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RedFox Powersports

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• Oct 14, 2020

Total Scam
I'm only going to say that I've never dealt with a more disorganized (or perhaps it's pretending to be disorganized) business. Go Kart arrived poorly packed and damaged. No hardware to assemble. No parts list so I can purchase my own hardware. I have screen shots where I was on hold for almost an hour once and almost two hours another time. Sometimes you call and they say they are busy and to go chat. When you get on chat it's the same person who answers the phone. Emails, chats, phone calls are all full of excuses only meant to shut you up. My question is: would anyone purchasing an item from this company feel safe putting their kids on one? I sure don't.

• Aug 30, 2020

Yes I too have been scammed, the five stars is to get your attention, August 30th Benjamin shifton attorney for Top Class actions contacted me at 3 p.m. and he's going to check into red fox powersports, he will be back in touch with me by the end of the week, also Facebook has a forum for redfoxpowersports scam

DONT BUY FROM red fox powersports you will regret it
over 200 calls in 2 weeks, over 60 emails no response
they will not send even a bill of sale, no title even my 200 cc scooter is full paid for
I filed a complaint with the BBB, and consumer protection agency. My attorney is waiting to see what the mentioned agencies can do, then we will proceed with our initiative
DONT NOT BY FROM THE SCAMMERS (red fox powersports)

• Oct 16, 2020

I just bought from them in September 2500.00$ I didn't get anything then I finally get an email with a tracking number but it's not ups or Fed ex it's some place iv never herd of. I also found charges for PayPal and some other places on my credit card now iv got a 2 $ balance I'm broke now and still I never got bike yet. And I dread actually getting it now because I'm thinking it's gonna be damaged. I don't know what I can do I filed my report with the feds what else is there? Also I ordered from CA in lapuente but it's being shipped from Dallas I just don't understand. 🥵😥 I'm physically just exhausted over it.

• Aug 30, 2020

An attorney with topclassactions has gotten in touch with me about redfoxpowersports scamp past the word, sign into topclassactions

• Aug 04, 2020

Worst company ever
We owned the mini grizzly 4 wheeler for 1 day and the pulley broke after 3 pulls. They want us to ship the item back however it costs us more to ship this item than what it cost us to bye a new one. DO not ever purchase from REDFOX Powersports. What a joke. So disappointed.
Worst company ever

• Jul 31, 2020

I have been scammed.
I also have been scammed by Red Fox Powersports. These people are online thiefs. First they promised a DongFang 300cc Scooter by Christmas last year back in October 2019. They changed the order a few times for the color.

The first delivery came broken. I had to refuse the order. had to fight with them, to reorder.

By March 2020 I got a bike. It blew fuses each time I tried starting it. Then the circuitry melted and I had to take the bike to a shop. I had 2 mechanics work on it. Spent 1000 on top of the 2500. After the second mechanic said he won't work on it any longer. can't figure out what is wrong but it won't start.

I am left without 3600 or so and a pile of junk in my garage. The Red Fox thieves won't even answer the phone.

They should not be allowed to do business any longer.

• Jul 10, 2020

Don’t waste your time..
I purchased two 200cc automatic motorcycles for my boys. About $4000 with shipping included . When I called to inquire about products they were super friendly and stated that they would be arriving between 6/25/20-7/3/20. I was OK with that. She then stated that if the balance was paid in full the paperwork would be processed 24-72 hrs and then shipped out. So I paid the balance in full on 6/25/20. I called in 7/2/20 to see if the bikes came in she stated yes but they are closed for 7/3/20 because of the holiday. I stated OK. I called back on 7/6/20 to see if it was processed and shipped. Her exact words were “yes”they have been shipped and I’m going to send the tracking information to your email you can start tracking the item after 24 hours. So I waited 48 hours to track it nothing. I called the tracking company and they stated that they haven’t received my bikes from them at all. So I chat online with the girl from red fox and she saying now that it is waiting to be picked up which she is a liar. Because after that she says oh it can be 7-10 business days because of COVID-19 again she is a liar because shipping company stated that they pick up everyday as long as they have access to the warehouse. No one answers the phone at all unless it’s as soon as they open and that’s about a10% chance. As far as chat goes they never respond and log off in the middle of a chat?Who does that?”Redfoxpowersport”. I am so pissed about this I'm trying to dispute with my bank now. Don’t waste your time.. This company is full of st!

• Jul 03, 2020

Dont do it! Regrets will follow!
I bought 200 CC scooter. It did not come with bill sale or title never was able to acquire either.. 2 bolts came out of the manifold throwing the gasket out breaking the housing on the muffler it was under warranty but the company is unreachable. The throttle sticks the accelerator came apart all plastic parts are substandard. Up on delivery over half the plastic screw housings were cracked or broken after first time on it the rest broke. Back wheel wobbles. Seat compartment will not latch properly trunk lock broke it does not travel as fast as they claim I've put hundreds into it to be able to even use it and I can never get a tag to be legal even with a title bond
. You must have bill of sale place of origin and list price and that ain't come from them. And this is all in first month! I'm on month 4 I have it running but still cant reach company no title no tag only regrets!

• Jun 11, 2020

My hard earned money stolen from these suck bags
Do not order a thing from this company they are quick to take your money but not quick to answer the phone or emails if you like to waste money place an order and they don't care if they are breaking little kids hearts that the worse when you have to tell your child that someone stole your money and your diet bike is not coming if I lived near there I would get even money back and then some they should be put out of business so!e how like a class action suit diet bags they are they will pay in the end dramas a bh

• Jun 03, 2020

Do not buy anything from this place! Nothing operates right, everything is out of China, no one will ever provide assistance once they take your money, no one ever answers the phone, a "F" rating with the BBB. Join this Facebook group as there are updates being posted on how to make complaints about this business and hopefully some of us get some money back from this so called business.

• Apr 27, 2020

We ordered 2 bikes over a month ago and keep getting generic email responses and emails that say order number changed. Impossible to reach a real person. They have our bank info and now we’re not even able to cancel our order!

• Jun 03, 2020

We have been scammed!
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! We purchased 2 TKA Tadpole trikes. One of them ran for 30 minutes and the other one ran for 2 hours and they no longer crank. They are crap! We have contacted the company by email on numerous occasions with no response and their phone number gives a recording and hangs up! WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED! We had 2 other ones on order which we cancelled before we received them and they did not refund the money to their finance company so now our credit is in jeopardy! Every body has a bad experience with them. Contact your bank and have them charge back the money paid. The Fair Credit Act gives you these rights.

• Apr 22, 2020

Owned a go kart I purchased for my son a week now. It broke down within 3 hrs of him driving it. It's impossible to get ahold of anyone at this company. Tried calling and there live chat, it just says someone will contact me and knowbody ever does. I just bought parts from another company and fixed it my self. I'm glad I didn't purchase the extended warranty because warranties only work if you are able to get ahold of the company and thats not going to happen!

• Mar 19, 2020

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They are scam artists!

• Mar 19, 2020

After my experience with this company, I could kick myself for not checking the reviews prior to placing my order! I am so disappointed. What a scam!

• Mar 19, 2020

I ordered a scooter from them on Feb 10, 2020 which was listed as being in stock, however, a month later I am still awaiting their processing and shipping of my order. My order is now listed as, "on Hold-preorder." After repeatedly contacting them, I was advised that they were awaiting receipt of the scooter and it isn't expected until mid-April so, I can't expect delivery until the end of April. However, they did not delay in charging my credit card! I am very disappointed with this company!

• Jan 16, 2020

WOW! After seeing these reviews there's no way I should have purchased from them. My Son Cart arrived later than expected and not assembled. I think the pressure of repeated calls for my refund but I still got the wrong Cart. I paid for one with reverse but didn't get it. I'm contacting the better business bureau today and will certainly speak with legal to see if a class action can take place! With this many complaints this Company is taking advantage of Consumers.

• Oct 16, 2020

I filed with the federal bureau of investigation internet fraud. And I'm gonna file every single day until they do something I haven't even gotten my bike yet. I'm already disappointed. I feel with this many complaints. It's disaster coming. I wanna cry😥😢

• Mar 19, 2020

I so agree with you! I didn't check reviews prior to my ordering either and I am so angry with this company. They immediately charged my credit card, but I'm being told now that they don't even have the scooter in stock, even though it was listed as in-stock when I ordered. My order is listed as being a pre-order, on hold until they receive the scooter. If they do ship when they say, it will be 2 months after ordering. What a rip-off!

• Dec 19, 2019

SCAM! BEWARE! I ordered a goKart for my son for Christmas and waited patiently for it to arrive on December 18th as the company promised. It never came and I called them several times and was only able to get through after selecting the sales option. I was told they never processed the order and I would not receive it before Christmas but they had taken the money out of my account on December 14th. They would not offer tonhelp in anyway and was extremely uncaring and not sympathetic at all and now my son will be in tears at Christmas. I do not know at this point if I'll even receive my money back and have no gokart. This company is a scam.

• Dec 06, 2019

OMG they sent me a reverse try cicle 50 CCT KC model it came supposedly I paid for fully assembled running it came not running won't run they told me it needs parts it's got 11 miles on it won't start won't run they told me if I want to return it I have to pay return shipping which is a scan so basically they sent me a broken product for me to have to send it back I don't know what's going on but I'm calling my lawyer and I hope everybody that sees this jumps on board and of starting a class action lawsuit against these people and not only that it come not working but it's not even put together properly and I paid almost $300 to have it put together so this company's of piece of ship bull sugar I recommend everybody has been burned to band together and Sue these people as I'm about to do my own case against them I made a $2000 purchase of received broken product and is told it's nothing I can do about it I am infuriated

• Dec 05, 2019

Fken horrible we should start a class action lawsuit I just received my $2000 bike in the mail it doesn't even work

• Dec 05, 2019

I Bert purchased a 50 CCT CK reverse try sickle fully assembled at my door ready to ride it got here it doesn't start and it won't start but now they're just not answering my phone calls and they won't get back to me I don't know what to say but I'm pretty infuriated disappointed and I've been crying all day because this was something I say that a lot of money to invest in I hope that management gets back to me

• Nov 27, 2019

We ordered a seat GoKart for our kids for ChristmasIt was supposed to be percent assembled with a few pieces for us to bolt onWe have a whole bucket of bolts and parts to assemble with no instructions on how to do itWe contacted the company twice (as well as the parent company [redacted] ***- where our $payment went) for helpThey told us the don't have any instructions or even an assembly drawingHow is that possible? They put them together don't they? When I asked the "Customer service" rep if I'm just supposed to guess how to put it together she replied "sort of" AND, you can't post a bad review to the siteIt goes to moderation for review

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