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Tech Hero of Central Florida

200 E Robinson St STE 425, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32801-4347

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Tech Hero breached its duty under Quote #*** v1 by failing to complete the tasks explicitly set forth therein, damaging complainant.
William M. L, P.A. files this its complaint against TECH HERO OF CENTRAL FLORIDA, LLC ("Tech Hero") for their breach of duty pursuant to Quote #*** v1 dated August 8, 2017. In support thereof, complainant states:

In or around July, 2017, our firm consulted Tech Hero with regard to designing, implementing and installing a new turn-key computer system for our law office. Our objective was to establish a relationship with a reputable IT company who would design, implement and install our computer setup, provide new software and hardware, including a new server, and in doing so would develop an in-depth understanding of our system for ease of support.

We met with Tech Hero's VP of Sales and Marketing, J. Richard L; their Director of Client Services, Richard G; and their Network Engineer, Christopher F, to discuss our needs in detail. Tech Hero submitted a proposal to, among other things, provide, install and configure new software and hardware, and to "transfer all existing data from our old server to new" (Tech Hero's Quote #*** v1 dated August 8, 2017).

We subsequently hired Tech Hero to perform the above tasks and it was our reasonable expectation that Tech Hero would, in fact, complete the tasks. It was likewise plausible to assume that Tech Hero would document the configurations and be familiar with the new setup they created.

In August, 2018, we again hired Tech Hero to create a new email profile in Outlook. While Tech Hero did create the new email profile, the user experienced ongoing issues, including the inability to send & receive email messages and inability to access shared calendars. We contacted Tech Hero in an attempt to resolve these issues on September 4, September 5, September 6, September 7 and September 11, to no avail.

On September 11, we escalated the issues to Tech Hero's VP of Sales and Marketing who, in a series of emails, acknowledged that the issues stemmed from "poor documentation" - that one of their former employees "did not fully document...our email setup" and as a result, he conceded, their techs "did not fully understand our setup".

Despite the fact that Tech Hero provided, installed and configured our setup, and even though they recognized that their former employee had failed to perform his duty to document our configuration, Tech Hero refused to now document our email setup and configuration without receiving additional fees.

On October 5, we hired a Microsoft Network Specialist to perform a network audit and it was discovered that approximately 100GB of our data had not, in fact, been transferred from our old server to our new server, which task was explicitly set forth in Tech Hero's Quote #*** v1 dated August 8, 2017, as well as Tech Hero's Invoice #*** dated August 17, 2017, copies of which are attached hereto. It was determined that the ongoing email issues stemmed from the data - in specific, our mailboxes - being stored on the old server.

A review of Tech Hero's block report also revealed that their techs deducted several units of our "blocktime" to troubleshoot/repair Outlook/Exchange issues, which were a direct result of the data not being transferred.

At this present time, the exact amount of damages is unknown. We have had to expend more than $1,800.00 to have 100GB of data transferred from our old server to the new server. A complete audit of damages is ongoing; however, William M. L, P.A. is willing to accept payment of $1,800.00 as full and complete settlement of all debts emanating from this action.

Desired Outcome

Refund in the sum of $1,800.00 for fees paid to transfer 100GB of data from the old server to our new server, which task was to be completed by Tech Hero.

Tech Hero of Central Florida Response • Nov 12, 2018

Back in August of 2017 William L P.A. purchased a new server and computers from Tech Hero. The project was successfully completed in September of 2017. We physically installed the new server and workstations and moved existing data from the old server to the new. An adjustment to the project was made were we would keep the existing server as a backup/secondary server, Audrey *** was made aware of this and approved the suggestion. She was also aware that data would still reside on the old server. Attached is an email chain that reflects correspondence of putting a remote backup service on both servers to back-up data which resided on both servers. Audrey ***, who is the office manager at William L and manages their IT, confirmed the successful completion of this project. She even approved the cutting of checks for the second half of payment for the server and workstations as we provided a half down half due at completion to ensure the customer was happy.

As I have explained to Mrs. multiple times Tech Hero does NOT manage their IT. Mrs. on various occasions decided to decline our managed service offerings which provides an ongoing support relationship and documentation for their office. She has opted to go with a break/fix "as needed" relationship where she only calls us when she needs something fixed. Because of this we have limited documentation that relates to William L P.A.. There was no scope of work in this project that included complete documentation to support this client. The documentation that was created over a year ago was for internal purposes only, it was not created to provide ongoing support for this customer as that service was declined. In addition, because of this type of relationship Tech Hero is unaware of any changes that take place to William Linemen's IT. Mrs. has also made references on multiple occasions over this past year that her husband, who works in IT, has worked on their server.

Tech Hero has gone above and beyond to make this customer happy, as they are a resident in our office building. We have even generously provided substantial price breaks on hardware, software, and service to help meet their budget. Lastly, in regards to the blocktime in mention, this was used to fix any break/fix issues that William L had, none of which stemmed from the installation and configuration of this server over a year ago.

Customer Response • Nov 12, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We appreciate Tech Hero's response, but it does not change the fact that we hired and paid them to transfer *ALLdata from our old server to our new server and their failure to do so resulted in additional expenses to our office. Their quote for services explicitly states that "all" data - not some data - would be transferred, and yet they did not complete that task. During that time, Tech Hero was our only IT support and there was no way for our staff, comprised of attorneys, paralegals and admin, to know better than to assume that Tech Hero completed the task for which they were hired.

The email thread attached to their response only serves to further support the notion we had which was that the old server was used only "as a backup to the new." Our position has not changed. Moreover, whether or not the old server served as a backup has little to do with whether or not the data from the old server was transferred. It was not a supplement to the new server, it was a backup, meaning what was on the new machine should be on the old machine and vice versa; however, we later learned that was not the case.

Finally, our office manager's husband does not work in IT and assisted our office with resolving an Outlook issue which Tech Hero, the professional IT company, was unable to resolve. No one, with the exception of the Microsoft Network Specialist we hired in October, has worked on, assisted with, or modified our new server nor our old server in any way. That point is moot.

Tech Hero of Central Florida Response • Nov 29, 2018

As previously stated and per our internal tickets all the files and data that the customer wanted us to transfer was moved to the new server. We do not know what data the customer is referring to. If the data was not moved, as per William L P.A., we were never notified prior to this complaint nor given the opportunity to remedy the situation, which we would have done even a year later!

In regards to their resolution. Tech Hero originally quoted William L P.A., per estimate 3568, $1,080.00 to build and install a new server, and to move the data.

Finally I would like to finish by saying that since 2008 Tech Hero has an outstanding reputation with its clients. We have also been a long time member of the and have maintained an excellent score and relationship throughout the years with zero complaints.

Customer Response • Nov 30, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

How can we be more clear? You quoted our office - and we paid your firm - to transfer "all data" (a direct quote from your estimate and invoice), yet "all" of the data was not transferred. Emphasis on the word "all". There is simply no other way around it. The data (as I indicated before, our mailboxes) were not transferred from our old server to our new server. You are lying when you say we did not contact you about it. My October 24 email and your response is attached.

At this point, there is nothing more to say. I hope others will view our Complaint and take pause before hiring Tech Hero based on our experience; not only did you not fulfill your obligations and defraud our company, but you refused to provide any remedy whatsoever for your error.

At the end of the day, we paid your firm over $22,000.00 and here you are refusing to compensate us for damages you caused us. Good on you, Richard. Way to represent your company.

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