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During each customer’s initial visit our employees review our policies and regulationsThis customer signed our New Membership form that states these regulations regarding eye wear which I have attached for reviewOur employees do not assume that all customers do not have eye wear on them each time they visit

To whom it may concern, We have already provided signed documentation that states our policy regarding gogglesThis was signed during your initial visitThere were not any recent charges on your account and you won't be charged in the futureWe will not be responding to this complaint again as we have already provided signed documentation Thank you, Seattle Sun Tan Customer Service

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Nothing was settled except that I cancelled my membership but they wouldn't refund my remainder of the unised package that I purchasedInstead they advised me to turn it into store credit so I could buy sunglasses?? What a jokeI still have a credit on file and HAVE not been into that business since I cancelled my membershipI just want to be refunded for the remainder of the packageIt is the least that can be done for burning me numerous times and having horrible customer service at corporate level.Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I did purchase these back in and it wasn't until when I started having issues using the tans that I had purchasedI had a problem with this as well then when I had to pay for the upgradeI was told that they would look into itI was annoyed when I recently went and asked the lady behind the desk if she could e mail someone to contact meI was in no way rude or upset with her at all as it was not her issueI just asked if they no longer have the product that I paid for that they took on as their own and I can no longer use that I be credited back forSincerely, [redacted] ***

Dear BBB,Please find the attached as our response to this complaint.Thank you Dear BBB, This complaint made from [redacted] is actually in regards to 3 separate accounts and each have been handled as such. I would be happy to explain each situation and what was offered by Seattle Sun Tan... to rectify the situations at hand. [redacted] did cancel her membership on 4/13/2015 and was charged 4/15/2015. Our membership agreement and also her signed cancellation form states all cancellations done from the 1st- the 14th of the month will result in one final draft. [redacted] signed this form when cancelling her membership and no refund was given for this. Cancellation form can be submitted upon request. [redacted] also had a membership with Seattle Sun tan and cancelled at the same time as [redacted] on 04/13/2015. After his first draft was processed on 4/15/15 the account should have been cancelled. During the May draft there was an error on our end and the account was not cancelled prior to the 05/15/2015 draft. After speaking with [redacted] on 05/26/2015 concerning the second charge on her card for [redacted] membership, we processed the refund immediately. This is the refund she is referring to when saying her account was credited. Cancellation form can be submitted upon request. [redacted] is the couple’s son and this is the 3rd membership [redacted] is referring to. [redacted] is over the age of 18 and placed his personal debit/credit card on file for the memberships he purchased. We have communicated multiple times with [redacted] that we cannot discuss [redacted] account with her. If [redacted] would like to contact us again concerning his issue, we would be happy to further discuss the solution that has been offered during our last phone conversation with [redacted] . We feel [redacted] account was our mistake and take full responsibility that his membership was not cancelled correctly. We issued a full refund the same day we spoke with [redacted] and this situation was resolved.

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: This company is a joke Here is the message to the CEO of SST that I never received a response from I encourage whoever is responding on behalf of SST to do a little more investigating before responding And please let me reiterate that I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING FURTHER WITH THIS COMPANY SO NO, I DO NOT WANT TO CONTINUE ANY SERVICES WITH THEM I WAS BURNT TIMES BY YOUR EMPLOYEES! OWN YOUR EMPLOYEES AND THE ERRORSRefund my money This is a joke and a terrible job of customer service
Here is the email to SST CEO
To whom it may concern
I cancelled my membership today and wanted to have the refund of $for my membership package for the tanning beds. After burning badly not once, twice but documented times I opted to use the spray tan machine. I absolutely loved this machine and the tan however; after a few months of that, my skin developed a terrible rash from the spray and I now use a prescription cream to try to clear it up. While no one could control the spray and how it affected my skin, I was not the only with “skin” in the game during the initial tanning bed burns that I endured. I burned so bad that I blistered in less than minutes in the stand up bed AFTER I had a base tan I was told after I came in to talk to the manager that I should have never been put in there that long because the bulbs were brand new I am not sure how individuals that work there determine time but I was never the one in control of my time I made it explicitly clear since day one of my membership that "I just didn't want to burn". I came in and spoke / shown not only the sales associate each time I burned but I spoke personally to the manager (who was very pleasant). I am told today by customer service that under no circumstance is there any refund on packages but I can have store credit. While I can completely understand this policy for 99% of situations where customers just stop tanning or using products and want their money back, I do not have a choice in this matter. I HAVE to stop and obviously did not know I was going to be badly burnt multiple times or have a reaction to the spray With this being said, I am asking that you please approve my refund of $for the remainder of my package as there is absolutely nothing I want or need for tanning products.
Sincerely,*** ***

According to our records at Seattle Sun Tan, this client issue was resolved in July

This client was with Desert Sun Tanning salons since She made purchases for her tans in October through Desert Sun Seattle Sun Tan took over Desert Sun in Feb This client did nothing with the tans on her account at that time It was as of Feb that she
paid for the difference between the Mystic Price and the Versa Session cost Seattle Sun Tan did not continue with the Mystic tanning booth at the time of take over and we switched them into Versa Spa booths to match the rest of our locations The Versa is at a higher price point than the Mystic With that all clients that had Mystic sessions have paid to upgrade to the Versa This has been the situation with this since This client did this originally in and when she was told that there were no more Versa upgrades on her account and that she could upgrade the remaining at her choice of time she got angry with the employees in the salon as well as with the Customer Service Department We expressed that she has done this same thing before and that in order to use the services she would need to do as she did in the past We are not in any way stating that this client cannot use the services, but we did let her know as already done that there would be a charge to upgrade the services This client has been a member with us since we opened and was on the monthly membership and she purchased packages to use the Versa vs upgrading her Mystic sessions Desert Sun also expired all their session, yet when Seattle Sun Tan took over we allowed the clients to keep all their tans even though we were not the ones who the purchases were made from We unfortunately will not credit back something that was purchased in as that was years ago and with a completely different company We have many other clients that have also had to go through the upgrade process and it is understood that if you want an upgraded service there is an upgrade in the price We are in no way trying to hold this clients tans or not allow her to use the services We just explained to her that she would have to do the same thing that she did back in with the sessions remaining on her account At that time she did what was needed and she continued to use our services through 12-09-with no problems have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to mePlease refund the months of dues to my account immediately.Sincerely, *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and I would like to receive 1/my credit ($95) to spend on the wellness monthI would like to know how I go about proceeding to receive this and not run into any problems once I go into the salon
*** ***

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:the 3rd account, for my son, is still not resolvedThere were email correspondence and he has contacted SST to confirm that this case is not resolvedSo, until then, I reject their response. Sincerely,*** ***

As the company stated this is how Seattle Sun Tan has allowed the clients who made purchases through Desert Sun in to continue to use the services of our Business We do not have the same services (but better machines) than what they had at Desert Sun There are many clients who have and are still upgrading their services on a daily basis through Seattle Sun Tan and are grateful that we even allowed them to keep the services instead of them losing them at the time of take over This is something that she has had on her account now for years and as stated previously there has never been a problem with her upgrading the services until now We are not the only business that would do this when it comes to upgrading products If you went into a phone store to purchase an upgraded phone you will have to pay to use such upgrade There are many instances in retail in which upgrades do come at a cost, and at a cost in which this client has already agreed to once in the past and has also paid for in the past We will not refund the client for the purchase that was made years ago through a different company She will have to continue to do what all of our other clients gladly do to use the services that Seattle Sun Tan has to offer our clients

In response to *** *** complaint against Seattle Sun Tan we believe we tried to go above and beyond our stated policy for refunds to work with herAll members sign a membership agreement stating cancellations must be done in writing and they must keep a copy of their
cancellationThis contract also states no refunds are given from Seattle Sun Tan and your membership does not stop due to non usageWe keep all cancellation records and we do not have one for herShe also does not have the copy we would have given her at the time of cancellationI have included our entire conversation that occurred through emailFor the inconvenience of the situation we would be happy to refund an additional months on top of what was already issuedThis totals months of membership dues equaling $total back to the customerPlease let us know if there are any questions

Dear,In response to [redacted] complaint against Seattle Sun Tan  we believe we tried to go above and beyond our stated policy for refunds to work with her. I have included an attachment with our entire conversation. Please note we have responded to every email and sometimes have...

gone months with no response from [redacted]. We have tried to resolve this with her. Please let em know if there is anything further we can do.Thank you

In January, our Customer Service Representative provided him with price considerations due to limited use of only Red Light Therapy. He then used our services at various locations. In August, he used our services three times before requesting a refund for that month. His membership is cancelled and...

he has not been billed since Aguust

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: First off let's start off by saying the analogy doesn't apply in this situation. I realize that if I wanted to upgrade my phone I would pay for that option but, if I did not want to purchase I  could continue using what I had purchased originally. I am being forced to upgrade because you changed the service. I did not. Desert Sun did not have an expiration of the tans which is why I purchased such a large package. If there was a termination of this I'd like to see a copy of the terms that I had signed. When Seattle Sun Tan took over it was not a courtesy to extend membership to us. They accepted the old clients and contracts. I only had an issue when they started to charge to use the service telling me they no longer had what I paid for. I was upset the very first time I had to pay. And ever since then I have complained. This is actually the first time anyone from this company has actually responded. I understand that multiple people have paid for this upgrade and maybe that should be looked into as well. Sincerely,[redacted]

The customer was refunded for her March membership dues after she overexposed on March 15th. She then returned the next day and got a Sunless tan along with Sunless product. She then proceeded to spray tan 9 times until the month of July. She is welcome to continue to utilize our Sunless tanning or our Wellness services with the credit that is on her account.

I never signed such documentation, nor was I shown any documentation which read as such. Everything was done behind a desk from someone new to the store. They were happy to take my money but none of these disclosures were made. This is total neglegence by the store and employees. 
If this is better handled at a State level I will do this as well.
I'm still being charged after attempting to cancel my account as well 
Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely,[redacted]

Dear Valued Client, We apologize for the inconvenience of this situation that has occurred.  We would like to help resolve this issue sufficiently. I have attached a copy of your membership agreement, showing you authorized Seattle Sun Tan to draft your card information provided on the...

contract every 15th of the month until you submit written cancellation. Please see cancellation section of the contract for verification. I understand we closed our Houghton Kirkland location and that can make it more difficult to cancel, especially if our other Kirkland location is not convenient. We appreciate your business and would like to make this right. I have cancelled your membership and have issued a refund for the drafts 4/15/15 and 5/15/15. You will receive a total refund of $59.64 directly back onto your card ending in [redacted] within 48-36 hours. I hope this resolution will satisfy you, please let us know if you have any other questions or corners. Thank you,[redacted]Seattle Sun TanCustomer Service Supervisor

To whom it may concern,
We have already provided signed documentation that states our policy regarding goggles. This was signed during your initial visit. There were not any recent charges on your account and you won't be charged in the future. We will not be responding to this complaint again as we have already provided signed documentation.
Thank you,
Seattle Sun Tan Customer Service

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