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• Nov 22, 2021

We love renting RV's but this was our first time with RV share and never again... The RV owner was new to renting and It did not go well.. alot of issues but he really tried his best to accommodate us and make it right. luckily we were with friends who were very familiar with RVs so it was okay.. but when we called RV share to activate roadside etc... they were no help at all and when we did call they were rude. It is an exspensive weekend to ha e it go so horrible! Outdoorsy does a much better job with better customer service...

• Oct 11, 2021

Outrageous Invasion of Privacy, Malicious Conduct, and Harassment
Tim the owner of RV continues to text harassing and taunting messages to my personal cell even though ive told him to stop contacting me there A police report for harassment was filed October 1st Today marks fourteen days since I submitted an RVshare dispute dated September 27th 2021 There has been zero response from the owner Tim to date May I learn why a deadline has not been set for owner A deadline was set for the renter so why not owner too if Rvshares dispute process is neutral equitable fair and balanced Thus far it seems apparent that RVshares dispute mechanism is systemically biased toward Owner Tim has been continuously violating the RVshare Respectful Community Policy
Background: My wife and I flew from New York to Sacramento just to rent this RV from RVshare for our wedding anniversary to see Pacific Coast Highway for first time After we picked up Tims RV on 9.17.21 the owner indicated he can listen to our conversations inside the RV he then proceeded to demand and harass us via text messages intimidating us to return the RV after we already started our rental telling us to return his RV earlier than our reservation end date pressuring us not to drive to the campground we reserved 6 months in advance This undisclosed surveillance is unacceptable There was a big ant infestation forcing us to sleep in tents outside most nights the fridge did not work either causing food spoilage Not to mention invasion of privacy He ruined our wedding anniversary My wife and I called RVshare on 9.17 to report this RVshare rep promised he would call TIM and call us right back but neither of us received any call back as promised from the RVshare representative Unacceptable

I am requesting refund under the worryfree guarantee for the owner's outrageous invasion of privacy and and material noncompliance misrepresentation Outrageous that this platform,RVshare LLC condones invasion of privacy by owners implementation of surveillance device during rental with tacit approval from the RVshare LLC representatives Ive been chatting with documented in Chat Transcripts Now Tim is maliciously fabricating fictitious charges: A.Tim the owner is making false and malicious claims of abandonment I returned his RV early to the same storage yard picked up from his gated and secured storage yard requiring Gate code to enter address is 4050 Mother Lode Drive Shingle Springs CA Family RV Storage Yard to use the word abandonment is further malicious conduct by Tim My wife and I had early flight to catch Tim requested I drop off RV to this RV storage facility in message on RV Share dated 9.24.21 abandonment charge is wholly malicious included is location stamped photo of where RV was dropped off included is the Cab ride map and receipt my wife made to pick me up from 4050 mother lode drive shingle springs ny after I returned RV to his location B. Tim maliciously claims incredibly dirty yet none of his photos demonstrate any dirt beyond standard reasonable wear and tear consistent with an eight day rental My wife and I even took extra time to clean everything before leaving Tim is acting wholly malicious here drumming up bogus charges I vehemently dispute this extra cleaning fee and I strongly believe it is revenge for driving too many miles against his wishes to our reserved campground crystal cove This is outrageous conduct to the renter no less a registered nurse This is unreasonably nitpicking throughout C. Two days later after Tim first notified me of damage on 9.25 new damages were found by Tim
such as missing hub cap and extremely dirty two days after already nitpicking it This is likely fraud being committed by Tim the owner
D. Tim claims there are 8 missing lug nuts This may be outright fraud to gain more chrome lug nuts I never removed any of his lug nuts
E. Tim maliciously indicates taillight is broken yet he shows a plastic reflector cover missing over a side dome light with working light bulb the bulb is on
F. As for any other exterior damage Tim claims his photos demonstrate mostly exterior dirt that can be removed with a simple clay bar scrubber Tim is being highly unreasonable and nitpicking
G. I Hereby request a second estimate appraisal by an independent body shop chosen by RVshare or myself The Body Shop not to be chosen by Tim
H. Upper privacy shade is not damaged Owner maliciously scrunched it up to make it appear damaged The shade is thin paper and easily foldable as we clearly remember it easily jams up if not pleated carefully into neat folds
Further material noncompliance and material misrepresentations include
1A. Owner Tim Misrepresented working refrigerator fridge was dead each day causing spoilage of food despite fulling charging all batteries and shutting of all other electric draining devices Each time I notified Tim that fridge wasnt working he came up with a different excuse to blame us for it not working
2B. Owner Tim misrepresented bedroom as having King Mattress this is a demonstrable misrepresentation attached is all of the manufacture layout blueprints from Manufacturer brochure directly taken from manufacturer website for the 2017 Vesta As you can see only a queen mattress can fit in a 2017 Vesta no such King is available nor can a king even fit on the bedroom
3C. Owner Tim misrepresented there to be a bedroom television in listing Attached is photo of missing TV ripped out of bedroom wall Owners Listing does not mention bedroom TV was ripped out and missing
4D. Owner Tim maliciously increased the reservation price to 200 per night reservation as I booked originally clearly stated nightly rate was 17143 because of weekly discount renting more than 7 days in length
5E. Owner Tim misrepresented Backup cameras working None worked at all
6F. Owner Tim misrepresented navigation guidance as included No GPS navigation could be found in the front screen unit

I am rejecting this response because: They are not willing to accept that the owner of the RV is at fault for the damage to the RV when it broke down I did not damage the rv during the days I had it out of the days I should have had it The owner of the RV didn't have require maintenance done to the RV before sending it out with us and because he didn't the RV broke down While broken down the RV was damaged which I should not be held liable for when it is the owner fault that it broke down on us and we didn't have it for days I want to get refunded for the $deposit and the cost of the rental car, hotels, U-Haul rental, lock, ball for towing that we paid out of pocket for an additional cost

Hi [redacted] , I took a look into your issue and found out what happened The quote you sent us, does indeed at first glance appear to only be for $49, but I found the piece in the body of the quote that states the total estimate to be $ Normally when a quote like this is generated, all amounts for repairs are listed on the right side of the page (similar to the position of the $49), the irregular placement of the total caused the confusion on our side We apologize for this issue, and have sent the remaining $your way

The complainant has requested a full refund due to delayed responsesOn 8/and also 8/RVshare had asked for a rental dispute form to be completed from the complainant due to her disagreeing with charges for damaged hub cap feesThe form was not received, however, we have processed the refund of her deposit minus an additional night which is what she agreed upon with the RV ownerThis resulted in a refund of $Please see the attached screenshot as a referenceThe complainant was not charged for the hub cap fees, this was resolved between RVshare and the RV owner I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

We apologize that the complainant had a less than ideal experience This rental is currently in our dispute protocol, and has not yet fully been decided When there is a claim on a security deposit like this filed, RVshare gathers as much evidence as possible from all parties involved After gathering evidence, RVshare then determines the ultimate handling of the case, as a neutral third party; this process is defined and laid out in our Terms of Service, which complainant agreed to when creating their account This case has not yet been determined, and we encourage the complainant to submit any evidence they have to us, as part of the dispute resolution process

We are sorry that the complainant had issues with the RV owner he booked with We provided the complainant with a full refund on 9/2/17, and marked the owner's account for review for these issues

I am rejecting this response because: I have not received my refund I also reject the claim that they corresponded with me mutilple time I received only one email from the support team and that was prior to requesting the refundThe communication methods of this business are extremely poor

Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 6, 2016/07/01) */ Rv share has contacted me via email and settled this issueIt is resolved

Apologies on that mixup The original complaint said "I was there through the entire rental process" and then "The RV was picked up by [redacted] and ***", leading me to believe someone else besides [redacted] was writing the review As I mentioned in the original response, we are in the fact finding process of our dispute protocol, and we will use the helpful details provided in the complaint when making a determination Once a determination has been made, we will be sure to let all parties involved know

We apologize that the complainant is confused by what we sent to them When we suggest that a renter inquire on additional RVs, we state that they should inquire on the rental (not attempt to book a prepaid reservation) That being said, we always will work with a renter who books a reservation that they did not intend, or accidentally books and pays for more than one If that happens, the renter can reach out to us and we will refund any accidentally booked rental immediately, with NO cancellation fee We are very flexible on this issue, and just want to help our customers book the rental that they want

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this concernI am attaching the communication we have had with the complainant since 11/1/In our documentation we have included an itemization of the charges and also the process for the complainant to follow if she disputed chargesWe did not receive notification back from the complainant that the charges were disputed, therefore, monies were taken out of her security deposit to cover the chargesRVshare also received an estimate from the owner specifying the charges for the damages on his propertyIf the complainant wishes to dispute the cleaning charge and/or additional charges, please request that she follow the dispute process we outlined in our communication with herWe will then review the information submitted by both parties and determine if there is grounds for a change in decision

In this case the rental was booked on 4/27/and cancelled by the owner on 5/3/ The rental was scheduled to start 6/16/17, so this is not a last minute cancellation While it is regrettable that the owner needed to cancel the reservation, we cannot force the owner to go through with a rental, and the complainant has received a full refund of all amounts charged It is unfortunate that this happened, it does not happen very often on our site, but the complainant should have ample time to find and schedule an alternative rental either through RVshare or elsewhere In regards to a phone number, we handle requests like these through our support system so that written records can be maintained Complainant can submit questions by emailing [email protected]

I am rejecting this response because: The statement that I was instructed that the unit would overheat is and misleading on the part of the owner The owner provided me instructions on what I should do in the UNLIKELY (my emphasis) event that the unit overheats There was absolutely no mention that the unit regularly overheats on even modest mountain gradesI have witnesses with me at the time that will support my claims of what was said The unit was not road worthy, it constantly overheated and we were only able to make it a few miles in the first day as we did not want to risk damaging the engine The owner was fully aware that we were planning a trip to Canada where high mountain peaks are common Owner was misleading as the the ACTUAL facts about the unit having an overheating problem I reject the notion that we were fully aware of the severity of the problem Attached is a letter that was sent to RV Share management, prior to the final settlement offer, which clearly stated what actually happened RV Share chose to believe the owners version instead of me, the customer RV Share is guilty of marketing an RV product which has a publicly known record of overheating issuesInternet searches and forums are numerousThere is even a mention in the RV owner manual Any Frieghtliner service center will support my claims I am willing to accept the original offer which was later withdrawn and replaced with an offer that I rejected outright I have detailed records of all of my communications between myself and RV Share and the owner My witnesses will not only confirm the conversations with the owner at checkout, but also the severity and frequency of overheating I

We regret that Mr [redacted] experience was not ideal Whenever an RV is damaged during the rental, we undergo a fact finding process, and eventually decide on a resolution as a neutral third party We lay out this process in our Terms of Service, which all users agree to when creating an account In this case, Mr [redacted] damaged the RV during the rental, and we collected all evidence from the owner The owner provided sufficient evidence of damage, as well as the amount of the insurance deductible, which is $1, As a result, the full $1,security deposit was withheld from Mr***, and supplied to the owner The $that was paid by Mr [redacted] during the rental to a 3rd party (not RVshare, or the owner) was not eligible to be applied to the deductible Additionally, according to the Rules & Conditions of the Credit Card companies, once a dispute is started with them (as Mr [redacted] has stated he has), we can no longer provide a refund of any kind to Mr***

We apologize that the owner the renter booked with needed to cancel the reservation, however it appears that the complainant was able to book another rental on our platform for their needs
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meThank you so much for your intervention in this processI am so very grateful to have this matter resolved

We regret that *** *** experience was less than optimal In regards to the damage charges, we have reviewed the case thoroughly and made a final determination as to the claim on the security deposit We require owners to provide an abundance of evidence when damages are claimed, and
then in accordance with our Terms of Service, RVshare settles the claim as a neutral third party In regards to the condition of the RV: Due to the nature of our business, unfortunately we cannot vet the condition of every RV listed on our site; in order to compensate for this, we provide complementary roadside assistance to every rental booked through us Additionally, we will be reviewing this RV's condition in order to determine roadworthiness

We examined all evidence submitted as part of this dispute from both the owner and the renter The owner wanted 100% of the rental fee, the renter wanted a 100% refund Based on the evidence we were provided by both sides, we determined a 50/split was the best compromise given the information and situation This went through our thorough dispute resolution process, and that is the conclusion we have come to

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