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• May 15, 2021

Scam company
Send what people order. I ordered a 36 volt charger and got a 32 volt charger that didn't work.
I then emailed them... nothing!
I tried to do a review on the product and it asks for a cr. NO PROBLEM! I type in my cr from my receipt and it tells me that my cr doesn't exist and that I can't do a review without a cr! That's a great way to stop bad reviews,... just don't let the people you screw over comment on anything.
Can't contact them without cr.
Scam company

• Apr 09, 2021

Received the WRONG ITEM
REALLY NO STARS. I ordered a power cord. adapter for my computer. Paid extra for 2 day shipping. Received the wrong adapter a week later. I have been trying to contact them for days. I have e mailed them several times and also have called their customer service number. When you call there is not way to speak to anyone, all you can do is leave a message. I have left a message everyday for the last 3, no one ever calls back. Their message says they will call back soon. I now see how many complains there are for this company. DON"T ORDER FROM SAVINGOLOGY.COM THEY ARE A BAD COMPANY.

• Mar 31, 2021

Vacuum issue
Every review I see on here has the same problem that I have. I should have read it before the purchase. I haven't been able to use my vacuum for a month!

• Mar 31, 2021

Purchased what I thought was a power cord for a Moosoo Vacuum
It had all the numbers it should have that I copied from my battery, but did not work on my vacuum. I better get my money back people or you will get sued.

• Feb 27, 2021

You DO NOT get what you order
On Jan 20, 2021 I bought 2 plugs for a charger. Paid $34.21. They did NOT send me what the picture or info on their website advertised, which is Fraud and/or False Advertising.
I returned the plugs to Dallas. UPS tracking says they received the return on Jan 26, 2021. After several emails and calls, (which they do not answer), my money has NOT been returned.
Since my purchase, they put a webpage claiming they will send a "compatible" item in its place. This was not clearly stated when I purchased the item. No company can advertise items, and send an item that does NOT fit the description of that being advertised. The plug ordered had 1-socket for the adapter. The plug I received had 2. I CANNOT use these plugs for work.
SavingOlogy did NOT refund my money. They have the returned item. They send generic emails as a response to my attempts to contact them. This is a method of Fraud, False advertising, and/or Scams.

• Feb 26, 2021

Terrible Customer Service
I ordered a charger for my tablet. The one delivered is not as pictured on their site. The amps and voltage were ok, but the tip of the adapter did not fit in the jack of the tablet. They requested pictures of my tablet and the charger they sent. Took the trouble to send pictures to them, and they never responded. I won't pay the credit card charge. The item cost $6.99 and they charged nearly $11 shipping. They're a rip-off outfit for sure.

Don't use
I never write reviews but I have to because I was duped. And here I thought I was being a good consumer by trying to buy something outside of the Amazon monopoly. So I googled my MacBook model alongside 'charger' and SavingOlogy came up. The description said the charger worked for my model so I ordered it. The charger didn't work. Apparently, I ordered the wrong wattage for the charger. I had no clue this was even a thing so I asked if I could return the charger and get a new one. Not a refund. Just a new one. I would have been happy to pay the shipping cost.

Instead, I was ignored by their customer service team before finally getting a response with some rude answer about 'THE DESCRIPTION CLEARLY STATES THE WATTAGE' blah blah blah. I politely told them that I would be happy to accept a new charger and that I wasn't trying to get away with anything. The description stated it would work with my model. Then I was ignored again. It wasn't until I threatened to write bad reviews everywhere that they responded and started trying to be nice again. Whatever. I'll just eat the $30.

Just don't use them. They are clearly making a profit off of s[censored], refurbished products that have vague descriptions with a joke of a return policy. Try somewhere else.


I'm out over $40 to Savingology
I ordered an AC adaptor for my power recliner. They sent me one that didn't even look like the picture of the one I ordered. It didn't work. Then I tried to find out how to return it, but no one would answer my emails, and they didn't even send me a packing slip. So, I sent it back to the address on the box in Ontario, California, along with my confirmation of order, and a letter. I purchased this in July. It's September, and so far I have heard nothing from them. I have postal confirmation that they in fact DID receive the return. So basically they have the adapter AND they have my money. It was an expensive lesson, though it could have been worse. I ordered the part then from Amazon and got exactly what I ordered, and it worked. Avoid Savingology like the plague.


I ordered a power supply for a printer and paid for the two day shipping and no package yet. They do not answer back on any calls
they should be put out of business !

I too was screwed by these folks
My story is the same as others here, I ordered a power pack for my printer, paid extra for 2nd day delivery. That was 8 days ago. I called the folks only to hear a recording that someone would call me back...liers.

Thank goodness I bought via credit card so I can call the credit card folks and cancel from them.

Have not received
Ordered a Samsung cord with @ day priority mail and paid extra for the service. Still has not come . ordered 5/7 and today is 5/12. I placed a call to them today and had to leave a message


Electrolux SW-250050A Adapter
I recently purchase that adapter power cord supply charger cable wire sure ergorapido ion, but the right one, the end of the adapter doesn't fit in the bottom were . to charge it, its bigger then the one we had originally, when we purchase the Electrolux.
order No 167988 , Date / 04//27/2020
Brendon Cote
Canaan , VT. 05903


Attempt to return
I transposed numbers when ordering an adapter. I immediately called and emailed to cancel the order. They claim that cannot be done. I then had to wait for it to arrive to return it. They do not carry the one I need. However, there was no Invoice, no return label, no return instructions, no return address on web site and it took several emails and phone calls to get the address. They then require that you send the tracking number which I did. Now I receive an email saying they will send the replacement tomorrow. I do not want a replacement. I want a refund. I told them that. The return had been discussed in previous emails. Told them that too. Wait and see is the theme of the day now. Do not ever do business with this company. They are a ripoff.


I recently purchased an AC charger for my NOCO GB70 Battery Booster. I believe that I received the correct item but the plug from the charger only fits the "Output" inlet on the Battery Booster. I am concerned that this might be incorrect so before I plugged the charger into my Booster I emailed and called the company's customer service line and left numerous voicemails over a several week period. No answer...nothing. So beware that customer service is an unknown commodity at this company...

We already refunded whole transaction amount, customer should receive it in 3-business days.Please find attached refund proof.Thanks I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted]

Hi We have already processed a full refund of $on and it will be posted back to her card in 3-business daysWe have decided that a return label is not needed anymore and the customer can keep the item as well due misunderstanding.Thanks

This is a simply misunderstanding here, as we are actually still waiting for the return of the adapter.As the customer ordered the incorrect adapter, we do not suppose to paid return shipping, we are not sure why the customer insist that she was waiting for the return label, it will never be provided if the fault was not us.However, because of this case, we have already refund the original transaction in full of $with order number *** The refund will be credited to the credit card before 112017.Thanks

A purchase was made online with in May 2019 for an AC adaptor for a Breg Polar Care Unit. Online the site noted which plug was required, however the adaptor provided was incorrect. The part # was not the plug required per the manufacturer. Site would take the part back but not cover shipping because they stated it was my error. After 7 emails, they had still not confirmed whether they even had the correct part in stock.

I recently purchased on item from this company which was sent with a key component missing. I emailed the company to let them know and they assured me it would be shipped out immediately. It has been 2 weeks since that date and have yet to receive the item. Several attempts to contact them by both email and phone have been ignored.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. This would have been a simple matter to correct but they have chosen to ignore it

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