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[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


[redacted] the Second phone number is [redacted].

The [redacted]'s brought their 2008 Chevrolet HHR in for the ignition recall on May 5th 2014. Parts were ordered and the [redacted]'s where put into a loaner vehicle until the parts arrived and installed, the repair order was closed on July 11th. Sands Chevrolet washed the vehicle and filled with fuel. The...

[redacted]'s came into pick up and Mr. [redacted] stated I have you two removes. The Service Writer did not recall Mr. [redacted] giving him two remotes? But we gave Mr. [redacted] the benefit of the doubt and gave him a new key fob remote and programmed. We then received a phone call from Mr. [redacted] stating his front right window in not working. We explained that we did not roll any of his windows down at anytime while the vehicle was here. Mr. [redacted] called GM for assistance and was turned down. In closing, we offered Mr. [redacted] to do the repair at cost to try and assist. He turned us down! Sands Chevrolet did not cause his window to fail and as you can see we have been more than fair with the [redacted]'s.

Please see the email trail below regarding [redacted] complaint. We are trying to assist Mr. [redacted] with a GM buy back. The issues are truly with General Motors product not Sands Chevrolet. Thank you,[redacted]Office ManagerSands Motor Company, Inc.Sands Chevrolet,...

LLCSands Imports, LLC  DBA Sands Kia[redacted]

[redacted]Phone ###-###-####Fax  ###-###-####[redacted] From: [redacted] [mailto:[redacted]] Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2014 10:45 AMTo: '[redacted]'Cc: '[redacted]'Subject: RE: [redacted] COMPLAINT DEAL [redacted] STK [redacted] DATED 12/27/2013[redacted], This is what we have done and what Mr. [redacted] agreed to with Mr. [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] is correct that the vehicle has been back 3-4 times for both the paint and vibration. Concerning the tires. We balanced the first time, with GM’s permission put different tires on. Still not happy. Went for a ride with Mr. [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] told us to switch with another new Suburban. Which we did. Mr. [redacted] and Mr. [redacted] went for a ride and Mr. [redacted] told Mr. [redacted] he was happy! Concerning the paint. Sands has spent over $1,000.00 paying outside detail facilities to make the paint appearance to Mr. [redacted] satisfaction. When he picked up the vehicle the last visit? He stated he was happy! We are assisting Mr. [redacted] with GM and trying to get GM to repurchase the Suburban.  As soon as I hear back from GM, to find out if they are in the process of buying back? I’ll let all of you know…

[redacted] and her husband came into the dealership to look at a 2015 Equinox. After test driving the Equinox she decided that she wanted a blue one. We gave them figures on a blue Equinox that was at our Grand location. She said that she was gong to go and compare the Equinox to the...

[redacted] and would get back with us. Approximately two hours later she called us back and said she would like to go with the Equinox.  We went over and picked up the Equinox from the Grand location. When [redacted] saw the Equinox she said it was the wrong blue color. Chevrolet only makes one blue color of 2015 Equinox. She was wanting the Atlantis Blue that was discontinued in 2014. She also said that she wanted a V6 not a 4 cylinder. We then tried to accommodate [redacted]'s request with another V6 Equinox that we had on the lot, but she was not willing to listen to our offer. If you should need any further information, please feel free to contact me.Sincerely,[redacted]Sands Chevrolet, LLCGeneral Manager

On March 16 we did go back to Sands Chevrolet and we were able to get into a different Silverado however the upset and downfall was our payment went back up almost $20 more a month. After the whole experience on March 13 me and my wife have lost complete trust in how the dealership conducts business. It was very traumatizing and no customer should ever experience such bad experience. I will not go to sands Chevrolet again. I will not recommend anybody to sands Chevrolet. I am to scared to ask for anything due to the unfair and inappropriate behavior. When we go to a Toyota dealership they put there customers first. Overall we drove off with a 2016 Chevy Silverado however we look back and cannot forget the horrible experience we have received on March 13. Till this day we never received an apology courtesy call nor letter. This is a serous matter hoping nobody ever goes through this horrific nightmare. Also beware the dealership was not even in compliance, they had open files as we were admitted into the office containing account customer information. I wonder if there auditors know about this. Think about it that is your bank info and personal info out there.

We do appreciate the offer to buy back the vehicle, however after the vehicle check engine light was back on and the vehicle was not properly functioning we were forced to trade the vehicle in to another dealer as we needed a functioning automobile before we had heard a response from Sands.  We do still feel that we deserve reimbursement for the vehicle repairs that were "completed" time and time again, as stated in the original complaint this stems from the motor mounts needing replacing 3 separate times, fuel injectors needing replacing 3 separate times and countless oil or gasket leaks.  This amount totals upwards of 6050.00. It is my hope that we can come to some sort of compromise on this due to the fact that we received the trade or buy back offer too late.  I am happy to attach a spreadsheet of repairs that were completed on the vehicle since 05/2013.  As  I expressed to Mr H[redacted] we are very dissatisfied with Chevrolet and general motors as a whole as we feel we were taken advantage of by the service department.

Tell us why here...Mr. [redacted] initially brought his 2003 Chevrolet Silverado with 154,583 miles in on 06/17/2015 with a complaint of an intermittent extended engine crank prior to starting. Upon inspection the certified diesel technician verified an external fuel leak from the water in fuel sensor...

located in the fuel filter housing. This external leak was causing the fuel line pressure to bleed down once the vehicle sat for awhile and therefore created an extended engine crank prior to starting from the loss of fuel pressure. This repair had to be made first before any further diagnosis could be made. Upon installing the new sensor along with a fuel filter the truck started normally and held normal fuel pressure. Upon Mr. [redacted] picking the vehicle up he contacted our service department the following day indicating that the vehicle’s engine quit running on the highway and would not restart. Upon towing in the vehicle the same certified technician found the high pressure fuel injection pump had failed and was not creating enough pressure. Upon further diagnosis the technician found a large amount of fuel in the engine oil and a high rate of fuel returning back to the fuel tank which indicates that one or more of the high pressure fuel injectors is partially clogged and creating an excess amount of pressure. When one side of a high pressure fuel injector nozzle is clogged it significantly increases the pressure of that injector (like putting your finger on the end of a garden hose to make it spray stronger). Upon speaking with Mr. [redacted] he was very upset about the price of the recommended repairs and felt that it should have been found during the diagnosis of the leaking sensor the previous day. We explained to Mr. [redacted] that the diesel fuel injection system requires over 1,000 pounds per square inch in order to start the truck and we only recommended what we actually found wrong at that time. Upon speaking with management the price was reduced significantly to assist Mr. [redacted] as a gesture of goodwill.  Mr. [redacted] picked up his vehicle and all diesel fuel systems are and were operating normally. Mr. [redacted] brought his vehicle back in on 08/24/2015 with a concern that the battery & security light were illuminated on his instrument cluster. Mr. [redacted] was again upset that he was going to have to repair his vehicle for another failure and we offered as much empathy as possible however advised him that his was a completely different concern with his vehicle. Upon diagnosing the electrical concern the technician was unable to communicate with several of the onboard control modules. We advised Mr. [redacted] that we needed to start with the body control module as it was the most likely cause of the data line being down. We also advised Mr. [redacted] that upon performing a thorough inspection of his entire vehicle he had a hydraulic brake booster and two power steering lines leaking. Mr. [redacted] authorized the repairs and upon installing the body control module the technician was still unable to communicate with the onboard modules. Upon further diagnosis the technician found an aftermarket control box located behind the aftermarket radio that was failing and taking down the module data communication line. This box is designed to allow the factory steering wheel controls to operate the aftermarket radio. Mr. [redacted] was very unhappy that the body control module did not repair the vehicle and felt that we did not properly diagnose the vehicle. At that point we explained to Mr. [redacted] that upon our initial diagnosis we had advised him that we must first start with the body control module and that may not completely repair his concern. We also decided not to charge Mr. [redacted] for that module as we couldn’t justify it as a failed part. Mr. [redacted] ended up only paying the same labor quoted to replace the body control module although the technician had several more hours clocked in order to repair his truck. Mr. [redacted] spent several days in the meantime discussing the purchase of a new truck from our [redacted]dale location with the general manager [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] did not commit to purchasing a truck when he visited that Glendale location and therefore the trucked was offered to another client for sale. Upon Mr. [redacted] returning the following day to purchase the truck he was very upset to find out the truck was sold. The management team explained to Mr. [redacted] that he did not leave a deposit on the truck and did not even verbally commit to purchase the truck. Mr. [redacted] arrived unannounced to our service department in Surprise to pick up his truck. Upon inspecting his truck he again became very upset because his aftermarket radio was still disassembled from the truck. We explained to Mr. [redacted] that we did not hear back from him on whether he wanted to have the aftermarket control module replaced and therefore left the radio out. We quickly installed the radio and only charged Mr. [redacted] the initial labor quoted to replace the body control module although it was less than half of what it took to diagnose his concern. We have made very attempt to meet Mr. [redacted]’s expectations however we believe that he is frustrated with the fact that he had several expensive repairs that had to be incurred within a short period of time. Nothing further is owed to Mr. [redacted] at this time.    Sincerely,[redacted]Sands Chevrolet, LLCService Director

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Good morning and thank you. 

There are many issues with this response.  I list them below:

1) [redacted] has advised us that it is "common practice" in the industry to move these refunds to down payments.  I beg to differ.  It may be "common practice" to take them WHEN THEY ARE DISCUSSED, AGREED TO and it is known by the purchaser.  It is NOT generally common practice throughout the industry.  Fact: when I purchased my Kia from Sands Kia (next door to Sands Chev) the refunds were not taken then toward the down payment, and I had a trade deficit when we purchased that vehicle.  NEVER was there a discussion about it, nor did they try and take it.

2) The forms alluded to in the email were not in my attachment, However, I'm willing to bet you will see that the cancelations were signed, but there was NOTHING on them indicating that they were to be sent to anyone but the owner of the vehicle.  At least our copies don't indicate to send them to Sands.  

3) we were not even given copies of those cancelation forms initially.  Only after the dispute were we aware that we didn't get them, and had to ask for them.  They were not intending to give them to us.

4) if "taking" someones refund were "common practice" in the industry, I would be curious to know why when I spike with [redacted], at Sands Kia, and he allowed me to sign the cancelations (again) as neither of us knew it had been done earlier.  He also looked up the amounts and told what the estimated refund would be, and when to expect it.  He further advised that I should wait until the loan was paid off on the trade in or else the refunds would go directly to the payoff of the trade, and not to us.  If this is "common practice" WHY would he assist me in getting these refunds done??? 

5) No one has tried to reach my husband to discuss this. This is further deceptions on the part of the company. We have only two phone numbers, his cell and mine.  Since I have been the one dealing with this, all calls should have come to me anyway, however, if Mr. [redacted] feels he needs to speak "man to man" that's fine, but he's never reached out to my husband.  

6)  lastly, I'm still curious why the insurance companies would even consider sending the refunds to someone not even on the contract.  The vehicle which carried the insurances were in my husbands and my names, and not financed through Sands in any way.   I'm looking into a complaint against them, also, for sending our refunds to someone not authorized to receive them. 

Thank you so much for looking into this. 


I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

1) So my first attachment is from Mr. [redacted], whom did write and informal letter saying there was a delay in the paperwork, which he later admitted. So I did talk to the Finance Director, and I also gave my email address to him to give to [redacted], which I still have YET to receive that email she supposedly sent. I have spelled it out to her on 2 different occasions and left messages with all the staff there at Sands Chevrolet. ( you will see my call log attached)

Mike [redacted] had my email address and was able to email me just fine, I didn't get the email from her including a copy of the check.

2) 2nd Attachment is my call log from the 4/11/14 where I called in and discussed that my loan was funded on the 10th and they would be mailing out the check today, you can see my call log, I called twice and this is what I was informed. one call was placed at 1:46PM I was just transferred and hung up on, Then I called back at 1:47AM and that's when I was informed that my check has been issued to [redacted], Accounting office was open at that time and they verified with them (supposedly)

3) 3rd Attachment is my call log from 4/15/14

4/15/14 I called at 11:15 AM Left a message for [redacted] no response

4/15/14 @ 11:48 AM I spoke with [redacted] she informed me she didn't understand why she doesn't have the check on her desk, she apologized and said let me get you to my manager. Call was transferred to VM.

4/15/14 - Called back and was transferred to [redacted] on 4/15/14 @ 12:08 PM spoke with her for about 2 min was hung up on


4/15/14 Got hung on and tried calling back @ 12:11 PM no answer, asked to speak with a manager was talking with a manager, when [redacted] then called me

Received a call from [redacted] @ 12:13PM


4) Attachment 4, is the [redacted] slip created on 4/15/14 @ 12:12PM

I Still am asking for a formal letter, I was lied to, provided horrible customer service, you can see my call log, I was very serious kept getting transferred hung up on or put on long holds. I was originally promised that the funds would be sent out over night on the 11th and it never was. I understand that it takes time, and there were other accounts that needed attention as well but I was lied to, and that's not good business practices, it wasn't until I asked for a [redacted] number that I was given the truth and even then I was hung up on, and made to call back, and that's when the [redacted] number suddenly appeared.

I am asking for a formal letter saying the funds where received on 4/11 into your account and [redacted] was informed that it would have been sent out on the 11th and that was incorrect information it was in fact sent out on the 16th.

In addition this has been a hassle look at the amount of time and energy spent on this, I am still asking for 500 or a new bed liner for the inconvenience of all of this.


As per the attached documents, [redacted]'s deal is dated 09/21/2016. The vehicle was funded on 09/21/2016, title work sent to MVD on 10/07/2016, payoff sent via Fedex 10/04/2016. That is sixteen days that the entire deal was completed. It is company policy that any monies coming back to the...

customer is held until we receive a clear title on their trade in. It does take some time for the lending institutions get process payment, release title and MVD to send the title to the dealership. Ms. [redacted] was in the dealership yesterday and we did override the company policy and release all funds to her. Hopefully, this resolves all of Ms. [redacted]'s concerns. If you should need additional information, please contact me at [redacted] or [redacted] .
Cherie V[redacted]Sands Chevrolet, LLC
Office Manager

Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] came back in on March 16, 2016 and we were able to find them a truck that better fit their needs and wants. The [redacted]'s left happy and concerns have been resolved.
If you should have further questions and/or need additional information, please...

feel free to contact me at ###-###-#### or [redacted] .
Cherie V[redacted]Sands Chevrolet, LLCOffice Manager

We apologize for the continued calls that [redacted] has been receiving. I have requested to have her phone number removed from our customer data base so that the calls will discontinue. This process may take 7-10 business days to be completely put in place. If the calls should continue after...

this time, please contact me immediately so that I can rectify the issue.Sincerely,[redacted]Sands Chevrolet, LLCOffice Manager###-###-####[redacted]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.There was no complaint of "intermittent" engine crank.  The complaint was "The truck does not start and the fuel gauge does not work properly".  Once the mechanic "fixed" the external fuel leak, I was called and advised to pick up the truck. When I arrived the truck did not start and would not start. There was no extendended cranking time. The truck simply did not start.  I returned a few days later and once again the truck did not start when I tried to leave.  They kept my vehicle longer.  This took about two weeks total. I finally got my truck to run and I drove it home where it again died on me and would not start. The truck was towed back to the dealership.  At this point I was told the "certified diesel mechanic" had given up and they were going to try to have another one look at it.  It was a couple days and I received a phone call stating to me that I needed new injectors, a new pump and something else replaced.  I asked how this wasn't determined sooner and the answer I received was "We don't know".  I was quoted a repair price of over $8000.  I stated to the dealership I would need to look around and price that quote elsewhere as that was a lot of money.  I found several shops who would do the work for $4500 and I told the dealer that. They immediately dropped the price to $5000.  Trying to stay loyal to the dealership I agreed to that price with the condition that this was going to fix the engine and the fuel gauge that was not working. I was told "This is going to fix it".  I also asked what else needed to be done, and questioned if it was worth spending the money on an older truck or if I should just cut my losses.  I was told "The truck is in great shape otherwise and this will fix everything except for a leaking power steering line which could be fixed down the road. Indeed I was upset as the dealership had my truck for nearly three weeks and could not figure out what was wrong with the truck.  Mr. [redacted] (whom by they way I was told no longer worked at the dealership) makes this out to sound like this process took just a couple of days when I reality it took several days and the entire time they kept saying they had fixed the problem and then when I showed up it was not fixed.  I explained to them that I had to have a working fuel gauge as I haul a horse trailer with my small child and I could not risk running out of gas, and fuel burn with a trailer is much different than without.On 8/24 when I returned it was because my original complaint that the fuel gauge was not working was still valid and additional things on the console were also not working. Clearly there was still a problem that had not been fixed as requested by the dealership when I originally stated that the fuel gauge was not working.The dealership did replace a module because they said that was the problem. Then after they replaced it, that didn't fix the problem either so they threw more parts at the problem and stated it would be more money.  I again questioned this as I had originally asked for them to fix the fuel gauge which was NEVER done.  I was also told I had a leaking hydryobooster which was going to cost a a couple thousand more dollars to fix.At no time was I advised that they first needed to replace the body control module to move forward with diagnosis.  I was told that was going to fix the problem.  I continued to tell them that I did not want to dump thousands of more dollars into this truck.  I had spent enough already.  I'm not sure what steering wheel controls Mr. [redacted] is speaking of as my truck had NO steering wheel controls for the radio.  And the radio, according to the manufactuer is not able to be controlled by stearing wheel controls thus it has a separate remote.  Again Mr. [redacted] is blowing smoke.I'm not sure why I had to pay the labor for the BCM because that did not fix the problem. I was quoted a flat rate charge of $135 to diagnose the problem.  I actually did not spend several days speaking with the Glendale Location about purchasing a new truck. I called the Glendale location in an effort to speak to an owner because the GM of Sands Surprise had cussed me out and I felt like I was getting a run around.  In fact I had spoken with the Surprise location about purchasing a vehicle from them and I only went to Glendale when the truck advertised on their site was actually at the Glendale location.  I looked at one truck in Surprise and then before making a purchase I went to the Glendale location to test drive that vehicle with the plans of having it transferred to Surprise.While at Glendale I drive the truck, and told the sales manager I would be back in the morning with my daughter to look at it. I had to measure the size of a hay bail to see if it would fit under the bed cover that was on that truck.  I called ahead of time that follwoing morning, said I was on my way up to look at it with her and the sales man said great. When I arrived they informed me the truck had been sold.  Interstingly it was parked on the lot and not where they park cars that are being driven or sold.I had previously agreed to make a decision on my truck by the Saturday that I was at the Glendale location.  When that deal was dead I called Surprise, spoke to [redacted] in service and asked if my truck was ready and told him I was on my way to pick it up.  I did not show up unannounced.  In fact, [redacted] went out to my truck with me on the phone and started it up and said was ready to go.  Again Mr. [redacted] things he can blow smoke and lie about these things but the facts are just that and my phone records can prove that I did call first.Upon arrival I was given the keys to my truck and I paid my fees agreed upon.  When I went to the truck the radio was tore out of the dash and laying in the back seat.My frustration is that Sands Surprise failed to Adequately fix my truck, to adequately advise me that thousands of dollars of more work were needed to fix the fuel gauge problem, all the while knowing I was weighing purchasing  a new vehicle or keeping this one.  I was very clear to confirm that the original $5000 was going to fix everything minus the leaking hoses.  I was told it would.I have since sold the truck to someone. He has found that that the break hydrobooster is working fine, but the truck had several things in the front end that needed fixed, which again were never told to me by the dealer as I kept asking them what else needs to be done... I said go through with a fine tooth comb and tell me everything.  They failed miserably in diagnosing the problem (remember it took them almost three weeks to determine I needed injectors and a fuel pump) and they still didn't fix the fuel gauge.  I was very clear about needing the gauge fixed as a determining factor on going through with any other repairs.Sands did not meet the obligations of this deal. Certainly they put some work and equipment on the truck, but they did not ever satisfactorily fix this truck.


I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

The damage to the undercarriage was there when I bought the vehicle 6 months ago,  they told me if I didn't launch my vehicle the airbags would not have went off. The front airbags never deployed. Second the way I was portrayed when I got to the dealership is false. I was pretty calm considering the circumstances. Once I was accused of launching my vehicle with a finger being wagged in my face I lost my cool and I was told to leave or I would be arrested not removed from the property. So basically the entire response I received is void due to extensive lies and lack of researching the situation. 


With regards to [redacted] complaint, I

[redacted] was tasked with handling a very unhappy customer in the Used Vehicle Department on 9/29/2014. I introduced myself to Mrs. [redacted] and asked her how I could help her, after 2 hours of conversation she told me that...

she had a service contract and that her car was broken down in her driveway, when she called the used car department the Sales Manager had stated that he would "make it right" on a vehicle if she chose to trade her vehicles in. [redacted] had picked out a vehicles with a list price of 26,999.00 and her interpretation of "Making it right", was to keep her at her current payment that was 179.00 monthly. The Used vehicle Sales Manager had already discussed pricing and payments on the vehicle, the sales price was 26999.00 discounted to 24,999.00 and a trade in value of 13757.00 about 4000.00 more than the [redacted] trade value states.  [redacted] expressed she was very unhappy with him for how he had mislead her with his "making it right" statementand he we where all a bunch of crooks, I proceeded to explained to her that she had purchased her vehicles for 15,532.00 and this vehicles was almost 11,000.00 more, there was no way mathematically that we would be able to get to her current payment, at this point I gave her 1000.00 more of a discount making her sales price 23999 and I gave her an additional 1000.00 for her trade as 14757.00  to show her that we are willing to work with her for the inconveniences she has experienced. After about 45 min and 300.00 more of a discount she agreed to 259.00 for 84 months. [redacted] decided to look at one more vehicles before she made her final decision, a 2010 Honda CRV that was in the reconditioning process, when she came back she stated to me that she had looked at the internet price and wanted to purchase the vehicle for the discounted price, I told her that unfortunetly, we had given the best pricing for that vehicles with the highly inflated trade value, that was Sand Chevrolets best deal, at this point I asked her how she want to proceed, either move forward with the deal or I would arrange a loaner car service to take her home and also a tow service to get her vehicles repaired, she became very combative and declined the deal so we arrange transportation home for her and tow service on her currently owned vehicle to be fixed.

Sands Chevrolet, LLC

General Sales Manager

Tell us why hereThe customer was offered what we had available, they declined our offer. We are sorry for the misunderstanding, but that is exactly what it was, nothing more. There was never bait and switch as we never advertise V/6 Equinoxes nor did we apply any undue pressure. Sincerely,[redacted]Sands Chevrolet, LLCDealer Operatot

Our Sales Manager, [redacted], has been in contact with [redacted]. Sands has agreed to have Sands Chevrolet will be towing in [redacted]'s 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan to make all necessary repairs to the brakes and master cylinder.  Sincerely,[redacted]...

[redacted]Sands KiaGeneral sales Manager

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and appreciate their timeliness. I have discussed this with the Service Director and will bring my car in on March 20th for an inspection. I hesitate to close this complaint until we do come to a fair resolution, which I expect after my car is inspected. Unfortunately that date is after my 7 day deadline given by the to accept or not. I could not find a postponement option, unfortunatly. 




I have attached the documents from [redacted]’s file. The warranty cancellation form states that the customer has traded in the vehicle. On the purchase order for the vehicle it states that [redacted] has agreed to put $3451.00 down towards the purchase of the vehicle. Attached is also one receipt for $1000.00, how was Mr. [redacted] intending to pay the remaining balance? When the dealership creates the purchase agreement, if the down payment is to include warranty cancellation funds, it would be set up that way. All of the insurance companies refund the dealers for the insurance policies, because in reality the dealer is the one that actually pays the insurance company for the warranties. The dealer has the responsibility of forwarding payment to the financial institution, customer or retaining the funds if used as down payment. Mr. [redacted] had a total due of $3451.00 down (due to the dealership), he used a VISA card for $1000.00 and the balance would have to paid in another form (check, cash, additional credit card, money order) or as in this circumstance come from his warranty cancellations. The dealership would refund Mr. [redacted] the $2451.00 once he pays the balance of his down payment, which is $2451.00. It just seems to be a full circle. All the documents are attached to support this agreement. Sands has not and did not intend to mislead Mr. [redacted] in anyway. It is common practice for customers to use their warranty cancellation funds as down payment on the new vehicle that they are purchasing. By using the warranty cancellation funds, it is less money out of pocket for customers and most prefer to handle the cancellation in this manner, but of course not always. Hopefully this is a better understanding of the situation and satisfies Mr. [redacted]’s concerns. Please let me know if I be can of any further assistance.


Thank you,



Office Manager

Sands Motor Company, Inc.

Sands Chevrolet, LLC

Sands Imports, LLC  DBA Sands Kia

Surprise, AZ 85388

Phone ###-###-####

Fax  ###-###-####


Sands has been trying to assist Mr. [redacted] with a GM repurchase. All repairs that Sands completed have been approved by GM under warranty guidelines. Our understanding is that Mr. [redacted] file has been forwarded to GM legal and all inquiries and/or documentation should be referred to GM Legal department.


Thank you,

Office Manager

Sands Motor Company, Inc.

Sands Chevrolet, LLC

Sands Imports, LLC  DBA Sands Kia[redacted]

Phone ###-###-####

Fax  ###-###-####

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