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Thank you for the opportunity to address this complaint. Tech support asks that in order to run an accurate speed test to turn off all devices and only run the test on one device. We do have some new hire techs that are waiting on company shirts to arrive and I do apologize about the attire in the meantime. If some things were said to your wife, I apologize. We have not heard of a complaint about this until this response. As for the damaged roof I have contacted our team lead to come out and take a look at the damages and discuss the installers behavior with you, so we can take care of the situation to keep it from happening again. As you stated you have cancelled your account and we will be out to collect the equipment as soon as possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this complaint. We again went through the complaints we have on Facebook and the customer seemed happy with each response. The last response we have stated that we did some work and was still work being done. The customer signed a 1-year commitment stating that she agreed to the terms and conditions. In the terms and conditions, it states that we need 30 days written notice to cancel an account. We bill our customers on a monthly basis not a daily or usage basis. If the customer wishes to cancel before the month is over, we will honor that, but do not prorate the accounts. After looking at the information the customer provided, we will refund 1 month due to the service issues they were experiencing. For some reason there was none of that information noted in the account for billing to see. We will send a check out to the mailing address we have on file for the $49.95 for the services.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: The Safe Link response is less than accurate. 
1.  I had tried to contact the technician dept.  several times beginning March, 2016.  I would be placed on hold for in excess of 10 to 15 minutes.  Frequently while on hold, sitting at my computer, my signal would come back on.  So, tired of waiting, I hung up and began working again.  Often it would fail again shortly after, sometimes an hour or two later.  At first I thought perhaps it was weather blocking the signal from Shafer Butte north of Boise.  Sometimes though the weather was completely clear. Basically I just dealt with it until the problem began to be much more frequent and for seemingly longer durations.  The technician arrived after my phone call in early April. He checked the router and said it was fine.  BTW: The router is one that the installer provided to me at a cost of $63.55 including tax.  This router is a ZyXEL brand.  I had a Cisco router of my own, but the installer said it would not work with Safe Link.  This Cisco router was the one I was using with no problems whatsoever when I had Clear internet service.  He said he had a new router in his truck that I could buy.  Since I had no apparent choice, I agreed to his router.  Now I notice on my original bill from Safe Link that I purchased a Netgear brand from Safe Link.  THAT IS NOT ACCURATE:  I purchased the ZyXEL router from the installer.  It is the one he provided. I never had any other options given to me.  All that being said, it is a fact that at no time did anybody from Safe Link EVER mention that I may have a router problem.  The first time that has ever come up is in their response to this current complaint. With Cable One, I am using MY Cisco router as it is a trusted name that I am familiar with.  This ZyXEL brand is made in Taiwan and I don't trust it. If Safe Link wants their ZyXEL back, I would be glad to give it to them.  I don't know if that is/was the problem or not.  However according to Safe Link's response to this complaint, it appears to me that they may be suspecting the router (that they sold me).  I am concerned that they show I purchased a Netgear router from them.  They need to be able to admit they sold me this ZyXEL brand.
Regarding the POE (Power over Ethernet), I simply mentioned to the technician that the label on the original POE looked somewhat worn and thus indicating a old POE.  He then volunteered to replace it with another.  I never told him he had to do so as I was simply trying to find a solution to the numerous drops.  
May 5th: I called and was told the problem was one that affected all of Boise and nothing they could do.  May 6th:  I called again as my connection never came back.  Previously it would come back at least momentarily but not this time  I was frustrated as I was told that they wanted to do another trouble shoot. I had done that before.  They could see that my service was down.  They wanted to do another check by having me unplug the router connections and power, wait a minute or two, reconnect the cables and turn the power back on.  I had done that several times - many, many times on my own. I knew the routine.  Every time it did no good.  The only option I had was to wait to see if it would come back by itself.  But they wanted to go through the routine again.  It never worked.  I had had enough. 
Regarding the contract.  The terms are in fact on their website as a phrase that must be clicked on.  It is at the very bottom in very small print.  It says terms and conditions. It is very small and no one would know to look there. And, again, I was never told it was posted. Sincerely,[redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to address this complaint. This customer had slow speeds for the month of June. We issued a ½ of a month of credit to them. We did not issue a full month of credit because they did have
internet they were running slower than they should have been. The customer called...

in to cancel their services and we informed them that we would issue a 1-month credit for the upcoming month if they would stick with
us for us to get the issues corrected. They agreed to stay with us for that time. They cancelled 13 days later. The credit that was on their account was us not charging them for service for the month of September. They
cancelled the services before September.  That was not a credit for past months. We did refund a ½ month of services to their card for the issues they had during the month of June.
Furthermore, we have not over sold the tower in Emmett. Customers have changed the way they use the internet. It used to be research for school and checking email and shopping online. Now customers are streaming
music and movies etc. and it has stressed some of our Aps. We understand this affects customers and we are actively upgrading multiple towers as time and resources permit. I just checked with my Network
Operations Team and was informed everything is working properly, on the tower this customer was on, and customers should not be affected. When a tower or AP is at capacity we put it in a “no install-maxed AP”
database and will not install new customers on it. Everyone has access to this database and knows where they can install and where they can’t.
Again, we did issue a refund for the issues the customer had in June, and we feel this customer was credited correctly according to the notes on the account. There will be no further credits or refunds to this customer.

Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. I see the average usage on your account was 43.34. This shows us you did indeed have internet. We have no record of the installer damaging the home. This is the first we are hearing about damage to the home. We would be...

happy to address this, it does require we send our lead field tech to the home for an inspection of the damages. Looking through our emails from you it looks like we have respond to all of them, with the exception of the ones from the last 24 hours. Those will be answered today. We regret to inform you that we will not be able to remove the $90 reversal of promotion. Additionally, Safelink Internet strives to provide well trained, professional technical support personnel and field technicians for all services performed. If you didn’t feel you received this level of service, then you surely didn’t have a typical Safelink Internet experience and for that we apologize.

After four months of contact with company and not getting results to correct my internet as to what I was paying for and they were unable to find the problem, I had to gt different internet service. I am canceling my service with them as they did not provide me the service I was told I would get. I will not pay a cancellation fee as it was their service that caused me to miss work, lose calls at work, as I work from home. I want this contract canceled with no repercussions to me as it was their services that forced me to change companies. I want them to pick up their equipment and refund me the 65$ for the router I am returning to them as well.cancel contract at no charge to me and refund for the router I do not need and they can pick up all equipment. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I would just like to add that the reason I seemed happy after speaking to a rep on Facebook messenger is because I thought something was going to be done about the poor service, which never happened. We were loyal customers for five years and never had any issues until early 2016. It was a very frustrating situation, and am happy to see it resolved.Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
Below are some of the communications I've had with Safelink. Since I only have 30 minutes to reply to this, I can't gather all the data that I have at this time. Safelink did not deliver the speeds that were promised, and when they replied to our complaints it was lip service, nothing ever changed. We were assured that the problem was on their end and that they would be taking care of it, but they did not. We are requesting a refund for one and a half billing periods, $82.88.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Safelink states in their response as follows: "Our standard procedure is to email out a newsletter stating changesto our set package pricing."  But if this is their standard procedure, they did not follow it because I never received either an EMail or any sort of printed communication telling me of the new terms of service that they were offering.  Placing announcements on their company website is not a legitimate means of communicating changes in service to their customers.  Safelink communicated every month when they withdrew funds from my account for the higher-costing service plan, which they are not even listing any more among their service plans online, since it has been superceded by new plans that offer faster service at a reduced cost (see attachment for some examples of these monthly communications).   They did not have the courtesy to advise me that I was paying too much for an outdated service plan.  I insist that Safelink should have advised me, as they should have advised all their existing customers, of the new service plans they have available, and I request not only a credit for the extra funds I have paid, but that all other Safelink customers that have been similarly treated, be advised of the current service plans that are available, and receive credit for the period they have each been paying fees in excess of what is being offered to new customers.

This customer cancelled her services on April 10th,2016. We put the pull in a queue and the technician pulls it when it gets assigned. We have to prioritize our current customers trouble calls before we do any equipment pulls or new installs. It does take a little time to do a pull because of that....

We made an attempt to pull the equipment on May 11th, 2016 and unfortunately our technician didn’t have a tall enough ladder to complete the pull. It went back into the pull queue to make another attempt with a tall enough ladder. We sent another tech out on June 20th, 2016. On that date there was a lady at the location and said that there was no way she was letting him on the roof. She threatened the tech and said if we came back we would need a warrant. Per the terms and conditions the customer is responsible for the equipment. If we are unable to retrieve it, the customer is responsible for paying for the equipment. We will not be refunding the balance on the account however, if the customer wishes, we can make a 3rd attempt to pull the equipment, if she can talk to the current owner of the property and allow us to collect the equipment. If we are able to pull the equipment we will remove the charges to the account.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this complaint. It looks like the customer called on the 29th and spoke to our overflow call center. They put in a ticket stating that the customer was having slow speeds and the customer requested that the
call center escalate the ticket. The customer...

called back on the 30th and was not currently home to trouble shoot and stated that they would call back in later that evening. We called the customer back on the 30th after 4 pm customer was not
home to trouble shoot and would call us back later. We never heard back from the customer until the 5th. The customer called back on the 5th but was unable to do any trouble shooting again.
The issue the customer was experiencing was with one of our towers. We fixed that issue and the internet should be greatly improved from what they were last week.
We have issued this customer a credit to the account for 2 months of issues. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Sincerely, [redacted]

Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Due to the recent issues you have been experiencing, we have no problem letting you out of the commitment and not holding you to paying for the full 12 months. As per the commitment you did sign, if you cancel early you only pay the install fee...

we waived for your signing the one year commitment. This only pays for the installer’s time, labor, and fuel to complete the job. It does not pay for the internet itself. I do see we have issued you a credit for service issues in the past. We have since upgraded the equipment on the tower. We are actively upgrading multiple towers because customers’ needs and wants have increased in the last year. We do expect the tower you are receiving your service from to be completed in the near future. After the tower is upgraded we expect the problem you are facing to be fully resolved. It does look like you are using quite a bit of data on the account, however, If in the mean time you would like to change your plan to the 2 meg plan, since you said that is the speed you are getting most of the time, we would be happy to change that for you, until the backhaul is completed.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: There are many misleading statements made by SafeLink in this dispute. 
1.   Fact  - In attempting to contact tech support, I  was often placed on hold for several minutes in excess of the "3 minute target time" stated by SafeLink. If that is a "target" of SafeLink. then  it is a new strategy that was certainly not in place when I would call.  As I stated before: I did have to hang up after 10 -15 minutes. Neither the receptionist nor anybody else ever "jumped" in to get me connected to tech support.
2.   Fact - SafeLink knows that I called on April 8, 2016 and stated that I have been losing my connection many times for about 5 weeks.  That is a matter of record.  Tech support confirmed that on the April 8 call.  They confirmed that I had stated the 5 week history of disconnects.
3.   Fact - Nobody ever told me in advance that I would have to buy another router in order to use the SafeLink service.  The technician showed up and I showed him my Cisco router.  I then went about my business here at the office as he proceeded to connect the service.  He later stated that my Cisco router was not working but that he had a router in the truck that would.  He said I would have to pay for it if he connected the service with his router.  So - what was I supposed to do?  My Cisco router was about 1 1/2 yrs old and had always functioned as it should.  I would have to had him come back again as I go out and buy another router.  Really? Who would do that?  I was supposed to get connected with their internet service and I would have to reschedule? That wasn't even logical.  And, by the way my Cisco router works fine.  I am using it now with [redacted]. As to the most recent SafeLInk reply regarding Cisco routers:  SafeLink stated " a point in time Cisco routers would not work with our systems."  So now they do?  If so, since when?  And what do they mean: at a point in time? What point in time?   And again, their bill represented a Netgear router, not a Zytel router.  I did not "most likely" receive the Zytel, I did receive a Zytel. 
4.  Fact:  The only thing I can recall signing was a work order completion upon the initial installation.  If it was indeed a contract, that is news to me.  And, if so, why did I not receive a copy from SafeLink like all other reputable companies provide?
5.  Fact:  The terms and conditions are hidden on their website.  This must be intentional as the statement "Terms and Conditions" are in small print at the very bottom right had corner.  People do not see that - not 1 in 10.  Maybe, just maybe, 1 in 20 might - that being given the benefit of the doubt.  Even so, I should have received a copy -  if is signed such.  SafeLink must correct the placement of their terms so it is easily seen and accessible.
6.  Fact:  Doing one of my calls, I specifically asked to speak to a supervisor as I was getting nowhere with the support tech.  I was never connected to a supervisor; never given the opportunity to do so.  
And finally, I researched the complaint history of SafeLink and found that many people are dissatisfied with the service to include multiple down times such as I experienced.  They also had long wait times, again such as I had experienced.  And, there have been other "backhaul" problems when the whole system is down in a large area of intended coverage, again such as I had experienced. 
I was totally dissatisfied with SafeLink service. I had to cancel a service which in reality was not there.  There was no service on way too many occasions.
All SafeLink is doing now is making excuses, and poor ones at that.  SafeLink has a record of my service and thus they can historically check to see how often my service dropped off.  I know this because a technician told me so doing one of my calls concerning the numerous drop offs.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  I was told the tower was going to be upgraded six months ago, and I'm still waiting for the promised upgrade to occur.I would still like a full refund of all of the moneys I paid SafeLink over the past six months.  Their internet service is now and has always been a waste of my money since I was lucky to get up to 2 megs. download no where near the contracted up to 4 megs download.I paid them $55.25 a month for 6 months.  This adds up to $331.50.  SafeLink can send me a check.

Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. Weare constantly upgrading our towers as our customer’s Internet needs and wantsincrease. We do expect the tower you are receiving your service from to beupgraded in the near future. After the tower is upgraded we expect the problemyou are...

facing to be fully resolved.  Recently, a credit was issued toyour account equivalent to 2 months of service to offset the inconvenience youmight have experienced. Additionally, Safelink Internet strives to provide welltrained, professional technical support personnel and field technicians for allservices performed.  If you didn’t feel you received this level of service,then you surely didn’t have a typical Safelink Internet experience and for thatwe apologize.

Thank you for the opportunity to address yourconcerns. Our standard procedure is to email out a newsletter stating changesto our set package pricing.  Any pricing changes will be updated on ourwebsite. We also always offer our current customers the same promotions andguidelines as our new...

customers once they have finished their agreed term. Ourstaff is trained on new packages or promotions that we are currently offeringand which towers they would be available on as we continue to upgrade ourtowers to support higher speeds.As of July 22nd we show that your planwas upgraded to our Streaming Internet Package (4 mbps x 1 mbps) at a monthlyrate of $55.25.In the history of Safelink we have always offeredhigher speed for the same cost or the same speed for less cost.  In acontinuing effort to provide the best quality customer service, we strive tokeep our current customers updated on our current packages but do not push orrequire they sign new agreements or change their current package.We regret to inform you that we will not be ableto issue a credit to your account.

Thank you for the opportunity to address your concerns. I had on of our technicians look into this matter and there is only 5 people on the access point that you are on. The Weiser East and Weiser West towers were both upgraded in March. There was nothing that we could see on our end that would be...

causing this issue. Intermittent internet can possibly be caused by a dual band router and the slow speeds could be cabling or router as well. If you could give us a call at 208-677-8000, we would be happy to troubleshoot with you to figure out what is causing the issues. We are open Monday through Friday 7AM to 9PM and Saturday 9AM to 9PM.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this complaint. We do not have a customer with this name or phone number in our system, however, we do service the address being referenced. We have tried to trouble shoot with the customer at that
address. The customer we have tried trouble shooting with...

refused that it is anything on their side and will not give us a chance to bypass or anything else to determine what the issues are. If we had an opportunity to properly trouble shoot we
could get this customer working the way they should be working. The last time we attempted to contact them she was having problems with Netflix. She told us that it was probably the DVD player causing issues. If the person filing this
complaint is the same customer that is on the account, we would be happy to trouble shoot and resolve the issues they are experiencing. Please contact us at [redacted] 7 days a week from 6 A.M. to Midnight.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this complaint. We have gone through the account. According to the notes we have on the account and the information I have received from our techs who spoke with this customer, there is nothing that said that we could see his account was losing connections for 5 weeks prior. The customer reported that information to us.
As for the router, about a year or so ago the world ran out of static IP addresses so we had to convert our customers to DHCP. While we were in the process of doing that, we saw that it was causing issues with a few routers. Early to mid-summer of 2015, we started informing our customers, at the time of the sale, that there was a possibility that their router may not work with the DHCP but that we sold routers we knew would work with it. It was/is in our sales pitch to inform the customer that their router may not work with our services. As well as inform the customer that we do sell them if they are interested. The lady that put the customer’s sale had been with our company for approximately 4 months at that time. All she does is sales calls. She knew very well, at that time, that some routers didn’t work because of the new upgrades to our towers IP addresses. Soon after we found a way to do a new DHCP with NAT. Which allowed most kinds of routers to work with our system. We started the DHCP with NAT switch about March or April of 2016. If the customer had of done troubleshooting with us further, we could have tried his other cisco router in place of the ZyXel at that time. He refused to do any further trouble shooting therefore we were unable to fully determine the customer’s issues.
We do have a customer copy of the contract and invoice that is left with the customer. If he did not get this copy, we sincerely apologize. However, If the customer would like a signed copy of the contract we can email or mail it to him.
Regarding the terms and conditions on our website. They are located at the bottom of the website. They are not hidden they are with the other information about our company ie. our address’, phone numbers and emails. Many other companies also have theirs at the bottom of their webpages as well. [redacted] has theirs listed under “legal notices” at the bottom of the webpage. DISH Network, also at the bottom. Direct TV you have to click on privacy policy then terms and conditions. However, they are on our webpage and the customer did sign the commitment stating; “By signing below I state that I have read and agree to the terms above and the terms located at”.
As per our previous two responses we will not be issuing any credits to the account.

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