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Road Ready Used Cars, Inc.

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Review: This AM I visited the store, where I was quoted a price for a vehicle. I then called to make the sale and was again quoted the same price and told to bring a money order to the store. An hour and half later, they call me and tell me that the price they quoted me was wrong and that I need to pay an additional $1000. Employee Error. I now have a money order in their name for the amount that was quoted and they are unmovable re making good on the original offer.

Product_Or_Service: Ford Sport TRac

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

Make good on original offer and/or refund any bank charges for returned check.



Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2013/07/30) */

The vehicle had just arrived at Road Ready Used Cars and the salesman misquoted a price to the customer. There was not a written purchase order and the customer was called and informed of the correct price. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we cannot sell the vehicle for the misquoted price. The customer should be able to get a refund for the money order without any bank charges.

This business is a scam they take your deposit and if your not bank approved they hang on to your deposit and get very nasty about returning

Review: I bought a [redacted], and a month and a half after I bought it the transmission went. I took it to the dealer at first they told me they didn't have to do anything for me because the car was 9 years old so it did not qualify on the lemon law. They kept the car for two weeks and called me on 6/17/14 to let me know the car was ready. They said they put a new transmission in but I doubt it since the car still will not go on drive. The mechanic at the shop himself said there was something wrong with the car, but then one of the sales representative tells me I'm putting the car on drive the wrong way, and they don't have to do anything for me. When I had the car towed there the first time the transmission was skipping and the car would not go on drive just reverse. Now the car is still giving me a hard time when I put it in drive and my axle is making some noise. I just had the axle replaced twice since I bought the car about two months ago. I paid for the axles out of pocket but when the transmission went I felt it was their responsibility because when I bought the car the owner said I shouldn't have any problems for at least two years. Well that was not the case. Now I have a $9000.00 loan and a car that is not working. I took the car right back on 6/17/14 and I keep getting different stories from different workers at the dealership.Desired Settlement: I would like for my car to be properly fixed and if they can't do it, then give me another car.

Review: Road Ready Used Cars used Fake Pictures in the advertising of a vehicle they listed on They also lied to me regarding the condition of the vehicle. I was an out of town buyer and wasted a lot on money in flights and shuttle service only to find out that the vehicle I thought I was going to buy was not the same vehicle in the pictures provided in the listing. The pictures were of a completely different vehicle. The condition of the vehicle was not the same as the pictures. No honesty.

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: No settlement requested - for

Just want other people to be warned of there false sales advertising.

Review: We had purchase a GAP insurance contract for $800.00 on 2-23-11. In the first week of Jan 2013 we refinanced our vehicles and paid off the loan to Road Ready Used Cars. Which was used for close to 2 years worth of a 5 year contract for the insurance. When we contacted Owner Guard the insurance company who sent us our contract we filed all the paperwork and requested an update. They informed us out of the $800.00 contract we purchased we would only be receiving from Owner Guard $47.74 and that the remaining balance of $231.33 would be paid by Road Ready. When we asked Road ready how much they received from Owner Guard they said it was for $47.74. We told them that Owner Guard told us that Road Ready was responsible for the balance of the refund and the owner said he was only the salesman of the contracts and that he should not have to pay us. We called back Owner Guard and told them what he said and she told me he is responsible for filling our a worksheet concerning our contract and submitting that information to OwnerGuard. We are not satisfied with the fact that no one on either end has a clue. [redacted] the owner should know his contracts and what they details. The woman at Owner Guard said he IS responsible for filing the worksheet. Looking for resolution on this matter. After only 2 years of a 5 year contract being paid only $47.74 for a $800.00 contract? NOT RIGHT!

Product_Or_Service: Gap Insurance

Account_Number: 6WCXXXXXX

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would like to see the owner of Road Ready Used Cars contact the Owner Guard Company and request the worksheet that he is to fill out so that he can get a clear explanation of what hisobligations are. Then proceed to request any information from us that will further our refund of a $800.00 contract that he was paid for from our lending institute. He made a commission from that sale at that time. He was paid well for that car sale and all I want is the balance that is due us $231.33 plus $47.74



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/03/29) */

Road Ready Used Cars Ins has issued a refund to Mr. [redacted] for the total refund due of $279.07. We hope the customer is satisfied and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Review: I went to buy truck,from salesman [redacted],in wich the truck was not road ready,he stated that if I purchase vehical,all work will be done in 24 hrs.I paid in full with with cash& credit card.when I told him the abs light is on&there is no emergencey brake he stated it will be done another day,if I purchase warrenty,wich I did.when I picked up vehical,keyless entrty/alarm removed,tow pachage gone,the mecanical issues not adressed,cigarette lighter removed,truck jack removed,locking lugs for rims removed,brakes failed on way home,tie rod bent,shock bolts missing ect,also they made me pay cash for "the %the credit card co.was going to charge them for ther services.I spoke with him in person for hours& again said he would complete.NOTHING MENTIONED COMPLETE,talking with my credit card co,stated it was illeagal to charge consumer cash for the % they charge road ready cars for there service.nothing was accurate on sale& TRUCK was unsafe for road,in wich I went to certified I investested thousands wich were promised&found out they let a unsafe vehicle be sold & operated wich my children& I were stranded on road,towed to shop,and paid for services that were not covered under purchased warrenty,in wich he stated BUMPER TO BUMPER coverage,no worries misrepresentaion& since purchase,no return calls,until I contacted creditcard wich I recieved a call on the 30th march from anthony manager in threating manner.Desired Settlement: I already invested plenty of money,and I want truck,I would like cashvalue of work performed to make it safe and road ready as well as cash I paid for creditcard % they chargedme and at least payment of items they stole off truck after was secured on there property overnight after full purchase.and a apology for almost ending my life with children aboard,due to a dealer selling a NOT ROAD READY VEHICAL AS STATED.I would like work performed, but would not want to deal with them ever again due to the hostile envirement this has created.thank you

Review: I have bought a car from road ready used cars and from the 1 week I took the car home I been haven problem

when I got the car I was told their was 200 point check on the car and every was check and ready to go I am not a mechanic and don't know everything bout car from the looks of the car it was good to go. 1st problem was the a/c was leaking and had a leak in the back window and the breaks were make noise so I called them up and it took them 3 days to get back to me and I work and didn't have the time to leave work and take der so when I get off work they are closed for the day so I called again and I got ahold of the owner tony and that when he tell me that he will no longer work on my car as it was as is but it was within the 1st weeks of having the car.Desired Settlement: refund of my repair cost

Review: I purchased a [redacted] from this dealership back in March of 2015 within the two weeks the car heater core started smoking so I went back to the dealership to address this issue. They hesitantly repaired the problem. Within a month the car began to overheat again, so I returned it back to the dealership and they did NOT offer assistance. nor address the issue of my tires being bald. This sales was a financed through [redacted] Finance. Nonetheless, I was left with no vehicle to drive. Instead the car was left in my driveway. This sale was clearly a " Lemon sale" and have had been taken advantage because of my gender and age. This has caused many inconveniences in my life, loss wages, loss of school time, among other unnecessary distress. This company conducts themselves in an unethical manner.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of this vehicle along with an apology letter for the distress they have caused.



The car was sold without a warranty and sold "as is." A couple of weeks after she picked the car up, she complained of a smell and smoking. We had her bring the car in and diagnosed the car with a bad heater core. We put a new heater core in at no charge to the customer and we paid for the parts and labor. This was a $1,000.00 job on a $6,000.00 car that was sold "as is" according to [redacted]. We cannot continually repair a car for someone every time a problem arises. She also came in with her father stating the tires were no good 3 months after she bought the car. We sympathize with this young lady, but she has to understand it is a mechanical object and she will have to put money into it for repairs during its ownership. Enclosed is a copy of the bill for the heater core.

I would like to warn and inform every potential car buyer about the auto dealership I have recently experienced. " Road ready used cars " located at 887 reservoir ave Bridgeport conn 06606 has to be one of the most underhanded devious car dealers on the east coast, possibly the entire country. I have personally purchased 12 brand new vehicles and 11 used vehicles from dealerships in my short tenure on this planet. Not to mention several dozen of private purchases. We arrived five minuets early for the appointment time they prescribed, only to hear what was the first of several extremely unsatisfied potential buyers. Their internet descriptions are extremely inaccurate along with the pictures that are totally misconstrued. For instance the vehicle we had interest in, it's description said full size spare tire. Not only was there no spare tire there wasn't even mounting hardware to accept a tire. A very sloppy undercarriage spray paint obscuring obvious mechanically failing parts, but the amount of over spray on shocks Etc resembles something to effect of a young child's first attempt with an aerosol can. The picture angles also were taken to hide the numerous tears in the convertible soft top. The mechanics had been replacing ball joints and tie rod ends as my personal mechanic questioned the necessary alignment to be performed following the tie rod and ball joint replacement. The shop managers go to catch phrase " hey it's a used vehicle what do you expect."
I am not crying about the 300 plus miles we drove one way to get to this fraudulent description let alone the labor rate I paid my mechanic to ride along with me. Simply my mechanic and I had a jovial Saturday road trip and it is water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned.
The fact of the matter is this in the several hours we spent their each potential customer walked away disgusted and was badgered by the sales staff and manager. My mechanic had a comical remark which was this "the paintings and pictures hanging in and around the office consisted of the godfather movie group, the goodfellas movie group followed up with the sopranos, such postings are a direct reflection of their business tactics we personally witnessed while on their property.
In short, Buyer beware definitely know what is being printed in the description and pictures posted by this dealership is in accurate and they have absolutely no remorse while trying to co horse and brow beat potential customers with hurtful and psychological maneuvers to try to make the sale.
The few people that walked away had good sense and apparently other options. However I could see buyers who might be in a bad spot or not very knowledgable about mechanics etc are easy prey for that group of vultures

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Address: 887 Reservoir Ave, Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States, 06606


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