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Redfox Powersports

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• Dec 20, 2021

Never again
Before doing my research very well. I decided to order from Red Fox Powersports. I ordered a 125 and a 50cc for my 7 year old and 4 year old for Christmas. I've called before ordering them. I was very much promised for them to be At my house before Christmas. Today I scheduled my delivery. I am thinking I am receiving both of my items. Well on delivery I only receive one of my items. I call because I was never once told it would be two deliveries. The delivery people reconfirmed that they only had one item for delivery. I call Redfox today and they tell me oh it's going to be shipped out tomorrow. I asked was it going to be delivered before Christmas like I was promised. That man called me a liar and said I was never guaranteed before Christmas. Very well yes sir I was. I told him yes I was and he kinda laughted at me and said no I wasn't. So he couldn't give me no other information I asked why they was getting shipped at different times he couldn't answer that either. Right now my aggregation level is at a 100. Taking a chance of my four year old son not having his big present is going to a big problem. After paying 500 for shipping and delivery. Being laughed at and the guy not giving me his name or me any other information. So right now I'm stuck high and dry trying to figure out Christmas. I was yelled and on top of everything...
I couldn't get my words out or anything. These people are the worse. When he told me I wasn't guaranteed before Christmas delivery I asked him was he there for the lady and mine conversation he kept said no so I asked him how does he know he couldn't answer...

• Sep 01, 2021

Wow waste time don't buy anything for RF Power sports
bought a scooter WASN'T SATISFIED customer service reps yelled at me and were very rude, took two hours for them to answer the phone I asked them to cancel they would not and over ran the conversation by telling me yelling at me its ok it's coming and hung up. I would not recommend these guy's to anybody , DON'T DO IT. HWY ROBBERY!

• Aug 25, 2021

I ordered a Pro Hawk bike 6 months ago, and still to this day...25 August 2021, it never arrived. I was promised that it would be shipped by June never arrived. The dealership will not even answer the phone. Please, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS FRAUD OF A COMPANY. I don't understand how this company is still in business! If you check other reviews, you will see I am not the only customer with a complaint. SAD!

• Aug 25, 2021

Problem after Problem
Ordered 125cc grizzly clone for my daughter, atv came in very cheaply made shipping container which I nearly rejected due to condition, but upon inspection found atv had no or very little damage. Assembly was difficult without any manual or instructions, and apparently none available at the time, the atv manual is contradictory of itself and poorly made, you cannot read sections or tell what it's trying to say. After assembly it's been one thing after another, I've worked on this ATV more in one month than my Honda in 5 years. It's motor is probably the only positive thing I can say the atv has. If I could return atv I would. The cheap metal just keeps breaking, I would not recommend to anyone unless the company makes it right if that is even possible.

• Jun 30, 2021

They say we treat u like family,
b[censored], they do only when u buy. After then it's f[censored] u. Rude f[censored] people. I'm calling the better business, I'm going to tell fox news about this s[censored] hole company.

• Jun 04, 2021

Really rude customer service representatives
I can not believe the way the representative Silvia did talk to me. She was super rude, and did finish the chat without giving me the option to reply back. She should be fired.

• Jun 30, 2021

I'm having the same problem sir with Red Fox Power Sports they are refusing to replacement my 50cc scooter I have filed active complaint with California attorney general office.

• May 26, 2021

Warranty denied
I buy 125 quad 2 months ago my son used 3 o 4 times frame is broken I called warranty say is no factory problem found local shop to welding I thing that’s not right don’t waste your money with this scammer s
Warranty denied
Warranty denied
Warranty denied
Warranty denied

• Jun 30, 2021

It's sad the consumer customer had to go thru all of this security steps to take legal action.

• May 09, 2021

110 dirt bike
5 stars got what I ordered and all was fine I am a mechanic and I got exactly what I expected and even more it was 80% together and installed the rest with a breeze nice bike and the price was right

• May 08, 2021

Horrible experience
I purchased $1,089 Scooter Red Fox Motorsports they have not sent the title or bill of sale have contacted them about the title and bill of sale all they keep saying that it's in the mail I advise you to stay away from this company they are a rip-off,the moped was delivered on 04/15/21 they just continue to lie about the sending of the papers please stay away from this company for your own sake
Horrible experience
Horrible experience

• Jun 30, 2021

I'm waiting on the Better Business Bureau too take action on my behalf problem I'm having.

• May 08, 2021

MCO Papers title and bill of sale
I bought a new 49cc moped, received it on 4/15/21 and yet to receive the title and the bill of sale, I keep emailing redfox power sports and calling, to be told it's in the mail, this company is horrible, don't give them any money, I have 1089.00 moped I can't even use.

• Mar 22, 2021

Just received a call for delivery...
After posting here about my problem getting delivery, I just received a call from the delivery company for a planned delivery. Will be back for further updates. I hope I don't have a problem with the title information as this too has not arrived.

• May 05, 2021

I purchased a 250cc scooter that was supposed to be legal in all states. I bought in the state of NJ and they would not register the scooter because the VIN # does not show up in anyone's database. Please continue to contact this company until they resolve our issues. Let's tie up the phonelines with our complaints so they are unable to conduct their business. When you call they will hang up on you, but just call back 50 times. If everyone does this they will be unable to conduct their business. Hours are Pacific Time 9:30am-12noon then 3pm-5pm. Phone is 877-266-2148. I called them 61 times today. They hung up on me 60 times and picked the phone on lucky 61. Speak to Jimmy the [censored] owner. Press Option 1 for sales.

• Mar 22, 2021

Same problem as others are having...
Ordered a 300cc scooter that was said to ship out of my state (Texas) quickly. A month later, I am still playing phone tag with no information about the scooter (phones busy, live chat busy etc.) After reading these reviews, I feel that I need to report a fraud on my credit card I used to purchase the scooter to get my money back. I would NOT order anything from this outfit EVER. Be warned.


My daughter requested a four wheeler for Christmas and since it was last minute, I searched the internet for a company I could get one by Christmas. This seemed to be the answer. I later received an email stating it would not arrive by Christmas. Therefore, I called and cancelled my order when I was told it would be 2 weeks late. I did not receive a confirmation email by the end of the day as I was told I would. Later in the week after receiving an email that my order was shipped, I responded to a "do not reply" email, that my ordered was cancelled, even provided phone records. I later spoke to a customer services representative, Sylvia, who told me there was no manager I could speak with and that I could only email my concern, but there was nothing that could be done that they have no documentation of my call where I cancelled my order. I have not opened the package as my attorney will handling things from here.


Just received the 125 and the transmission ids seized. Called support spoke with Monica a very rude person. Had no real help just a condescending attitude. I will be disputing this charge and regretting this buy! DON't GET CHEATED!

• Jun 30, 2021

I have filed lawsuit in California small claim court division today

Wish I would have seen these reviews before I purchased. Does not run and cannot get ahold of anyone.


DO NOT BUY !!!!!!!!!
Silvia: Hello, Do you have any questions? Click to chat with sales now!

Me: Hello I placed an order yesterday and asked for fast shipping. however I never received confirmation of my order to my email

Silvia: We are busy at the moment. Sorry about that. Leave us your email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Me: You guys are extremely busy bc I have been unable to speak to anyone since yesterday
i'm a bit concern I may just cll it off and find a store in state to ensure I have the Christmas gift

Silvia: hello anything ordered today is not making holiday delivery

Me : I ordered yesterday

Silvia: order number?

ME: I dont have the order number - I never received a confirmation email
Order name is "BLEEP" or
"BLEEP" with one of the emails that I provided

Silvia: I need the order number
it was 100% issued to you when you completed the order
it is your responsibility to take this down

Me: that's why i'm reaching out to you all. most companies send you a confirmation email I'm sorry to have bothered. I'm sorry I didn't take the number down, and assuming I would get a confirmation email.
Silvia: we do send one once shipped but the order number was issued to you when the order was concluded
Me: So there is no way to find the order number is what yo're saying ?
Transcript has been sent

She closed the chat !


Total Scam
I'm only going to say that I've never dealt with a more disorganized (or perhaps it's pretending to be disorganized) business. Go Kart arrived poorly packed and damaged. No hardware to assemble. No parts list so I can purchase my own hardware. I have screen shots where I was on hold for almost an hour once and almost two hours another time. Sometimes you call and they say they are busy and to go chat. When you get on chat it's the same person who answers the phone. Emails, chats, phone calls are all full of excuses only meant to shut you up. My question is: would anyone purchasing an item from this company feel safe putting their kids on one? I sure don't.


Yes I too have been scammed, the five stars is to get your attention, August 30th Benjamin shifton attorney for Top Class actions contacted me at 3 p.m. and he's going to check into red fox powersports, he will be back in touch with me by the end of the week, also Facebook has a forum for redfoxpowersports scam


DONT BUY FROM red fox powersports you will regret it
over 200 calls in 2 weeks, over 60 emails no response
they will not send even a bill of sale, no title even my 200 cc scooter is full paid for
I filed a complaint with the BBB, and consumer protection agency. My attorney is waiting to see what the mentioned agencies can do, then we will proceed with our initiative
DONT NOT BY FROM THE SCAMMERS (red fox powersports)


I just bought from them in September 2500.00$ I didn't get anything then I finally get an email with a tracking number but it's not ups or Fed ex it's some place iv never herd of. I also found charges for PayPal and some other places on my credit card now iv got a 2 $ balance I'm broke now and still I never got bike yet. And I dread actually getting it now because I'm thinking it's gonna be damaged. I don't know what I can do I filed my report with the feds what else is there? Also I ordered from CA in lapuente but it's being shipped from Dallas I just don't understand. 🥵😥 I'm physically just exhausted over it.

An attorney with topclassactions has gotten in touch with me about redfoxpowersports scamp past the word, sign into topclassactions

Worst company ever
We owned the mini grizzly 4 wheeler for 1 day and the pulley broke after 3 pulls. They want us to ship the item back however it costs us more to ship this item than what it cost us to bye a new one. DO not ever purchase from REDFOX Powersports. What a joke. So disappointed.
Worst company ever

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