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Southgate Transmission, Inc.

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Ms*** failed to make timely payments with our company, and such delinquency exceeds her representation Pursuant to our rights as her lender, we hired an independent contractor to repossess the vehicle We are entitled to accelerate the loan at this time We are willing to
allow her to pay the loan in full if she wishes to redeem the vehicle The full payoff is $2,

On 10-27-2015, Ms*** paid her past due balances and then the vehicle was released back to her The reason the vehicle was repossessed was due to non-payment Ms*** had not made a full car payment since July Only one partial car payment had been made since then

We apologize if there was a miscommunication in the most direct route to submit insurance information Our department that asks for insurance verification does so only to obtain the necessary information and update our records Also, there was a day when BHFC’s website was down, and we
are sorry that it was an inconvenience to call in the payment Our employees at the front desk were trying to handle the increase in calls as quickly as possible

Mr***s has a balance of $5,

Thank you for informing us of the complaint filed by Ms***. From our notes it appears that even as of today our team is working to address her concerns. I unfortunately, and our company as far as I am aware, do not have a copy of the report Ms*** has referenced
demonstrating vehicle damage. To clarify, we are a lender and not a vehicle dealer. We are not part of disclosures, inspections of vehicles, or related items. Further, it appears that at the time of the purchase the verification the dealer utilized did not demonstrate the referenced damage as indicated by Ms***. I also ran a similar report today, and did not find information which would match the damage stated by Ms***. There are contractual issues, in any event, that dictate exactly what each of the parties are responsible for, but that is not to say that we are unwilling to try and help and or inform to the best of our abilities our customers.With this said, I believe that the complaint is respectfully premature, in that we are actively attempting to assist the customer on an ongoing basis. Presently an offered resolution cannot be presented at this time. Best Regards, Richard R***BHFC Financial Services Inc.

Hello,The company is lyingThey did not even spell my name right and instead of providing proof, they
sent 2-sentences? At this point, I don't want to move forwardI want this closed but I do want it documented that they are providing lack of evidence and proof and their claim is invalid but want it closed

I have documentation from autocheck stating the vehicle has frame damage & I am willing to make an appointment with someone to resolve this issue in person I will be in Arizona no later than 09/23/If someone would like to make an appointment with me & we can figure this out in person than I am fine with that .

We have reviewed your complaint. Your contract calls for monthly payments. You indicated that you made an agreement with us to make large payments in order to not make payments until February. We find no record of this agreement, and would ask that you produce an agreement which
would otherwise alter your requirement to make monthly payments. Following the above minimum payments you made, you bounced two payments to us, of which I am sure you are aware. In fact on or about October 6, we received an email identifying, “This payment is being sent back to my account and was an overdraft. As I stated to the young lady Claudia yesterday, please do not charge my card for any payments any longer I have paid (sic) more than (sic) enough over the last two months to be given a brief hold until next month on any further payments.” The following month according to your very email would have fallen on November, but you did not make payments in November or DecemberWe are familiar with your calls, in which you were belligerent, and repeatedly cursed. The final staff member who spoke to you, was attempting to send you to the legal department for a determination of what steps, if any, could be made to work out an alternative for you. However, you cursed and hung up. Our counsel made a call to you, but you did not answer from the numbers in the file. The purpose of which was to work with you, and not to intimidate you as you allege We are willing to reinstate your loan for $1,000.00, which is less than the monthly payments you have missed. We also expect that our customers treat our employees with respect and dignity. Your depiction of the communications is totally false, and we are aware of the abusive language you used. Irrespective of your decision to work out a deal to reinstate your loan, further abuse to our employees will not be tolerated

I did pay the
car payment on July again they have all there information twisted I have proff I payed a complete payment and they mentioned on the phone that is was since august so they need to get there information straight again!!! They did give me back my car yet I had to pick it up in a Audio place and my car was in the street instead of being somewhere else much safer, also when It was under there control I don't know what they did to my car and now it is overheating !!!!!Which it never has happened before and also the pl*** where I had to pick up the car the gentleman said please sing or I don't get paid and did not explain what I was singing at all they only care about the money

Thank you again for your comments and concerns I am unsure how to help you in this situation You have acknowledged that you were behind and that we had the right to repossess the vehicle, and you seem to be upset with the process of the repossession We used a company called *** *** *** *** ***, and that entity is licensed by the State of Arizona to perform recovery of vehicles We do not employ the agents of this company, and do not control when or how they perform their services, as they are an independent contractor I am not sure why a repo agent would have any incentive to toy with you as you have described, but I will review this further and will likely notify them of your concerns Thank you

Enclosed is a copy of the customer's payment history Please note that it shows her address and current occupation

BHFC Financial shows a payment history of $posted on 5-2-15, $posted on 6-19-15, and $posted on 7-9- One payment was posted per month, so Ms*** has done a great job making payments

nothing about this complaint is outlandish, they did not address the fact that they have a review on google for their terrible customer service that they provide to me and others, they lied about calling me and they lied about responding to my email on 10/23/I ask that they show proof that they emailed me, it’s unfair to lie about contacting meI have provided proof aboveDrinkin in front of customers in the office has nothing to do with the customer? Are you kidding me that unprofessional

I have reviewed the Complaint of Mr. ***, and apologize for the inconvenience. We recently installed a new phone system, and we unfortunately did have some errors during the initial phase of implementation. The outgoing phone call drops were the result of errors, and not an
intention to have Mr*** to call back for any sort of underhanded purpose. His number was provided as a reference for one of our potential customers in the application of an automobile loan. I have overseen that he will not be called again, and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this error caused him.Best Regards,Richard R***BHFC Financial Services, Inc.General Counsel

The loan payoff came in on 9-2-and the title was released
on 9-9-2016. We mailed the title to the
address on file The customer confirmed
that it was the correct address.

We have already addressed by separate email on the 23rd of October these unfortunate comments by our customer. First, an allegation of racism without foundation is completely offensive and outrageous; moreover, the customer's statement that racial discrimination would result due to a failure
to make payments undermines those who have experienced actual prejudice in their lifetimes. We pride ourselves based upon the multicultural makeup of our company, and the overwhelming majority of the contact experiences this customer has received were from our exceptional and hardworking minority staff members. The correspondences the customer has received were based upon reminders exclusively to ensure compliance with the contractual relationship with us as a lender, and our customer as a borrower. I am unaware of any drinking within the office during any new years; however, if our company chose to do that, it has nothing to do with this customer. There is no offered resolution other than we will continue to follow the contract, and request that our customer simply repays the loan within the guidelines of the contractPer the customer's request I have attached a copy of his contract

You did not hire a 3rd party You had a non branded vehicle show up to my house WITHOUT paperwork who then had the audacity to taunt me, swear at me and then lower my vehicle as though this is some joke This is absolutely the most unprofessional thing I have ever encountered They did not show up to repo my vehicle, they showed up to screw with me as though they were the Mexican Mafia - Which by the way YOU ARE NOT I disagree with your pathetic attempted statement I get that I am past due That is my issue and I am not passing the buck on that I am, however, pissed that you would send some employee's little cousin to bring a tow truck he just so happens to own to my house to illegally screw with me at midnight

Your company has not once contacted me regarding the "non payment of monthly payments." When K spoke with Claudia and any representative from your company and stipulated I would make the large payments with the intent to pay in full in February that in itself constituted a verbal contract and is binding in the court of lawThe reason it is binding is because your company accepted the paymentsYou are not in anyway ever allowed to apply any consumers payments as you see fitI have been an outstanding customer paying what I owe and I have never not payed or trued Not to payThe fact is your company attempted to use intimidation tactics of which I am very familiar with being well versed in collections and accounts receivablesYour company is in direct violation of multiple fdcpa laws unless of course you don't believe these laws apply to your companyYou want to send a response attempting to negate my character, however the truth is your company attempted to play a game transferring me to multiple representatives and having multiple people on the phone calls at one time of which I never authorizedYour company also continued to contact me by email of which I stated is not the contact method preferredRather than attempting to rightfully resolve the situation your company attempted to extort from me when the fact is no mater how you add the payments up they would not equilateral that amountYou have done this in retaliation to my prior complaint and again could have been avoided with a phone callI have not asked for special treatment, I have requested what is allowable by the lawAnd legally when you accepted my payments which were made with an intent you agreed to the intent of those and future paymentsEssentially voiding any contract you claim to have of which was a monthly agreement

MrStory only made two payments on his auto loan The third payment was due on 11-4-2013, but was never made At the time of repossession, the customer was payments past due

The customer’s current balance on 10-13-of $5,is accuratePlease see attached copy of an amortization schedule

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Address: 13193 Dix, Southgate, Michigan, United States, 48195


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