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Take Your Power Back Now

1041 Market St PMB 165, San Diego, California, United States, 92101-7233

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This complaint is intended to express my dissatisfaction with the 10K in 30 Days program and the questionable practices of *** Simpkins and Take Your Power Back Now, LLC. It is also meant to serve as a formal request for a full refund.

I paid for a membership to the 10K in 30 Days program, during a breakthrough/sales call with Lauren, a member of your coaching team. I completed the program in early 2019. It has taken me until this time to figure out what was going on and to gather indisputable proof of the claims in this letter. My complaint stems from the actions detailed below:

1. The use of sales tactics and misleading promotional testimonials that are not in compliance with the Truth in Advertising Laws, governed by the Federal Trade Commission.

I expressed my concerns about the program and told the closer that I had searched online for months
for reviews/testimonials about *** Simpkins, and the 10K in 30 Days program. I was concerned about online scams and I thought it was odd that I was unable to find any source of information or objective reviews that did not originate with Take Your Power Back Now, LLC. This was necessary for me/the consumer to make an educated decision about joining the program.

I was sent, during the breakthrough/sales call, what I was told were current screenshots from members going through the 10k in 30 days program to validate the financial success of members who had not yet completed the eight weeks. I later found out and gathered evidence as proof that these were in fact a handful recycled screenshots from previous years, with misleading claims from people who were/are in collusion with *** Simpkins. There has never been any earnings claim statements to validate the testimonial claims. One of the strategies *** Simpkins teaches in the 10K in 30 Days program is to create testimonials and have people sign off on them. A direct quote from her is, “Make the testimonials for them. Massage them until they feel right, then have the sign off on it!”

2. Nondisclosure - There was no mention of a signed contract being requisite before access would be granted to the program. The agreement was only referenced after it was confirmed that my full credit card payment had been received. Being that the signed contract was a requirement, it should have been acknowledged and reviewed prior to an offer of joining the 10K in 30 Days program was extended. I signed the contract with the hope that it was an honest good faith transaction and only after I was told that it was just meant to be a reference to our conversation.

It was immediately after I was granted access to the first module of the program that I realized that the 10K in 30 days program was not going to be the right fit for me. I referred back to the agreement to realize that it didn’t allow for a refund. I thought it was suspect because federal laws allow for at least a minimum of a 3 day refund period. Had there been a reasonable 30, 14 or even 1 day refund policy, I would have immediately requested that my funds be returned to me. Especially, being that I had not even received any services. I naively thought that I was bound by this contract that basically took away my consumer rights to dispute the credit card charge and stated my payment for the 10k in 30 days program was non-refundable.

I expressed my concerns about a lack of results to my assigned coach, *** on *** team as I was going through the program. I was told that I was doing everything that I was supposed to be doing and I was right on track for success, followed by an offer to upgrade to *** year-long program for $25K + more.

After a formal review of the contract there is reason to believe the contract is not binding for the following reasons:

• Mistake – The contract does not reference the program that I paid for, the 10K in 30 Days program. The contract references the Skyrocket Your Confidence and Cash Flow Mastermind, which is completely different and was never mentioned during the call.
• Nondisclosure – As previously mentioned the contract requirement was not disclosed prior to the completion of the credit card transaction. There were no disclaimers mentioned during the sales call.
• Unconscionable – The contract is unreasonable, unfair and outrageously one-sided. Participants of the program who have had a negative experience should be allowed to voice their concerns. The contract does not allow for any type of reasonable refund.

3. Fraud and misrepresentation – The earnings of most participants of the 10K in 30 Days program are exaggerated, misleading and unsubstantiated on sales call, advertisements, videotaped testimonials and screenshots with dates blurred out. Prospects are lead to believe that the majority of the graduates of the 10K in 30 Days program are earning on average a minimum of 10K in 30 days.

Cult-like tactics to exert undue influence on participants of the 10K in 30 days program and to silence and guilt participants who expressed a lack of results. Some of the graduates of the 10K in 30 Days program were asked to complete an anonymous survey about their results from the program. When *** was alerted about the survey she posted a video in the Facebook group created for graduates of the program. She stated that her company would be taking legal action against this person for asking people about the real results they had from the program. It is not illegal to ask someone about their experience with a program. I believe *** created this video to intimidate graduates into silence.

Multiple fake profiles being used by members of *** team to mislead the public about the true results of graduates and to post fake positive reviews and comments. Also, to monitor the activity of participants of the program.

Negative reviews and testimonials being removed from what consumers are reasonably led to believe are objective

Take Your Power Back Now Response • Apr 28, 2020

It has been brough to our attention from our client that the following complaint was presented

Take your Power Back Now completely disagrees

If someone is not satisfied with something you immediately request a solution you do not take over 14 months to do soPlease find agreement signed and executed by the client on November 23, 2018Even do the agreement states the participation on SKYROCKET YOUR CONFIDENCE & CASH FLOW – its clearly marked at the same time 10K in 30 DAYS MastermindPlease find link to recording on the intake call – where the client its extremely excited to be part of the group – 5 days after she sign the agreement – at that time she could have said or mention her dissatisfaction to the alleged sales tactics and online ‘reputation’ of Ms. Simpkins to which she is referring in this complaint – ( listen to minute 33:20 through 40:45 – where she talks about WHY *** – at that point she does not mention any concern to the ones she is referring in this complain – but she does mention that she has listen to her in the last 2 weeks prior to signing into the program and that she likes THE MIND SETShe was not forcer into signing the attached agreement – she had time to review and could have ask legal counsel prior to doing soPlease refer to Clause 1 – “Client understands this is a nonrefundable one-time investment for the program” – there we have her initialsPlease refer to Clause 2 – Representation and Warranties – following guidelines of the agency that she is referring to Federal Trade Commission – its fully clear that the company nor Ms Simpkins is guaranteeing any resultsThe interpretation of the marketing online videos by Ms Simpkins by Ms *** is something we can’t control – if that is her belief – we cannot change nor modify what she understands or make out of themeTake your Power Back Now – does not utilize FAKE accounts to generate positive reviews – if she has proof – we would be more than happy to review – that claim is false, vague and unsubstantiatedThe fact that she is requesting a refund, or she will notify the Federal Trade Commission – it’s being considered EXTORSION and has been address with Take your Power Back Now Legal CounselHer claim that the Agreement/Contract was provided after the Credit Card was process – its not TYPBN normal process – they are done concurrently and never after the factShe refers to a 3-day refund period – if that is the case – she had November 24, 25, 26 to requestWe are no Attorneys – but her claim of Unconscionable it’s without foundation – the agreement is straight forward and easy to understand
Based on that in representation of the company Take your Power Back Now – we completely DENNY any wrongdoing and no REFUND is GRANTED

On the other hand, it intrigues us as this COMPLAINT its almost verbatim to another complaint that was filed against TYPBN by another student Complaint #14140730 Sherri V

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience by calling us at 619-677-6512

Best Regards

Customer Response • Apr 28, 2020

Please reference the attached "S.*** Response to Complaint" File attached for rebuttal.

Take Your Power Back Now Response • Apr 29, 2020

TYPBN position still the same- we cant offer her a refund

Ms. - it's unfortunate that you feel that way - and we cant control that - nevertheless

a. There was no malice nor fraud- if emails did not contained (which they do)

b. You stated in you original complaint that you did you due-diligence and heard bad comments and reviews about the program and Ms Simpkins - nevertheless you decided to sign up, you took the initial intake call that was recorded (and you were made aware of that) and still you did not mention about feeling pressured to buy nor the so-called bad reputation Ms Simpkins or the program had - to the opposite you expresses eagerness to move forward and star

c. Sales rep did not force you in any way for or shape to sign and pay

d. Agreement did contain necessary clauses - the law does not require to be verbatim - please refer to the attached agreement to clause 1 & 2 - which are the ones you mostly make reference to, also page 3 you clearly initialized making reference to the program you state is not the correct one - Internal titles 'Sky Rocket your Confidence & Cash Flow' did not affected the delivered products - its marked on page 1 in red and white "10K in 30 DAYS" as well as on page 3 right next to your 3 initials

e. There is no Class Action Law Suit Pending against TYPBN

f. Call clearly states your content and eagerness to start the program even after several days of signing and paying (more than 3 days) - at that time you could have expressed your dissatisfaction

g. Its not failure to disclose any information as you clearly where aware of the NON-REFUNDABLE policy

h. Its not Unconscionable - you had time to read and understand the agreement (page 2 middle section)

Customer Response • May 02, 2020

The first page of the contract clearly states that the agreement is for participation in the “Sky Rocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow mastermind and mentoring program. It does not say this agreement is for participation in the “10K in 30 Day Mastermind”. Reasonable to consider a mistake.If there was no misrepresentation of the results of participants of the 10K in 30 days program, which is another reason a contract would be considered voidable, I’m sure Ms. Simpkins would have no problem providing the “earnings claim statements” that the law requires. The remaining comments in the response are simply conjecture and as previously stated irrelevant, inconsistent and a feeble attempt to deflect from the issues of the complaint.

I began this journey in April 2019 shortly after my company shut down and I lost my full-time employment; in other words, I was extremely vulnerable. I decided to pursue my dreams of writing my first book and creating a coaching program to reach those who suffer from mental illness and have lost faith due to the loss of a spouse.

I researched several faith-based coaching programs including this one trying to find the one that might fit my needs and found Vanessa. I chose this program because the pitch eluded to certification for coaching, assistance in creating my program AND effectively marketing it. She also suggested that her ideology aligned with mine and there was not one negative review to be found so I felt confident in my purchase.

I was told my success hinged solely on the promise that if I 'just did the work', the 10K in 30 Day program would teach me how to make 10K in 30 days. I wasn't interested in that, I simply wanted to create a coaching program I could be proud of and help people. There were dozens of red flags along the way but her very skilled marketing team helped me to ignore them as well as convinced me to spend a lot of money that I don't have.

As I went through the program it didn't take long to realize it will not deliver any of the claims it made but I was determined to try. Despite my clear reservation I was encouraged to borrow money that I didn't have and told to follow an ideology that I couldn't subscribe to. When I voiced my concerns I was belittled, publically humiliated and removed from the support group I paid to be a part of.

I have tried for months to warn others of my truly terrible experience and try to avoid any type of confrontation but they keep removing all negative feedback regarding this program (including mine) and misleading women with fake positive reviews to legally steal money from them so I found myself here.

Customer Response • Feb 28, 2020

There was a $1000 deposit and two installments of $4,000.00 each totalling $9,000.00 All three are attached. I also have emails that prove the request and structure of these payments. I included the contract with the original complaint as well.

Take Your Power Back Now Response • Mar 18, 2020

This persons complaint has zero merit We have bent over backwards to help her overcome her issues and succeed. We have tried to reach out and

provide additional calls and support. We have been in business over 10 years and have countless, literally countless testimonials and good reviews.

We provide live one on one and group mentoring and constantly updated to the latest training she has completely ignored and expected us to do

it for her. We are a done with you program not a done for you program. We have a contract with her and all clients detailing our responsibility and

her responsibility. We have met everyone of our commitments and then continued to offer support and all she has done is complain and not

follow the program at all.

Customer Response • Mar 23, 2020

This response provided was extremely vague which makes it clear the person who responded didn’t actually read my full complaint. The narrative provided here is very much the same as the feedback used for justification to remove all negative reviews from Trustpilot. This company takes no responsibility for its clear inability to meet the needs of each unique woman they sign despite the obscene amount of money they charge to justify it.First, this company never ONCE reached out to me offering support of any kind! I didn’t even receive the last 30-minute ‘mentor call’ I was promised and actually paid for… this is ALL in my complaint. As stated, they not only actively avoided providing ALL of the support promised but removed the only available peer support I had. Once I left the program, I was forcibly removed from the ‘support group’ for merely ASKING for support… Emotional or otherwise.Suggesting that the company ‘bent over backwards’ to meet my needs in an attempt to help me ‘overcome my issues’ is condescending. I had amazing momentum before I was manipulated into this ‘program’. My direction was clear I just needed to understand how to implement it. I tried for weeks to find any relevant material to assist me; this program offered none. Using marketing tactics to manipulate a person to purchase a ‘product’ then subjecting them to an ideology they do not believe in while blaming them because it doesn’t work for them is absurd. This ‘product’ delivered nothing I was promised. NOT ONE THING!

Take Your Power Back Now Response • Apr 08, 2020

Our company strives to provide excellent service and deliver the utmost
sincere product - we care about our students - and provide as much support

Her ecords indicate that she only attended less
than half of the (8) available group “Q&A” coaching calls, and only
attended a few of the (4) available “Management Planning” group coaching
calls. Our records also show you scheduled (2) of your (3) available
individual coaching calls, but only attended (1) call and subsequently
cancelled several calls. Further, you only completed (4) modules of the
(8) required modules for successful completion of the program, and only
completed (1) of the tasks lists out of the (8) required tasks list
relevant to each module.

Given that she did not complete the required tasks of the program in full,
and the full range advice, consulting, and strategies were not fully taken
advantage of and implemented, it is expected that you did not obtain the
results you initially sought from the program. the program requires
full completion, full follow-through and full implementation to see results.
TYPBN is very forthcoming with the program’s enrollees that each
individual has to fully commit to the program, follow through with it, and
apply themselves in order to see results, and TYPBN does not guarantee results.

In the agreement with TYPBN, it clearly states in Section 2
“Representations and Warranties”: This means that it is up to every individual
who engages, to take the guidance, advice, and strategies given by TYPBN
and implement them, apply them, and follow them through in order to see results
that may generate new business and possibly increase revenue.

In the singed agreement, it is clear under Section 4
“Non-Disparagement,” the false and negative
information you published about TYPBN, their programs, and coaches is not only
untrue and defamatory, but puts her in breach of your agreement.

We cannot offer her a refund nor accept her back to the program.

Customer Response • Apr 14, 2020

I am going to ask you to read the FULL response attached with the FULL complaint once again in its entirety.

Please note the very respectful and matter of fact manner in which all the statements were made and provided.

I will then offer you three options to resolve this. We will move forward with ONE of the THREE I listed here.

These are the ONLY three options I will be offering to you and one of them is in response to your demand of ‘Cease and Desist.’

Attached is my FULL very detailed complete complaint including the three options I am offering to resolve this complaint at the bottom of my very detailed response.

I am beginning to think that you didn’t read my complaint in its entirety …

I know you take your business and your reputation seriously; I get it and we all do! But I also take the $10,000.00 I had budgeted to establish my business seriously as well. I counted on your business to help establish mine, that should be your priority for your clients because that is what you promised. It would be different if I was trying to get something for nothing, but I got nothing out of this… Please see attached response.

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