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Slim Nutrition

4906 Creekside Dr STE D, Clearwater, Florida, United States, 33760-4022

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• Sep 06, 2021

Should be reported to FCC
Mos def scam/fraud outfit. They offer the cheap products cheaply because shipping is unregulated and that's how they're making their money… shipping charges. And, misrepresentations all over the place. U don't ck a box, it gets checked, you get the shaft.

• Sep 20, 2020

The company added a product to my transaction that I did not approve. There has been no response from them yet.

After clicking on "Free Gift", a vitamin was added for $5.95. I tried to cancel the order but the website did not allow me to do so. So I Immediately I wrote (email) to contact the company to cancel the order. There has been no response from the company. I am going to contact my bank concerning this company's transactions.

Desired Outcome

I will send back the products as soon as they refund the money of the order. The entire order.

I ordered a trial bottle of Keto pills for $6.84, as soon as I hit order it directed me to another site that ordered a bottle of pills for $6.94,
I ordered a trial bottle of Keto pills for $6.84 on June 26th, 2020, as soon as I hit the order button it directed me to another site that ordered a bottle of pills for $6.94, I NEVER authorized this. It was a small amount so I decided not to complain. I took the pills when I received them to my doctor and my doctor said not to take them. I called and cancelled any future orders on 7/12/2020. They gave me a cancellation number and a few days later I was charged $89.84. I called back to see why and also disputed this with my bank, all the person could tell me or ask me was how did I like the product? I told them I did not take the product and I wanted all future shipments stopped and I never authorized any charges other than the original $6.84. They assured me it was stopped. My bank gave me a credit on 7/14/2020 and now 9/14/20 I was once again charged the $89.84. I called again to my bank who now stated it was an adjustment and that the keto pill place had disputed the credit they had given me and I can no longer dispute the charge. This is a very bad website that never tells you the trial offer is actually going to cost you way more money, The keto pill place has workers that I cant even understand and I spoke to about 5 different people strangely with all the same name of 'L". this is not right, they lie about a trial offer of a low price and then charge you later for what I have no clue. No one was able to help me at the value slim nutrition and my bank said that even though its a shady operation my bank cannot give me a credit because of value nutrition's policy, Which I have asked for and not receieved

Desired Outcome

I want my money back for the $89.84 charge that I have no idea why I was charged this amount, I never agreed to any other charge but the original $6.84

Good afternoon
I had ordered a product in July for a free trial, I cancelled the
Product and they are billing me 98.90 twice
I ordered the product which was a free trial and since I didn't cancel
Within 39 days they billed me 98.90 the print was so small that I didn't notice.
I called them to cancel the product because of my health issues and she said
She would cancel that was on 8-6. I'm willing to pay 98.90 I guess because
I didn't notice , but they sent me another bottle of CBP hemp oil
And billed me 98.90 again , they were supposed to send me an email
But they never did. I spoke to Cleo but she gave me a hard time she
Said she would only refund me 23.99 and I'm lucky if I get that .
But it's their fault they screwd up, why should I pay 98.90
And on top of that I'm on a fixed income I don't have the money.
Thank you

Desired Outcome

Thank you in advance for your help

I canceled my order with these people the charge my card but I have not received the order and it's been 1 month
I made an order with these people and was supposed to be a free trial type of subscription I wasn't aware that if I didn't cancel by a certain date that you're charged my card again when I realize this but the charge I called the company and they cancel my account because you already charged my card and he said he wouldn't reimburse because they've already sent it it's been a month-and-a-half and I have not received the product but they charged my card $118.98 I want the product or money back Snoop Dogg exposes the owners of this company I've lost all respect for him completely I want my money back or want the product my bad your bad

Desired Outcome

I want my money I want my money back

Customer Response • Sep 24, 2020

I finally got in touch with the company and they shipped the unwanted order.I still think the practice of advertising a product as a free sample the paying a excessive shipping fee then when you click onto the site they put another supposed free sample and you pay an additional shipping charge .or you cant get the first free sample is criminal. then if you do not cancel they bill you for another order. 21 dollars is quite excessive for shipping where is the free part its like buying a candy bar that is free except the wrapper cost you a dollar.

They charged for something I never ordered. Put a fraudulent transaction on my credit card
Recieved an email that they were shipping my order, that I never ordered. I contacted the company and they seemed so sketchy trying to get additional data from me. So I decided to just deal with my Credit Card Company. They billed through a company called Pure 1-833-472-4811. Order # OBEF88EXXX XX-XX-XX

Desired Outcome

Returned package recieved on 09-09-20 unopened since it was never ordered. I expect a full refund of $84.92 charged to my credit card.

I order a trial bottles and paid $6.96 on June 8, 2020. Additional unordered bottles have been sent with the cost being 13X more.
The original cost for one trial offer was $6.96 which I made on June 8, 2020 and $6.94 for another made on the same date with the same merchant. Since then 3 additional bottles of each have been sent without my consent. My credit card has been charged $95.88 for each purchase for one and $98.90 for each on the second one. The first is Pure Essential Benefit and the second is Natural Enhancement Vitality.

Desired Outcome

I would like all further shipments to stop and a refund for each of the unordered bottles. Pure Essential Benefit: $95.88 charged to my credit card on Aug. 20, July 22, and June 23. Natural Enhanced Vitality: $98.90 charged to my credit card on the 3 same dates. (Trial order for both at the same time on June 8, 2020.)

Pls I want to stop the delivery ,I don't want it anymore it doesn't work for me
They get $89.87 From me because of this product ,the address of the place is 1315 oak field Dr 4380 Brandon FL 33509

Desired Outcome

I don't want the product anymore it doesn't work for me

My complaint is that I ordered a trial bottle of cdb oil for 6.95 to try and now they are sending me orders that I didn't order or want. STOP!

No charges that I can find yet, not to say that there are non.If they do appear, I want them refunded.

Desired Outcome

To stop all transactions, past and future!

hello my card was charged 180 dollar yesterday an I only authorization for 56.00 for a trail period I sent email of the money being took out my acc#
Value slim nutrition P it was a trail period they took 180.00 put my account yesterday evening

Desired Outcome

I want my money back an an cancel subscription false information which is fraud I didn't authorize no 180.00 for them

There was no paperwork to give me with the phone number to cancel.# listed for merchant was incorrect,
Purchased July 21 for 9.98. Received merchandise. Please cancel no way to get ahold of merch.

Desired Outcome

Cancel don't sell when we cannot cancel!

Ordered advertised sample of product for $6.94. Recv'd same. Discovered my checking acct was billed for nearly $200. Co refused to refund money.
After ordering & recving product above, was chgd $6.94 as stated in ad. Upon chkg my bank acct on 7/27, saw I'd been charged $95.88 for Essential Wellness, and $98.90 for NativeOriginPurity. Tried reaching company by e-mail address listed, & it didn't work. Called Customer Service; explained my situation to ***, who said there was a deadline on the form if I wanted to cancel any more shipments. I did not see any such notice, & wanted my money credited back to my acct. She repeatedly said I'd missed the deadline & couldn't get my money returned. When I again said I didn't order the products & wanted my money ret'd, she said it couldn't be done. I then asked to speak to a supervisor; she said he would say the same thing. I was then put on hold while she spoke to him. She said he would agree to a 25% refund, but that was it. She would give me a credit of $23.97 for the Essential Wellness,and $24.72 for the Native Origin Purity. When I said I wanted the full refund because not only did I NOT order the items, I was not receiving the items I was being billed for. She said "you missed the deadline and I really can't talk anymore". I did get the credits she mentioned; however, I feel I'm entitled to the balance of $194.78 minus $48.69. I do not feel it was right to not only be charged for unordered items, but to then keep the $$ without me receiving the products.

Desired Outcome

A refund in the amount of $146.09 for unordered products that was charged to my acct because of a "missed deadline" and non-receipt of of items charged for. (Total Charge $194.78 - 48.69 refund = $146.09)

I ordered online for a trial sample of the cbd cream and cbd oil and only had to pay shipping. I received the products but they were not as they suggested online. On the first of the month they charged me two charges, one for $84.92 and the other for $ 94.92! I had not ordered any other products and I did not sign up for any membership. Fraud!!!!! Do not order from them!!! The product does not work.

I ordered trial bottles and have been charged 2 more months and haven't received anything. No way to contact to cancel. However I would love a refund
I ordered trial bottles and wanted nothing else. I've been billed approximately $160 for 2 months and have received nothing. I just want to cancel and get a refund for merchandise never received

Desired Outcome

Cancel future orders and refund money

Purchased a free trial, now I have unauthorized charges on my credit card.I purchased a free trial. Items came & within a week they charged my credit card for more products and/or just charged me. I am going to dispute my credit card charge.

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I just want the charges removed. I don't want anything further from this company.

This company let's you think you are getting a month's supply of their products for only the cost of shipping. It's a scam so charge you later.
they charged me 2 extra charges of $89.?? I had no clue man said I didn't cancel something I knew nothing about. He said they wo I ld refund me $90. I told told him I wouldn't have agreed to order cause I don't have that ki d of money. I need my money back.

Desired Outcome

All my money back. $88 and change

Ordered 2 products for one time shipment.They keep sending. No paperwork included.Called and can't seem to get to right place. No one can help cancel.
I want to cancel. Do not want another shipment. Cannot locate person who can help. It is CBD oil and CBD relief cream. It is worthless. Did not request and do not want recurring shipments

Desired Outcome

Stop shipments. Refund charges. Do not keep shipping. No recurring shipments.

They have charged me for items I have not reordered. I was charged once for 2 items which I agreed to pay shiping for. Now they have taken out more.

I ordered 2 items for pain which I had agreed to pay shipping cost $6.96 and $6.94. 6/23/2020. Now I have noticed that they have charged me on 6/9/2020 from my Visa account $85.88 and $91.90. I havnt recieved anymore product but I havnt ordered any either. The product does not work. I tried their free trail and would not have ordered it again. But they took the money out anyway.The address on the envelope they sent it in is Slim Nutritional 699Lewelling Blvd #146 #440 San Leandro Cailfornia 94679

Desired Outcome

I agreeded to the shipping cost witch totatled $13.90. But I did not reorder anything and they took $177.78 out of my account that I did not authorize. I would like that $177.78 back. I have no way of contacting them myself.

I received product 3 days later they take 88.46 out of my account, so I sent the pills back January 29, 2020 ! Here we are today March 31, 2020!
Every time I call they say supervisors will be calling me back in 24 hours ! I believe they have no intentions returning my $88.46

Desired Outcome

I returned pills so I would like my full refund $88.46 please !

Ordered a trial offer and keep receiving in the mail more and being charged for something I didn't order,.
I ordered the Keto Cleanse ( I should have known better) and it was a trial offer and you only had to pay for the shipping. They are saying now that I clicked on the fine print (I don't recall seeing anything like that or I wouldn't have ordered it) saying I would agree to cancel in 14 days or keep receiving and paying the full amount for the product that is made out of gelatin!!!

Desired Outcome

I need the charges off my credit card bill 09/06/2019 TRYTRUPRO.COM RENTON WA $99.94 Other 09/06/2019 TRYTRUPLUS.COM RENTON WA $95.94 Other

Customer Response • Sep 30, 2019

I have not heard from this business at all.

Customer Response • Sep 30, 2019

They did NOT have permission to deduct any further payments from me except for the trial offer.

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