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The Westover Companies

550 American Ave Ste 1, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19406-1441

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I was a resident at a property owned by this company from August 2015 - February 2020 (Westover ***). For the duration of my time at the property, I had in-force renter's insurance coverage, as it was a requirement to live there. I went as far as adding the property management office as an interested party to my renter's policy, so that they were automatically sent copies of my renewals by *** (my renter's insurance carrier).

I was mistakenly added to the property's group renter's insurance policy for the last month that I lived there (Feb 2020), IRONICALLY after I had already given notice that I was leaving, and am getting messages from Westover that I owe $34 and some change, and that if I do not pay it ASAP, the debt will be sent to collections agency. The company's group renter's policy is only for individuals who do not have their own plan. I have left messages for the regional manager at corporate office, I have called the local management office too many times to count, and sent emails - I have gotten zero response (which is ironic because the automated debt messages state that I should contact management if I have questions or dispute the charge). I cannot physically go to the management office due to covid, but I have sent proof that my personal renter's policy was in-force the entire time I lived there. I even called *** and had them send me the dated copies of the renewal notices that were sent to Westover, which were included in my emails to them. There were *twonotices - the usual renewal stating that my renter's policy would be renewed for a period of 12 months (which included Feb 2020), and later an amended notice stating that the coverage would stay in-force through end of Feb 2020, expiring on the date I moved out.

Customer Response • May 06, 2020

As soon as I notified Westover that I filed a complaint, someone from their corporate office responded to me and resolved the issue, as requested.They accepted my proof of insurance coverage and waived the fee that I was disputing.I don't feel that there is any need for further action on this matter.Thanks so much & stay safe

This company has been harassing me for money even after I gave my notice, paid my last months rent, and handed in my keys. I initially received a notice from their corporate office outlining that after a walkthrough of my old apartment, they determined that I owed them 751 dollars in repairs and clean up. The email specified that a breakdown of the costs was sent to me via the post, and that I could view the breakdown on a link provided in the email. There was no breakdown in the email, and I never received a paper copy. When I emailed the management office to ask for a breakdown of those costs, I received an email back from one of the company's employees stating that the company no longer provided breakdowns (even though in their corporate email, they said they did) and that the cost was not related with the condition of the apartment, but rather that I broke my lease early. I was initially signed on for 6 month increments, however when I broke my lease at the management office, the original termination of my lease did not specify that I was to incur any penalty based on my original notice to vacate (dated 09/16/2019). I received another email from their employees at the management office that there was a mistake made on their part, and because of that, they would honor the original notice date (email dated October 29, 2019). There was no mention in that email that a penalty or fee would be added as a result. They did ask that I come in to sign paperwork with the updated information, however due to moving and studies, I did not have a chance to come back to sign those papers. I did resend an email to the management office to let them know that I am willing to sign updated paperwork acknowledging that the mistake was made on the company's end, and that no additional fee is required as my original move out date was honored. I have not received a response in writing since. I have these emails to back up my statements.

The Westover Companies Response • Jan 13, 2020

We apologize for the recent experience this resident has had with us. The misunderstanding started with the original 6 month lease not being fulfilled and resident giving notice to vacate prior to the fulfillment. The office did overlook that detail and caught it at a later time which then resulted in reaching out and, while owning the overlook, also informing of the charges it should have been.

We will accept your desired settlement of $375.50.

Thank you.

Kelly S

Regional Manager

The Westover Companies.

Customer Response • Jan 21, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. The manager decided to settle for half the amount. Since I already paid the full amount to avoid the company calling collections, the remaining 375 dollars was applied to our next rent bill (my husband and I live in another one of their properties).


The Staff hired at Glen eagle village which is a Westover company is very Dishonest and provide you with the worse service if you deiced to leave. They never do a walk through with you before you leave, and while the place is built in the 70th. They want to renew it after you leave on your own expense. On the other hand they claim things that you broke in the rental unit afterwards and send the excessive payment to collection with no certified mail to your address which is given to them before leaving to prove what they are calming by receipts or pictures. Nasty response to your concerns as soon as they know you are going to leave, if you want to fix anything, they will refuse and say you are leaving anyway, even if they have 60 days prior to your departure date. (Dave, the manager assigned at glen eagle village property is just Rude and unhelpful when you ask any questions) honestly, that was said about him from many other tenants too.
Advise to the management to relook into their staffing and fix that to regain their value again.

This company is charging me fees for even after full lease agreement was done and keys turned in Shouldn’t be charged any fees since lease was completed.

The Westover Companies Response • Nov 23, 2019

The monies owed was April rent and you were short 60 days notice.. You gave The Rental Office your notice on March 23,2019, which was unfortunately only 23 days notice. We provided you with an termination with the monies that you would need to pay before turning in your keys and moving out . Your lease states you are required to give an 60 days notice. The rent was never paid for April. We will be happy to provide you with all the documentation if that will help.

Also there was damage to the carpet and items were left behind, which you were also charged . We can provide you with pictures if you would like those..

Thank you and if I can help you with any thing else, don't hesitate to let me know.


Tammy O

I am a work at home nurse who has lived here for 3 years and during the past 6 months there has been construction going on at the apartments, the staff here REFUSES to give me any notice that the workers will be working on the outside of the window at the desk I sit at so at any given time they come and work causing noise so disturbingly loud in the middle of my working conversations with patients or during conferences I can’t work and have to end calls. They do not respect that I am a working professional and told me “the building is too big we aren’t going to give you any notice,” and to “deal with it,” or to “move out.” The workers walk past my windows at 730 in the morning and look inside my apartment while my child is getting ready and changing for school despite me telling them to give us some privacy at that time they continue to ignore that and do it repeatedly. There is dust and debris flying in the air so much that I cannot keep my windows open and am forced to keep air conditioning on even in October. I've had to keep my binds closed for months it's like i'm living in a dungeon because of all the work outside. The maintenance staff is a joke, I live next door to one worker who smokes so much pot the whole hallway reeks before he leaves for work in the morning, during his lunch break, after work and then he drives a huge pickup truck while he's high and others smoke cigarettes while working right outside of peoples windows. Two doors away the lady smokes cigarettes in her apartment and in the hallway despite my complaints it is still going on. Other tenants have dogs and walk them around the property when dogs are not allowed. The front entrance buzzer has been broken for months and anyone can walk inside the building, high schoolers come and let themselves in and go get high in an adult male’s apartment after school and solicitors have been able to go inside as well.

The Westover Companies Response • Oct 07, 2019

Residents were all given notice back on April 23, 2019 of the project and the time frame. We have emailed back and forth with resident concerns she's brought up. We also sent follow up email in August with elevator upgrades and follow up to the building progress. We take resident concerns seriously and have addressed concerns. Follow up emails sent on September 20th, September 26th, September 30th and October 2nd. I have attached emails as reference. Email from September 30th is in reference to roof replacement. October 2nd email is Construction update for all buildings, but specifically in reference to C building - concrete entrance work and building pain progress. It will only allow me to attach 4 attachments.

The correct address wasn't listed:

***,formerly *** Apartments
Middle River, MD 21220

My AC went up on 7/4/19. I notified the office and let them know. I also advised them that I need the AC, as I have asthma and hyper-inflated lungs. After numerous calls and going to the office a few times, the issue still hasn't been resolved. I went over to the rental office on 7/18/19 (during code red days), before the heat wave and demanded them to put a portable AC unit in my apartment, if they weren't able to fix it immediately. They put an AC in my bedroom window, however the rest of my apartment is still very hot!! I live on the 3rd floor. It's mostly been 90+ degrees in there. Initially I was told the unit needed to be replaced. Jim the maintenance man, told me replacing the unit would take about 5 hours. The unit hasn't been replaced or fixed. I was told last week by Tae (in the office) that parts had been ordered. I asked her if she had a time frame for receiving them and she told me no. On Tuesday, 8/7/19 I was told that maintenance would be repairing my unit on Wednesday 8/8/19. When I got home from work yesterday the air still didn't work. I called the office earlier today and didn't get an answer, so I left a voicemail. The office should be closing soon and no one has returned my call. I'm fed up with the new management!!!

The Westover Companies Response • Aug 13, 2019

Good Morning ***,

We will have one of our Contractors out tomorrow morning 8/13/19 to replace your HVAC system, which includes a new A/C and Heating System. I was not aware of your AC not working or I would have been proactive on getting this completed for you in a timely matter.

I sincerely apologize for this and please contact me directly with any issues that you may have. My office number is .


The whole experience of leasing these apartments has been so unprofessional and farce that we are now reconsidering my decision of renting here. We booked one apartment unit # *** after due consideration and submitted the application online. Post this, we followed up with them for the status of my application and we were told that it's being reviewed. I have requested them on the very first interaction that we would need a document for my daughter's admission to the school and was told that I'll get signed document which I can show to the school as proof of my lease agreement. But when we finally were done with the apartment lease formalities, we're told by one of the staff member that the apartment we booked isn’t available anymore as the owner has retracted the notice and we will have to look for some other options. At that time we were offered a 13 month lease of which we wont be charged for one month for the inconvenience caused. The next day when we made up our mind and went ahead to book second available option # ***., the apartment manager Ms. Ellen told us that she won’t approve the 13 month lease. As per her we are already been discounted to the market price whereas the market price listed on all the renting sites is what she is offering us now and there is no discount. And on top of it she says this is what you'll get. Take it or leave it. This all feels like they are just fooling around sitting there. Calling people, confirming something, giving something else. We feel so cheated. The only reason we thought of staying there was my daughter's admission else this would have never been an option for us. The staff is very rude and doesn't know their job well.

The Westover Companies Response • Aug 09, 2019

Please be advised that *** visited the Management Office yesterday and paid his deposit for *** and signed his lease. There was some confusion in previous days in regards to the application. We had not received all of the documentation in order to approve the application. During that time, the current resident asked to stay in the apartment. Because no deposit had been paid to reserve the apartment, the current resident was approved to stay in the original apartment. At this time we feel that *** is satisfied with the apartment reserved for him and he will be moving in next month. Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.

I stayed in the unit *** in the The *** at Valley Forge *** it is owned by westover companies, the unit has a Major roof water leakage problem and I took the photo and provide to the apartment management ,but they didn't take proper action and the leakage was happening every time when the rain come and the roof has fungus conformed and it damaged my cloth and baggage . I compliant about that they didn't resolved the issue and I asked for transfer of unit and they said I need to apply for new apartment form online and I need to pay all the fees again like application fees , inspection fees and deposit again and I felt very bad because the fault with the unit and they did not take action and but I need suffer by doing all the above.
Now I moved to new unit by applied through online and payed all the fees. and now for move out charge of old unit *** , they are saying I need to pay for carpet cleaning fees of 680$ for 3 black spot in carpet. this is not acceptable and they are trying to cheat me because of my complaint in old apartment in roof water leakage . I have all the proof above the complaint made .
I need a resolution on the problem with them and I need to suffer and pay all this fees. I need you help in resolving this

The Westover Companies Response • Aug 02, 2019

I have already worked out a compromise with the customer that we will be cutting the carpet charges in half and he has accepted the offer.

Customer Response • Aug 06, 2019

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


I gave notice to Westover Companies that I was not renewing my lease, I even gave it twice by letter. Once in January when the initially asked if I wished to renew with a form, and a typed letter two months before my lease was up. I even called to confirm and double checked via email through the website.

I was confirmed to be not renewing my lease via the phone on March 31st around 12 o clock.

Westover company is now wishing to charge to charge me for breaking a lease I did not sign. I did not sign a lease renewal for June 2019 through May 2020. . I should have no charge for notice. I am not at fault for that, I gave more than well enough notice. This has happened to 5 other people I have talked to who all use to rent from them. Westover has lost none renewal lease notices before.

I never signed a lease renewal for June 2019.

I will not pay for time rent on a place I had no lease for. I turned in my keys and parking pass as I was told on the phone March 31st, on the counter in my apartment.

all I owe you is $60, for the cleaning charge. I in fact am owed $1,145 from Westover Companies. They are charging me 2,192.38 for an outstanding balance due to their computer system losing the info that I was not renewing my lease, even though I never signed a lease renewal.

The Westover Companies Response • Jul 01, 2019

Dear Resident,

I have touched base with the office of *** Apartments in regards to your concern. Our desire is to work with anyone who has a complaint and resolve issues as quickly as we can. You stated that you contacted the office on March 31st around 12 o'clock, talked with someone and they told you some information regarding moving out, however our offices are closed on Sundays. We do have an answering service called Leasing Center, however, the first initial review of their records and ours shows no calls coming in as the phone leads/calls are on a computer log for us to review the numbers coming in and messages that were received from them.

The first initial review of your file doesn't show any notice received from you and although things can be misplaced/lost, you stated that you double checked through email through our website and, again, our records indicate we did not receive an email, therefore, when residents do not give notice, as per the lease and any renewal, even though not signed, is automatically renewed from the original lease and charges can be charged for leaving the apartment without proper notice.

We would like your concerns resolved and we offer a meeting between the office staff, you and myself as their Regional Manager. We can review the lease and show you the logs and activity logs that record this data. We also have some pics of your apartment per the move out inspection that we can review. I will also follow up with our answering service to get their records for March 31st and their calls.

We hope we can resolve this issue with a meeting. Please let us know and we will set something up.

Thank you.


Kelly S

Regional Manager

The Westover Companies

I opened two repair issues back in January 14, 2019, one for my bedroom because there were stains in the ceiling and it appeared that there was a leak, the second one was because the living room sliding door walls were cracked from water damaged and the blades look like they would come off the ceiling any point due to all the water damage. I followed up with the office at the end of February and I was told there will be there tomorrow. I gave them full permission to access the unit as I’m never home because I work 2 jobs, they were in the apartment the following day as promised but didn’t do anything, when I followed up in the office second week of March I was told they need to schedule a painter to take care of painting the ceiling in the bedroom; so I asked what about the patio door and was told “we are going to take care of the bedroom first then we will move on to the patio door”. It is now June and the bedroom ceiling has not been taken care of and the patio door walls have not been touched. I followed up in the office again today and just like every week I go to follow up the answer is always “you are on the list, we will try to schedule something for next week”. I do not understand how hard is it to paint a ceiling?! The sliding door walls have not even been part of the conversation anymore it has been about getting my bedroom ceiling painted. I’m so frustrated I have contemplated the idea of painting the ceiling myself and the everything on my own just to get it over with and to not have to deal going to the office to get the same answer, but I keep reminding myself it is their job to take care of the repairs.

The Westover Companies Response • Jun 08, 2019

These issues have been reviewed and a plan has now been made to get the work completed for this resident. I will oversee these needed repairs and follow through for the completion. We apologize for the delay as we just took over the community when the repair issues were reported and we were assessing all work orders coming in and sorting through the priorities and arranging all work to be done including any work needed for safety of the residents and property as a whole.

I rented an apartment and from the first week I lived there I had an issue and had to contact the police becuase I was being threatened by the property manager, who said I was there illegally, but wasnt. Their company gave me my key! I still havent recieved a mailbox key or building key! The payments for my rent were terribly messed up and have randomly disappeared. When an arrangement was made for payment, they still continied with the eviction. When the eviction was supposed to be delayed, they proceeded anyway. I wasnt able and still am not able to retrieve any of my things. I left that morning thinking I was returning home that afternoon, and my locks were changed. My son got off the bus and had a nervous breakdown from the lock not working and becuase there was a sign on the door. I asked to get my medication and wasnt allowed, my kids things are all in the apartment. They said I didnt pay for 6 months!!! Come would I be there for 6 months if I didnt pay, and at no time dod anyone knowck on my door and ask me about whats going on and why I havent paid!! They didnt becuase they knew I paid, and I have proof they knew.

The Westover Companies Response • May 17, 2019

The resident applied for an apartment and was approved for a
lease start date of 1/21/2019. Between 1/10/2019 and prior to 1/21/2019, the
resident unlawfully entered the unit, moved her things in and replaced our
mastered lock with a personal one of hers.

Upon figuring that out, we had not received payment for
security deposit or first month’s rent which is a Westover Companies
requirement prior to issuing keys. On 1/21/2019, she was asked to pay $1,395.00
for security deposit and $495.00 for rent. The same day she submitted both
payments via electronic check and signed the lease. On 1/23/2019 and 1/30/2019,
both payments were returned for “Non-sufficient funds”. Resident was notified
by mail and email that the payments did not clear, subsequently, still no
payment received, and we filed a case vs the resident for “non-payment”. On February 6, 2019, the resident emailed the Property
Manager asking for keys to be left under her doormat. On February 7, 2019,
Property Manager emailed resident back explaining to resident that we do not
put keys under doormats and to come to the office to pick up the rest of the
keys. Resident never came.

While waiting for a court date, no payments were ever
received for February, March, and April and resident was notified 2/6/2019,
3/6/2019, 4/6/2019 via email and letters in writing put at her door for
non-payment. No contact was made from resident to Landlord when we dropped off
all letters. First court date was received for March 26, 2019 and resident
motioned this court date for another 30 days with a new date of April 26, 2019.
Resident did not appear in court to dispute the charges after she was notified
in writing with an attached letter to her front door by court Constable.
Therefore, we received a default judgement with an eviction date of March 6,
2019 which was also posted on her door. On the day of eviction, she went to
Montgomery County Courthouse to file an “appeal of eviction”. That court was
set on May 7, 2019, which she did appear before the judge which her request was
again denied for non-payment of rent to Landlord.

Letter of Abandonment was mailed to last known address for
resident on May 8, 2019 via Certified Mail, Regular Mail, and posted on
resident door stating that she has 10 days to respond to Landlord about
arrangements being to get items left in apartment. No contact has been made to

We voluntarily ended our 4th annual lease with *** Apartments at the end of February this year. We had a pre move-out inspection with one of the office staff members mid-February who did not note any issues. A few weeks after moving out, we received a Move-Out Statement from the company charging us for the estimated remaining life of the carpet. When I called for clarification, I was directed to Frank K. I asked why the carpet was not professionally cleaned if they wanted to use it for another year and he claimed there was damage. I asked for photos of the damage, because I was not aware of any damage beyond wear from 4 years of use. He said he would send them to me on 3/22 and I have not yet received them. I believe the carpet was replaced because it was worn and almost at the end of it's estimated life, but it is not my responsibility to reimburse them for that decision.

The Westover Companies Response • Apr 14, 2019

After investigating I recently was made aware that there are no photos to back up or document the charges. Therefore we will be issuing the credit as requested even though the charges we’re legitimate and properly factored.

if there is anything more I can be of help with please let me know.

Customer Response • Apr 16, 2019

I received an updated statement from Westover Companies which removed the disputed charge and resolves my complaint. Thank you for your help in this matter!

Valley Stream apartments asked for 60 days notice to vacate their apartment. I gave notice on 2/28/19 with a departure date of 5/3/19. It took Valley Stream 6 business days to respond to me on 3/6/19. I followed up in email on 3/7/19 advising that I did not need to stay until 5/3/19. I asked to revise the date to 4/29/19 which still allowed for 61 days notice, one day more notice than necessary. Valley Stream is now saying that is less than 60 days notice and they will charge me an additional $331.60 if I change the date. No matter how Valley Stream chooses to spin this, it doesn't change the fact that 60 days is 60 days. Notice was given on 2/28/19 and it took until 3/6/19 for a response to be provided by Valley Stream.

If it took Valley Stream 6 days to respond to my notice of 2/28/19, I do not understand nor except that Valley Stream cannot revise my departure date. Valley Stream chooses not to because it's more money that you can attempt to scam out of me.

I have paid rent on time since my arrival here. I've never caused any issues in this apartment so I cannot accept this treatment at all. I believe this to be highly unethical and most likely illegal.

The Westover Companies Response • Mar 19, 2019

Written 60 days notice starts the day we receive them. They are not adjustable. If a resident is already on notice, like this customer, and they come to us with a new move out date it starts the process over form that point and voids the previous notice. 60 days is 60 days.

When I was completing the application for this rental property I made it very clear that I was submitting the application based on my credit alone due to the fact that I had more than enough income to cover the amount of the rent. The office staff at the time, May 2017, stated that this would not be a problem, and they would list my boyfriend as an occupant of the apartment. The staff submitted the credit check on my income only and it was approved. My boyfriend did much of the leg work in finding the property and provided a certified check drawn on his account to pay the security deposit, as well as the pro-rated rent fees. On the day of move in I was not able to arrive at the rental office before closing, I contacted the office and was told that if I were to fax a release they would allow *** to drop off the check, as well as pick up the sets of Keys for both of us. I signed the lease the next business day.
When I was accidently left without a key I contacted the rental office and was asked to be let in, and that my boyfriend had both sets of keys. Hours later a letter was posted on my apartment door stating that an unauthorized person was living in the apartment. The new rental staff insisted that a criminal background, and credit check be completed on my boyfriend. When reviewed the office staff issued a non-renewal letter and demanded we vacate the property with only 3 months to prepare. All of this occurred after we have lived on the property for 19 months with no issues.We pointed out that we were being evicted due to the errors of the former staff.When asked if they could check the facts with the former property manager we were informed that they were no longer with the company. When the current staff was asked if it would be possible to get a two month extension to save money for the sudden expense of an unexpected move the Manager stated that she would consult with her manager, but doubted that it would be granted. All of this was through no fault on our part.

The Westover Companies Response • Feb 21, 2019

Please be advised that we represent Westover *** Apartments. We have no resident by this name at Westover *** and the address is not ours. Checking online, it seems that this is for Westover *** Apartments. Please review and let us know. Thank you.

I rented an apartment within The *** from July of 2017 to June of 2018. I paid a deposit and when I moved out, they assessed the apartment and sent me an email reporting that everything was in order and they will only deduct the final water bill during the time of our stay. I had given them my new address during the move out and was awaiting my deposit. It is now December (6 Months Later) and I have called them several times to receive my deposit with management calling corporate to mail the check. Management would not write my the check on their end. They even attempted to charge me $35 to mail a new check that would be deducted from my deposit. I called and complained with them mailing me a check of $35 dollars that came within the main but I have yet to see remainder of my deposit.

The Westover Companies Response • Dec 31, 2018

Good Evening.

We sent the first check on July 13,unfortunately it was sent back to us. We are unsure why, because the address you gave as your forwarding address was the same as above. We put another check in the mail after we received a phone call from you on September 22nd.. We put a stop payment on that check when we received another phone call from you that yet again you never received the check.

ON November 30th we reissued two checks out, one for your Security Deposit and another for the stop payment of $35.00. At this time, we would like to resolve this issue and get your money to you as quickly as possible. However my suggestion is either give another address or we would be happy send the check to *** for hand delivery..

Please let us know what your attentions are and we will be happy to get your monies to you in a timely matter.


Tammy O

The Westover Companies Response • Jan 25, 2019

We are confused of the reason why *** has rejected our response to rectify this issue. We hand delivered the Security Deposit Check to him on January 11,2019, after making numerous attempts to mail his check. We mailed his check to the forwarding address he provided at move out. We also put four stop payments on checks that *** claims he never received. At this time, we feel we have gone above for *** and this has taken care of since the check has been delivered to him. Thank you and if anything is needed don't hesitate to reach out any time..

Customer Response • Jan 25, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I did recieve my check on January 11, 2019 and find the issue resolved. I messaged and emailed the before I receiving my check personally concerned that they closed my case prior to me physically having my check and basing it on the westover companies verbally agreeing to resend it. The issue in my opinion is not "satisfactory" because I should have had my check sooner but as stated above find it resolved.


I would give them a 0 if possible. Currently living in a mold infested apartment in Lafayette at Valley Forge - maintenance has been there 3 times and continues to tell me they’re finished, with mold still in plain sight in multiple places in the apartment. They’re doing any and everything to refuse to move my family even though I am currently expecting a child. The management office here is awful, rude, indifferent, and negligent. This is only the latest (and unfortunately most serious) case of negligence on their part. Every time their is an issue they send someone out to do an incomplete job and then tell me I’m responsible for the rest. DO NOT MOVE HERE.

I was tenant of *** at *** properties for past 4 years. I moved out the apartment on 11 May 2018. Westeover companies did not perform any move out inspection till I was present which is against the set guidelines.

Westover properties are now charging me for $582.48 for the carpet damage charges which *** management was solely responsible for.
*** property by Westover company has severe mold/mildew issues and during remediation of those the westover property people did the carpet damage. Westover company now falsely accusing us of the said damage.

The Westover Companies Response • Jun 19, 2018

Please see the attached explanation of charges to complaintants account. These are standard charges regarding carpet damages that are beyond repair, as in this case.

Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.

Thank you

Frank K

Regional Manager

Customer Response • Jul 17, 2018

Hi ***,Please consider this as my response to business. I am also attaching the documents I received.I have reviewed the documentation provided by Westover Companies. There are important pieces of information here1. Severe Mold and Mildew Issues- Westover companies, *** at *** (building F) has severe mold/mildew issues. As a resident, we did inform the management as soon as we realized the mold/mildew activity. The management and maintenance team only rectified the partial problem and left resident to deal with it. The stains on the carpet are from the mold treatment.(This information should be made public on site please.)2. Failure to do Timely Move Out Inspection and Provide FeedbackAccording to lease terms, management is supposed to perform a pre-moveout inspection and provide feedback. This usually allows the resident to dispute and act against such concerns. *** management deliberately delayed the inspection and performed inspection well after the move-out. This is a clear indication that management was not acting in good faith.3. Yearly Carpet Cleaning - We have stayed in apartments well over 8 years now and although not typical but a lot of rental companies does yearly carpet cleaning upon renewal. ***, unfortunately, does not seems to do so or definitely failed to perform it. All these stains are easily removable and all the rental companies usually perform deep cleaning before they hand over the apartment to a new resident.4. Calculation Issues (Misleading Numbers)Please find the attached statement initially provided *** at ***. It shows that they have charged me $254.88 for Carpet charges but in actual they have charged $582.48. ($254.88 shown in balance has no relation to Carpet charges by any means. Westover company is deliberately misguiding with incorrect numbers and some made up calculations.) Westover company needs to review the practices they follow for accounting.[Compare attached document to Page-9 of business reply. ]5. Carpet Company and Billing -I do not believe that the provided bill is for the apartment unit we were staying. Our address was ***, Apt ***, King of PrussiaPlease compare the attached bill, it is for address ***, ***, KING OF PRUSSIAThe attached bill definitely does not belong to Apt *** but some other apartment.[Page-8 of business reply]If they have at all replaced old carpet and charging me for it, they better provide old carpet to me as I may be able to use it at my residence for stairs etc.

My wife and I have been dealing with noises of animals in the ceiling of our bedroom for the past 2 and half months. Today, we are still dealing with that issue and now we have the smell of a dead animal in our bedroom. The apartment manager has brought out pest control, but the issue is not getting any better. We feel that there is no sense of urgency to deal with this matter from the apartment complex.

The Westover Companies Response • May 30, 2018

Spoke to *** on 5/29/18 regarding his recent issues. We then had our maintenance team at willow run go to his apartment and take care of his complaint. Critter control was also out yesterday and they are currently formulating a plain to control and prevent this issue from continuing. We will continue to follow up with *** to make sure we stay on top of this issue.

When I moved into a Westover property and signed my lease, I was never told to put the gas bill in my name. I lived there for 2 years without ever knowing the gas bill was to be in my name. I received a bill exactly 2 years and a month after I moved in, which I brought to my property managers attention. She said she forgot to tell me to transfer it to my name, and that was her fault, and that she'd talk to corporate. Once she spoke to them she told me that bills that were already paid were fine, and thatI'd d be responsible for the rest from there on out. I asked for the itemized bills for july-sept for months and never received them until last week. I was also told about 3 weeks ago that I had to pay the full amount and was served with court papers. The company is being unreasonable and unfair. They want me to pay the full balance of 2 years of gas bills within 3 months.

The Westover Companies Response • Mar 28, 2018

To Whom it may Concern,

We have spoken to *** and she has since signed a payment arrangement for the agreed upon amount.


Jason F

I love how this location for Westover Company changes office staff several times a year. Unfortunately it's ridiculous turnover rate screws any prior communicaton and arrangements between staff and tenants at that point. The new office staff talk down to you and get obviously angered over the phone over issues THEY messed up on.
Attempted to contact the fairway park locations regional manager, had better luck talking to a brick wall since I never received any return communication from her. So far the same with contacting the district manager. Ridiculous.

I have not received the deposit I paid for, it was $500. It's been well beyond the 20 day limit the state of delaware requires prior to law suits

The Westover Companies Response • Feb 23, 2018

Good Evening ***,

I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and the Lease Holder. The Rental Office was in contact with the Lease Holder today 2/23/18. She did inform the Rental Office she received the check yesterday. Which now this is very alarming since the check is in her name only. The check was mailed out from our Corporate Office ,King of Prussia on 2/14/2018.

The Rental Office has a copy of the Refund Check and the date mailed. We are not permitted to give you this, but would be happy to give the Lease Holder any information needed.

Thank you again for your concern and if there is anything else we can help you with don't hesitate to let us know.

Customer Response • Feb 27, 2018

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: The business is claiming I have no right to information when I have my name on several documents of the lease, including the monetary amount owed.


The Westover Companies Response • Mar 06, 2018

Good Morning!

We have been in communication with the above Party and the check was mailed out on 2/13/2018. The Lease holder has stated check was received in a timely matter per Lease and The Landlord/Tenant Code. There was damage of $65.00 due to their cats scratching and damaging the carpet in the apartment. The amount was deducted from their Pet Deposit. Again the Rental Office emailed pictures of the damage and if anything else is needed, we will be happy to provide you at any time.

If there are any other issues that need to be resolved, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you and have a great day!

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