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Texas Roadhouse

6040 Dutchman's Lane, Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40205

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On 6.27.2020 I placed a to go order onine for a house salad with 2 french dressings, a grilled chix salad with 2 honey mustard dressings, a side of fries, an order of boneless wings, and a 6 oz filet with potatoe and house salad with 2 french dressings. My order was placed at 630 pm to pick order up at 650pm. my order came to $49.54 plus gave tip of $7.43. My web order number is ***. Upon arriving home, they didn't put my wings in the bag, (my son didn't have any food), only 1 dressing per salad, the food was cold, and the steak dinner had a rotten potatoe. I only live 2.43 miles from the store. Anyways, I called and spoke with a manager named '***" and all he offered was to send me a free coupon. I told him no that he could give me my money back for the wings as I didnt get them he asked me to drive back to the store to get them I said no. He staed that he would put in for a refund and it would take 7 to 14 business days and call back if I don't get my money back and hung up. First of all the food should have been checked before handing it to me, secondly the manager was rude, lastly I worked for this exact store as a manager and the meal could have been adjusted while I was on the phone. (Meal comp). I am very upset I even gave the staff a 7.43 tip to NOT TO THIER JOBTexas Roadhouse location:

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jun 30, 2020

To, Spoke to *** on 6/30/20 over the phone. She was able to inform me of the issues concerning her togo order. I was able to refund her money and speak to her about how we can become better at resolving future problems similar to hers. Sincerely, ***Managing PartnerTexas Roadhouse

Customer Response • Jul 01, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.



I accept the response however, the meal was $56.97 and I have only been issued a credit of $8.99 as of June 1 2020

On Sunday, June 21st, I placed a pick up order at 418 pm CT to be picked up at 5:10 pm CT at the *** TX Texas Roadhouse. Upon arrival to the pick up order, there was a large group of people waiting. I was told the kitchen was behind but no time estimate was given. At around 5:45 PM CT I decided to check on my food again and went inside their small office. (there were numerous bags waiting to be distributed), my bag of food was not one of them .
Furthermore, my food was brought out after 40 minutes of waiting, 5:50 PM CT is when I received my order. My food was brought from the back, so naturally I assumed it was just cooked. Upon arrival to my home (6 minutes later), the food was incredibly cold. I was missing food items that I had paid for. I felt robbed! Late food, missing items, ice cold ? Next day (6/22/2020), I called the corporate office to fie a complaint. They assured me someone would call me from the restaurant I visited. I did not hear back so I called again, Tuesday 6/23/2020, NOW they said someone would call 48-72 hours from Monday. Today 6/26/2020, way past the 72 hours, I have not heard from a single soul. I am beyond dissapointed and feel like I have been robbed from Texas Roadhouse. I would like a full refund for the missing items and the ice cold food I received 40 minutes late on Sunday 6/21/2020. Further, I will not be visiting Texas Roadhouse ever again

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jul 20, 2020

was issued a $40 dinner voucher to return and a full refund per the store notes.

Ordered and paid for food online and went to restaurant at the time given. Waited an hour and never got food or refund. Called restaurant several times and know answer. Finally was told “food will be out shortly”. 30 minutes later still no food or refund. Was told next day refund would be issued by ***. 3 days later still no refund and no return call from *** or managing partner after calling daily. Staff now thinks it’s a joke and hangs up when I call and *** refuses to get on the phone.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jul 23, 2020

The managing Partner has processed a refund for this guest. This concern can be resolved on your end.Thank you so much

This is for the Manchester, CT location. The General Manager Ernie refuses to address this issue and is ignoring me.

I ordered take-out on 5/30/20. When I got home I found that my hamburger and fries was missing.

I called the restaurant and they said that the general manager would get back to me about it. 5 days later he never did, so I called again and they said he would get back to me. 3 days later still no contact by him.

I paid for an item that was never given. Their business practices are questionable as they know they are charging customers and then not giving them what they paid for.

I want a credit back to my credit card, not a coupon off my next visit, that is why I called and was told I need to speak to a manager.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jul 17, 2020

Good Afternoon,It looks like the store emailed this guest asking for their Credit Card information so they could process a refund. The store resolved the concern on their end.

Customer Response • Jul 18, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


On 5.10, mother's day, I ordered 2 salmon dinners for *** and I. After calling back repeatedly to find out how long it would take for our food to be ready, and unable to get an answer, I went on to the restaurant. Once I returned home from picking up my food, I realized I was missing my chili, and the salmon was extremely hard. I again called to the restaurant repeatedly, only to again, get no answer. I then sent an email. After no answer to my email, about a week later I sent another email. After no answer to either email, on 5.20 I contacted corporate office and spoke with someone named ***. *** was extremely helpful and friendly and told me that this location is owned by a company called *** and provided me with their telephone number of ***. I then called *** and left a voice message and have yet to receive any response. At this point it has been almost a month. I initially requested that our meals be replaced but now would like a refund of $36.76.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jun 04, 2020

Good Afternoon,The Managing Partner Matt called me and said he is reaching out to this guest and will refund her in full .Thank you

Customer Response • Jun 08, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me & was what I requested. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


I visited my local Texas Roadhouse Store on May 24,2020 to pickup a telephone order. I placed my order at around 6:45pm and went to pick it up at at around 7:25pm as I was given a 20 minutes to 40 minute window for pickup. I placed my order and went for pickup. My order was messed up and I asked for my tenders to actually be tenders instead of the nuggets they gave me. They corrected this however forgot to give me the drink for my kids meal. He forgot to give it to me twice. I asked for A1 and while they gave it to me, they had thrown it in the bag with no lid and sauce was everywhere. I finally got home and noticed that they did not give me my side order of green beans. I called the store and asked to speak with a manager who laughed and thought what I said was a joke. He asked for my email address and said he would send me something to make it ok and proceeded to laugh and not care. Well I am a chef and this is totally unacceptable service from anyone. Needless to say, I never got anything in the mail and I feel cheated by this store and will never go to Texas Roadhouse again! I want my money back as I did not even get my food that I ordered. I was treated poorly and cannot believe how these people behave. This Industry should be better than this. Will cook at home from now on.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jun 17, 2020

Good Afternoon,

This concern can be closed out on your end. This guest was contacted by the manager at the (SAN ANTONIO-NW,TX) location. Per the store, this guest was refunded and also given a dinner for two to return to this location.

I purchased a meal with a half of dozen rolls. My roll had a bug on the bottom of it smooshed in as if it was baked in it. I went to the restaurant to complain and all I asked was for a refund for the rolls and not my entire order. They said they could not give me a refund because it was the next day. Even the manager said she has never heard of them not being able to give me a refund because it was the next day. They offered me a voucher, but if you found a bug in your food you would not want to eat at that establishment again. I have a video of the bug in my roll if needed.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jun 02, 2020

Good Afternoon ,I hope you are doing well also.

This concern can be closed out on your end. The manager *** emailed us and said :05-04-2020 06:40:42 PM*** called and spoke with the guest. Refund was sent through self service IT portal on 5/4 @ 5:36pmThank you so much

Customer Response • Jun 02, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


For Lake City, FL location. Placed a order on March 27th for a 5:15pm pickup. Got there at 5:15pm waited till 6:15pm till I told them to cancel the order as I couldn't wait any longer. Food was never received. Called the manager on Wednesday the 1st of April to confirm I would get my refund. Told since it was online paid she had to submit to corporate to get refund, so she said she submitted. Also submitted a refund request through web complaint form on 6th of April. Still haven't received refund.

Customer Response • Apr 27, 2020

Company resolved the issue to the complaint.

I contacted Texas Roadhouse twice about this via their website form and they are refusing to respond. This issue was at the Manchester, CT location.

I ordered a double side of fries with my fish & chips and they only gave me one side of fries. I did not notice this until I got back home.

Also the fish in the fish & chips was undercooked. I get this order all the time and it was different than before. You could tell by looking at it that it was undercooked, it had a white pale color.

I paid for a side of fries and did not receive them

Texas Roadhouse Response • Mar 05, 2020

Good Afternoon ,

This guest is a frequent caller. He was issued a $30 dinner pass and an apology . The managing partner has also called this guest 3 times and had not been able to reach him.

This concern can be closed on your end.

Thank you so much

Customer Response • Mar 05, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.



I have never called the business, I contacted them via their website form. I have no missed calls from them at all. My phone is ***.

I'm extremely upset. I did call ahead seating because *** is severely ***, any time they accommodate ***s needs this time not so much. I called to get the call ahead seating she told me 40 minutes, no problem I informed her when we get there we'd need to be seated *** does not do well in small spaces with lots of people. She laughed and said it doesn't work that way, that there's still a wait and he can always wait in the car. To what may not seem like a big deal to you or to someone else is a big deal to me when it comes to ***. *** does fine in a booth while he can play on his tablet as far as waiting it's hard for him and he starts to stimulate and it'll pretty much happen all night. To be laughed at when I inform the woman answering the phone of ***s condition is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! So I went a 740, she said 20 minutes ended up not going in til 815. *** is 4 and toddlers are already impatient then you add autism and stimulation to the picture makes things really hard. He ate off my plate bc he was so upset from all the waiting. I feel that *** with *** should be accommodated for like any other time we've been to Roadhouse we don't go often but the times we do we never have a bad experience. I will say this, never again. After being laughed at I'm just over the whole place. Like I said to most people this doesn't seem like a big deal, but to me a mother to a son who is already limited on the places he can go and he actually loves Roadhouse for the peanuts and we share a steak. Just makes me sad for him. I would love for *** not to be *** but this is just how the cards were dealt and to be treated that way was obserd. To be told "well he can wait in the car" after laughing is absolutely unacceptable and if it didn't already tell *** that's where we were going I would've went somewhere else.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Mar 16, 2020

The Managing Partner *** has reached out to this guest and invited her back with a dinner on the house. Will you please close this out on your end? Thank you so much

I placed an online order at the AVON, Indiana Texas Roadhouse.I ordered online and my confirmation email stated our order would be ready at 5:25. My husband was there at 5:18 and signed in to picked up our order. ***, the girl working the take out counter, stated it would be a few minutes. A few minutes turned into 30 minutes. Many customers came in and was given their orders while he waited. The kitchen staff was the one who discovered our order just sitting there. *** offered no apology, didn't take ownership of her mistake, or offer anything for his extra wait. Our food was COLD. All *** was concerned with was my husband's signature on the receipt. Due to waiting and our order being prepaid online, my husband left with our COLD order. We will not be returning. It is my opinion, that *** needs to learn better customer service skills. It only takes one terrible experience to lose good customers

Texas Roadhouse Response • Feb 05, 2020

Good Afternoon,

This can be closed out on your end. Below is the resolution from the Avon, IN store:

Good morning ***,

I left a message for her to call me and she responded via text that she was not in a place to return my phone call yet. She sent me the copies of her pick up order confirmation. I will *** out to her again later today.

I will offer her dinner for twos etc. that are equal to or more than the value of her visit. I will offer her an apology and now she has my cell phone number just in case.

*** L. ***
Local Store Marketing/Admin
Texas Roadhouse
Avon, IN

Customer Response • Feb 07, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


I ordered a meal to go at Texas Roadhouse and when I got home I noticed it was incomplete and part of my meal was missing. I have already contacted the company regarding this issue to the actual location and filled out a form online as they requested to their corporate office. I have not heard back from either and I want a full refund for the disregard to my complaints, the horrible customer service, and for not fulfilling my order. Every time we order from this place its always wrong. We usually catch the mistake before we leave, but this last time we didn't catch it. We shouldn't have to be doing the jobs of the people who work there, especially when we are paying them for our food. Its ridiculous. Our order came to 31.94 dollars with tip and I want a full refund for the above mentioned reasons and this horrible inconvenience.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Oct 09, 2019

Good Afternoon , This has been resolved on our end. The managing partner called this guest and came to a resolution ($30 dinner on the house). This guest gladly accepted and is now happy to return. Can you please close this on your end? Thank you

Customer Response • Oct 09, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


On Sunday 9/8/2019 I placed a to go order with Texas Roadhouse located at ***. When I got home I noticed something wrong with my order...I was missing the ribs and my steak was over cooked. I spoke with the Manager by phone (***) - he apologized and sent me an email gift card for $30. However after I got off the phone...I found another problem. I decided to mix the cooked onions and mushrooms with my mashed taters so I still had something to eat....and I almost choked to death on a foreign object in the food....that was clearly not food! I took a picture of this object and sent it via email to he managers *** and ***...but they did not respond!

Texas Roadhouse Response • Sep 17, 2019

This guest has been called by the manager and is or has been given a refund.

Customer Response • Sep 17, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


I took my family out to eat at Texas Roadhouse in Prescott, AZ on 6-27-2019. We arrived around 4:00 PM in the afternoon and placed our order with the server. There was a bucket of peanuts on the table along with an empty bucket that was for disposing of the shells. There was a huge clump of spit/mucus in the bottom of the empty bucket. GROSS!
We ordered three of the early dinner 6 ounce Sirloin Steak Dinners and my wife and son ordered two of the Legendary Margaritas. When the food arrived, the steak fries were cold to the touch and had a hard center, the steaks were just OK. My wife ordered her steak smothered (with mushrooms) and there were a total of 4-5 small mushrooms and no gravy. They charged us $2.00 for five small mushrooms and no gravy. The two margaritas we ordered had absolutely no alcohol in them! We were cheated on the drinks, steak fries, and mushrooms. I did leave several negative reviews online and I reached out to their corporate office but no one from corporate contacted us. The store did contact us to apologize for the terrible experience and they offered to "take care of us" if we returned to this location. It cost three of us $57.00 to have a miserable experience and all they offered was a $15 gift certificate to feed the three of us if we returned. In our opinion we were taken advantage, we had to endure a miserable meal and also had to pay for the meal adding insult to injury. The couple sitting directly in front of us had a large clump of spit in their bucket too but their server was kind enough to replace it with a clean container. Ours didn't.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jul 08, 2019

Good morning , This guest has been called by the Market Partner and has been resolved. Thank you so much

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

A person from Texas Road House did reach out to me last week. The person I spoke with apologized for our experience and offered to send us a gift card too. We have not received anything from Texas Road House. We are still out $57.00 for a terrible meal/experience at this business.


I have gone for lunch here (DIxie Hwy., Louisville, Ky) on Friday for the past 4 weeks, and several other occasions. Two of the last 4 visits the steak has been severely under cooked (I like it Rare +), so under-cooking this is RAW. The first time no big deal - I said if this is rare +, then give it to me medium was properly cooked. Today, I tell the waitress of my previous experience and ask for the steak to be medium rare. It came out BLUE RAW again. They re-fired this steak to virtually shoe leather. I could not eat it. So two times in the last 4 weeks I have had a poorly cooked steak, This is unacceptable and I I hate it, because I enjoy dining here with my work peeps and HATE to send food back...not in my norm, but I cannot eat RAW meat. To top it all off, "Amber" at the hostess station was less than customer service minded when I arrived (left me standing there while having a lengthy conversation with someone), and then same "Amber" somehow brought me my re-fired steak (she was not my waitress), and was seriously rude about it - as if tapping her feet while waiting to see my response - which was dissatisfaction!! This person should be removed from customer facing activity - she doesn't have the demeanor for it. My visit was Friday 5/17/19 around noon table 227/1. My waitress was a sweetheart though. This store owes me two lunches for all the trouble.

Texas Roadhouse Response • May 20, 2019

We are sorry you didn't enjoy your visit with us. We'd like the chance to learn more, please give our Guest Relations team a call at 1-877-426-3672.

I Purchased a 10 oz prime rib on 4/21/19. The prime rib was not edible. It broke the plastic Utensils, it was that tough. I called the restaurant mgr. *** Took my info and said he would send me a comp coupon to my email. I thought since it was coming to my email and not through the USPS that it would be in my email by Monday, it was not. I called Monday spoke with mgr. ***, told her the situation again, she said she didn’t see my info written down on the book told me to call back on Tues. to talk with mgr. *** again. I called Tues. asked to speak to the mgr, was on hold for what seemed like 10 min. I hung up and called back and chose a different selection and someone named *** said she was a mgr. too, took my info again, said if I didn’t get the comp coupon in the email to call back up to the Restaurant again. I called back up to the restaurant on Wednesday selected option three and the phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing four minutes. I hung up and chose the go option which is how I ordered the prime rib dinner on Sun. and it kept ringing, ringing, ringing and eventually went back to the main menu. I had someone else call up to the restaurant to see if they were open or what was going on and that person said that they picked up immediately. I realize then that they had no intention on resolving this issue with the complementary coupon so I drove up to the restaurant with the prime rib which I had saved because again it was not edible and my receipt and asked for a refund manager *** said she couldn’t give a refund because she was not authorized to give one, I asked who the proprietor was, she said his name was ***, he would be in Fri. @ 11am. I called Fri. @ 11:30 AM, the phone did as it did on Wed. kept ringing, ringing, and ringing then went back to the main menu, so once again they were avoiding my phone call. I have given them 6 opportunities to resolve this issue. I just want a refund. They can have the prime rib.

Texas Roadhouse Response • May 29, 2019

per business This has been resolved .

and I went to eat at texas roadhouse saturday april 6 2019 at 7:02 pm my server was *** and I sat at table 65/1 . *** an I was about to eat our food when I cut into my steak an a long string of hair was found in my food so I call my server over to the table whisch is *** an show her the piece of hair she immediately removed the plate of food from table an tokk it back to the kitchen but I also ordered a add on of shrim which I had eaten one shrimp but after my plate had hair on it I completely stop eating , now during the time which my foid was remove from table no management came to table to apologize an when my food return to table I still was not given my complete meal I also ordered a side of shrimp which I stop eating an were cold by the time I received my food an *** was also done eating . So when I look at my ticket they still charge me for the steak meal with hair I had to go find the manager an the only thing he did was take my meal off never address the hair in my food or anything if I had to come find you and address the situation to you that terrible customer service an I think I should get a refund I never want to eat at this establishment again I just want a refund.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Apr 16, 2019


This can be closed out on your end. The store notes are below :


Store Notes•04-12-2019 04:30:27 PM

4d ago

I spoke with *** and apologized for his visit. I invited him back with 2 "Dinner for Two's" worth up to $40 each. Guest was more than happy to accept.

Thank you for the courtesy reminder

Took my girlfriend for a birthday dinner and our order was wrong. Steak were not cooked to satisfaction. After we notified bartender of our concern nothing was offered for a solution like recook the steaks.We did not eat meal and ask for refund and was declined. I then reached out to owner *** via phone the next day to share our dissatisfaction. We was kind and said she would credit our card. When I saw that didn’t happened I reached out to *** again and she acted like we never talked. She then said she would send a voucher in the mail. That never happened. I tried reaching out to her again via phone and email and have not heard back. It’s been 2 months. She did not follow through on her promise to solve this and is now ignoring me.

Texas Roadhouse Response • Apr 05, 2019


The store reached out to me and this is what they said. Please read below :

Hi ***,

I replied to our guest on 2/18/2018 about 24 hours after his visit. He ate at the bar top and his steaks were recooked (per *** the bartender that waited on them). *** said they said everything was fine when they were there. His complaint called the recooks unacceptable. I wrote back to him and apologized that he did not have a Legendary visit. I had some difficulty finding his guest check. He did not provide it on the complaint and goes by two names (***/***) and our bartender heard '***' when he opened the check for them. We played phone tag but finally found the check through the last four digits on connected payments. After I found it and talked to the Manager and Staff, I sent him two free appetizers with my apologies again. I used the address that came over on the original complaint but he never included his apartment #. The mail was returned to the restaurant and the original returned mail was unopened and included in that envelope with his address and apartment number.

This guest has been very threatening to me and he claims I said I would refund his credit card (?) which I cannot do and have never or will ever say. The whole process took approximately two weeks even though I worked on it from outside the country on Spring Break.

I have handwritten notes and emails to document if needed.

Thank you!


Thank you

I arrived at Texas roadhouse March 14, 2019 at about 9:15pm. Party was seated immediately, we also ordered immediately. We waited over 45 minutes for our food to be served, by that time my children were restless and had fallen asleep so we just asked for to go boxes. after arriving at home, and sitting down to eat the dinner I had just purchased, I noticed that BOTH meals I had ordered the meat was completely pink on the inside. Meanong it was not done at all. I asked for my food to be cooked medium well and when I went to cut into my steak it has started bleeding. Eww, gross!! I contacted the establishment immediately and the employees just picked up the phone and hung right up. I sure it was because they were getting ready to close! Im completly upset, I spent well over $50 and did not even get to enjoy my meals at all, because they were not cooked!! That is a health hazard, my family could have gotten extremely sick!!!

Texas Roadhouse Response • Apr 09, 2019

I spoke to this guest already.

Thank you

This complaint is against the Shilo, location in Ill. It does no good to contact their corporate office. As I filed a complaint with their corporate office and as if today nothing has been resolved. In fact I called back and the lady in guest relation was as awful as the manager in Shilo. They should have an F for their ratings. On top of being prejudiced towards their customers

Texas Roadhouse Response • Jul 01, 2019

Good Afternoon ,
We would like to discuss your recent visit with us and would like the chance to learn more, please give our Guest Relations team a call at 1-877-426-3672.

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