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I am rejecting this response because: what is stated by this business is a total lieI asked what they would do to compensate me for the inconvienceThey advised I already had a discountI was looking for any additional compensationObviously they felt they did no wrong and where appalled that a consumer would expect something to compensate because their business didn't fulfill their end of the deal I used a percent couponI ordered the item on 12/Their we site states 3-business days for orders and up to during the holidayI never under any circumstances requested a cancellation of my orderAs my original complaint statesThey cancelled it without my permission and rudely disconnected my chatThere are several complaints on [redacted] and [redacted] for these same reasonsAfter I dated I would file the complaint [redacted] sent several emails harassing me which I can uploadShe called me a bully and stated the customer is not always rightI simply wanted my collars and I never stated I couldn't afford the eitherAs a matter of fact I had already paid for the items and they cleared my cardSo that makes no sense at allThis company does not want to own up to there mistakesAdditionally, I have yet to receive my credit back to my card for them cancelling my orderSo now they have my money and I have no collarsThis company is very unprofessional and the customer service is horrible The he fact is I paid for merchandise I never received my order was cancelled by the company without my permission because they where upset I asked for additional discount to some sort I have yet to receive my money

Hello [redacted] ,Everything that needs to be refunded has been refunded, at this point it is up to your bank and how long they process refundsAs I stated previously orders cannot be cancelled as outlined in our store policy available here- I have read through your communication with our representatives and although you have inferred our communication as snippy, I disagreeWe have done everything on our part as far as finishing this order, refunding you for items you did not receive as well as discount your shipping which we do not usually doI understand some things took too long to get to youWe have the estimated shipping time for items and we are at the mercy of designers, that's why all of our shipping times are estimates and not concreteI do understand your frustration and understand not wanting to shop with us againI am very sorry for the hassle and inconvenienceYour bank should be releasing your funds any day as the refunds have already been processed on our endI do hope you change your mind and shop with us again but understand if you do not

Hello ***,We do have this stated on our site under Returns and Exchanges"Holiday/Seasonal items (example: snowman sweater) must be received back to our store by December 15th to be eligible for store credit."

Yes, I finally received a refund towards complaint # [redacted] , on April, 3, Thank you for your help on this matter

I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] On 3/I was contacted a week after I ordered and was informed the color I chose was now permanently unavailableThe CS rep sent me an email with which colors were availableWe discussed the options and I replied with the below email on 3/*"I am not really loving the colorsI also could not find Sicilly Bone on your color chart? I Googled it, can you tell me if this is the color? I also am unsure about the sizing question below? Is the product I chose unavailable all together? I have a large 85lbs chocolate labThis is the second bed I purchased from you, the previous one was almost or more years agoShe loves that bed, so want to replace it as close as possibleI would like a 25% refund on this productThe color was important, I will just cover the bed with a blanketKind Regards, [redacted] *** *The CS rep sent me back the following email later on 3/10: Hi [redacted] , Yes that is the color in the link that you sentOur apologies we don't have that on the siteIt is out of stock in the Shaker Mojito color all togetherThe XL would be perfect for herDid you want the Sicilly Bone Fabric? [redacted] Customer Service RepresentativePosh Puppy [email protected]hpuppyboutique.c... [redacted] I once again responded on 3/with this email: I would agree to that color, if you could provide the 25% discountThe bed is expensive and it would have been nice to get the color we wanted originallyKind Regards, [redacted] *** *The CS rep responded with an agreement to the 25% refund: Perfect I have changed the color and applied the 25% off to the orderAgain our apologies the original color is no longer available [redacted] Customer Service RepresentativePosh Puppy [email protected]hpuppyboutique.c... In my original email I was very specific in stating that I wanted a 25% refundI assumed the rep understood the difference between a "refund" and offering me an additional 5% discount? I am not sure how this company can even justify not understanding my original email requestI explained the bed was expensive and if we took a color that was not what we wanted we would like a 25% refundTheir arguments have been silly to say the least, stating we thought a 25% refund request meant that you wanted another 5% offIf that had been the case I would have simply asked for an additional 5% discountThat is not the case.I gave you two days in which to resolve this matterI received two emails and two calls from a less than professional [redacted] (you have many other reviews on Facebook and Google that mention [redacted] as an unprofessional CS rep.) On all occasions [redacted] told me on each occasion that you would not be willing to do anything beyond the 5% refundI really felt we were fully done communicating regarding this issue and that is why I have filed a complaintI think it is best to have everything noted through this process, so I would like to know what you want me to do at this point? Either you arrange a pickup of the bed (it will remain in original box) or offer the requested refundPlease let me know asap, as I am in the process of choosing another bed from another company [redacted] ***

Hello [redacted] I read all of the emails and you did receive a 25% refund on the bedWe offered that to you, you accepted itThe retail price for the bed you chose was $You paid $before shipping which is a 25% discount, and you refunded for the differenceAs I stated previously, we thought we were also on the same page, as this is our general practice of offering this sort of discount for replacement itemsWe specifically state 25% off of retail, this is the list price for the item, and you paid 75% off of the retail price for that itemI understand there was some confusion, and this is the first time we have dealt with this, if it was a common misunderstanding with customers then we would consider rewording our offer since this is obviously causing stress for you, and very time consuming for you to repeat everything you've already stated and us state what we offeredWe gave you exactly what we offeredWhat we did not do was give you a 45% refund which you interpreted our offer to beAt that point, the bed had already shippedWe would have gladly refunded you for the original item if you had not accepted the 25% off retail priceBrandi was very professional in all of her emails and answered you every time you had a questionYour interpretation of poor customer service seems to be derived from a misunderstanding in the verbiage of how a discount was offered to you for your inconvenienceOur intention was not to deceive you, or deliver poor customer serviceIf you'd like to return the bed, please contact our returns department

Hello Deanna,I'm glad to hear that this has been resolved but I did want to reach out to let you know that we did refund you the same day you requested the refundedYou placed the order with us and as soon as we found out this item was on back order we did let you know via emailWe offered you a discounted price on a similar item we could ship the same day or to cancel the order at that time for a full refundAfter several email correspondence, on 4/you requested to cancel and not wait any longer for the carrierWe issued you a refund on that same dayI'm not sure why your bank took about weeks to refund this to youIf you do with to shop with us again, and if we are very busy, which does happen to where we can't answer every phone call, if you leave a message, we do respond within hours as long as it's not over the weekend when we are closedWe also have the live chat on our site that is available during regular business hours and you also have our email addressI am very sorry for the inconvenience of all of thisI do hope you find a suitable carrier that can ship out to youI know you closed the complaint, and we do appreciate your follow up on closing it

Hello [redacted] ,We did call you twice, and emailedI would like you to give us a call as your claim that you reached out to us a couple times to no avail is not validI do believe you may have been reaching out to a different companyAlso, the tracking number, as we stated on our voicemails to you and the email, the tracking is on your account online

We have communicated with you constantly regarding this order Although we are overloaded due to the holidays so we cannot "instantly" respond and ask for your patience as well as everyone else's but we got back to you within a timely manner We are NOT open during weekends and therefore
do not answer calls and or emails.However, we show your item shipped and delivered to youTracking Number: ***December 22, , 7:pmDelivered, Front Desk/ReceptionNEW YORK, NY 10023Also, we refunded you for the out of stock items Thank you

I am rejecting this response because:I did I finally receive my refund from this companyI will ever do business with them again, and this is the first time I have ever been compelled to complain to the

I am rejecting this response because:As you can see I have attached a photo of the American Express card showing I am on it with *** ***, it is Lincoln and *** *** ***, it went through on the 1st attempt on Jan 20, 2017, Please quit making things up as you go along, You say I made a separate attempt as *** ***, I did not have to becaause; it had already posted on the first attempt, please prove otherwise orquit making things up, it makes your company look worse! There was never a second attempt to go through as proof I have attached.You also say that 1/of the order was not missing, I have also attached a photo of the shipping receipt from my 1st order from Posh Puppy, proving 1/of the order was missingI am not sure what you are trying to prove, all you have proven is that you are a liar and you do not keep good records of your invoicing as to who receives what, or what is going onI originally put the order number with my complaint, so you should have had no trouble finding the order under *** ***, I referred to the exact order, put the order number, that was in question!! If I canceled something because after month I did not receive it, then it should have been refunded, you act like that you have done me a favor...*** ***

Hello ***, Thank you for shopping with usI checked on your order and I am very sorry for the out of stock sweater on your orderUnfortunately, sometimes after an order is placed, a designer will let us know that they cannot fulfill an order for us and we notify the customers as soon as
possibleThe reason we couldn't cancel your entire order is because you had made to order hair bows on thereWe do have this stated in our return policy as well as the shipping times under our shipping policies on our siteI do see that you requested to waive the shipping fee and it was denied, however, we will be reducing the shipping fee for you although all orders generally incur the general flat rate of $on orders under $We have refunded you for the sweaterIt can take up business days for your bank to process it and see on your endWe have not been dishonest with you and our customer service representative responded to you within hours of each email that you sentWe do have faster methods of communication during business hours such as our online chatWe do hope you shop with us againThank you

After I contacted the, I received a call from this company stating that they have shipped all but one of my itemsI'm awaiting the package

Confused about this "complaint" Customer was upset we would not give her a FREE item due to her item not shipping within her guidelines. We let her know we are a small business and cannot ship out free items as she was already discounted on her order. She was very upset about nothing for
free for her $order. She was complaining about not being able to afford this item at all so we let her know although it's outside our policy to cancel we would be happy to cancel and refund her which we did. Not sure She also said if we didn't give her free things she was going to contact the and we told her we refunded her and cancelled the order, what more we could do here...I think the customer might be wanting free stuff even AFTER she was refunded for the entire purchase

I am rejecting this response because:My order was placed days ago and I still have not been issued a refundIf the sweater was out of stock,it should not have taken a week to even tell me when it was supposed to be shipped in to business daysI should have been able to cancel the entire orderIf it had been handled differently by customer service, I would have ordered from the company again as mistakes do happenHowever, this is my second order with the company and I had shipping issues with the previous itemI previously waited weeks for an item which was supposed to have been delivered in to business daysThe company never contacted me to say it was delayed until I contacted them to ask about itThough your customer service may respond, there is a definite snippy undertone to communication which is often delayed.I will not order from this company again, and am still waiting for the refund

Hello ***,I have your order pulled up here but I'm not seeing exactly what you're referring to in this complaintI see that an item was out of stock and you were refunded for itI show hair bow was inadvertently marked shipped and you let us know it was not shipped and included in the package
so we sent that out to you at no extra shipping charge to youI also show that your order was placed on 1/and shipped from us on 2/1, and the hair bow subsequently shipped on 2/the exact day you notified us it was missing from the shipmentI also show that our customer representatives responded to every email and question you had and fixed what was not right with your order

Re: Complaint ID ***,I am providing an update on this complaint. As a result of prolonged email and telephone exchanges that spanned more than 1/months and included filing this complaint and posting a review on Yelp, Posh Puppy processed a full refund on
my bank cardThis complaint appears to have been settledHowever, the details and events surrounding this complaint stand to warn other consumers of the poor business practices of this business

I am rejecting this response because:I did look at your "return policy" page and it states a 20% restocking fee may be required on returned itemsIt also states I have to pay for the return shippingBoth of these are unacceptable.This is my final requestPut in writing in a response that you are willing to refund a 100% of the money, send me a shipping label to the email address you have on file and agree to cover the return shipping. It is ridiculous that you want me to take more time to contact you at another email address or phone call, when you simply could have responded in your last email with "yes we will refund all of your money and provide a return label." Instead your "great" customer service wants me to send an additional request beyond the one I sent you in the last email? That makes zero senseIf you care about customer service and resolution you will simply handle this as I have requested and respond with your decision in a response emailI want this documented because I do not trust your company at this point.Alternatively if you prefer I will print off my original emails, these emails and ask my credit card provider to do a charge back for the entire itemWe can let them decide if my requests or emails were not clear.*** ***

I was deeply disturbed in dealing with this 'boutique'I ordered a Halloween Costume online and only moments after, saw the exact same costume on two different websites for half the priceI immediately contacted them via email to let them know I wanted to cancel my order and was ignoredI subsequently sent two more emails only to be met with a shipping confirmation and a request to 'Yelp' themThis is where I wrote back and they finally respondedThey are hiding behind their store policyThe problem with stores that have tough return policies is that the customer service, nor the product, met my expectationsIt's the retailer's job to ensure that every consumer touchpoint lives up to the promise of a store's imageA lack of negative language (or lack thereof) avoids establishing an adversarial tone in the conversation, keeping the customer happier and more engaged
I advised them I was going to refuse the package and they threatened to send it right back to meI have emails where I went back and forth with this store and they were quite unpleasantIt finally escalated to the point that I no longer wanted to deal with themI then proceeded to research reviews on this shop; they had countless poor customer service reviews, here on Yelp and other sitesThey are also not accredited with complaints against themI waited until the package was delivered, refused it, and then began my dispute with PayPalOnce the package was tracked as 'delivered' to Posh Puppy Boutique, I was refunded my money via PayPalI would never order anything from this shop again and I would never suggest them to a friend or foeThere's plenty of 'pet boutiques' that do not have a ridiculous policy and actually are customer service-oriented

Hello ***,We can definitely help you with your return requestPlease see our Returns information on our website and if you have any questions regarding the return, please email us, directlyWe are considering this matter closed

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Description: Pet Clothing Designer

Address: 6040 Stanford Ranch Rd Ste 100, Rocklin, California, United States, 95765-4412


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