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We would like it resolved in a timely matterWe would love if we could get the gas line dug and the meter moved instead of being held up with no explanationWe are a family of and this is the only thing holding us up from moving into our new home

Mr*** applied for gas service over the phone 3/21/at approximately 2:PM. We were unable to verify Mr*** identify so we advised him to stop at one of our offices with the required documentation or fax that information to us. The phone representative who took
the phone call generated a followup letter to send to the customer advising him of, in writing, what he needed to provide in order to start gas service. Mr***' documentation was received around 4:PM on 3/21/16 and his unlock order was released. The unlock order was worked on 3/22/at 10:AM which started gas service in Mr***' name. Since we are unable to cancel a letter once it is created, Mr*** received the letter requesting documentation after he had already provided the information to us and after his gas service was already started. We contacted Mr*** regarding the timing of the letter and advised him that he did not need to provide us with any additional information. Mr*** did not have any additional concerns at this time

The company has left messages for the customer, however he has not yet returned the calls. Due to the customer's concern that he was provided incorrect information at the time of service disconnection the reconnect fee has been removed from his account. An investigation was
initiated to investigate his claims. If we do not receive a return phone call by end of business on Friday, June 1, a letter will be sent to the customer to advise the fee was removed. Vicky H*** Senior Manager National Fuel

The company has left messages for the customer, however he has not yet returned the calls. Due to the customer's concern that he was provided incorrect information at the time of service disconnection the reconnect fee has been removed from his account. An investigation was
initiated to investigate his claims. If we do not receive a return phone call by end of business on Friday, June 1, a letter will be sent to the customer to advise the fee was removed. Vicky H*** Senior Manager National Fuel

We contacted the Operation's foreman for this area and was advised the work will begin in approximately daysOur Quality Assurance department called the customer and left a messageBecause the customer is in the process of selling her home a letter will be sent stating this information so that
she can share it with prospective buyers

Good morning, A National Fuel representative met with Mr. *** and a representative for the City of Buffalo National Fuel's contractor plans to have the road cut on S Elmwood Ave near Carey St repaired by either the end of this week (9/16/16) or next week
(9/23/16). Sincerely, National Fuel

Good afternoon, National Fuel has been in contact with Mr*** a number of times since we first received the case. We sent a camera into the sewer line earlier today (8/31/17) and did find a small crack in the sewer line. The sewer line was repaired this morning
and the customer was on-site when the repairs were started. Sincerely, National Fuel Customer Service

After a review of this account we spoke to Mr***. The customer stated he made a note on his April bill and mailed it to the payment PO BOX with no payment enclosed. Upon receiving the stub portion it was returned to him for no payment enclosed on May 2, 2015. We explained the
difference in the place to send a payment and correspondence or to call our toll free number to finalize this account. We have no record that he telephoned our office. Mr*** was not happy with our response, however we did offer to take off $(May - June net bill $26.14, June - July $(account finaled at as of July and $in associated late payment charges). Mr*** was not satisfied with our response, advised he will not pay and will use electric heat going forward. The balance due on the account is $

Good morning, National Fuel contacted Ms*** on 9/15/so that we could explain why the adjustment was made to her account and to work out an agreement to resolve this issue. The adjustment was made in compliance with the Home Energy Fair Practices Act (HEFPA) to bill Ms
*** for natural gas that she used while living here. We offered Ms*** a partial credit towards her final bill and the option to enter into a final bill agreement for the remaining balance. Ms*** said that she would call us back however we have not heard back from her as of the close of business on 9/26/16. Sincerely, National Fuel Consumer Business

Good morning, National Fuel was able to reschedule Ms***'s order to 11/8/17. A service person arrived just before PM on 11/8/to turn on the service however the customer's houseline failed the air test, indicating a leak in her home's gas lines, so we were unable to turn her
gas service on until the houseline leak(s) were repaired. We attempted to initiate her gas service on 11/16/at approximately 3:25 PM however the order notes indicated that the customer was not ready for gas (e.ghouseline leak(s) not yet repaired). We contacted MsJohnson today (11/20/17) at 10:AM and we were told that the houseline repairs have been made. We have scheduled another service appointment for Wednesday, 11/22/to initiate her gas service. Sincerely, National Fuel Customer Service

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards, *** ***

We tried on several occasions to get in touch with *** however he never returned our phone call. On 10/the customers girlfriend *(the only person that calls on this account) called and stated she was the one who called the We advised her to have the cusomter
of record call us to discuss this account. To date he still has not contacted our office; however it appears tat on 10/2 $was paid to reconnect the gas account * had the gas on at this address prior to *** White and owes a past debt. It is our belief that *** does not live here however has the service on for ***. The gas service was restored on Saturday 10/3/

Good morning,We spoke to Mrs*** on 5/8/17 and advised her that we would take her account out of the disconnection cycle at this time since they do make regular payments on their account. We also advised her that if the full balance was not paid by the time that her next
bill is generated, they would receive a new disconnection notice. Mrs*** indicated that she plans to make a payment on Thursday (5/11/17). Sincerely, National Fuel Customer Service

Our Quality Assurance representative contacted Ms*** and advised her rebate has been approved. The rebated is being processed and she can expect to receive her rebate check soon. Thank you,Vicky H***

Customer Name: *** ***RBA: *** This customer has previously contacted the PSC on 8/in regards to her service being terminated on 8/It appears the customer was given incorrect information when she previously called the office on 7/The representative she spoke to on that
date advised her she could pay the defaulted amount on her minimum payment arrangement ($194.77) before 8/(termination date on shut off notice)The account was billing that same day on 7/10, so to stop collections the customer needed to pay $defaulted amount + $current amnt = $The customer made a payment of $that posted to the account on 7/but this payment did not end the collections as she was told it would. I issued a reconnection order on 8/at 10:15amIt was initially attempted at 11:08am but was missedThe order was reissued that afternoon and was completed that day by 2:24pmI did request for the recon fee to be waivedI tried to call the customer when the PSC case initially came in 8/at 9:01am but there was no answer and I left a voicemailI just tried to reach her again this morning (8/14) and did not reach her and left another voicemail At this point the issue has already been resolved and the gas is back onThe minimum arrangement has been reinstatedI will continue to try to reach her to make sure her concerns have been addressed

Good morning, Ms***'s service was restored on 10/18/at approximately 10:AM. National Fuel does not currently offer a texting option for our call-ahead proceduresSincerely, National Fuel Customer Service

Our Quality Assurance representativeDana, spoke
to Mr*** today and provided him an estimate for the cost for the mainline extension and the service line he has requestedThe estimate is $for the Mainline and $for the service line. Mr*** stated he was aware there was a cost involved, but he previously wasn't told of the amount he needed to payHe was advised a shop bill will be sent to him within the next few daystMr*** requested the bill either be faxed to him at ###-###-#### or emailed to *** . Once Mr*** pays the bill the process to install the service will be initiated. Mr*** has the contact information for Dana, who will be available to assist him with the process

Yes my gas, payment arrangementThey refereed me to places that I don't qualify for, because I don't receive public assistance or ssi

We spoke to Mr*** on November 5, and advised him that we credited his account for the May - September charges in an effort to resolve his complaint made through the Mr*** still has a balance on the account since he has made only one payment on the account. The April payment satisfied the Standard Agreement down payment amount which was enough to stop collections on the account. Mr*** was also advised that since the gas meter for this account provides service to more than one residential unit (apartment), the account must be in the name of the owner under NY's Shared Meter Law. Mr***'s tenants benefited from the natural gas service and he is responsible for those bills. Mr*** was billed every month and he made no mention that he wanted to end service until 8/14/13. National Fuel has offered Mr*** the option to enter into a Final Bill agreement for the remaining balance on his account at which point we would remove the record from the collection agency. To date, Mr*** has not accepted our offer. There will be no additional bill credits applied to Mr***'s account as the gas was used by Mr***'s tentants Mr*** received a monthly bill for these charges. Mr*** still has the option to enter into a Final Bill agreement with National Fuel. He also has the option to enter into a payment agreement directly with the collection agency.

Good afternoon,On 1/14/16, our company records show that the service at *** *** *** *** ** *** was established in the customer’s name with a company reading of ***On 4/25/16, our company records show that the service at *** *** *** *** ** *** was finalized with a company meter
reading of ***A final bill for $due 5/17/This bill included the current month charges of $for service from 4/13/to 4/25/16, and the prior balance of $126.05. On 8/5/16, the final bill balance of $remained unpaid and was released to a collection agency. On 10/27/17, a payment of $posted to the account which brought the account balance to $0.00. On 4/4/18, the customer contacted our office to state that she receive a call from a collection agency regarding the balance of $payment that she made to this account on 10/27/The company representative confirmed that the payment of $was received on 10/27/The company representative explained that the collection agency call was made in error and that our credit and collections department would be notified of the issueThe customer requested a letter stating the balance has been paid in full. Please see attached file for the letter sent to the customer indicating that the account is paid in full. On 4/4/18, our credit and collections department received a balance check from the collection agency that contacted ***The collection agency was notified that the customer’s debt balance of $was paid in full. On 4/5/18, our credit and collections department mailed *** *** a paid in full letter stating that the balance of $was received on 10/27/The letter also confirmed that the collection agency has been notified that the balance has been paid in full and to have her credit report updated to reflect the balance has been paid as wellI have attached a copy of the letter that was mailed to the customerSincerely, National Fuel Customer Service

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