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• Nov 28, 2021

Fraudulent Billing Practices
I received a not so nice letter from Rotech telling me that my insurance did not cover my machine and that I owe $1330 and if I don't pay up in 10 days they are going to send someone to physically take my machine from me. I have backed up documents on my Medicaid account stating that my machine is fully covered by my Medicaid. I'd just love for these crooks to show up at my door.

I am somehow stuck with this company because of the backroom nature of referrals through care providersMy experience is with Sleep Central, a division of RotechSo far, I have experienced being roped into a monthly rental on a CPAP machine that I could buy outright for the cost of four months of rental, had monthly resupply orders getting botched and taking 3-weeks to get shipped, and been made to feel as if I simply don't matterThis company simply sucks at what they do, and have failed me repeatedly in what should have been very easy and straightforward serviceI am also filing a complaint with my insurance company about the shady manner in which I have been passed around like livestock

March 15, The Dispute Resolution Team, of Metropolitan Houston WLoop South, SteHouston, TX Complaint Case #: [redacted] Dear Representative: Century Communities is replacing the fence in question The new fence will be 7’ tall The work will be completed no later than March 22, Sincerely, Corey [redacted] Vice President of Construction Operations Century Communities – Houston

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me

I tried working with Rotech for three months to outright purchase a non-Respironics CPAPTheir rep initially advised they could obtain and bill insuranceHe left company while I was working wth themLocal reps tried but when going through buyers in Orlando (multiple times) there were nothing but hurdles and miscommunationsIt was as if no one kept track of what had previously been discussedIn the end I was told it had to go through a rental complance period for the insurance providerI have used a CPAP every night for six years! I was advised if I wanted to purchase I needed to pay cash at a rate 4X the amount of internet sellersI have bought equipment at a fraction of the cost from an internet provider for years although my insurance will only reimbuse a percentage of the expenseAfter this experience I can ony say it is well worth it I ordered the CPAP I wanted on-line yesterday, it wiil delivered tomorrow and the shipping is freeI won't try to use Rotech again

This company arguably is very deceptive in their practices They automatically call you and ask you if you need replacement supplies If you say yes and nothing else, they will automatically send you, and bill you for, a pre-set number of supplies, whether or not you requested that many and whether or not you need them For example, in one call I responded yes that I needed a new device They sent me of the devices (along with several other numbers of devices I did not ask for and did not need) They billed me for of them I never asked for They don't tell you that are ordering They just do it and expect you to pay They also either lie outright or they are so incompetent they don't know what they have said in the past I received an electronic receipt saying a payment had been processed Three days later I called to confirm that I owed nothing else because I wanted to have nothing to do with the company anymore They said I still owed the money When I said I had an electronic receipt, the operator I spoke with said the payment had not been processed So the receipt I received three days earlier said the payment had processed, but three days later an employee defended telling me that I sitll owed money by saying that payment had not processed So (1) she lied, (2) the electronic receipt lied, or (3) the company is so incompetent they don't know what they previously communicated to customers I asked to speak to billing and the operator refused to let me speak to billing They must have a lot of irate callers who want to speak to billing It was clear to me that the operator had a lot of experience dealing with unsatisfied customers I strongly recommend against anyone using this company They also use an "out of network" strategy to pad their pockets by balance billing you for what your plan doesn't pay A lot of medical providers are being sued for deceptive out-of-network strategies Call your health insurer/health plan and find a local in-network provider You'll be much happier Finally, their customer service is just bad The operators appear to be jaded by constantly having to deal with unhappy customers

This letter is to inform you that I am very disappointed with the customer service that I have received from the staff at one of your sub divisions namely Summit Respiratory located on Jewell Street in Denver Colorado In January the Veterans Administration started a new program call â VA Choiceâ and I was sent to a doctor close to my homeThe doctor ordered multiple tests and one of them was an overnight pulse oxy to be done at my houseIn March I had to take my CPAP up to Summit Respiratory to get it reprogramedWhile I was there I inquired about the overnight test Now here is where it gets to be rather entertaining to say the leastFirst I was told is that they donâ t do that testThen I was told that they didnâ t have the doctors orderedThen they came and said that they do not accept VA ChoiceThen they said that they have the doctorsâ order but did not accept VA Choice Now you can understand how confusing that this is to be told no we donâ t do the test, then they donâ t have the orders, then being told we do have the orders but donâ t accept VA Choice; all within the same day and with the same person I am almost certain that the associates name was [redacted] But we are still not done yet A couple of weeks later I called VA Choice and was told that all of my tests had been approved including the overnight pulse oxyI then called Summit Respiratory about the test and went thru the same thing againNeedless to say I was rather lividI then called my doctorâ s office and talked with the receptionistAfter about fifteen minutes I was called by Summit and told that they were going to do the test and that I had to pick up the unit and return it the next day I was then called again to set up a time for them to come and check up on my oxygen concentratorI asked if they could bring the unit with them and was told that they could bring it with themI few minutes later I get a phone call and the same girl I had been talking with she said that they didnâ t have one for me and that I had to wait until Tuesday the of AprilSo here again I was lied toI also tried to call and left three messages and not one was returned If this is how veterans and civilians are treated; then something needs to be done to improve customer service within the organization The bottom line is that poor customer service equals loss of contracts; which means loss of income and not too happy stake holders

I dealt with jennifer. She tried her best and kept calling me back for 2 weeks to get my uncle [redacted] authorization for oxygen. On Feb 3rd I called to speak to her and a woman told me she was in a meeting. I asked what time is it over so I could call her back. Didn't want to deal with too many different ppl. She got very rude and asked me what it was I wanted. I told her my uncles situation and she said jennifer never told me that. She wasn't on the phone with us how does she know??? So I repeated what I said and she got very loud with me. To the point of screaming. I asked her name. Carla the manager. I asked for her supervisors name she would not give me a name or number. She left me on hold very long I had to hang up. If it wasnt for her I would have gone with u guys but No thanks I don't want to deal with a company that treats their customers like dirt.

On 10/2/15, my Mother was discharged from rehab and Rotech delivered equipment to my Mother's homeWe were not informed of the Cash on Delivery charge associated with delivering the equipmentAs of today, 10/19/15, I still have not been able to resolve my issue in trying to obtain credit for this chargeEveryday I call Rotech's Parkline location, and they either do not answer on the phone (especially on Fridays), or they keep transferring me to different departmentsI have been trying to speak with the Location Mgr for this location as well, and no success It has also taken this location over weeks to even process the ticketIt's like no other departments communicate with each other; everyone does their own thing I will continue to complain until my situation is resolved In addition to this, I'm also trying to speak with someone to see how I can get the wheelchair they delivered switched out for the light transport wheelchair But how can I if I can't even get my initial issue resolved I have never seen a business that is so UNORGANIZED!!!

[redacted] STARS FOR AMERICAN HEALTHCARE/ROTECH I have had another local company for my oxygen needs that was not efficient in it's customer service and wait time for delivery was all promises and no action American Health is outstanding in it's customer serviceThe delivery person was knowledgeable and kind who completed the process in no time I'm delighted with American Healthcare

I am a CPAP user and my insurance no longer accepts the company from which my original CPAP was purchasedThey suggested Florida Medical Equipment of St Petersburg FL, a subsidiary of Rotech Healthcare based in Orlando, FLI have been contacting the St Pete office for months nowThe only response I have received from Kristie, the CPAP sales person is that I have to send my informationMy doctor and I have forwarded this information to their fax number times with no responseI even called the headquarters and spoke with Marie who told me she would email the St Pete office and have them call meThat did not happen, I have had to call themOn Thursday, December 3rd I was told my patient information was received and I had to speak with KristieShe would call me on Friday or MondayLate in the afternoon on Monday I tried to call her and the person who answered told me she could not help me, only Kristie could and she would call me today, TuesdaySo far, not callI have called again and left a message as I have done for the past monthsI called the headquarters office again and after rings hear a message telling me all operators were busyI use this CPAP for sleep apneaSince I have already had a heart attack in it is really importantI DO NOT RECOMMEND this company and if you have a choice take it!

This company's process and procedures for obtaining needed medical equipment is unnecessarily prolonged Frequent phone calls were required by this customer to get updates over an unusual extended time to obtain updates on process An email and a letter to corporate office was submitted by myself and no response was ever given After going on weeks, still have not been given a delivery date for product

WOULD NOT USE!!!! Very very unethical business practices We had great service from our local branch for the past two years until relocating Even after the insurance company called letting them know the equipment was approved they still would not order the equipment stating it didn't meet the criteria in their contract The insurance company went above and beyond including paying the latest claims that justified the equipment and Samantha maintained those funds would need to be refunded My case manager requested Samantha submit the claim and a peer to peer can be written justifying the equipment Samantha still resisted We never had a problem until this particular officeBut after reading the reviews it seems this is the norm of late nationally for rotech I don't know much about their contract Samantha kept referencing, but, their ethics are highly questionable at bestIf I weren't already so sick I would pursue this...for the sake of othersHowever, right now, its just easier to find an up and up honest companyAVOID

Have been a C-PAP client since October, Was instructed to order supplies online after first days and about every months afterSo far have only received suppy order that was not complicated by many email/phone messages of problems with fulfillmentHave made calls/emails to both local (Hamilton, Ohio) and regional? contacts as suggestedEach can give reasons (or excuses) why there may be an issue with account that seems to be caused by a lack of communication between the various levels of their maze of business connections("Piorder", doctor's documentation, insurance information/payment, confusion about my time as a patient [Oct, or 2016], "someone didn't enter correct information", "I'll clear this up" "we haven't received any communication from them")It's never-ending and it seems that the patient has no chance of resolutionI'm not sure how they stay in business as a medical supply company with such poor patient service and the lack of communication or record keeping within the assorted levels of the business

This company is unresponsive to customer needsMy prescription for sleep apnea supplies was submitted three weeks ago and the supplies have not been shippedI got no response to my e-mail and in response to phone calls, I was given a rehearsed response which was of no helpI am changing providers and would not recommend this company

Today I called Sleep Central to update my credit card on file for my automatic billingThey said they could not help with that and transferred me to Lauretta with the billing department at RotechShe told me she could not help me either When I told her that the website directs people to call her number [redacted] for help with the auto billing option, she was extremely rude and hung up on me without giving me any idea of how to proceed She just wanted me to call the original Sleep Central people that had transferred the original call I cannot believe that I was hung up onI was not rude in any wayShe just didn't want to put in the effort to find an answer If somebody at Rotech reads this and you are recording phone calls, please go back and listen to our conversation for yourself The call occurred at approx 2:40pm Mountain Time on January 25th, I strongly urge Rotech to change the website information so that it is not directing calls about autobilling to that number After being hung up on, I called back immediately and actually got a HELPFUL person that figured out that I needed to contact the local branch store in Storm Lake, Iowa They transferred my call, and the issue was dealt with easily and quicklyWhy in the world Lauretta couldn't have just told me that is beyond me I think that is first time in my life that I have been hung up on by a customer service person, and it absolutely blows me away When the time comes to switch out my cpap for a newer model, I will be changing to a different company For SURE! The needs to lower this A+ rating This is not my first issue with this company They have also sent me completely wrong equipment in the past I do not recommend this provider, and I hope this review helps somebody out there

Most things are about this company are goodThe WORST thing about this company is their billing departmentIt needs a complete overhaulStatements are rarely correct and customer service, no matter how nice you are, does not enjoy talking to you about themIt get Very old having to call in about incorrect statements constantlyWhy cannot someone get them to correct this? Thank you

I have been using CPAP for close to 7 years now, and never had any problems until recent. In October 2018, Globe Drug (local CPAP supplier) went out of business. They automatically forwarded all accounts to Rotech. With no other local CPAP supplier, I purchased from my new supplier Rotech in December 2018. I have never had any co-pay until Rotech.
For the first time, in May 2019, five months later, I received a bill from Rotech stating I owe $87.00 for a co-pay from December 2018. Rotech calls this amount due—‘co-payment’ for 2018. Why now a co-payment? Because I was a customer of Rotech for only two months—November and December 2018. I have never before payed any CPAP co-pay issues.

Rotech is supposed to check with my insurances to verify coverage as my supplier as aways done in the past. Since, in April 2019, I had to change masks to a foam type due to an allergy reaction from my new supplier (that is again wonderful to deal with). My prior supplier and my current CPAP supplier tell me that the supplier is supposed to check with the insurance and advise the customer of any coverage problems.

I have new/sealed/never opened supplies that I have offered to return to Rotech, but no, "We have a 3 day return policy" according to Rotech.

I refuse to pay. They are rude and unwilling to return anything.

Consider this a warning to anyone thinking of doing business with Rotech!

One STAR is being over generous.


My father's pharmacy referred his electric wheelchair request to Rotech After several months of delays and many phone calls from us, they finally told us that they don't do electric wheelchairs at all
The people who answer the phone are very friendly and try to be helpful, but the person to whom they transferred the call almost always sends them to voice mail and never once returned a call The only time she became "available" to answer the phone was when I asked for a supervisor At that point she told me that they were waiting for a document; when I pointed out that the document was faxed to them a month earlier, she confirmed that, but then all she could do was send an email to people who handle wheelchairs, and she was not allowed to tell me how to contact them directly Then, two weeks and two phone calls later, the friendly and helpful person who answered the phone told me that electric wheelchairs were "a whole other thing" that they don't handle, and that a referral was given to my father's doctor when they called a week earlier

I keep getting a bill from Rotech for a wheelchair rental for last yearI have been getting the bill since about May I had Medicare as my primary insurance and *** as the secondary since November 1,They are billing me for my what they have determined is my 25% coinsurance under *** Medicare should be billed as primary and then *** will pay anything left not paid by Medicare
I have not received an EOB showing either insurance was billed for the rentalMy does not show that they were ever billed and I have called ***, and they were never billed per the member services departmentI have called numerous times since receiving the first bill and they have told me that they do not know why Medicare was not billed first as primary and then ***They promised to resubmit the claims and to contact them again if I keep getting billsI have written several times, giving both my insurances information to process the claims correctly, and still keep getting bills every monthI have been getting messages left by their billing department, trying to collect the bill but they are going to my old cell phone that my sister now uses
If my insurances were billed at all, then I would not owe a dimeBut neither one was billed for the months in question which were first few months of up until I returned the chair
I need the calls to stop and the bills to stop and my insurances to be billed correctly
I am a medical biller and have been doing this for years, so I know what I am talking about
Do not ever use RotechThe hospital ordered the wheelchair rental while I was in there and I did not have a problem with the first few months of the rental, just the last few months

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