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Dear [redacted],   SageStream mailed a letter to Mr. [redacted] dated August 18, 2016 in response to his complaint which we received August 17, 2016. The letter assures Mr. [redacted] that the security freeze he requested August 8 was placed on his file August 10, and we enclosed a copy of the security...

freeze confirmation letter which was mailed to him on August 10.  Our response letter also provided information which we hope will clarify what we believe is a misunderstanding that Mr. [redacted] has about SageStream. While we understand his frustration in not being able to reach a representative in our Consumer Office, our representatives made several unsuccessful attempts to reach Mr. [redacted] at the number he provided. We were finally able to reach him today after he left a message with an alternative phone number, and we assured him that his request for a security freeze had been processed.   Our response letter to Mr. [redacted] is attached for your review.  Please note that this includes the copy of the security freeze confirmation letter mailed to Mr. [redacted] which included a personal identification number (PIN).  For security reasons, the PIN has been masked for the purpose of sharing the letter with the, but it was included in our response letter to Mr. [redacted].   The two additional complaints Mr. [redacted] filed with the (ID #[redacted] and ID #[redacted]) on August 18, 2016 were the same as complaint ID #[redacted] for which we have responded, and we assume that our letter will satisfy all three. Sincerely, [redacted], Vice President Credit Risk Solutions SageStream, LLC

In her complaint #[redacted], Ms. [redacted] has stated that her request for a security freeze had not been processed for missing information and that she was not able to reach a representative when she called. We addressed her concerns as follows: SageStream, LLC (“SageStream”) is a consumer...

reporting agency which is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1681, et seq. (FCRA) that prepares consumer reports and credit scores for its clients who are typically lenders and other credit-granting companies.  While SageStream provides credit scores and score factors to credit grantors, SageStream does not make credit decisions nor does it have visibility into a credit grantor’s criteria for granting or denying any applicant. Prior to providing a consumer report or security freeze, a credit reporting agency is bound by the FCRA to confirm the identification of the requesting consumer.  This requirement is designed to help reduce the risk of a consumer becoming the victim of fraud or related crime, including identity theft, which could result from misidentifying the consumer.  Unfortunately, the identification documents Ms. [redacted] faxed to SageStream were not clear and we were unable to verify her identity. On 9/27/2017 a representative reached out to assist Ms. [redacted] with her request for a security freeze. The representative was able to explain the situation and offered to verify her identity by telephone. Ms. [redacted]’s identity was verified by telephone, and a security freeze was processed for her right away.  A confirmation letter was sent out to Ms. [redacted]’s address on 9/27/2017. We do apologize if this has posed any inconvenience to Ms. [redacted]. If Ms. [redacted] has questions regarding her security freeze from SageStream or have her identity verified over the phone, she may call the SageStream Consumer Office toll-free at [redacted], Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) or visit our website, [redacted] for information.

A SageStream representative spoke with Mr. [redacted] on November 2, 2016 and explained the information used to create the credit score received by the lender. A security freeze was placed on his file, and his consumer report and security freeze confirmation have been mailed to him.  We referred...

him to the lender for more information about their decision to decline his request for credit.

12/10/2015 San Diego, Orange and Imperial
CountiesAttention [redacted]
RE: Complaint [redacted]
Thank you for your
notice of the complaint that was submitted by the consumer [redacted] on 11/30/2015
and forwarded on 12/1/2015.

way of
background, SageStream obtains information about a consumer when an application
for credit is submitted to one of SageStream’s financial services
customers.  As with other credit
reporting agencies, this information is provided to SageStream, who then
returns a credit score.   SageStream does
not make credit decisions or otherwise participate in the credit review
provides consumer disclosures in response to a written request by the consumer
as explained more fully on our website. 
A credit reporting agency’s obligations with respect to consumer reports
is governed by the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1681, et
seq.  Prior to making any disclosures, a
credit reporting agency is bound by the FCRA to confirm the identification of
the requesting consumer.  SageStream
accepts multiple forms of documentation to verify a requesting party’s
identity.  SageStream maintains a secure
and dedicated fax for submission of identifying documentation at 858-312-6275.  The SageStream Consumer Office provides
secure delivery of consumer documentation and/or will consider alternative
submission methods.  
SageStream LLC finds
that often the best approach is direct contact with the consumer to address any
On 12/1/2015,
SageStream called the consumer to answer his questions and concerns. We
explained that regular written requests for a consumer disclosure report
require the provision of only two documents chosen from the list of
documentation which is required to verify an identity.
In special
circumstances, an identity can be verified over the phone. The consumer
accepted this method and his identity was verified. We disclosed the
information in his consumer report and explained the process to correct any
information that he disputed as inaccurate or incomplete. We also sent by
postal mail a copy of his consumer report for his review.
The timely response,
explanation of the process, and consumer report information from SageStream seemed
to be appreciated by the consumer and he considered the matter settled.
After complaint was
submitted and settled, SageStream received a letter on 12/7/2015 from the
consumer that was dated 11/30/2015 requesting his consumer report. His letter
included a copy of both his driver license and social security card, with a
copy of the credit denial letter, to comply with the SageStream requirements of
two documents that we use to verify an identity.
If the consumer has
further questions, he is encouraged to contact our Consumer Office at
888-395-0277 between 9AM and 5PM PT for a representative.
Best regards,
SageStream LLC

On June 21 and June 22, 2017,  a SageStream representative attempted to reach Ms. [redacted] at the phone number she provided with her complaint.  A message was left each time requesting that she return our call so that we could address her concerns; however, we did not receive a return...

call.  On June 27, we mailed a letter to Ms. [redacted] (attached) which explained our attempts to reach her, and the letter provided information to address her concerns about who SageStream is, why her SageStream score is different than her score from other consumer reporting agencies, and we encouraged her to contact us to request her consumer report from SageStream.

Dear [redacted], SageStream did not receive notice from the of the complaint filed by Mr. [redacted] until July 18, 2016.  In your notification, instructions provided are to respond within 10 calendar days “of the date of this letter,” which we understood to be the date we received the

notification.   If response is required within 10 calendar days of the date the complaint is submitted to the, it would be helpful to clarify this in your notifications to businesses. SageStream responded to Mr. [redacted]’s concerns in a letter dated July 28, 2016 and explained that SageStream, LLC is a consumer reporting agency which is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1681, et seq. (FCRA) that provides consumer reports (scores) to credit issuers allowing them to assess creditworthiness, as well as prevent identity theft and fraud.  In addition to a credit score, SageStream may provide one or more key factors having the most impact on a score.  In our letter we explained to Mr. [redacted] why his credit score can vary from one consumer reporting agency (CRA) to another based on the score model used and the different information each CRA could have.  We encouraged Mr. [redacted] to obtain his consumer report (disclosure) and explained our obligation under the FCRA to verify his identity prior to providing him his report as well as the options SageStream has available to do so.  The letter also explained that while SageStream provided a credit score and score factors to the lender, SageStream did not make the credit decision described in his complaint nor does it have visibility into the lender’s criteria for granting or denying any applicant.  SageStream’s Consumer Office contact information was included in our letter, and we welcome the opportunity to provide Mr. [redacted] additional assistance or to answer questions he may have regarding the information provided in our response. Sincerely, [redacted], Vice President Credit Risk Solutions SageStream, LLC

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Description: SageStream. Collects information from, and provides supplementary consumer reports to, auto lenders; credit card issuers; retailers, utilities and mobile phone service providers; and other service providers. SageStream is a subsidiary of ID Analytics. ID Analytics is being acquired by LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

About: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)

Address: San Diego, California, United States, 92150


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