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Not Reportable, Shreveport, Louisiana, United States, 71104

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3 Months Since Placing Order Still Not Received
Same story as all the other reviews on poor delivery time or no delivery. 3 months and still no delivery is unacceptable.

Covid, snow storm excuses, promises, promises, promises.

I will not deal with this company again and war others to avoid dealing with them.

• Apr 08, 2021

Total Scam
I ordered a television series on DVD in January. Now it's April and have received absolutely nothing. What rip-off artists! They don't respond to emails at all despite repeated attempts. Time to file a report with the Better Business Bureau!

Order. # AB 605

428 Blvd Street
Shreveport, LA 71104
Phone: 3185626376
[email protected]

• May 03, 2021

You received your order April 12th according to the tracking information we provided you with.

• Feb 19, 2021

Very Bad - Order AB5760
Same as most comments, ordered and paid on January 6th. Shipping was to be 10-15 days after. After 15 days, I emailed, and they had the excuse of COVID and delays. Shipping delayed. Emailed again, now it's delayed due to a snowstorm, shipping delayed to mid-March. Unacceptable. REFUND IMMEDIATELY!

• May 03, 2021

You ended up receiving 2 sets despite the wait.

• Feb 16, 2021

I ordered the entire "Ironside" video collection back on 10/13/2020. Today is 2/16/2021 and I have not received the product yet. I contacted them EIGHT TIMES and seven of the responses were loaded with excuses and promises of ship dates. The last email got no response. I filed a BBB claim, and it appears that I'm not the first to do so. I can't dispute the transaction on my credit card because it's past the 60 day time-frame. I did business with them in the past (many years ago) and they were fine. Now they are apparently a scam.

• May 03, 2021

Despite your wait you received your order. It can be a scam if you actually received what your purchased. Yes, we have long wait times due to that fact we have been entirely overwhelmed with orders for over a year now.

• Jan 04, 2021

Waiting forever for product
Don't buy from this website. I placed an order back in APRIL 2020 (AB2516, 4/27/20) and have yet to receive any product. No follow up from them on order status, they responded twice to emails asking for status (one time telling me they were overwhelmed with orders, the second, on 10/2 telling me that the product would ship in a week). Here it is 3 months later and no product, and now they aren't responding to emails.

• Dec 21, 2020

Bad communication and shipping
I’ve sent several emails only to get an automated incorrect email response back. Starting with “your order was received 10 days ago” and that was sent back twice. There is no response on when the item will ship. I will be asking for a refund as I see this is a common complaint and won’t be resolved. Shannon Tonn

• May 03, 2021

Your order shipped out in the same month as you purchased. Mike Goedhart also received his order as he is shown in a reply.

• Dec 29, 2020

I had placed an online order on oct 15 2020, #AB4819 it's now dec 29 2020 and still
no shipment on the following items,3022,30228,3032,2002.I have called about my order
and I didn't get a reply

• Sep 23, 2020

where are my Blossom DVDs ???
I bought and paid for my order 16/08/2020 - it cost $65! I have since emailed you 7 times only to be completely ignored!
7-10 working days you originally said - it's now been well over a month and as far as I know you have not even made/sent them yet although I wouldn't know as your communication is non-existent!
I still want this order but if you can't or wont make it then I want my money refunded to me or is this a scam?
I will have to report this company to my credit card as a fraud if I don't get either my item or my money back
You cant just take peoples money, not send them their goods and then ignore them for over a month!

• May 03, 2021

All of your emails were replied to. If our replies ended up in your junk/spam folder then that doesn't mean you were ignored. It means you need to check your junk/spam folder for emails as well. You received your order according to the tracking information you were provided with.

• Jul 21, 2020

Place an order in may never received it reached out multiple times through the telephone and email and was told I would get a refund and seen nothing!
I have reached out multiple times regarding a George Lopez DVD series. I have not received the product and I ordered it late May. Sure everything can't be blamed on the pandemic. I learned that your products are actually bootleg recordings and this is not what I wanted as well. I place the order as a gift for someone else so I did not read what the product was about but I do appreciate the representative who broke down to me what products you were providing and no I don't want it. I was told on July 7th that I would get a refund. I have been reaching out multiple ways through the phone which I cannot get a human being on the line and through email as indicated. The only time I got a response was the first time I reached out to the so I expect to get one for this too because I haven't seen my refund yet I sent an email so check your emails and you will see one from me ***. Email *** my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Desired Outcome

I expect to get the refund that was promised to me on July 7th, 2020 I will keep contacting the until I get it.

Reliable Media Store Response time Aug 06, 2020

Contact Name and Title: reliablemediastore
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***
*** was issued a refund as requested and we reached out to her by phone to make sure she received the refund. She stated she did receive and she also told us that she notified the that she received refund. If proof of refund is needed for this case we will provide it. Thank you.

Customer Response time Aug 09, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
yes. I received a refund. Thank you

• Jun 30, 2020

Order number#AB2721 purchased May 7,2020
I purchased a box set from company on day mentioned and still have not received my order not any information about anything. I have sent numerous emails and several phone calls to company and got no response. My order was paid in full the day of purchase. When I ordered it said 7-10 business days before shipping and it's been almost 2 months now and still nothing. I want this to get this resolved asap

Desired Outcome

I want full refund asap if I'm not going to get my order

• Jun 20, 2020

Place order on April 2020. Order#AB 2517. Still didn't receive it.

Reliable Media Store Response time Jul 14, 2020

You received your order.

• Jun 14, 2020

Been waiting 5 weeks for 1 dvd, emailed them at a month, no response from a person at all and they never even mailed out the dvd until they received my email. Bad customer service.

Reliable Media Store Response time Jul 14, 2020

We never received an email from you and there were delays due to the fact we had an overwhelming amount of orders as a result of the current crisis.

Customer Response time Jul 15, 2020

I did email and have proof, and got no reply or apology and then shortly afterward, received my package which was a DVR copy and not even an original DVD which is what I thought I was ordering. Not a copy!!

Reliable Media Store Response time Jul 15, 2020

I'm sorry, apparently you did not read the item description prior to purchase which we urge our customers to do. There's even a question box that is required to be checked before you can even check out asking you if you read and understand the item description. The series you purchased has never been released so there is no original DVD and it isn't a copy as one does not exist. We sell unreleased and out print series. Reading and asking questions is suggested. As for the email we did not say you didn't send an email we said we didn't receive it. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.

• Jun 03, 2020

should be renamed UNRELIABLE media store!!!! Never got my unsolved mysteries dvd's even after calling them a month later and they said oh we will mail it in a few days. Then several more calls with no answer. Now it has been 2 months so I reported a dispute with my credit card.

• May 03, 2021

Yes you did receive the DVDs as well as your money. But of course you don't state that here.

I placed an order in the middle of February, it is now a month later- no dvds. I have emailed and no response. I want the dvds or a refund!
Purchased on visa ($29.00)
Discontinued that card at bank
This is order number AB2019
(Undateable the complete series)

Desired Outcome

The dvds I ordered or a refund!

Customer Response time Mar 18, 2020

I have gotten an email back as well as a tracking number for my dvds that I ordered. This did take way to long- as they sent my dvds out AFTER I sent them the email. Which was several weeks after placing the order. But I would like to close this complaint.

placed order for bonanza (dec.3rd) not received product. 3 emails have been ignored. regarding this matter.
I ordered the complete bonanza series on december 3rd. was told I would be informed by email when the product would be shipped. have not heard anything three of my emails regarding this matter have been ignored no product yet. paid by visa.

Desired Outcome

delivery of product or full refund

I paid for a box set of The Drew Carey Show Complete Series DVD's.
One month later I am still without product.
I bought a dvd box set order #AB 1615. The Drew Carey Show Complete Series online from this person , they claim to be a business but the address is for a residence. The address has been removed from the website since purchase. I have not received the item or shipment info. I believe this could be an online scam. It has been 30 days since purchase and I feel that I have lost my money. I have contacted business three times:
Dec 4, 2019, 10:32 AM (I did receive reply stating they had a lot of holiday orders and order would be shipped in five days.)
Dec 23, 2019, 3:48 PM (after ample time this is second contact date)
Jan 3, XXXX X:XX AM (This was third e-mail contact with no reply and last straw)
They also have my visa info, so I will have to go to the bank and close the card used for the transaction. Additionally, there might be copyright infringement going on as well. This so called company claims these are copies of dvds, not originals. This is the phone number listed on website (XXX) XXX - XXXX. This is the website url:
This is the email address on the website: ***

Desired Outcome

As the product has not arrived, a full refund is appropriate.

I bought a dvd box set online from this person , they claim to be a business but the address is for a resident. I have not received the item or shipment info. I believe this could be an online scam. It has been 12 days since purchase and I feel that I have lost my money. They also have my banking info, so I will have to go to the bank and close the card used for the transaction. I also believe there might be copy right infringement going on as well. This so called company claims these are copies of dvds , not originals.
Product_Or_Service: Dvd box set
Order_Number: AB1554
Account_Number: N/A

Desired Outcome

Desired Settlement ID: Refund If I am not going to receive my items, I would like my money back.

Customer Response time Dec 03, 2019

I have received a complete refund from the company and I'm completely satisfied with the transaction.

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