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We have spoken with the customer and agreed to cancellation terms as of 9/22/We have written the customer a letter of cancellation along with an agreed termination fee that the customer has agreed to payWe would consider the matter resolved at this point

We spoke to the [redacted] family on 11/30/Our representative offered them a promotional package that was part of a (60) month agreementThe customer accepted this offerPart of this package included receiving over $worth of equipmentWe conducted a quality assurance call on 11/30/where the terms of the agreement are discussedThis call is recorded, and we are more than happy to provide thisThe customer also signed an E-Contract committing to this (60) month termAfter the installation, a 2nd quality assurance call is conducting once again reviewing the terms of the agreementThese calls are conducted to protect the customer from any possible miscommunicationWe are more than happy to speak with the [redacted] family to come to a different agreementThey can reach us anytime at ###-###-####

Thank you for your responseProlink Protection has over active employees in the surrounding Denver area and while a description was provided and we appreciate it, without a badge number, we cannot properly identify the individual in question due to the fact that many employees fit this descriptionAs stated before, we have been retraining our employees and making sure that they follow the policies of Prolink Protection and the

On 6/18/ [redacted] was installed with Prolink protectionBefore the system was installed, on the same day, a member of our customer service team had a recorded phone call with the customer where the offer was confirmed with himThe information that was confirmed with the customer was the monthly price, the length of the agreement (which was months), what equipment would be replaced or installed as new and a confirmation that the Sales Representative that was with [redacted] was not associated with any other company besides Prolink ProtectionThe question was answered by [redacted] in the affirmative,indicating that he understood Prolink was a completely separate company from anyone elseAlso, [redacted] affirmed that he was ok with the price of the monthly paymentWe have spoken to ** [redacted] about his account and he has indicated to us that he understood he made an agreement and he would pay his monthly billWith that in mind, if he is so displeased with the service we will contact [redacted] and hopefully help satisfy his displeasure

We have spoke to Mrs[redacted] every day for the last couple daysWe have resolved this issue and responded to her previous complaint, complaint #This is a duplicate complaintThe original complaint was resolved as of 1/20/We would like this duplicate complaint removedIf Mrs[redacted] has anymore issues she can call our customer service line anytime at [redacted]

Customer " [redacted] " was installed on 11/12/2014, we did a recorded quality assurance call before the installation explaining the terms of the agreement and clearly explaining we were not affiliated with any other monitoring companyWe also did a post installation quality assurance call verifying the system was working correctly and that his system was up to his installation standardsIn both calls, he expressed that everything was working correctly and he was very happy with the process and installationCustomer called in on 5/6/explaining that he was moving and that he needed the system serviced to be removedWe called him on 5/7/to set up a system move and explained to him in our agreement it does explain that a free relocation was includedHe declined this offer and explained he just wanted to cancelPer the agreement he signed, we explained the cancellation fee that was included in the agreementWe attempted to contact him from 5/7/to 5/28/because he explained he would decide what he wanted to doAfter days of attempting to contact the customer and leaving countless voicemails, we checked his to see that status and usage of system and everything was being usedOn 9/8/his alarm registered a tamper signal on his glassbreak detector and smoke detector, meaning someone was removing the equipmentBased on our records, we never received a call or voicemail regarding his system issues On 10/02/the customer made a complaint to the in which we attempted to call him multiple times on the phone number we had listed on fileI was able to pull a phone number off the report, which was not listed on his alarm account, and was able to reach the customerHe verified everything on the account and as a courtesy and because of the issues we agreed to settle for a cancellation fee and return of the equipmentIf the customer has any further questions or concerns he may contact us at anytime at

Mr [redacted] was sold a system on 7/21/Before Prolink dispatches a technician, we have a customer service specialist call the customer on a recorded line and they go over exactly what is included in the offerIn the first recorded phone call before the security system was installed, our specialist asked if the customer agreed to “the discounted monthly rate of for the period of months.” to which the customer, Mr [redacted] , replied “yes”After the installation was completed we had another customer service specialist call and do another recorded conversationIn this conversation on the customer was asked the same question, to which he stopped the representative and said he was told he would receive the system for a month agreementAfter speaking to the sales associate who sold Mr [redacted] the system, it was confirmed as a month agreement and a 3rd recorded call was placed on 7/23/In this call the same question was asked, “the discounted monthly rate of for the period or months”, to which Mr [redacted] replied “yes”Because of the mixup in the first call, we had put down the customer for a month agreementOn 8/12/a Prolink specialist called Mr [redacted] to apologize for the misunderstanding and to confirm that we were making the correction in our system to show he had a contract with ProlinkIn this phone call Mr [redacted] admits to having a copy of his contractProlink has a valid, signed agreement with Mr [redacted] , we admit to an initial error of putting down Mr [redacted] for a month agreement when it should have been We have since corrected this error and are more than happy to offer the customer months a service for free as an apology for our mixup

On 6/10/Mrs [redacted] agreed to enter a 60-month contract with Prolink and have her security system installed on the same-dayIt is Prolink’s policy to offer a three day right of recessionBefore a Technician is dispatched, we require all customers to participate in a Q&A recorded phone call to verify they understands the agreementWe have this recorded phone call from June 10, in which it clearly asks the customer if she agrees to pay a monthly monitoring rate of $for a period of 60-months; which she does agree toIn the same phone call, it is clearly asked if our Sales Representative promised anything that was not written or printed in their agreementThe customer also agreed that she wasn’t promised anything that was not clearly writtenWe sent the Technician to install the system and the customer was charged one-month’s monitoring rate for clearing on 6/15/After the installation, the Sales Representative called into our corporate office to have the contract length reduced to monthsWe received no phone call from the customer in the three day right of recession asking to terminate/cancel her contractBetween 6/16/and 6/27/16, the customer called [redacted] , stating her desire to cancelWe were informed and tried to reach the customer to resolve the issue but received no answerOn July 1, 2016, we were able to get a hold of the customer by phone and expressed our desire to fix any issues she had with the system as well as reimburse her for any charges while she was unhappy with the systemWe have no recorded phone conversation that we agreed to cancel her service and charge no cancellation feeHer cancellation request from [redacted] was received six days after installationWe have no proof from Mrs [redacted] that our Representative offered her a longer right of recession and our recorded phone conversations clearly state she agrees to all terms listed in her contract

The salesman was misleading speaking to meThe confirmation was mere with my husbandWe never signed a contract and I have sent the co proof of thatWe feel very taken advantage ofIn looking at other complaints, this is the business practice of this company, VERY DECEPTIVEWe will honor this contract because my husband committed on the phoneBut will warn everyone to stay away

This party had a ProLink ID badge, and a light blue polo shirt with the ProLink logoAre you really questioning if this person was in fact working for your companyIt would seem relatively simple to look at all contracts received around the timeframe I reported this matter, which were secured in the Littleton, CO areaThat would sure seem to identify the person we are talking about, especially since I gave you pretty detailed descriptors of his physical appearance (height, weight, age, etc.) I think this only supports the notion that you have no idea who is out representing your company, what they are saying, or any other accountabilityYou are responsible for the misrepresentations made by these people under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act, seems you need better oversight, control and accountability

If I am unable to return to my original invoice total with Monitronics who I was perfectly happy with, they were proving me excellent service/ PL can void my service and contract and allow me to find another Vendor with cheaper monthly serviceI am on a Fix -income and every dollar count toward my medication

We have made countless attempts to resolve this issue with Mr[redacted] We first set up Mr[redacted] on 6/25/with an advertising promotion for free equipmentThe customer signed an agreement for $for a period of months with Prolink ProtectionOn 10/26/the customer signed a new agreement at $for monthsAt this time we updated the customer's informationOn 8/17/the customer notified us that he was being double billed by a previous company that had not monitored him for over monthsWe attempted to prove that the monitoring was being done by us on 11/8/by having a tech come out to his homeWe have done everything in our power to resolve this situationWe have offered to cover any remaining balance and waive any past due balancesAt this time, we have offered to the customer to release him from his agreement with us and allow him to keep the equipment we installed into his home with no obligation to usThe customer will need to resolve his account with the previous company at this timeThe customer may contact us at anytime at [redacted] or email us at [redacted]

Robert first expressed his issues with the system on 9/10/We attempted to call him to set service on 9/10/2015, 9/14/2015, and 9/21/We left him multiple messages trying to set an appointment o fix his glass breakAs of 9/30/2015, I spoke to Mr.B [redacted] to service his system and explained to him we would love to service his system, also as a courtesy I explained to him we will apply a three month credit for the inconvenienceHe was happy with thisWe attempted to set a service date of 10/1/2015, but he is busy We have set a service for the customer as of 10/7/and he agreed with that date and his happy with thatIf the customer is to have any more issues, he is more than welcome to contact us at ###-###-####Ext * If there are recordings than this company has the one with their two who stated I was protected with having done the survey due to the fact that I stated my concernsI did not know of any such contract until after the installThis was not what I was told I was signing by the sales repHe clearly stated I was signing for the installerI never received any documentation stating otherwise nor any contract of any sortI was not given a correct number to call from day oneI had to google and leave messages for a response from the companyWith pricing stating they have recorded phone calls than they do have the one with the first gal who stated I would not be charged to cancel and the would be refundedWhere is this recording?
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
Robert B***

Based on the customer's response, the check has been receivedIf the customer has any further questions she may contact our customer service department anytime and we can address any concerns she may have at ###-###-####

Customer *** *** was installed on 8/19/2016, we did a recorded quality assurance call before the installation explaining the terms of the agreement and clearly explaining we werenot affiliated with any other monitoring companyWe also did a post installation quality assurance call verifying
the system was working correctly and that his system was up to his installation standards.In both calls, he expressed that everything was working correctly and he was very happy with the process and installationThe customer did not have fast enough internet bandwidth to support the cameras we offer in our security systems.The sales representative explained this to the customer, and also helped the customer find a suitable substitute on amazon.comMr *** called in on 8/29/explaining that the cameras he had ordered off of amazon where not working correctlyThe representative paid one of our technicians to hook up the camera for Mr ***The problem the customer is having with the camera and its connectivity has nothing to do with our service or equipment we sold him.It is what he purchased apart from our agreement and his internet speed that he pays for through another companyWe are happy to provide cameras that are integrated into our security system, but it depends on the customer having fast enough internet to support itIf the customer has any other issues please call us at *** *** ***

We have attempted to resolve this issue countless times with Mrs.*** We contacted her on January 2nd, because we received a signal that her system was having issuesShe refused to allow us to service this system multiple timesWe explained to her that we were the service company, and not
her monitoring companyWe sent multiple letters in regards to thisWe had consecutive missed payments for eight monthsWe made a final attempt to service the equipment in October and she agreedWe sent her a reimbursement check as a courtesy to cover any costsShe continued to express the concern that she did not owe any balance for those eight monthsWe explained that per the service agreement that she did sign, that even if she refuses our attempt to fix the equipment, she is still required to make a monthly paymentAt this point she was twelve months behind on payments, and we explained that as long as she paid the last two months that her system was working correctly we would waive the last tenShe agreed to this via recorded call and emailShe explained she would send a cashier's checkWe received the cashier's check in the amount of $and that brought her account currentIf she has any issues at all moving forward, she may contact our customer service department at *** *** *** The service office is open between 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday

In addition to this report, we received the stated complaint in our email, *** on June 15,We reached out to the customer the same day via email and asked if he knew the representative's nameHe did not know the name of the representative that approached his home
and thereforeit could not be determined if the individual reported is a current employee of Prolink Protection. Nonetheless, at that point we had a short email correspondence apologizing for the representative's behavior and assured him that we would take the proper steps necessary to ensure that all our sales representatives respected any and all wishes to not solicit to marked homesAll of our representatives are properly licensed for the areas they sell and market and because we couldn't verify the representative's name that visited his home, we are unable to determine if any action is needed in regards to this matter

We have no record of Mrs *** calling in and it being promised to her that she would not be charged a cancellation feeThis, once again, goes against everything we have records forWe have recorded phone calls in which it is clearly outlined the terms of the agreement, the monthly price and the length of the agreement. A copy of Mrs ***'s agreement was mailed to her once we cataloged it in our systemWe maintain that we will do any and everything possible to make this right with the customerIf they are unsatisfied with their system, we will add equipment, within reason, free of chargeWe will consider lowering the monthly monitoring rateWe will honor the free months of service promised to herIf the Mrs *** is unhappy with any of these options, than she is subject to the agreement she signed and any fees associated with breaching that agreement

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