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• Nov 20, 2023

Anyone but Taylor Morrisson
Too much to say. They lied to us during the build and refused to settle and return our deposit amicably when we brought up several ADA safety concerns. Get another builder anyone but Taylor Morrison!

• Nov 16, 2023

Home owners safety at Esplanade at Artisan Lakes palmetto Fl
We’ve lived in this community for over two years and have complained to the Board of Directors about safety issues in the development.Initially, we were told that a “construction gate” would solve the problem of contractors and construction trucks speeding in the neighborhood. Prior to the construction gate being installed at the back of the development, the gates were open during working hours to allow the contractors to enter. The contractors raced thru the neighborhood coming and going to the various homes under construction. We finally stoped counting the number of near miss accidents the first 18 months we lived here.
Since the construction gate was installed, the gates for the residents have been closed.a misleading sign was placed near the residents entrance indication No construction traffic on the bottom of the sign and Construction traffic on top of the sign. In order to see the sign you have to have already made the turn into the street, so regardless if you understand the sign or not you are already on the street.
Speeding contractor traffic has decrease since some of them do use the correct entrance but many continue to use the “residents” gate and simply wait until a resident with a transponder triggers the gate to open, allowing the contractor thru the gate, forcing the resident to go around or crash the gate. Also some contractors continue thru the gate after a resident, breaking the gate.
Over the past 10 months the gates have been broken at least once a week, because of contractors not following the “rules”. The latest incident resulted in the gates being in the open position for over three weeks. (So much for living in a gated community). The costs for the repairs are being covered by the hoa ( actually the homeowners thru increased annual fees).
In addition to the vehicle gates not working, at least two pedestrian gates cannot be locked because of misalignment between the post with the lock mechanism and the post where the striker engages.

If you are looking for a community that takes care of its residents this isn’t the one to choose. Besides safety issues, the hoa does not do an adequate job of assuring expenses are justified before paying them.

• Nov 05, 2023

Shoddy workmanship- Issaquah WA
Taylor Morrison Townhomes over $1milliion. this is what they got for their money. Only a few years old.
Shoddy workmanship- Issaquah WA

• Nov 04, 2023

Sounds Transmission- We can hear our neighbors every move. SEATTLE area.
New build in 2022. Move in Fall. Sound transmission problems began immediately. I can hear snoring from condo above while standing in my kitchen. We can hear each other talk, urinate, flush, TVs, walking. I've been jolted awake at 3am with a frantic mother and kid whining as they ran the bath water. Again, I was wrested from sleep when someone was late, as they discussed and tore out of the condo. Taylor Morrison tells us this is "normal" and a "part of shared living." It is not. The townhomes in our subdivision are having the same issues. Cheap, paper-thin construction.

• Oct 06, 2023

Quality of work
I own a TM home that is costing me tens of thousands of dollars to fix items that were done incorrectly. My entire stairwell (2 story house) needs to be replaced as the steps are bowing and pulling away from structure. The AC units (2) were located on a plywood platform that is now starting to buckle which means the platform needs to be replaced. the quality of their work is subpar to say the least. Apparently after 1 year (of course these issues would not surface immediately) I have absolutely no recourse.

• Aug 24, 2023

Taylor Morrison is horrible
After almost 2 years, my beautiful retirement home is anything but. I am still dealing with warranty issues from the new construction. They make it look nice until you move in and see how things really are. We are currently in the process of ripping out the tiles in our master bath for the 2nd time. The first time, both baths had defective tiles. Then, they were put in unevenly and not grouted properly. Everything takes months to get done. Shame on Taylor Morrison for their shoddy workmanship and trying to cut corners on warranty issues.

• Oct 29, 2023

No surprise. Same here. The worse part is the constant lying and the gaslighting. The warranty department takes ZERO responsibility for the atrocious job they built. In fact they side with slave labor contractors they hire. Me and my husband are incredibly disappointed and dissatisfied with our purchase.

• May 20, 2023

garbage company
I bought a new TM home 6 months ago. 3 weeks ago I was informed the TM realtor had quit and the construction mgr. had been fired. so the only 2 contacts we had are gone. A couple of weeks ago I was in the house with a curtains guy. A rain and hail storm came in for an hour plus. 7 windows were leaking water downstairs on the carpet and on the drywall. I took and sent TM pics. a day later I was told TM cancelled my contract but is keeping my 100k earnest money.


I don't think so. I contacted a board certified real estate attorney.

They built a leaky product, cancel me and say there keeping my money. do you want this?

Very sleazy company

• Mar 08, 2023

They are thieves
We closed on a home that was unfinished, shotty work and items that were paid for and in our contract we not in the home. The head project manager lies and bullies people. He tells the Warranty dept to stall or not complete items to keep his bonuses and job. Taylor Morrison gets and sees these complaints and is perfectly fine with all the unethical doings of their staff and sales people. They take advantage of the people buying lower priced homes. They swindle from the handicap and elderly buyers. We closed on a home that is a money pit and fixer upper. If you try to report the lower management you will be bullied and targeted by the HOA thst is run by the builder. They falsely advertise a luxury lifestyle yet they have no amenities built. They also advertise high quality building and materials but use rock bottom vendors and laborers. They advertise a home built to last yet the electrical is the lowest and hazardus. They refused to properly fix electric and refuse to put enough breakers to keep lights on. Horrible low end life if you move in Esplanade Tradition!

• Jan 25, 2023

BUYER BEWARE * Google Mar Bella Galveston TX*
TOXIC BLACK MOLD - & it's happening again! Do you really think Taylor Morrison completely changed their business practices for the better in this latest 10+ year building boom? If you do your research the answer is a resounding NO!

Taylor Morrison has managed to keep their dirty little secret (TOXIC BLACK MOLD in their new homes) by forcing the unfortunate homeowner to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before starting the process to "fix" their mold problem. Taylor Morrison's MO is to blame the AC system & the contractor that installed it. They give a master class performance when it comes to convincing you they are working hard to fix the problem. They are not. It is smoke & mirrors. Look over here at the AC so you won't investigate further.

The real problem requires you to take the initiative and be your own advocate. In many cases it has been proven that the REAL problem is an undisclosed construction defect associated with the floor plan itself. You will need to employ the services of a professional engineer. They will do energy calculations & calculate for air flow. Math that cannot be disputed. The real problem in many of the homes with TOXIC BLACK MOLD is poor ventilation/air flow that promotes moisture and humidity in the home. A design flaw in the floor plan itself! This is a BUILDING CODE VIOLATION, NOT A WARRANTY ISSUE. That's what Taylor Morrison DOES NOT want you to KNOW! If it is assumed to be a warranty issue then you are contractually obligated to arbitrate. Arbitration is usually not in the homeowner's best interest.

Here's some GOOD NEWS ! Anderson V. Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc Inc, 223 So.3d 1088 (Fla. 2d DCA 2017) (arbitration provision in limited warranty violated public policy and was unenforceable because it could be read as precluding homeowners from obtaining a remedy for a claim statutory building code violation) IF your issue is a BUILDING CODE VIOLATION...YOU CAN SUE TAYLOR MORRISON! No forced arbitration! They cannot call all the shots and bully you anymore! You are free to SUE them!

Please do not fall victim to the empty promises and stall tactics. There is no real intention to fix building code violations because in doing so they would expose their dirty little secrets. They would have 1000's of homes to fix. It is easier for them to lie, delay & deny. Remember what happened to Mar Bella in Galveston TX from 2015? It is STILL not resolved.

Don't be a victim...BE A LION! Stay strong!

• Jan 17, 2023

Most Home Builders In FL SUCK
After extensive reviews of several builders _ I would never buy a home until after it was constructed. 90% of builders (even high end builders like Toll Brother etc) 1. build shoddy homes, and 2 don't honor their Warranty. DO MORE HOMEWORK and learn from people that have been bamboozled.

• Nov 28, 2022

My 5 year old could build a better quality home
I chose Taylor Morrison to build my new home because I believed that they were a "quality" builder that advertises to have a "commitment to service and excellence".

After waiting 16 months, I moved into my new home on Oct. 15, 2022. I had a flood in my kitchen shortly after moving in because Taylor Morrison did not hook up my dishwasher correctly. My home inspector was unable to check it because Taylor Morrison put it in hours before my closing. It is now November 28, 2022, and they still have not lifted or replaced the wet flooring. The growth of mold and bacteria is very concerning.

The county inspector has come by my home multiple times to tell me that my new home is still failing inspection. I don't understand what Taylor Morrison is doing behind the scenes to get their CO's issued.

I have been trying to be patient with Taylor Morrison while living with non-functioning lights, defective windows that don't lock and/or open, uneven flooring, and so many other unacceptable quality issues.

Taylor Morrison's management, construction and warranty teams are all well aware of these submitted warranty claims, but they choose to do nothing.

All future homebuyers should definitely do their homework before signing on the dotted line. I would hate to see anyone else go through this stress and upset.


Ripped Off
We made the mistake of purchasing a newly constructed home in Nokomis, Florida. I can't tell you how disappointed we are in Taylor Morrison. There is no pride of workmanship with this builder. They are quick to make sales and walk away... The houses are cheaply constructed and full of defects. Our home has a large crack in the wall. After months, they still have not installed flashing nor repaired the long punch list of defects.
The Palmero community is a DUMP - garbage everywhere. The dumpsters are overflowing with construction materials blowing into the ponds and gardens. No one, including the supervisors and sales agents, take notice or clean up. It is ABSOLUTELY PITIFUL. The lawn crews do as little as possible, leaving the place unkempt with long grass and gardens areas full of weeds and debris. They run over the garbage, shredding it, and destroy the sprinkler heads.
At this price point, buyers have many options... you can get much better value with other builders.


They really don't care
We have been in our home for just over a year now. We had so many issues and the ones we were unable to fix ourselves remain even after numerous calls. In doing our own repairs we found poor workmanship hidden throughout including dangerous electrical issues making us wonder if they actully have anyone really inspect the homes and how they get by city/ county inspections. Early on we did learn their superintendents talk more than do leaving a trail of false promises.
The confirmation in lack of quality control and so called inspections was recently made clear when we removed our countertops for an upgrade. Behind the cabinets were numerous empty cans, water bottles and even dried up food. Clearly this trash was there from the time of pre drywall inspections and up to installing cabinets and countertops with no one giving a s%#@. We now can only wonder what is hidden in other areas of our home. Our
photos of this shocking find sent to supervisors remain un answered.
If you want a quality home look elsewhere


I agree with every word of your review! Building in Skye Ranch, Sarasota, FL and have experienced the same. I do not understand how Taylor Morrison is still in business.

What area are you building. We are building in Sugar Land Texas and this is the worst builder we’ve ever dealt with.

Tile roof repair
We bought a two year old Lazio model built by Taylor Morrison in 2019 . We love the home , location and the great neighbours . Last week I noticed some of the clay tiles on the Roof were slipping down , upon inspection I noticed the tiles that were loose were tiles that were cut to fit into spaces that a full tile wouldn't and realized that the roofing company didn't put the foam glue to hold them in place ! After phoning a number of people trying to find the right person talk to about the issues , I was passed over to Sandy at Taylor Morrison , to my surprise she was helpful and knowledgeable . Even though the warranty period was over she recognized that the problem was a original installation problem and said that they would fix the issues . Thank You Sandy and Taylor Morisson


Terrible experience
not reliable builder. over rated and over priced builder. below are few things I saw in new home

-windows are sound proof, I can hear people taking on street
-wall thickness, I can here water flushes from dry wall from first floor when I sit that ground floor
-wiring god help us, don't know what/how they installed, my dryer stopped working then I contacted them they said faulty appliance and even after replaced it still not working.. then we found that wiring in the outlet is faulty. overall stupid builder and cashing on this demand of homes.
Terrible experience


Concord, NC
I just purchased a home in the Hunton Forest area. When I moved in there was a gallon of paint that was left just in case we needed to do touch ups. They had to come back to our home, due to the fact that a wall in my bathroom was never painted and apparently had to use the paint that was left for us in the attic. They mistakenly took the paint when they left. The horrible customer service representative from Taylor Morrison (she knows who she is) told me that they would not give me another gallon of paint to replace the one they took. I put in several request to have things done, and all but one was taken care of. I'm so over her and her negative no attitude. You NEED BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Do not buy from these people!!!!!!!
We signed a contract Last March being told that the house prices are going up and to lock in now. Since then I was getting my home ready to sell and move to Florida. I have a disabled husband and the rest of my family to take care of. We were contacted by Their Lender who gave us a pre authorization letter and we started our contract. A month later they started digging into everything with our finances and found some late payments on our Mortgage (during Covid mind you) that were due to my Husaband being Hospitalized with Brain Surgery. I was making the paymenst but fell behind. They then turned us down for our mortgage due to that one mishap. This should be classified as discrimination against an American With Disabilities. They told us they will not give us the mortgage because of that situation. I showed them documents proving why and was honest with them up front but, they chose to scam us! I since went to a lender who said what they did was completely wrong and could be discriminatory. I got approved from them right away. Now we are still waiting for our home to be completed . Only updates we get are when we initiate the contact and dmand information. left hanging, I have since sold my home in Chicago and am without a home in Florida. I was told house should be ready in October or November. We sold our home in September and moved down here. I chose to rent a Air BNB and not sign an apartment lease since it was a short time. Well now it is January and we are still paying for the Air BNB which has cost us thousands of dollars. Thay have pushed us back againg till March and offer no assistance whatsoever! No Communication/No updates NOTHING. We have since made friends with the security gate since we have to keep going there ourselves to find out what is going on.
In the meantime our Lenders are being stalked by their sales office for approval letters on a home they are dragging their feet on and they are pissing off the lender.



Taylor Morris is horrible at fixing all the repairs.
We bought a home at Eastmark Encore in the month of July 2019. We have had to have many repairs done to our house because there was little oversite on the building of our home. Here are a few of the repairs they have had to correct.
1. The dryer vent was installed crooked and encased in the wall where you couldn't hook it up.
2. The granite counter tops are rough and they have still not repair or polished them down.
3. The ceiling are not level and you can see the seems of the drywall and the orange peel finish is lumping up in spots and missing in others. They started the job and stopped and the men are going to coming back for a week and our house is a mess. Why they let their contractors do this is beyond me. Finish the job you started!
4. They didn't put in the R.O. and had to install it when we noticed.
5. The foundation is already cracking and popping up tiles in the kitchen. The cabinets are pulling away from the wall and had to be re-caulked.
6. The screen door was made wrong and they need to replace it.
7. The tiles on the roof should match on our model and they are different colors. The roofers didn't mix them up so we have big areas that are not the same color.
8. You can see the seam in the carpet in our living room and bedroom and it still has not been fixed.
9. There were nails in the drywall that you could see and corners that were damage that have not be corrected yet.
10. The painters missed the corners of the ceiling and the walls with paint. Plus I have seen were they water down their paint. Our neighbors paid to have the two tone paint and it looks horrible.
11. The landscape was done with the bottom of the barrel in plant material. We replaced almost everything in our front yard.
12. There is grout on the base boards they didn't clean off.
13. The veneer on the front of the house is so crooked. We choose not to have it fixed in worries that it might crack the stucco.
13.The fence had to be repaired because it was coming apart and is still crooked.
There is more, but I think this is enough. TM did not stay on their subs to do a good job. They sting you along in hopes that you will give up. I would never buy another home from TM again.


Made the same mistake twice
This is our second home purchase from Taylor Morrison,, and for the second time, we are absolutely dissatisfied with what's happening with our home build (or lack of it I should say). We signed a contract in October 2020, we were told price hikes across the board were just around the corner so we signed to save money. We were told completion around May or June 2021.. They started off fast and I was shocked that the foundation, the roof and electrical were done very quickly,,, so at the time, we felt better that this home build was going a lot smoother than our last. (which was delayed about 4 months because they wanted to build their precious inventory homes first) .. That delay cost us thousands of $$$ out of pocket. Now for the new home,, windows,,, windows, windows... we were told the window order was placed in January 2021 and expected delivery was 2/25/21.. Its is now June 3.2021 and still no windows.. Meanwhile in the section we purchased in, which is the last set of homes in this particular phase of Esplanade , we have seen about 20 homes get windows and are moving right along , some almost to completion and move in. (note, most of these homes were started way after us) So, they can save the Covid19 excuse on getting materials. . Ours just sits there like an abandoned piece of junk. We have contacted corporate, regional sales manager, area construction , and we get the same smoke and mirrors answers. "its the window vendors fault" ... We simply don't buy that BS answer. We signed a contract with TM,, not the incompetent window vendor who cant seem to figure out the meaning of a 3 + month delay on an order,,, obviously they simply don't care,, nor does Taylor Morrison... At this point we would be shocked if we actually moved in before the end of 2021,, and it is with complete and utter disgust that we write this review for this terribly mismanaged , deceitful organization . I kick myself in the rear thinking that they could actually get the job done in a timely fashion.. But the proof is right there for all to see every time I go to the lot and witness this colossal disaster of purchasing a home with them.. Bottom line is they only care about their bottom line,, not their customers,, the ones who actually keep then in business. (otherwise they would have rectified this months ago) . We have lost whatever little confidence we had,, they have lost all credibility with us and most of all we simply do not trust them any longer. So,, buyer beware and hope you have better luck than we are having. BTW , we purchased in Florida, Esplanade 55 + at Highland Ranch, what a joke. .


Same exact story in Esplanade Skye Ranch, Sarasota, FL !

This is the exact same thing that is happening to us. They have cost us tousands with their lack of communication and lies. I sold my home in September and was told we should be closing in November, then told December, then February & Now March. We have been left without a home all this time Renting a Air BNB ( mind you if I knew how long this was going to take I would have signed an apartment lease.) Now We are stuck! I am watching all these other homes being built from the ground up and completed in the meantime. I have my 77 year old mother in law and my disabled husband with me and this is hard for them. We purchased in Bellalago.

I HAVE TO CALL AND SNEAK OVER THERE TO SEE THE PROGRESS ALL THE TIME BECAUSE THEY DO NOT TELL US ANYTHING! NOT AT ALL HAPPY WITH THIS EXPERIENCE. Zero offer for any assistance. You would think at some point they would give you some money off the price of the home you are purchasing.

We are experiencing similar delays as you noted. We’ve seen houses being started after ours and are further along and others have had their framing materials delivered all before ours has been and we signed back in May. This is sad and we’ve lost trust in Taylor Morrison as well. And we have tried on several occasions while we have been waiting for the plumbing to be connected to the foundation to ask for features that weren’t available when we asked doe them abs drop a option all the response is NO. I would tell others to find another builder.

Your timeline and story is same. We have been told every week the windows are coming next week since June 2021! Here is my email you can contact me at [email protected] if you interested fighting this monster as a team. Regards

We purchased our home on 12/23/19 and moved in. First thing we realized the brand new heater was not working in a really cold weather. We had a hard time to get hold of our warranty dept due to holiday since they were closed . I keep leaving massage and there was no respond or emergency line to call in for this situations . We had to wait few days after till finally someone answered our call and asked us to buy heater to keep us worm till they have some one schedule after the new year to fix our heater and they will reimburse us in 30-45 days. Guess what today is Mar 9th we still have not received a Penney . I kept following up and keep hearing the same thing and I will be receiving it. We had so much issue with this brand new home back 2 back asking to repair here and there and just found out our split AC in downstairs bedroom is defected and was not working all this time and completely dead. Two days of 4-6 hours repair work didn't get us anywhere. Their contractor just installing units without trying anything to make sure meet their deadline and make the house ready careless about anything after and builder(Taylor Morrison) of course just selling home asap regardless of having some quality control. This is ridiculous. From day one we had trouble back to back with different issues and now they want to open drywall in downstairs bedroom and open our living room drywall to see what is missing? I cant believe this. They supposed to have a quality control and have everything checked before selling the house and not just throw it to customer's face. We lost two days of work because of their irresponsibility . who is responsible for that? It is unbelievable. Don't recommend to buy anything from this lender until they change their company's core in real and acting it. They need to change from quantity of sale and making more money and more sales to quality of work and customer satisfactions and service because me and you who bought or buying their houses will recommend them or not and people will look at this stuff before making a big purchase like this.
God protect us since just barely got this home over two months ago. We are truly afraid what is going to happen next. Everything being built to not last too long.
I highly recommend everyone to hire an inspector if you purchasing a new home since seems like newer home has more issues what you don't expect at all.
This happened to us for trusting this builder.
I give 0 star but can't get this going without any star.


Unfortunately, it does not matter if you hire a home inspector. I have a 52-page report of their terrible workmanship. Taylor Morrison ignored my report and forced me to close! Now I have to try to get warranty to fix everything, which I know will turn my dark hair gray!

Good advice and sorry for what you had to deal with.

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