellent so this makes me very happy! Dust is negligible. I usually clean it out every 1 - 3 days. I've had cats all my life and have tried everything; clay, anti-clumping, paper, pine pellets, Fresh 5X Crystals, sand, dirt. You name it, I've tried it. For odor control, ease of use, and length of time for use, (right now averaging 5 weeks) NOTHING works like Pretty Litter.

TRACKING: They have one extra large litter pan with a hood so maybe that's why I'm not having the issues that other folks are having with tracking, etc. The hood comes with a replaceable charcoal filter which they remove so I don't bother using that anymore and still have no issues with odor control. I followed the directions; and, since I have other products left over from prior experiences, added a bit of Arm & Hammer litter deodorant to the bottom of a clean litter pan, mixed in with a bit of 5X crystals. Even when used just plain without the add-on's, Pretty Litter is fantastic at odor control and longevity. The only thing I wish they would improve is the tracking. My guys have their litter box in their own bathroom. As far as silicone crystals are concerned, it does track more than 5X but remains in the bathroom and not on their paws. There's no mat and it doesn't track anywhere else. One of my guys really likes to dig before he does his business so he spreads more out of the box than the other cat.

DELIVERY: I've not had any problems with delivery. They always notify me, in advance via email, when the next shipment is scheduled and when it's actually enroute. I get a tracking number via text and online in my account so I can see where the shipment is. Delivery to my door has been on time. I'm billed and usually within 5 - 7 days, the litter is on my doorstep.

CON: I tried changing from one box a month to 3 a quarter. The website wouldn't let me do that by advancing the calendar date. The calendar only shows a month at a time so not able to advance the delivery date to 90 days in the future. This feature would be nice. In the meantime, I paused my subscription since I have 3 bags due for delivery which will take care of things until December. In early December, I will reactivate my subscription.

SUMMARY: I HIGHLY recommend this product. Any issues pet owners have with the product and tracking are most likely due to not following the instructions and putting an unhooded litter box in an open environment instead of a confined space like a tiled bathroom. Problems with billing and delivery most likely due to not using the webpage correctly. I found the webpage easy to navigate.

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