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• Sep 15, 2023

Tire rim
My husband ordered a tire rim for his Ford truck and it came without a valve stem now apparently the valve stem cannot be ordered from an auto parts store my husband call Real Truck they said it doesn't come with a valve stem and because it is shaped different the auto parts store cannot order anything like that so tell me what the hell good is this tire rim if it doesn't come with a valve stem these people are a joke my husband ask them questions never got an answer to this question all they did was just ignore what he was asking and it's funny how another company that he ordered from the same exact rim from has valve stems but because he can't get that Rim from the other company real truck did have it but unfortunately now we're stuck with a rim and no valves now is this really how you people do business it sucks

• Jul 12, 2023

Stay Away!
I ordered a tonneaou cover after a week it finally showd up but the hardware was missing to be able to clamp the rails to the box of my pickup. I called to tell them about it they said they would overnight the missing parts then a day later they emaled saying they need serial number of the cover or they won't send the parts that are missing like the seiral number matters it's the same parts everyone gets when they order that cover. Now I have to tear it all back apart since I need to use my pickup tomorrow and can't use it without the cover clamped down to the box of my truck!

Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 6, 2016/03/08) */
Owner of the business contacted me via email to aplogize and do whatever I needed to make it right: would like to close this complaint

Hello Mr. [redacted],    I have reviewed the notes for you order. It looks like you agreed to the $200 refund with new rubber seals. I also looked at the pictures you sent in and it looks like the cover fits the way it was designed. The reason we aren't able to return the cover is because...

it has been installed and the manufacturer will not issue any credit. If you want to get a different cover then give me a call and I will do my best to make a solution that works for both of us. Thank you

Hello - I am very sorry for the mix up with this order.  The customer purchased a large item that required it to be shipped via a freight company rather than FedEx.  In other words - it needed to be delivered by semi or other large truck.  When this happens we instruct the freight...

carriers to contact our customers ahead of time regarding delivery and making sure to arrange a time the product can be delivered when the customer is available.  In this case there was a mix up or miscommunication of some sort in which the freight carrier either did not contact the customer, or had contact methods incorrect (wrong phone number, for example).  Either way - we take responsibility for this happening.  Late Friday afternoon when realized the depth of the misunderstanding we did request a full refund be issued to this customer.  That refund was processed on our end this morning. Depending on the financial institution the customer uses the credit may appear very quickly or there may be up to a several day delay to when the credit card company will show the refund to the customer.Again - we are very, very sorry this happened.  This isn't the level of service we aim to provide our customers.  We are following up with the freight company to determined what happened and get to the bottom of it so it doesn't happen again.  I hope this helps, if you need any further clarification please let me know.  We will also be reaching out to the customer to ensure everything is ironed out and we've made things right with her as best we are able.

Hello Mr. [redacted],   We have completed the refund to your credit card. We are sorry the performance chip didn't work for you. Please let us know if we can help with any further questions.

Hello Mr. [redacted]   I am very sorry to hear about your experience with my customer service team. I understand the frustration regarding your order. If you would please call me directly then I would like to speak with you regarding the experience and see if I can help you with your concerns....

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback.

Hello Mr. [redacted],   I am sorry to hear about the fitment issues with the seat covers. Do the seat covers fit a different model or were they just made wrong? I would like you to give me a call so that I can help sort out your order. Thank you.

I am very sorry for this mix up and for the way you were treated.  We absolutely will refund you the shipping charges you incurred from shipping this back to the manufacturer.  We have been having some computer problems the last couple days and so we are bit behind on our return and refund...

processes.  Normally we would have been able to quickly get a return processed and a replacement going out to you.  I apologize that we were not able to take care of your needs in a timely manner in this case.  Please know this is not how we prefer to conduct our business or treat our customers.  I hope one day we will have the opportunity to serve you again.  In the mean time we have had a representative reach out to you regarding the refund, and as soon as we are able to process the refund for the shipping charges will we do so and apply those charges back to your original payment method.  I am hopeful this helps to make things better - please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make things right with you.  Thank You!  Tim B.

Hi [redacted] - I am very sorry for the mixup with this order and the trouble you are having with the cover.  I looked through the return correspondence and notes from when it occurred, it looks like there must have been some miscommunication between us, you and the manufacturer.  It looked to...

us like things were being taken care of and the manufacturer provided us tracking for the replacement clamps they sent to you.  After the clamps were sent we did not here anything back from you and assumed things were taken care of.  Its clear based on the comments above that is not the case however, and things were not resolved.  For that I apologize, we should have circled back and checked in with you to make sure the manufacturer was adequately taking care of your concerns.  I am going to reach out to this customer today and see if there is any interest in having a technical person from our office work with him to try an figure out what might be going on.  If he's not and still just would like the refund we will go ahead and process the refund.  Hope this helps, please let me know if there is anything we can do to help.  Thank You!

Hello Mrs. [redacted],   I have attached the copy of the delivery confirmation for your records. If you are not able to locate this product then we can help with a call to Fedex. There are some instances when the FedEx driver leaves the shipment at the wrong address on accident. We are...

always able to track it down and make we get it delivered to you. Please let us know if you need us to help find this lost package. Thank you

Hello Mr. [redacted],   I am very sorry for the delay getting the seat covers to you in a timely manner. It does appear that you were refunded on Sept. 19, 2017. The transaction id is [redacted]. Please let me know if you have any issues finding the records of the...

refund on your end.  Thank you

Hello Mrs. [redacted],       I do want to apologize for the delay with your order. I know you have been waiting for the seat covers and the manufacturer has taken longer than normal. I did review the service ticket and it seems like we have sent all the cancellation request...

information so we should have this complete by tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any issues from this point forward.  Thank youJeff [redacted]

Hello Mr. [redacted]: I completely understand your frustration, and apologize that we didn't reach out to you immediately with your concerns.  I have asked a returns specialist to take care of this issue for you.  We will be rerouting this item back to the manufacturer so that we can...

take care of getting you refunded, and not have to be troubled by a return.  The returns specialist will be in touch shortly!

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/03/15) */
Good Afternoon, I am very sorry for the trouble you had with the nerf bars you ordered from us. I agree it is not acceptable the length of time you have been waiting for a resolution on the problem. We have not been able to get a proper...

resolution from the manufacturer as to the fitment concerns, so at this time I would like to issue you a full refund for the nerf bars. You can keep the nerf bars if you like or you can use the refund to select another style / brand of bars. We would be happy to assist you in selecting another style of bars but I also would understand if you would rather get the replacement bars from another company.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2016/03/17) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) immediately called me and offered me an apology and full refund.

I am rejecting this response because: In your previous message you said you could not help because Real truck does not warranty installation.Now you say you are saying you understand is is not the installation that failed.So how come my installion and uninstallion fees are not being compasated due to the failed product that you sold me?

Mrs. [redacted],   We did get confirmation from FedEx that the package was delivered and left between the two rocking chairs. I would like to help take care of this problem with you. Can you give me a call so we can come to a resolution? Thank you

Hi Mr. [redacted],   It does look like you spoke to my customer service team today and acknowledged the refund was complete. I am sorry we didn't have the wheels you were looking to get and for the delay with your refund. Please let us know if you have any questions about any different...

wheels.  Thank you,  Jeff [redacted]

Hello,   I am very sorry for the delay and confusion with your original order. I hope that everything is going well for you at this point. I am confirming that you have received the 5th wheel. It appears UPS delivered on Wednesday. Please let us know if you have any further...

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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