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I am in receipt of your most recent correspondence from the above customer as it relates to our company owned underground propane tank.SchagrinGAS Co. has had several conversations with the owner of Delaware Propane regarding our 330 gallon underground propane tank. During these conversations SchagrinGAS Co. has made it clear that we would be willing to sell our propane tank to Delaware Propane as outlined in Delaware Code Title 6, Chapter 34, Section 3402.In response to the Delaware Codes relating to our company owned underground propane tank. Please read over Title 16, Chapter 72, Section 7202. SchagrinGAS Co. owns the 330 gallon underground propane tank located at the mentioned property address. As per the terms of the signed Underground Propane Lease Agreement and the above reference Delaware Code, SchagrinGAS Co. does not give anyone permission other than an authorized agent of SchagrinGAS Co. to remove our 330 gallon underground propane tank.SchagrinGAS Co. will accept this as your notice of termination as you requested and will move forward with the removal of our 330 gallon underground propane tank.If you need additional information please feel free to contact me at [redacted]

Attached you will find the response to the above complaint from SchagrinGAS Co.
Thank you.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted],[redacted]g> and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
This is in response to our complaint against SchagrinGas, ID# [redacted]
    We reject their response.
    First of all, we never wanted to establish an account with SchagrinGas, and that is why we never signed a contract with them. At our settlement, the lawyer called SchagrinGas to get the dollar amount of the propane left in the tank to reimburse the sellers. SchagrinGas wanted us to pay the amount to them, and then they would send a check to the sellers. This did not make sense to us, but we did it. Looking back, we feel the company did this to become involved with us so that we would become their customer.
    At the very first visit by a serviceman from SchagrinGas to our home, [redacted] told the serviceman that we did not want to purchase any addition propane from their company at their current rate. We told him to call his boss and tell him the contract was not acceptable. We could buy propane much cheaper from another company. [redacted] went with the serviceman to his truck while he called his boss. The tank was unlocked and the serviceman left.
We have contacted our insurance company because of our concern of not having heat below thirty degrees (secondary heat pump system we had installed). We were assured we would be covered in the event of any pipes bursting or damage to our property.
    As a reponse to pricing, SchagrinGas quoted a current rate of $2.28 per gallon. We have been given a current rate from Thrifty Propane of 71 cents per gallon.
    SchagrinGas has agreed to removed the tank, but we were told that they would take their fee out of the amount of the propane we were to be reimbursed. Why should we pay for SchagrinGas to remove their own tank?
[redacted] and [redacted]

We just replaced our over 20-year-old heater and AC with high efficiency Amana unit. Mike from sales, came to our house and explained everything about the products they are offering. He is very knowledgeable and polite. He even sent one of his service tech to fix our broken AC free of charge until the new one installed. This kind of small gestures create lasting loyalty. Installers came and finished the job on time. They did a great job. I also bought 10-year labor warranty with my products, so I will have more experiences in the future and I will keep everyone posted with my reviews. I am sure they will always keep me happy with the service they provide. Nowadays, It is not easy to get good customer experience but I had one for now with SchagrinGas.
I would definitely recommend SchagrinGas for your heater and AC needs.
Thanks to Mike, Adam and MJ for providing a good customer experience. I think they are asset for their company.
Please keep up the good work.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I am in receipt of your letter dated June 16, 2015 letter addressed to, 60 Reads Way, New Castle, DE, 19720. There are significant misrepresentations in the letter from [redacted] Credit Manager. First, I had notified Schagrin Gas in the latter part of 2014 and then multiple times since then about the severely deteriorated gauges on the 500 gallon tank. Calling to ask for more tanks AND possibly getting the 500 gallon tank replaced was an effort on my part to get any kind of movement from Schagrin Gas about the unsafe 500 gallon tank. [redacted] in the West Grove, PA office can vouch for the numerous times I called requesting something be done with the 500 gallon tank.
After my repeated, long term attempts of getting Schagrin Gas to fix their unsafe tank, I did request that they remove it which they did. I was present when the tank was picked up. The servicemen were there for no more than 10 minutes. I did not get a bill showing the charges based on time and materials only a lump sum $215.00 charge. If a company is to bill someone for time and materials the charges should be spelled out what they are not a lump sum charge – time and materials means just that, time and materials – a cost that is different based upon what time is spent and what materials were used. Further, it is absurd that I have to pay Schagrin Gas to remove their unsafe tank.
As to crediting the gas I just purchased at the price “at installation” – no one explained the contract to me when I signed it that “at the time of installation” would mean when the tank was originally installed, now 9 years ago. I took “at the time of installation” to mean when the propane was installed which in my case was April 24, 2015. This language, “at the time of installation” is ambiguous, and horribly unclear. In all the years I have dealt with purchases from businesses I have never had a situation where I was credited for a purchase I just made at a price from years ago. Who would do that? How could someone think “at the time of installation” didn’t mean when the propane was just installed?
All the literature indicates that a 500 gallon tank is FULL when its 80% filled, 400 gallons. Further, the credit amount on Schagrin Gas’s statement is based upon a 400 gallon fill point on April 24, 2015 not a 425 gallon filled amount claimed by Schagrin Gas & for which I was charged 9 years ago. According to literature published by the LP Gas Code, the bleeder valve is designed so that during the filling process, when the propane going into the tank reaches 80%, liquid will come out of the opened valve. The bleeder valve is connected to the dip tube. The dip tube is to be fixed and set at length equal to 80% liquid level tank capacity. In other words, the tip of the dip tube is at the level equal to the container being 80% full. The dip tube itself should always be located in the vapor space and never submerged in liquid propane. Either Schagrin Gas is not in compliance with NFPA when it filled their 500-gallon tank on my property or they are mistaken by their statement and charge of filling to an 85% fill amount. This is another point where Schagrin Gas is operating in an unsafe manner and deceiving me, its customer.
Schagrin Gas in  their own  statements from  their June 16, 2015 letter are shown  to be in noncompliance with regulations, specifically NFPA rules adopted by the State of Pennsylvania, because they overfilled their tank on my property creating an unsafe condition in addition to the unsafe condition of the tank I had already repeatedly reported to Schagrin Gas’ West Grove, Pennsylvania office by telephone. Further, I believe that I was overcharged 9 years ago for 25 extra gallons of propane then under credited when they took the tank back 6/4/15 and misled about what “at time of installation” meant concerning credit cost of just purchased propane.
I would hope at this point that Schagrin Gas will properly review my account with all of these details in mind and further, more importantly STOP their unsafe business practices and revise their contract language so it is clear, not misleading and fair to its customers.

Attached is our response.
If you have any questions please lt me know.
Thank you.

Better Business...

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I have attached every email back and forth to Schagrin Gas during this process to my complaint.  
I spoke to [redacted] one time so most of what her letter states is fabricated.   With the exception of one call my communication was with [redacted] and [redacted] of Schagrin Gas.
1) Despite repeated requests Schagrin did not provide a copy of the lease for the 500 gallon tank they claim they installed in 1995.  The tank was here in 2004 when I purchased my home.   I am certain by law that was required.  The email from [redacted] clearly states they did not have a copy to provide me. 
 2) Schagrin delivered propane to my home and billed me even after instructed them to stop.  
3) It took over 30 emails and as many calls to actually have the tank removed.  
4) I spoke to [redacted] and stated I wanted proof that owned the tank by providing the lease or I would have it removed myself.  At that point she quoted state law and threatened to sue me if I so much as touched the tank.    I even offered to buy the tank they claimed they owned, but they refused to work anything out with me.  I even offered to buy the tank and continue to get deliveries for 3 years and they refused.  Again, I do not even know it if they own the tank.  
5) Also, in the midst of all the emails [redacted] told me they would remove the tank at the end of January which I said was no problem.  I hired a company to install the new tanks right after and they left me a message stating they had to cancel just 2 days prior.  I still have the saved message on my voice mail of Schagrin Cancelling. 
6) [redacted]'s statement regarding December 11, 2014 conversation is completely false because I had a scheduled removal date of end of January established through [redacted].  [redacted] was not even involved in such a conversation. 
7) Removal on March 31, 2015 started when there workers arrived at 11:45am, not 10:45 as Susan alleges. Again, she was not involved so cannot accurately state.  See the emails. 
8) Today is April 8,  I have not recieved a bill or credit per [redacted] letter. 
9) Despite repeated requests Schagrin would not give me the cost of removal of the tank so I a have no idea if this will be a fair billing.  I know removal took about 1/2 hour.
This company did everything possible to make this as difficult as possible and continued to provide and bill me for propane Gas.  Most customer would probably have given up trying and I am sure that is Schagrin Gas' ultimate strategy to keep customers. 

Please see attached response.
Thank you

Your guys were terrific - clean, respectful of my home, efficient, professional. When I had a problem with my automatic shut-off valve, they found the problem and corrected it. Happy with the service and outcome. When you show up on time, get the work done and done right the first time, what more can you ask of a company.

Good morning,
Attached you will find our response letter to Case # [redacted]
Thank you.

I am a contractor. I have never used this company before. I called on a Friday. I talked to a women that was nice. I explained that we are doing an emergency repair to a house and the homeowners that I am contracted by was a customer of Schargringas. We needed to install a new propane tankless water heater and we would like to have the regulator on the existing protane tank modified to have a larger 3/4 outlet and nicely secured to the exterior of the house. Currently it has a 1/2 outlet and the regulator is just hanging in the air.
The women advised that we should have a larger tank installed due to the new larger tankless water heater. I said okay. She advised she would send a tech out on Monday. I repeated that the plumber was requesting a new regulator with a 3/4 outlet and if they could bring that. The women said yes.
The schagringas tech show up while a truck was unloading safely equipment in front of the driveway. The tech stayed in his truck parked in the street. He waited for a max of 5 minutes when put his truck in drive and sped around the truck in anger. We were shocked at this aggressive demeanor. (Not one person spoke to him yet, and there was plenty of room to pull into the driveway.) The tech drove down the road and turn around to come back to the driveway. At the entrance of the driveway, he was greeted by an employee. The tech, obviously agitated, stated he wanted to back in the driveway to get the new tank off his truck. He was advised the truck blocking some of the way will be leaving in a minute. The tech, obviously upset, then pulls forward in the driveway and stops his truck at the end of the driveway, gets out of his truck, and begins to wall to the back of the property. I see him and say 'we will move the trucks to the other side of the driveway so you can back all the way to where the tank is'. He looked at me and immediately looked away as to dismiss anything that I was saying.
The tech was meet by the homeowner in the back of the yard where the old tank was located. By the way, my customer is an existing paying customer of theirs, and who was about to get a larger tank from the company that would have increased their business. So my customer asked the tech how big the new tank was, the tech said ' you said you wanted this size tank and that is what I have'. My customer who was just making sure he understood all that was happening and what would soon be sitting in his landscape and near the seating area of his back yard, was taken back by his dismissive and rude response. My customer, looking for options asked if there was another tank that would be between the old one and new one. The tech was not happy. It was clear as day that he did not want to answer any questions.
So after only a few minutes of just talking, between the customer, me, the plumber, and the tech, the about what products are available and what will serve the customer the best, the tech aggressively stormed into his truck without notice or warning. I asked him are you leaving? He completely ignored me and backed down the driveway. Then speed away. Not drove away. Speed away. From the time he pulled into the driveway to the time he left was no more that 10 minutes.
During our conversations there was nothing more that questions from my customer about products and availabilities. My customer just wanted to understand what was happening. I was apparent from the beginning that he did not want to be there.
So I called the office and talked to a lady 1 minute after he sped away. I explained the situation to her. She said that she could not get another tech out until tomorrow. I said the guy is one mile down the road. She did not seem to care. She then put a manager on the phone who as soon as he got on the phone said ' you asked for that tank and that is what we brought you! At this point I gave up. I said to myself, "I understand now why a tech felt comfortable acting like that, its because management asks like that and its common behavior in the company atmosphere. I am the most relaxed person. I have never talked two more pissed off people that were unprovoked.
I then called a competitor. They explained all options and limitations. And brought out the same tank that the tech had on his truck.

Similar to others ... so I will quote and paraphrase ... but basically stay clear of this company... Schagrin is billing me for the removal of gas tank on a property that I have no longer own. Likewise, I did not request the removal of said tank. It was removed at the request of the new owners. The position of Schargin (on a contract signed 27 years ago!) is that they have a contract that states if the contract was terminated by us or the company then we would be responsible for the removed/return of the equipment owned by Schagrin and located on said property. My position, other than it is ridiculous to think that a prior owner is responsible for the actions of of the new owner, is that we were loyal customers for 27 years but they just do not care at all! Desired Settlement: that this review keeps a few customers away so that the net result of their greedy attitude is that they lose business.


This is a family owned company which means it's not PUC regulated. They have complete attitudes when you call and couldn't care less about your situation. I had never been late on a bill and recently became unemployed. They called me on a Friday to tell me that unless I payed $241 they were shutting me off on Monday. I heat with their service and have MS. I explained this to the collections manager and she said that isn't her problem. I now have $11 to last me 2 weeks. If you're building a house or need propane service there are other choices. Stay away from these people. They're all about the almighty buck.

Updating this review after their comment. I did call and ask for a payment plan. I was told that the payment plan was to "pay the past due amount." I told them that I was recently diagnosed with a disability and was unemployed until I could get medicated, and that this was temporary and I was told that this wasn't their problem - so please don't respond that there is a payment plan available.

These people have been sued, complained about, and built a fly-by-night mom and pop business on treating their customers like crap.

Update #2 - Jillian, who has been listed as the owner of this company, has now been harassing me on Yelp with private messages all afternoon. So...not only do they rip people off, if you complain they harass and become threatening. I suppose they think that because they've been cheating people for 85 years, they think they can intimidate a customer.

Steer clear folks, steer very clear. This company is a HUGE headache.

Could it be more obvious? They think they have a right to do what they want and they treat their customers like they don't matter.

Update #4 -- Just had Jillian, the "owner" offer once again to let me talk to a manager - which as you can see is public in the comments. How unprofessional does a company have to be to publicly argue with a customer over a review? Also - why would I want to speak with a manager if the owner is simply defending the actions of this poor excuse for a company and acting as though they were justified in acting the way they did.

Also - their notice of termination said that my service would be shut off "sometime next week." That's a great way to mess with people. The least they could do is put a deadline on the notice.

Update #5 -- Jillian has now had the disrespect to misspell my name twice, and in fact two different misspellings. Her continued comments show her level of professionalism, as well as the way this company runs.

Also, although I have shared vague details of my account, what Jillian doesn't understand is that by sharing ANY details of my account - dates, etc. publicly, she has now violated the Federal Privacy Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act. I have the right to share - the creditor does not.

Bottom line is they treated a handicapped individual, going through the physical and emotional hell of being newly diagnosed with a debilitating disease, like his problems didn't matter. They in fact told him (me) that my issues were not their problem. They risked me living in my home during this trying time with no heat, and refused to even DISCUSS some sort of extension, which had they discussed it, would have been about 4 days. I hope this organization treats veterans and the elderly better than they treat the handicapped

Note : Yelp removed this review because it contained reviews from other sites. I have deleted the information they said violated their terms. The other reviews on Yelp alone speak for themselves, and I'd encourage potential customer to research CAREFULLY before entering into any kind of arrangement with them.

Review: Schagrin is billing me for the removal of gas tank on a property that I have not owned since 4/2014. Likewise, I did not request the removal of said tank. It was removed at the request of the new owners of [redacted]. There position is that they have a contract that states if the contract was terminated by myself or the company then I would be responsible for the removed/return of the equipment owned by Schagrin and located on said property. My position, other than it is ridiculous to think that a prior owner is responsible for the actions of of the new owner, is that I did not cancel or terminate my contract and neither did Schagrin according to the verbiage in our contract. The contract does mention that selling the home would be viewed as a cancellation; however, I did not sell my home. The bank that held the note foreclosed on said property and they subsequently sold the property. Furthermore, under the contract, if Schagrin decided to cancel, they were required to notify me via letter. I did not receive a termination/cancellation letter from Schagrin. I feel I am being billed because they first attempted to obtain the funds from the new owner and he declined to pay for the service he requested.Desired Settlement: I feel that I do not owe said company for the removal of a tank when I did not request the removal, and on a property that I do not have an ownership interest in. Therefore, I expect Scagrin to cease and desist all collection attempts to myself.



I responded to this complaint on 9-25-14. On August 2, 2005 [redacted] entered into a Underground Tank LP Gas Service Agreement with SchagrinGAS Co. SchagrinGAS Co. supplied [redacted] with propane as outlined in the signed agreement. On June 20, 2012 [redacted] called office requested information for a delivery stated will be selling house soon. [redacted] stated that she would keep us posted. On November 12, 2013 [redacted] called in requested a delivery- she was out of propane. She paid the amount needed and SchagrinGAS Co. made a delivery. [redacted] did not provide any additional updates about selling the home. On March 8, 2013 [redacted] called in requesting a delivery possible short sale and only wanted a

partial. SchagrinGAS Co. agreed to a partial and the delivery was made. [redacted] advised our representative that she would keep us updated on the status of the home.On January 29, 2014 we received a call from a gentleman stated he is possibly purchasing the home not sure wanted information about our company. On February 6, 2014 [redacted] contacted our office about a delivery. She stated settlement might occur in 20 days. [redacted] did not take the delivery.On February 17, 2014 [redacted] contacted our office stated the owner ( [redacted]) is still in the property and he was not sure when or if he would be taking possession. On February 17, 2014 a removal letter was sent to [redacted] via registered and first class mail. Due to no repsonse from [redacted], SchagrinGAS Co. scheduled the removal. The removal was scheduled around weather conditions. SchagrinGAS Co. was refused access to the property by [redacted] - stated we needed to deal with his lawyer. SchagrinGAS Co. was granted access on June 27, 2014 to remove our company owned tank and equipment. SchagrinGAS Co. billed the removal fees as outlined in our signed agreement with [redacted]. Attached you will find a copy of the agreement and a copy of the removal letter. If you need any additional information,please contact me.

Best regards,

Review: Due to illegible gas gauges which made the 500-gallon tank unsafe to properly fill for which I asked to have either the gauges replaced or the tank replaced repeatedly over a 4 month time period I cancelled my account & requested that Schagrin Gas pick up its tank. On 4/24/2015 I was charged $2.37/gallon for 375.5 gallons of propane however, the credit I received for this same propane was only at a rate of $2.24/gallon, $0.13 less. Your 6/10/15 letter says that the credit for the propane in the tank was made at the INSTALLATION time which I took to mean when the propane was put in on 4/24/15 NOT what your claiming the meaning is, November 1, 2009 NINE YEARS AGO. When I buy something AND I have the receipt, if I have to return it I get back what I paid for the item.

Second, when the 500 gallon tank was full, it was at 80% capacity or 400 gallons. In looking at the 11/1/2009 contract it says I was charged for 425 gallons of propane which is 25 gallons over capacity. A 400-gallon figure however, was used to calculate what propane was used from 4/24/15 to when the tank was disconnected on 6/3/2015. Either I was overcharged on 11/1/2009 for 25 extra gallons of propane or I was credited incorrectly for the amount of propane left in the tank when it was picked up on 6/4/2015.

Third, back on 11/1/2009 I was charged $99.95 to install the tank. To pick up their own tank for which I have been paying MONTHLY to rent for 9 years I am now being charged $215.00 when all they did was hoist the filled tank up on their truck and drive away. It should be noted also that customer service never detailed that there would be a pick-up fee when I called which in 2009 when I had 3 smaller tanks removed at another location was waived. Schagrin Gas claims that they waived the pickup fee in 2009 because I was keeping the 500-gallon tank however, I don't remember any mention that a removal fee was contingent upon keeping the 500-gallon tank. Am I now getting charged for 4 tanks being picked up? This pickup fee is akin to me renting a car at the Philadelphia Airport and paying a daily rental fee with taxes and then having to pay another whopping fee when my rental period is complete to give the car back?

Summarizing, a severe safety issue was present for at least the last year for which I tried to get Schagrin Gas to correct the unsafe conditions incessantly over a 4 month period. After a cancelled appointment I finally got after bugging them for 4 months I terminated the contract as asked for the tank to be reclaimed. I was never told of a fee when I called although the contract back from 2009 does mention a time and material cost however I didn't get a written detailed T&M bill for this and the fee was previously waived in 2009 which I don't remember being told it was even being waived. I am not being credited the correct amount of propane nor is the rate of the credit at the price I just bought it for and apparently the tank was overfilled initially or I was overcharged. A 500-gallon tank is only supposed to be filled to an 80% fill rate or 400 gallons.Desired Settlement: The removal charge should be waived for an unsafe tank and the credit for the propane left in the tank should be at the rate I paid, $2.37/gallon not the rate I was charged NINE years ago, $2.24.



Attached you will find our response to the above complaint.Thank you.[redacted]Credit Manager



Review: excessive delay in repair of generatorDesired Settlement: under warranty. fix it.




Please see the attached response to the complaint that was received.

Thank you.

Review: Schagrin Gas claims they own a propane tank on my property. I say "claims they own, because I have asked for written proof of a lease that they said they cannot find. I question whether it even exists. The l500 gallon propane gas tank was on the property when I purchased the home in 2004 For the past 5 months I have been asking them to remove the tank they claim they own. Despite a stop delivery order they delivered propane anyway and billed me. I have written multiple emails, letters, and called repeatedly. Despite all this communication they have ignored my requests to remove the 2 tanks. Through my repeated calls and persistence they finally agreed to remove the tank at the end of January. Two days prior to removal they left me voice mail and cancelled, Multiple emails and calls later I was able to get a removal date of March 31, 2015 between 8:30am and 10am. They did not show up until 11:30am and my crew installing the new tanks sat and waited. Schagrin was fully aware that the new install would be scheduled right after. I had to listen to every excuse from traffic accidents to broken down trucks. Now, if they ever do remove the tank I am concerned that they will overbill me for the cost of removal and not credit me the for the gas remaining in the tanks. Schagrin Gas, has been horrible to deal with and I hope no other homeowner has to experience this issue. The names of the company employees that I have been working with are [redacted] and Ken Moody. No consumer should have to put up with game playing. They claim I am responsible for the cost of removal which I have agreed too in advance of removal. No bill paying customer should be treated this way. By the way, when I told Schagrin I would remove the tanks and put them at the curb for their pick up they threatened to have their team of attorneys file a lawsuit against me. Nice, file a law suit against your customers. Great job!Desired Settlement: Remove the tanks, credit me for propane remaining in the tank, bill me fairly for tank removal, and lastly Change your company policies and improve your customer service!



Dear [redacted]Please refer to the attached answer to the complaint.If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.Thank you.[redacted]SchagrinGAS



Review: The DE PSC advised me that they does not have jurisdiction over Schagrin Gas. They are not regulated by the state and therefore I cannot file a complaint against them through the PSC. A PSC worker, [redacted], Investigator, gave me this number in hopes to file a complaint. My name is [redacted], I reside at [redacted] and my can be reached number is [redacted] My account number for Schagrin gas company is [redacted]. I spoke to both a [redacted] (office manager) and [redacted] (collections manager). Here is my story:

I established service with this company in 2005 and have paid my bills every time I have received them. They have been late but never a suspension of service until 12/2013. I have fallen on hard times and receive assistance from catholic charities (C.C.) to help pay the bill. I've been receiving this support for the last 2 years, since I was laid off from my job, but this year the C.C. funds took a little longer to come in. I struggled with paying a $700. bill within 2 weeks. I called and spoke with the credit manager [redacted] who began to belittle and chastise me for not having the remaining balance, although she was informed that I was approved for assistance but the exact amount& date C.C. could not be provided. [redacted] and I had an argument in which I had to hang up on [redacted] and call back and speak with the office manager [redacted] who was able to assist me. I am now on a C.O.D. delivery only and will call which means I cannot get a delivery with having all the charges paid for up front & I have to read the meter myself and schedule a delivery. I have complained before about the meter being broken and someone was supposed to come out in the summer of 2013 to fix it, which they have never done. How can I read a broken meter to call them to deliver before my gas goes out with 2 small children & the coldest temps, in decades now approaching. When I asked why I was put on this type of payment schedule, the other rude collections clerk named [redacted] cut me off & said [redacted] is in charge of that she has placed that on your account and it is solely based on our determination. How did you determine that when in 8 years of service I HAVE ONLY BEEN SUSPENDED one time! Now they are threatening to cut off my gas supply if I don't pay the difference of $31.85. The 31.85 is the difference of what C.C. funds were sent on my behalf minus to fill the tank up completely. When I requested to not fill the tank up completely so that I am not responsible for the $31.85 they refused. In addition to that on they delivered the propane gas outside of the home but never had a technician come back out & relight the pilot as promised by office manager [redacted]. So my children & I were left without heat on Tuesday Jan. 07,2013, on one of the coldest days in decades where temperatures were well below the freezing mark.-left to heat my house with an oven to prevent frostbite for a 4 & 7 year old.

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place dealing with this small family owned business who I also believe is overcharging, misusing funds, as well as, practicing unfair work principles and practices. I am asking for your help for myself and other customers that they are throwing under the rug. If I have contacted your department in error I apologize and ask that you please refer me to some agency that I can send a complaint to and it be addressed.




Attached is our response.

If you have any questions please lt me know.

Thank you.



Review: At the end of our 5 year contract we contacted SchagrinGas to purchase the tank. [redacted] told me the law does not allow them to sell the tanks, that if I wanted to purchase the tank, I would have to find another propane company to swap tanks with them and then purchase the tank from them.

I then contacted Delaware Propane who first told me the law does not state they cannot sell tanks. They did say they have dealt with Schagrin in the past, with the same issue and has been very difficult to deal with. They indeed contacted SchagrinGas and Delaware Propane said that Schagrin would not sell them the tank. the best solution would be for me to purchase a tank from them and they will remove the SchagrinGas tank for me and leave it for Schagrin to pick it up.Desired Settlement: Allow me to purchase the tank currently installed from SchagrinGas - at a reasonable market value (5 year old tank), and end the contract.



Attached you will find our answer to the complaint.If you have any additional questions,please feel free to contact me.Thank you.



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