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They have not been to our house several times. The list of issues we wanted completed before we closed on the house, most were not done because we did a walk through on Tuesday and then did a final walk through Thursday afternoon, before that Friday we were to close. They didn't have enough time to restrain cabinets like was asked or sand the baseboards and trim and repaint. They have not replaced all the doors yet, that are split. also, some of the new doors were scratched when brought to the house to be installed. Our stained cabinets were an upgrade with an extra cost, and none of the stain in the house is consistent. As I stated before, 90% of our trim work, is splitting in the corners and we have some that are split in the center. I have pictures of all of these complaints, if there is a way for me to forward them to you, I can. As we see it, Summit has not taken appropriate action to resolve the issues.

We've been out to inspect the driveway in question numerous times. Every time we find nothing but normal cracking for a driveway.  There is and has been no evidence of any structural issues at all with the driveway. We also had a third party inspect it as well and the same result. So...

we will be taking no action on the driveway.   As far as the other items, due to customers demeanor, we decided to just reimburse him for the items in question, rather than continue to deal with unrealistic demands.  We will be taking no action on this as well.   If the customer insists on pursuing this, we will not be choosing the resolve with arbitration at the, we will instead choose to resolve in mediation with attorneys as outlined int the contract.   Thank You again,   I have attached pictures of the driveway for your review.     [redacted] Summit Custom Homes

I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Inaccurate/untruthful statements made in response by business owner.

We have already provided a list of meetings and work which has been done on the [redacted] home.The irrigation system was installed in accordance with all ordinances, rules, regulations and orders.  The system is in working order.All warrantable items have been completed.  No further action is required on this complaint.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:We have only signed one contract with Summit Homes.  That contract was for a property in Arlington Texas, at [redacted].  That contract was contingent on getting that property. Our sales associate hand wrote the following into the contract:'Contract is contingent on retaining lot and verifying utilities. If lot can not be retained seller shall refund full deposit to purchaser.'Please see the attached contact documents.  This is the only reason why we signed the contact in the first place.  We don't have money to waste.  We asked the sales associate to write this into the contract to protect ourselves.So for Mr. [redacted] to state that we had been told from the very beginning that the deposit was non-refundable is not true.  We had been told from the beginning that our full deposit was refundable. We signed the contract because we really wanted the property in Arlington.We along with our sales associate tried to locate other properties to build on before we decided on holding a lot at the Falcon Crest II Estates.  Although Summit Homes agreed to hold this property for us, we never signed a contract for this location because Mr. [redacted] never agreed on a total home price on this lot. We ultimately decided that we wanted to build on the original Arlington lot location and we were willing to pay that seller more money to get that property because it would still be much cheaper than the Falcon Crest II Estates property.  Mr. [redacted] did not want to work with the seller of the Arlington property.  He never agreed on the price that we were willing to pay at the Falcon Crest II Estates property.  Upon not accepting our verbal offer for the Falcon Crest II property we decided not to build at the Falcon Crest location.  When we requested our money back, Mr. [redacted] stated that he would only refund half of our money.Since there was never a contract signed for the Falcon Crest property we know that we are still bound by the contract we signed for the Arlington property, that Summit Homes did not obtain and are entitled to the full deposit of $12,000.00.After we decided that we wanted our refund Mr. [redacted] tried to produce paper work stating that he was willing to sell the property at the price we wanted.  Again we never signed a contract for the Falcon Crest property.  Another reason for us not wanting to build at the Falcon Crest location was that the start date of the development kept getting pushed back.  We felt that Summit Homes was having financial problems.  Are suspicions were confirmed when Mr. [redacted] was not willing to abide by the contract that we had signed and give us our full refund.If you need the name and number of the sales associate to confirm what we are saying we can furnish it to you. Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Mr. [redacted], I appreciate you sending me a copy of the final survey, as it is the drainage survey I have been referring to all along.  As you can clearly see along the back property line in the middle of of the yard is a Spot Elevation of 99.26.  This is the second highest recorded elevation on my property however it is in the exact spot where we are having the majority of the standing water.  We have numerous pictures, videos as well as pictures of your own warranty agent [redacted] taking pictures of the standing water in the exact area to back up these claims.  My question to you is if indeed that is the second highest spot on my property why is water not properly draining?  Not one single time have you sent a qualified professional to inspect the grading and drainage of my property, I hardly doubt Ms. [redacted] is such as she explained to us that all of her info has to be relayed to yourself, who then makes the final decision.  Furthermore, how was I not informed that you would be properly inspecting the lots surrounding my home?  Being that they are all occupied I'm sure you would have had to get permission from those homeowners to take a professional survey of their lots, however none of them are aware of such work.  I have discussed my issues with History Maker Homes and the homeowners surrounding my home, and in fact History Maker Homes has had their company, S&B, out to take proper surveys and they have taken the necessary steps to fix any drainage issues concerning their homes, yet my yard still remains wet.  I have had numerous third parties out to inspect the lot and all of them have come to the concensus that the issue stems from poor and inconsistent grading of my property, leaving numerous low spots so as not to allow the water to flow properly as noted on the drainage plan provided to us by you, Summit Custom Homes.  Even your own drainage company, [redacted], whom you sent out to install the initial french drain for the same issues, said that the issues were due to improper grading and that my yard was simply too flat to allow water to escape.  They chose to simply shove grass underneath the fence as a "fix" I'm certain because this was the cheapest route for Summit to pursue.  So basically your response, or lack thereof, has once again proven my claims that Summit Custom Homes simply does not care about their customers and will do all they can so as not to complete the work promised.  Let's not forget that during the initial meeting with myself and your assigned warranty officer, [redacted], I was told that "if there was standing water on my property for a period of 48+ hours that Summit Custom Homes would fix the problem".  We are still waiting Mr. [redacted].  Furthermore I would recommend anyone considering Summit Custom Homes or MKP Construction as a possible home builder to do your research.  Talk with current customers and people who have dealt with this company to get the truth as to what you are buying.  They will continually point fingers and direct the blame towards anyone else that they can, and odds are you will be left fixing a plethora of issues that you could most likely avoid with a different builder.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: 1- We are not aware of a third party inspecting the driveway. Please provide a detailed report supporting the builders findings.2- The city informed the builder the driveway is not up to code and needs to be replaced. [redacted] - City of Cedar Hill- Sr Building Inspector - email [redacted] - Phone: [redacted]3- Look at the condition of the 6 month old driveway by following this link - [redacted] This driveway WILL fail. It's just a matter of time and that's what the builder is counting on.4- As for customer demeanor... All I have done is hold them accountable to provide the contracted items agreed upon in the builders contract. If Mr Mints has a personal issue with me... it doesn't exclude him from delivering as per our binding agreement. Any amendments to the contract must be agreed upon by BOTH parties. 5- We would be happy to accept payment for the excluded contractual items as long as the amount provided will actually cover materials and labor. The previous amount provided by the builder would not even cover 1/4th of the cost to have a 3rd party provide the items.6- We have already asked about the arbitration process and the builder has not responded.

We meet with the Inspector from Cedar Hill last Thursday afternoon. we both agreed that the driveway was performing as designed. However he did ask us if we would install an expansion joint at the lead-walk and a control joint at the city walk. We agreed to do so. We will begin this as soon as we get permission from the Home Owner.

In regards to the [redacted] and their request that we return their  deposit. We meet with them numerous times and explained that it was an non-refundable deposit. They knew that from the beginning.   They originally contracted us to build a home in Arlington. We tried to purchase the property...

they wanted for them but the owner of the homesite left out important information about the site in that the water and sewer lines  where quite a ways from the site making it financially impossible to keep the cost of the home inside their budget.   So we moved them to a homesite at Falcon Crest 2, which is a new 7 lot community we were building. We moved their deposit money to one of these lots to hold the lot for them.    They informed us a few months later that they had decided not to move forward. We then explained that the deposit would then be forfeited.   They came to see me about returning all of their deposit to them and  I explained at that time again that it was non-refundable, but in the interest of solving the problem I would return half of the deposit. Keep in mind that we already had expenses that had occurred on the job. Soil reports , Architectural plans etc.   They refused that offer.

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