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Review: We visited Sesame Place on the Labor Day weekend (Aug 30, 2014) and my youngest son developed an allergic reaction after being in the Ernie wave pool. We went into the pool around 3:15pm and within 5 minutes, I noticed my son's skin turning red. 2 minutes later, I saw the first raised bump and immediately took him out of the pool. My husband got a hold of a lifeguard nearby and we walked to the first aid station.

The first aid station would not give us benadryl because my son is only 3 yrs old. The nurse said benadryl can only be given to children age 6 and older. The nurse asked if he has any allergy and when I told her about his allergy to nuts, they suggested that he may have ingested some nuts. I say it it not possible because we packed lunch from home. She said he must have contacted nuts from another kid. That is not possible because he has been with us the entire time. The only food we fed him from Sesame Place was Mac & Cheese (should be nuts free) and sodas from fountain. I asked if they sell benadryl and they said no. I then asked if someone can drive my husband to our car to get benadryl and they said no as well. Their parking lots were full that day when we arrived around 1:30pm. We saw other guests parked at the [redacted] mall lot and we did the same. It is about 20 minutes walk with the children from first aid station to the parking lot. Since the first aid station cannot or will not provide any kind of assistance, I told my husband to please run to the car and get the benadryl.

While waiting in the first aid station, we initially were on the right side of the exam table. After the discussion with the nurse regarding nuts allergy and after my husband left to get benadryl, another child came into first aid and we were told to move to another side of the room since there were crayons and coloring book in that area. We sat and waited and no one else came to check on my son. I tried to make my son feel better by distracting him with my cell

phone and taking photos.

We were not offered ice pack or anything to clean the rashes. I went to the sink to wet some paper towel and started wiping his skin. I also had to asked a couple of times if we can have some hydrocortisone cream. Another lady came in later to tell my son to stop spinning on the round chair. My son refused to give up the chair since spinning is distracting him from scratching on the rash so the lady left. When the lady was asking for the chair, she saw the rashes

and did not say or do anything. I texted a friend for help since she was staying at the [redacted] Suites across the street. She suggested that I bring my son over for a quick bath to wash off the pool water.

After my husband returned with the benadryl, I asked First Aid to provide juice and they gave us a small cup of electrolyte to mix with the benadryl so my son will drink it. When we left the first aid station, the nurse said 'I can't give benadryl without a doctor's note'.

The rashes appeared on lower half body only (belly, crotch, thighs and legs) because he was standing in the wave pool and the water only reached up to half body. This clearly is not a nuts related allergic reaction to me. I cannot 100% claim that this is a result of pool water infection but it happened very quickly after my son went to that pool and rashes only appeared in the area where the pool water has contact with skin. I am just happy that the rashes did not

appear on this face and upper body and he has no difficulty breathing. The rashes went away completely after 2 doses of benadryl. Since my son was fine after benadryl, we did not bring him to see a doctor. The entire incident happened very quickly and frantically. I did not ask for the lifeguard's name, or the nurse's name or the lady's name who wanted the chair or the name of other employee I asked to drive my husband.

I am a season pass holder at Sesame Place for 2+ years and we love going there with the kids. This incident is disappointing in many ways because I have made 4 attempts to reach out to Sesame Place via [redacted] page and all 4 times, they deleted my posts and blocked me from the page. They did not provide an explanation on why they chose to ignore my complaints or provide an alternate way of contact if [redacted] is not the proper channel. Someone mentioned to me later that I need to contact their corporate office and not [redacted] so I sent an email to their guest services.

If there is a policy that no medication can be administered for children younger than age 6, this should be clearly stated with a sign at First Aid and should also be mentioned on their website. The nurse also did not suggest that we go to Emergency Room or see a local doctor. I'm very disappointed at how Sesame Place handled our situation and the many attempts to contact via [redacted] has failed.

Approximate timeline:

1:30pm - arrived and parked car at [redacted] parking lot

1:50 - 3pm - at Grovers Island Grille eating lunch. I wait over 40 minutes on the line to get a philly cheesesteak with mac & cheese. I fed half of the mac and cheese to my youngest son.

3:15pm - went to Ernie wave pool

3:20pm - saw the first red patch on skin

3:22pm - saw the raise bump on skin and ran to first aid

3:40pm - call/text my friend for help

3:50pm - my husband returned with the benadryl

4pm - left first aid and head to hotel to showerDesired Settlement: I want Sesame Place to explain why they did not act in a professional or caring manner since it is a theme park catering to young children and their families. They failed to provide any kind of medical assistance when needed and they only gave us the hydrocortisone cream and electrolyte because we asked for them. Since this was a situation where the rashes could potentially spread to other areas and allergic reaction may cause breathing difficulty, it was critical that we get benadryl to my son as soon as possible. If Sesame Place were to sell benadryl, we would be able to buy it and give the dosage to my son. Sesame Place employees could also have provided assistance to my husband and drive him to the [redacted] parking lot and that would have been faster than running/walking. If there is a policy of no medication for children under age 6 and since many of the park visitors are very young children, please make it known to parents that this policy exist. Lastly, whoever handled [redacted] social media should have responded to my posts with courtesy or provide alternate contact info instead of just deleting posts and blocking users from commenting.



I spoke with [redacted] via telephone concerning her experience and addressed her concerns. She is currently a pass member and seemed to be satisfied with the conversation.

Jeffrey *. D[redacted]

Vice President of Operations

Sesame Place

Review: I went to Sesame Place today with my twin small toddlers today. In spite of the weather forecast, I decided to go due to Sesame Place's, Sunny Day Policy. When the water rides were shut down as well as some of the other high rides, I waited and asked to trade my ticket in to come back another day. I was told that this does not qualify. When I asked why, I was told by the supervisor that a decision would be made later. He could not commit to the amount of time that I would have to wait to receive the free ticket. My young twins are limited as to what they can do and primarily can only do water rides. Sesame Place should not be advertising their Sunny Day policy if they don't really intend on fulfilling it.Desired Settlement: I'm looking for the a return ticket as promised by their policy.



Dear **. [redacted]:

I received an email dated 8/1/2013 stating I had a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania. In that message, I was informed that a complaint had been filed by [redacted] on 7/10/2013 and that multiple attempts had been made to contact Sesame Place regarding a response. I have checked my email inbox and I have not received any previous messages regarding this complaint. I would very much like to address the complaint but it is not attached to the message I received on 8/1/2013. I request that you please reopen this complaint. Can you also forward me the dates and the individual(s) that the previous attempts at contact were made?

Thank you.

Vice Presiden of Park Operations

Sesame Place



Sesame Place has a Sunny Day Guarantee that states, "Sunny Day Tickets are issued if it rains continuously for one hour while a guest is in the park". This information can be found at, under the Park Policy link. Records indicate that weather did impact Sesame Place for approximately 20 minutes on July 10th, 2013. Due to this fact, guests were not issued Sunny Day tickets. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer Sunny Day tickets to **. [redacted].


Vice President of Operations

Sesame Place

Review: To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you and express my concerns of the disappointing trip to Sesame Place park, on Saturday 5th of July 2014. We have been to other parks in the past such as [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] parks and one of our favorite [redacted]. When going to Sesame street we thought it would have been a great experience since Sesame Place is associated with [redacted] but that was not the case. We reached the parking lot of the park at around 12:00 PM and had prefer parking pre-purchased. We spent total of 20 min. looking for parking only to be told by the attendant that the lot is full and we have to leave. We were directed to VIP parking as an upgrade. Upon arrival to VIP we were advised that the lot is full and we were told to go to regular parking lot which had parking issues as well. Total time spent in the car dealing with parking was 1 hour and 10 min.

Once arriving at Sesame Place with my two children, my wife and parents. I, discovered that your park had litter all over the place, it was obvious that the bins had not been emptied, due to the litter flowing to the brim of each bin. I felt this is a health and safety issue, I also found their was empty glass bottles left on the pavement by the bathrooms which is another health and safety issue. Their was fair amount of left over scraps of food, consequently left in lounging areas by several pools, this caused a revolting smell. I had to address this situation 3 times for someone to finally respond. Furthermore there was no shaded places available for anyone to sit. Finally at around 3:45 PM we were able to find a lounger in the shade. After my wife was sitting there for couple minutes we noticed a smell going though out. We noticed that people sitting behind us were smoking some sort of electronic pipe and were very loud using profanity. I advised a staff member who stated that there is a lot of people and everyone is busy as soon as someone is available they will address it. We then went on several rides and when we came back we were happy to see that these people went to eat. My son wanted to go into the pool so I went with him. Approximately 10 minutes into playing in the pool a child next to mine had an accident I reported it to the life guard who said someone will come and clean it up. I replied but it’s in the pool the response was will address it. The pool was not closed right away there was a 7 minute wait time unsure why. We then went to get food to a truck like place which sold tacos and nachos. My son was very exited we ordered 4 adult meals and 1 kid meal only to find out that they were out of apples. The staff was nice and apologized we understood. We were told to come back in 10 minutes they will have it. I came back in 10 minutes and there were none so I gave up. We went on several other rides and we all noticed there was food and spills all over the place and no one really cared so we stopped reporting it to the staff.

Furthermore we spent six hours at the park, and only managed to go on 3 rides. I feel this was because the rides had long ques, and your park was understaffed. Their was no way of getting through the queues any quicker than we did.. My son and everyone else were disappointed with the long rides and cleanliness of the place. Also I would like to share that the bathrooms were filthy through and no one was cleaning them. The nursing room had trash overflowing with smelly dippers and sticky floor.

There a lot of health issues associated with this practice.Desired Settlement: After a day of disappointment we are reluctant to ever return to this park again. In fact it was not a fun experience like we all thought it was going to be . I would also like to receive a refund for the visit since this visit did not meet any of our expectations. My confirmation number is [redacted]. When paying approximately $58 per person for a ticket one would expect a clean family friendly place this apparently is not the case with Sesame Place. Your hasty response would be greatly appreciated.

Review: I have been overcharged for the season pass at Sesame Place. Customer service refused to rectify and refund the overcharged amount of $90 which is 20% of the purchase price.Desired Settlement: This company should offer me the same price others are paying. It is unfair, unethical and bad business to charge me more for the same product others are receiving.

Review: I have season passes for myself, husband and son. paid approximately $147 per pass. I received an email that if I buy 2014 passes, for the same price, we get 2013 for free. We already get 2013 for the passes, so this is no value. in fact, if I buy 2014 passes, I will have wasted the money I spent on 2013 passesDesired Settlement: Either refund for 2013 so I can buy 2014 passes for the same price, OR 2014 passes.



Review: on 06/23/13 I went to Sesame Place and I bought it a 4 tickets with certificate 2 free and 2 for 50% off. I was charged unauthorized charges of total $68.95 .I suppose to pay $60 that's all. Enclosed, please find a copy of my tickets. I was trying to resolve the problem I have called them on 07/03rd and 07/08th and I met with rude and unprofessional Customer Service Rep who was making a weird faces on the phone on me like making a jokes on me why I'm calling to them when I have asked for a supervisor they put me on hold for 40 min and Supervisors [redacted] never called me back ignoring me when I'm calling them. I called later too and no one help me which is unprofessional way to take care from The Customer Service.

I don't have a receipt because my bag got wet and I lost it but I have available a copy of 4 tickets showing 2 tickets free $0.00 and 2 for $30 I should pay $60 (#[redacted], #[redacted], #[redacted], #[redacted])

I only received those 4 tickets and nothing else at the moment when I paid for them at the gates and they charges me for something else just to rip me off for what I DID NOT AGREE!!!!Desired Settlement: Overcharge of $68.95 need to me returned to my card - I DID NOT AGREE!!!! for this



August 14, 2013

**. [redacted]


RE: [redacted] ID #[redacted]



Phone ####-###-####

Email: [redacted]

Dear **. [redacted],

Thank you for your inquiry to Sesame Place regarding the above referenced guest. In order to research this guest’s inquiry regarding the cost of admission tickets, we would request that the guest provide to us the last four (4) digits of the credit card used to make the purchase and a copy of the actual admission tickets used by the guest.

Sesame Place will be happy to reply to this inquiry as soon as we are able to research the information as soon as it is supplied to us.

If you have any other questions or I may assist you with anything further, please email or call me at your earliest convenience.


Vice President of Operations




[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

My last 4 digit of Credit Card # [redacted] Please make a refund .

Thank you


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