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Rosetti Purse

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Rosetti Purse Reviews (23)

• Jun 07, 2021

Cheap product$$$$ price
No good, won’t last.. no customer service.. GRRRRRRRR
Cheap product$$$$ price
Cheap product$$$$ price
Cheap product$$$$ price

• Apr 24, 2021

Strap Failure!
I bought a tote-bag at JC Penny and thought it looked sturdy. It was used only a few weeks before the straps started falling apart! Faux leather is cheap! I have other Rosetti bags that are fine. I will never buy faux leather again!
Strap Failure!

• Sep 05, 2020

Inferior quality Rosetti Handbags
I bought my wife a Rosetti purse for her birthday in late May. Due to COVID-19 restrictions (we live in NY), she was very seldom able to go anywhere, so the purse had practically no use until just recently. Two weeks ago, it broke along the side in a manner that it can no longer be used at all. Basically, the straps just broke away from the body of the purse. I always thought Rosetti purses were quality handbags and were made to last. This one was of very inferior quality. It is IMPOSSIBLE to contact Rosetti about the matter - apparently they offer no customer service.

I bought a Rosetti purse a few months ago from Sears which is now out of business. I did not pay a discount price. The snap on the inside of the flap that contains credit cards has come off completely. I have tried to fix it but it rips out. Rosetti used to be a reputable name but not any more. The bag was not cheap. Quality has gone down considerable.

I have bought Rosetti purses in the past and they were ok. I bought this purse two weeks ago and the handle is already beginning to separate. I will never buy a Rosetti purse again. I will not recommend Rosetti purses to anyone. I am very disappointed! My satisfaction rating is a one. It is a great size and has the perfect amount of compartments. It does not hold up to normal wear and tear at all. :(

I purchased a Rosetti handbag from Beall's in February, 2019 and since we were moving, I packed it and did not use the bag until April, 2019. The very first day I was carrying the bag, the shoulder strap broke! It broke in a sewn place, so no way to fix it myself. A brand new bag used once and now of no use. I would certainly like to have my money refunded!
Rita M.

I'm extremely disappointed in this handbag. I've been buying Rosetti purses for years now. I've had this bag for **one week** and it is already falling apart. I actually got so disgusted I went to Walmart and bought a purse there. At least if it falls apart I won't be surprised.

I bought my purse from Sears 1/5/19 which is now closing. I can not return it. I've had this purse less than 2 months and it it falling apart. I really liked this purse as it gave me many compartments to put stuff in. There are 2 spots where the stitching is coming apart. I would like this purse replaced or all my money back. Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you
Christy Christian
[email protected]

I too have problems with my Rosetti purse. I have only had it for a little over 1 year, and use it very infrequently. However, the outside material is starting to crack, wrinkle and peel off. It was not a cheap purse. so I expect better quality! I purchased it at Kohl's, and have been told by Kohl's that without the receipt or any UPC code they can not help me! I'm looking for Rosetti's customer service to see what they are willing to do. After reading all the reviews here, I will NOT buy or recommend Rosetti purses ever again!

My wife had a Rosetti purse in the past and was happy with it. When it was time to replace it, she decided to buy another Rosetti purse (similar style, different color). This second purse is not that old and has not been used much. She is retired and doesn't use a purse on a daily basis. In fact, most days it sits on the floor. The other day she happened to look down at it and noticed one of the straps is separating from the purse. It appears it will not hold much longer so it is very unsafe to use. She will have to find a replacement purse soon. Very, very disappointed. Based on her experience and other reviewer's remarks, it appears the quality of their purses no longer exists. She would not recommend buying a Rosetti purse. However, it may be difficult to find another brand with the features a Rosetti purse offered. (J.C. Penney and Kohl's carry the Rosetti brand.)


I used to love Rosetti bags, until this one. I have had my purse less than a month and it is falling apart. The one side tore the leather around the handle and now I don't feel it is even safe to use. Very sad how the quality has gone down so much, and you can't even find a way to talk to anyone at the company.

See "Unhappy" above. The exact same thing happened to my wife's purse.

I am having the very same issues with the Rosetti brand. Used to love it, cause they used to have well made purses. Have only been using my new purse for two weeks, and only to and from work and BOTH straps have already broken. I am disgusted by the brand’s lack of available customer service or support for the new lower grade products they are selling. Stumbled upon this sites while feverishly searching for someone to contact for a replacement bag...but reading these comments about other customers searching with no luck, seeing no response from the company and being upset about money lost on a sy product...instead I am going to make a social media campaign to make this go viral. You screw us, we screw you. Hope your annual revenue drop will induce you to take better care of your customers that are the reason you make profit.

I too purchased a Rosetti handbag & am VERY disappointed. It was used for ONE weekend which amounts to 2 days ! A small screw holding a ring to the strap handle let loose with no way to fix. I tried returning it to the retailer, but unfortunately did not keep the receipt (as the purse was purchased earlier & not used till that weekend) so the store would do nothing. By the way I also purchased a Rosetti handbag last spring. The lining ripped where the snaps were attached after only a couple weeks. Again no receipt unable to return to store. I guess I've learned my more Rosetti handbags for me. Poor quality, very disappointed customer here. I was unable to reach customer service with the phone number found on line.

I can't seem to find a way to contact customer service, I have used my purse for 2, let me repeat myself, TWO weeks and the inside has ripped already. The only time I carry my purse is from in my truck, to in work, and then from work to back in my truck. I'm really disappointed and pissed about the situation. If someone from customer service happens to see this review, please contact me at [email protected]

I usually don't buy expensive handbags and my boyfriend bought me one and where the strap closes is a magnetic attachment and where it's Atachched it is tearing! I've only used it for a few months and I'm not hard on a purse at all, I'm highly disappointed

I put my wrong email in it is gmail. Com

I have used Rosetti bags for a very long time and have been very happy until now, I bought this bag about 2 weeks ago and within using it for 2 days the outer layer of the bag is peeling and falling off and leaving black particles all over my clothes. I would like to know what your brand is going to about this.

I received a rosetti butterfly handbag from my husband about a month ago. The handles are unraveling. I'd be happy with a replacement.

Same as the others. Happy as a clam until one of the poorly attached straps detached from the body. This bag is supposed to be for carrying stuff on a trip. I am glad I wasn’t traveling and counting on this cheaply made purse. Do not waste your cash.

I bought my first Rosetti handbag and was completely disappointed. Within 3-4 weeks of use the handbag straps both came unsewn and the trim began to crack. I work in an office setting so the handbag was not misused or abused. Purchase store would do nothing and I have yet to hear back from customer service.

Review: I purchased a Rosetti bag from Belk and it was falling apart within a few weeks of carrying it. I talked with Belk who said I needed to get I touch with Rosetti. I've made several attempts to contact them and each time received an auto response that a customer service rep will be in contact. I have yet to hear anything & it's been several months.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive a replacement for the defective bag I have.

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