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The Organizer Fiduciary Services

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ORGANIZER2, A BONCH OF FAKE Arrogant [redacted]...
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I disagree with many of the statements made by the owner of this business.  First of all, she had no contact with me until Oct 28, 2013 which was the first time she ever met me.  On that day, she first tried to get me to sign paperwork without even explaining how things would work.  After my friend and I asked more questions, I finally did sign the forms.  She said she would mail me copies of everything I signed, but she never did.  She did not explain how she would be paid and failed to keep me informed of how much money I had, what she was charging me, and how she was using my money.  She signed on attorneys for me that I had never met and she, herself, only saw me for two brief visits after that initial meeting last October.  One of these visits was unannounced and I was sleeping when she came!  Other than these brief visits, during which she never brought me any bank statements even though my friend and I had asked her to, she never communicated directly with me at all! 
For one appointment she scheduled (through my friend whom she now states she was not even supposed to be talking to) she never showed up or even called me to let me know she was not coming.  Though she says my friend "was not willing to take responsibility, it was, in fact, the power of attorney's responsibility to keep in touch with me-or at least return my attempts to reach her!  My friend was simply helping me connect with what we both hoped would be a 'responsible party' to handle my finances as I requested.  My friend never intended to handle my finances-and certainly never "took over" my bank account as this business owner erroneously states! She has never touched my bank account and made it clear from the beginning that she did not intend to touch my money- this was the reason this business was hired in the first place!  She is also incorrect in stating that she was referred by the [redacted], as it was my friend who made contact with her office and arranged my meeting with her.
In addition, I disagree with her statements about my health.  From the first time this power of attorney met with me, I was able to talk.  Since then, I have continued to improve and am now able to sign my own checks, speak normally, and in fact, I talk on the telephone daily.  There is no reason she could not have communicated with me directly, but she simply chose to discuss things with my friend instead of me.  Although she obviously did not visit me enough to know my actual progress, I called her directly myself and asked her to return my money and financial information to me!  Not only has she been extremely unhelpful, disrespectful, and dishonest, she has still not returned all of my beginnings to me.  While she did return a check to me (only after this complaint was filed, despite the fact that I requested it on 4/7/14), she has still not provided me the information about the trust account and will that she claimed to be setting up for me, and has not returned my personal checks, paystubs, notices about my Medi-Cal, all of my bank statements, or any other mail of mine which she may have received. For this reason, I do not yet consider this matter to be settled.    
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[redacted] No I am not satisfied with The Organizer's response. Their lack of seriousness of this entire matter is rather discouraging.

Attn: [redacted] Lead Dispute and Information Analyst 
This is the follow up to the Complaint #[redacted] dated 5/7/14. 
The complaint states that I first met [redacted] on 10/28/13.  This is inaccurate.  [redacted] and I met briefly in July 2013, but at that time he was not conscious. The social worker at Kaiser kept me informed as [redacted] progressed. The dates we spoke were 7/9, 7/24, 7/29, 8/15, 8/19, 8/21, 8/22, 9/9, 9/11, 9/23, and 10/1,  In October [redacted], the social worker,  stated she felt [redacted] was alert enough to see me.  [redacted] said she has spoken to [redacted] and he was in agreement to have me present the POA for healthcare and finances. Knowing the client was in the hospital, and that you cannot do legal paperwork without the [redacted] present, I made several phone calls to set up for a mobile notary, and the [redacted] to be present.  I went again to the hospital on October 16, 2013 and explained to [redacted] what the process would be.  At the next meeting, which was 10/28/13 [redacted] appeared to be awake and alert knowing and comprehending the information that we were discussing.    The [redacted], mobile notary, myself, [redacted] and [redacted] were present.  During this meeting there did not appear to be any hesitation to what was being said.  The only comment made was [redacted] was concerned about where his money was going to be kept.  So, I assured him that I would not change any of his bank accounts, but instead would keep all accounts the same and would only withdraw what was necessary to pay any bills, fees, or other attorney expenses.  No accounts were moved or assets marshaled. 
During an introductory meeting I always inform the client of my hourly rate and what I am going to do for them.  I mentioned to [redacted] that instead of an hourly rate I would do a flat monthly fee of $350.00.  I told him I would find a personal injury attorney, hire a special needs trust attorney and make sure all bills and expenses were paid.
I do not recall [redacted] asking for copies of the paperwork that he signed.  If this had happened, I would have sent them to him. 
I would visit [redacted] at Villa Las Palmas.  We would discuss what was going on with the attorneys I hired for his personal injury case, I brought statements showing him what was paid out of his accounts, and I checked on how he was doing.    
I am not sure why he, or [redacted],  is saying I had limited contact with him.  Though I did not contact [redacted] on a daily basis for an update by phone or in person I saw him on a regular basis.  There were times I would go and he was asleep.  After our first meeting with the [redacted], [redacted], notary and myself all future visits were only [redacted] and I.  On several occasions I went and met his personal injury attorney at the hospital.  I also had phone conference calls with the special needs trust attorney while I was visiting with [redacted]. 
The complaint states that his friend, [redacted], was the one who contacted my office of this client and his situation.  When in fact, it was [redacted], the social worker at Kaiser Hospital.  It was June 27, 2013.  When we were first notified, [redacted] was not even conscious.  We had to wait to see if [redacted] was going to come out of it. It was not his friend [redacted].  After the hospital contacted my office and gave us the number to his friend, [redacted], we then contacted [redacted] for more information.  At this time, [redacted] stated her work told her it was conflict of interest for her to be involved.  She stated [redacted] worked with her and that he was schizophrenic but was able to hold a job with the state of California for 33 years. 
The complaint states the reason [redacted] feels the complaint is not resolved is because I did not return the bank statements, trust information, Medi-Cal information, and be[redacted]ings to the client.  The bank statements were never transferred to my name.  I never changed any banking information. To get any information I would drive to the bank and get the information I needed or I would go online and access the account.  No statements were ever mailed to me.  
The special needs trust paperwork that [redacted] states he needs was not completed.  This is due to his parents refusal to sign and fund the trust.  I informed him of the trust attorneys name, address and phone number where he could follow up.  [redacted] did speak to the attorney on the phone while I was there with him in one of our meetings.  I was not given any paperwork to give [redacted] on the special needs trust.  The attorney may have paperwork.  
Villa Las Palmas started [redacted]'s Medi-Cal application.  We got in touch with them and gave them the information they needed to finish the application.  Any paperwork for Medi-Cal would be at the facility.  We assisted with missing information. 
I have never received any personal items that belonged to [redacted].    While at the hospital they requested a new ID for [redacted] as his wallet and ID were missing. The social worker at Kaiser, [redacted], managed to get a copy of [redacted]'s ID sent to the hospital and [redacted] picked it up. 
[redacted]'s personal injury lawsuit is active.  He has been in contact with the attorney and the attorney has visited him on several occasions.  [redacted], the attorney and I  met on two separate visits and discussed the case.   
My whole purpose was for the benefit of [redacted].  I set up a special needs trust to take of his needs, hired an attorney to get the settlement he deserved from his accident, and in hopes for him to be able to take care of his own affairs.  I have done everything possible within my fiduciary responsibilities to keep this client informed, taken care of, and treated with respect.  I am not sure what more I can do to resolve this complaint.  I am attaching two letters to substantiate my statements.  The first is from [redacted].  This is a friend of [redacted]'s whom he has known for over thirty years.  She is his POA for healthcare.  The second is from the special needs trust attorney. I hope this will resolve any questions and this complaint will be closed.

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